Digichat Patch Upgrade

I need my digichat patch upgraded from what it is now, i have alot of upgrades and i will post part one to how ever many parts there are to it till i feel its upgraded the way i need it.

you have 1 month to show me you can do the project or i wil cancel it

i will provide full escrow if needed

this project requires you to properly get the source code from the patch yourself you will have to decompile it properly with no error to do this.

example of current patch: http://www.darkrealm.ca
you can log into the chat to see what it looks like.

project par 1 includes:

Note: Take My Current Color Patch And Modify It. (Dont Change The Security these patches are more secure than newer versions just block the holes that are completly open to attack)

Note2: Things I Want Done Are Labled Number 0 To 20.

Note3: To View Current Chat Patches http://www.DarkRealm.ca.

Note4: Attached Pictures Also Include How I Would Like It To Look.

Note5: If The Colors Of The Theme Change The Modifications In Here Need To Change Like Everything Elce When A New Theme Is Made.

Note6: In The Pictures Red Lines And Red Text Are My Side Notes To The Picture They Are Not Going To Be Part Of The Finished Item.

Modify Back To Original DigiChat (Part One):
Note: Used To Have These Options They Just Blocked Them So They Dont Work Need Them Options Unblocked. (Except #0 And #2b, There Mistakes That Need To Be Fixed)

0) Take Any Hidden DigiCasts Out (Make It Look Like The Original DigiChat 4.0)(One In There Says Valtros Need That One Taken Out.)

1) Allow Bots In The Chat (ex. Trivia Bot And More).

2a) Allow Users To Make There Own Rooms.

2b) Rooms In Users Chat Have Negative Numbers I Dont Want Rooms To Have Negative Numbers.(Negative Rooms Only Happen To Users Never Happens To The Moderaters Screen Something Wrong With Chat.Cab Or Chat.Jar File) (Picture#1)

3) Allow Buddies Tab Again (Only In Use If Defined By Applets Or In Settings-options-checkmarked buddies tab, just like it was in original digichat v4.0).

4) Allow Host To Show The Real Host And Not The Same As The Ip Like In Current Color Patch. (Picture #8)

5) Allow Users And Chatmasters To Make Profiles In Settings And Be Visible To All Chatters And Chatmasters Like Original DigiChat 4.0.(picture#12)(Also Missed In The Pic I Need The Country Inbetween Display Name Then Country Then Online Time For Both When Moderaters And Users View Eachother, So Its Like Picture#12 But Added Country In Both Pics Inbetween Display Name And Online Time)

6) In Transcripts When It Leaves Transcripts For The Rooms It Leaves “RoomID1000” I Want It To Say The Actuall Name Of The Room For The Transcripts Folder It Only Does That For A select Few Rooms. Rooms With Funny Names Are Beause Of Character Map Characters User For Chat Names, I Have No Clue Why Some Names Are Called “roomID1001 and roomID1002” It Should Say The Name Of The Room. (Picture #11)

7) The Logs Used To log All Ip And Persons Nickname Now It Only Calls People “User1 or User2” And Only Logs The Admins Activity I Need It Back To How It Usually Logs People Into The Logs.

this is all for now

any questions mail me and ill tell you what you want to know

if needed i will give you the server and key to run the server on your own server for testing

30 days to show me you can handle this.

Joomla Specialists


I am looking to hire a Joomla expert and an expert designer on a permanent basis.

We’ve developed a Joomla site and would now like this to be enhanced and supported. In addition, we plan to use the resource on other projects.

Hiring a permanent resource gives you the assurance of having some regular income and this could lead to other project introductions assuming the work is done well.

I’m looking at a maximum of $630 for each resource on a monthly basis. The resource should be highly professional and well experienced to cater for the most complex projects and should be able to communicate well in English.


Twitter Followers10k

We need for our twitter account 10,000 followers ! from this user account http://twitter.com/therealpinkyxxx
You must meet all of the following requirements !!!! :
– Followers must be real accounts, no bots
– Followers must not be SPAM accounts, or those at risk of being quickly suspended
– 5000 followers must be added gradually over a period of 30 days
– Followers must follow me, but we’ll not follow them
– If followers are added in a way that results in my account being suspended, you will not be paid and possible legal action may result
– 10.000 new twitter followers must remain 7 days after completing your work in 30 days. Any lost followers must be replaced by the end of the 30 days, which is when payment will be released if you’ve done the work correctly.
-followers will be from be http://twitter.com/therealpinkyxxx . –

Your final work will be thoroughly checked by several people familiar with twitter.

Please include with your bid:
– Price
– Accurate date of delivery
– URLS with examples of previous twitter page work. Experience gathering twitter followers is a must
– An overview of your method to gain twitter followers

put the word Pink in your bids
If you’ll do this project 100% correct ! We’ll have more projects for you !

Doattend Clone

I need a clone of DoAttend dot com. backend systems and frontend design. English required.
1) I require complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done (so that I may modify it in the future).
2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition as follows (depending on the nature of the deliverables):
2a) Any website server-side deliverables must be installed by the Seller in ready-to-run condition in the Buyer’s environment.
2b) All other software (including but not limited to any desktop software or software the buyer intends to distribute) must include a software installation package that will install the software in ready-to-run condition on the platform(s) specified in this bid request (unless specified elsewhere by the Buyer).
3) All deliverables will be considered “work made for hire” under U.S. Copyright law. Buyer will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased.
3b) No part of the deliverable may contain any copyright restricted 3rd party components (including GPL, GNU, Copyleft, etc.) unless all copyright ramifications are explained AND AGREED TO by the buyer on the site per the seller’s Seller Legal Agreement.

Html To Cre Loaded (oscommerc)

i M looking some one Who Able to my HTML Code To Implement on CRE Loaded.
CRE Loaded Coding style same as oscommerce.

Bid only Who have only 4 review in oscommerce.
And i will put 50% Escrow when show me few update, And if you complete the Job As Well then i will give you a good bonus.

And give him 2-3 project on every month.

Please Please Dont come to me for speeding my time.

Template URL:

WordPress Custom Fields Plugin

I want to modify a wordpress plugin which is available at http://bit.ly/1MfpsH

1. Currently the read me file of the plugin only explains how the shortcode should be used into pages, I want you to write me a read me file on how the php code of the same should be inserted in the theme files itself instead of using posts/pages.

2. Plugin fetches the titles of the post but does not fetch the description of the post at this moment, it is because I do not have anything entered in to excerpt field into my posts, so i need it modified so if the excerpt field is empty then it will grab the content from the post itself. I need to have the code where i can limit characters as we do normally in wordpress themes.

3. I need an option to fetch the post images. I have images added to my posts through a custom field called image or image_square. So if one of these fields exist with the post then it should grab the image also.

4. I want an extra output style of the plugin, I need an option where i can list the post titles only. I want to use it to create menus list. Like if i want to create a list of all posts which have a custom field abc and i want the plugin to display titles of the posts only so i can put them in <li> and create a menu.

Need someone experienced for this project. Sorry to beginners in advance.