Develop A Website Similar To Or

>>Groupon Clone Script<<

groupon clone script

Just $89, Full Featured ,Paypal, Tweet Machine

I need website design and functionality similar to,,, and I really like the simplicity and look of

I will only accept bids from programmers who have completed similar websites already, and you can sell me the same script you created so long as you have the rights to do so.

If you have created similar sites like, please PMB with the exact sites you have created including links to demo site with admin password. Also, provide a link to your portfolio of work.

Thank you, please PMB with any questions.

Need 2 Animated Banners

im looking for 2 animated banners
Banner A – Size – 641 x 88 pixels
Banner B – Size – 274 x 88 pixels

both banners must be
1. Extremely creative ( so i will need to see your portfolio_
2. Extremely lightweight (no flash)
3. Must push the message to the viewer so he can get attracted to click.
4. Must be designed real quick.
5. Should not trick or cheat the viewer or force them to click.

content and links for the banner will be given to the selected bidder only.

Commercial Shopping Cart

Commercial ecommerce with shopping cart, to provides advanced Multi-vendor functionality. the function like can manage separate inventory, customers’ wish lists and order history, set up their own tax rates, discounts and coupons while the administrator/store owner manages general store operation, configuration and perform maintenance.

the most similar software is x-cart.

Alex Ea Looking For Mt4 Specialist

Need an EA executing the attached description, see pdf file and trend system see .tpl files.

Additional requirments :

– by default maximum at risk 4% and possibility to manually size the lots
– No trade when news are released
– No trade if volatility is too high
– No more than one trade per currency pair simultaneously open
– Recovery mode doubling the original lot size after a loss if the probability to have a winning trade is over 85% based on the past records of the same EA with the same currency pair.
– If deal is open for more than 60 minutes without reaching tp or sl, if current position is over +1 pip close immediately, if under +1 pip leave it open until it reaches +1 pip or the sl.
– Automatic email sent for each position closed with Currency,Lot size, date, time open/close result pips/money
– Please backtest on EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/GBP, EUR/GBP and advise which one is giving most interesting results, fine tuning of setup required until desired results are obtained.
– EA to show on the screen : name of the EA, lot size that will be traded next, current spread and probability to have a deal started in % plus current status : e.g. no trade due to news release or no trade due to market high volatility etc…
– Email report with details of the trade for each deal closed.

Please feel free to ask any question


Help With Basic Asp Functions Site

I am looking for help using/learning an old ASP example script where basic predefined functions including cookies are defined along with data files set as couple of text files.

The attachment includes all the info but its really help inserting cookie/session functions within a set of pages (Pages will be provided) and on 3 pages add the functions from scratch:

Validate/show any errors of a form to a user and if valid allow text file to be written to
Allow customers within txt file to login, and view previous products.

I am not expecting everything to be working but most of it from the word doc, and then from this I can compare and see how things work and of course ask you some questions.

The functions given must be used, this is basic asp not .net etc 2003/2004 this seems to be from.

I would prefer you could temporarily host/show me the working example (i will send you the pages and files) and then when happy send them to me.
And of course to help answer some questions and explain some bits over the next week or so.

Any questions please let me know.
cookie and a set of we