yellow page like Business Directory by jon12

Hello freelancers, I need someone to create a website that has full 100% functionality and feel of (k u# d z u**c o m) with a little difference.I am looking to start the project immediately. We would require a powerful CMS for this project and we are also open to open source CMS… (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: AJAX, CMS, Joomla, MySQL, PHP)

Jpeg To word Document Conversion With Accuracy by kmd4jdl

Conversion Of Jpeg Files into word files using an OCR Software.(Ocr Software Is Provided.)I want to convert almost 300 to 350 Documents Into word documents only by using provided ocr software. Accuracy required is almost 100 % but i can bear with 98 % to 100 % … (Budget: $250-750, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing)

Restaurant Website

Hi, I would like to get a quote for a project for a restaurant website with the following specifications:
* it would be implemented in WordPress
multi-language (Spanish, English and Catalan)
* it should be able to register clients and access their profiles and invoices from the website front-end
* let them order different daily menus quickly and efficiently
a mobile application has to be integrated for their clients to be able to order from their phones (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Palm or Nokia) maybe with the WordPress Mobile Pack plugin?
* all designs and css will be done by us

Kind regards,



We need a programmer that can develop a (magento) webshop, with a wordpress module integrated and 2 payment payments module integrated.

We got the design ready to start.

Example site:

Please provide me a website flow that you will choose for this project and a time limit.

Web Development Team Required

We require a freelancer with extremely good Web Development, Programming, Coding and Web Design skills.

We have 10 very simple jobs to be done and we have broken them all down as follows:

1. Download and create copies of 4 sales letters; edit sales letters then upload the 5 sales letters to server. Please note that we no longer have ftp or cPanel access for these pages. We can pay $25 per sales letter = $100.

2. Download very tiny sales letter with 9 videos. Upload the 9 videos to our Amazon S3 account and put on a protected page and upload tiny sales letter to homepage. Please note that we no longer have ftp or cPanel access for this site. We can pay $40 for this job.

3. Download a 20 page website. Edit pages and then upload to server. Please note that we no longer have ftp or cPanel access for this site. We can pay $100 for this job.

4. Download a 10 page website. Edit pages and then upload to server. Please note that we no longer have ftp or cPanel access for this site. We can pay $50 for this job.

5. Create admin area and user areas for 20 page site i.e. Job No3 above and include feature to upload images and audio. Design so that all audio files are uploaded to our Amazon s3 server. We can pay $70 for this part of job.

6. Create admin area and user areas for 10 page site i.e. Job No4 above and include feature to upload audio files. A customer must be able to download files after PayPal payment is received. Install so that all audio files are uploaded to our Amazon s3 server. We can pay $60 for this part of job.

7. Create a version of embeddable flash music player script with a link to PayPal order page. This is another part of job No 4 and job No6 above. We can pay $50 for this part of the job.

8. Install an App store script (Similar to iTunes) on 2 domains. Edit and customize logo on home pages of each App store to make each App store look different. Upload a few audio files into store and a few images in order to check that all features and functions on script is working OK. We can pay $100 for this job.

9. Install a simple Storefront script and test script to make sure it works with fulfillment service. Redesign storefront so it looks much nicer. We can pay $80 for this job.

10. Install social network website script on 2 domains. Create 2 different header graphics for each site. Edit the look of each site using built in Customization Editor in Control panel to make sure it works. Make sure all features and functions on sites are working correctly. When users upload any video or audio we want these to be uploaded to our Amazon S3 account so as not to use up the bandwidth on our servers. We can pay $100 for this job.

Please note that apart from the flash music player script in job No7; we already own and have all the scripts that we mention in all jobs above.

Total we can pay for all work above = $750.

Money will be deposited in escrow but will only be released when all the work has been uploaded to our server and we are 100% happy with all work.

We will need the freelancer to provide 2 months support for their work. If you cannot provide 2 months support for your work then please DO NOT bid on this project.

If after 2 months we do not experience any technical problems with the work done or if the freelancer fixes any technical issues as and when they arise then 2 months after completion we will pay the successful freelancer $130 bonus via PayPal or through if preferred.

We need ALL this work done within 2 – 3 weeks from being awarded this project.

Once again If you cannot provide 2 months technical support for your work then please DO NOT bid on this project.

PLEASE NOTE: We are creating a membership site for artists and musicians and many of them will want us to do a little editing and design work for them after we install their basic websites. We are therefore looking for a long term partner that would like to work for us doing these simple jobs for our members on a long term basis.

Please leave message on PM if interested.

Need Writers For Long Term – Can upto $300 per month by zenithscript

New providers,Native writers are also welcome. And only quality and sertious writers please! Please attach a sample of your writing. The amount you do per day is up to you but I need atleast 3-5 articles per day… (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Article Rewriting, Articles, Blog, Copywriting, Research)

Market A Website/build Banner

I need someone to build a simple yet eye catching banner that will direct traffic to a website. This project will also involve you getting my banner posted on other sites/directories to help with marketing/guiding traffic. I had my own banner that i made on but i would rather pay someone to build and land my banner on sites if at all possible, rather than pay per click, etc etc. I do not have a huge budget, so please keep this in mind. Thank You.

Account Creator

Please read my terms carefully as they are undisputable.

Im in need of a myspace account creator. If you think you qualify for this job then you are halfway there. First you will have to agree to my terms. If you step away from these terms, then you step away from the project.


– This is a project. You cannot rush this project in a day! Only accountvalidation alone requires 72 hrs already so keep this in mind.

– The purpose of a myspace creator is creating accounts. Myspace accounts require a validationperiod of 72 hrs meaning if the accounts havent got deleted within 72 hrs then we can call them validated accounts. This is the purpose of the bot, to create validated myspace accounts and to do that fast.

– I need to be involved in this project. I want to add changes or implement idea’s wherever i can.

– Once all functions work properly the bot needs to be customised. This means, other colors, other fonts, background picture, namelabel, modified formname stuff like that.

– I will pay upto 200 dollars for a fully functional creator that has been customized to my wishes. Will put 100 dollars in escrow when we got a testbot that works and has created us at least 500 accounts. Will put another 100 in escrow if you continue the good work, finalize and complete the project. Dont ask me to pay outside ScriptLance, i will report you. Bonus provided but you really really have to earn that with me.

Any milestone payment will depend on the amount of accounts created, our cooperation and communication sofar… not on how the bot looks or how much time you got in it already. Its not about me not paying you, its about you and wether you can live up to these terms?

Please, feel free to place your bid.

Website And Script Fix


What is needed is a fix on several parts of a website. The alignment on one of the pages that was to be integrated needs to be fix…The login page was integrated with the script but is not secure(reveals password). the autoresponder form needs to be integrated on index page. All html pages need to be changed to php, which is about 7 pages and we need some links replaced and removed. Lastly, a simple check that script is secure after all changes have been made.

It’s a fairly easy fix for the experienced programmer.

Thanks In Advance

Virtual Room Environments – Image Upload Preview – ZEN CART by Canvas101

Below is the previous bid we posted for which we had a good interest please not the following important point. Whoever is awarded this project needs to be able to integrate the completed solution with the ZENCART opensource software… (Budget: $250-750, Jobs: Javascript, Photoshop Coding, PHP, Virtual Worlds, Zen Cart)