Dynamic Countdown Timer Script

Dynamic Countdown Timer Script
This is an easy job for any experienced programmer. We have a
dynamic countdown timer script we wish to embed into our HTML page
but require assistance in installing and customizing the script so
it functions the way we want it to.

The script also functions as a redirect so when the timer hits 0
the script will redirect the existing page to a new page so we’ll
also need to advise you of what URL’s we want the script on and
what URL we want it to redirect to.

If this sounds like a job that you’ve successfully completed in the
past then please BID or PM.

Php/mysql/ajax/css Needed

Php/mysql/ajax/css Needed
I need a talented developer who knows:


If you know any of the following:


It would give you a great advantage in this position.

This is a one month project, and you need to work 6 days a week, 8 hours a day on the PST timezone from 9am-5pm PST Mon-Sat.

Contact me for immediate consideration.

Virtual Event Community

Virtual Event Community
vgala is an exciting, innovative company offering a revolutionary direction in a social media community website. We are seeking an inventive and imaginative software/web programmer to be responsible for programming and maintaining the site, as well as collaborating with the web designer.
 This is for a position which will have an equity share of the business either as a director or as an independent contractor. This team member will contribute and benefit from the success of this new venture. 

Applicants must be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Must be experienced in programming languages, such as Java, Python, PHP, C++, Ruby, Drupal, Joomla, Flash, MySql, etc. 

Applicants must be able to use the languages interchangeably.

 Applicants must also be creative and work well with a team.
Strong organization and communication skills; related prior work experience.

Simple Website For Business

Simple Website For Business
Need simple site made for collection business. Must include a few pages of content (home page, about us, business solutions), a contact us page with easy to use form, and a page for accepting payments that coordinate with an account number. Most of all it must be easy to manage, use and update. I have a domain name so far but thats about it. I need to setup an email account and hosting as well.

Web-interface For Haproxy Etc.

Web-interface For Haproxy Etc.
I need someone to develop a nice webinterface for HAproxy (http://haproxy.1wt.eu)that will cover mostly all aspects and scenarios for advanced load balancing. All should be wrapped up in a n easy installer including the most recent version of haproxy itself.
Additionally, a complete installer including a stripped down custom linux version, preconfigured firewall, haproxy and webinterface is needed, too.

Script Modification

Script Modification
I need some functionality added to a script that I own that is no longer supported by the creator. The script contains php, java script, css and html. The script is for an article directory, all of the functionality needs to be in the site admin area (my admin area), and some of the same functions need to be in the author’s admin area (client admin area).

Listed below is a complete list of the work I need completed? Please include a time frame in which the work is to be completed if more than five days is needed.

1. I need the script to be rebranded for my company, ”Article Host,” for resell w/ the ability to change branding for customers that buy the script and wish that option.

2. I am currently limited to displaying only six ads total on the entire site. I want to be able to add different ads to each of the category pages as well as the subcategory pages and all static pages created.

Example: Automobile Category page would have auto accessories ads and Sports Category page would have sports equipment ads. There are two places for ads in the layout and they should contain different ads on every page not just six ads.

3. I would like to change the footer. The part the reads, “powered by Article Directory,” and have it pointed to another site that I own w/ the ability to change, “powered by Article Directory,” for customers that wish that option as well.

4. I would like to make changing the colors of the themes for customers a simple click and choose process. Customers need to be able to change the color of the Header, Footer, Font, Titles, Headings and Backgrounds only.

5. I need the, “Change All,” button in the All Articles, Modified Articles, Articles in Review, Live and Problem Articles to change all or multiple articles and not just one at a time.

Well Written Articles Needed 8

Well Written Articles Needed 8
If you cannot meet the deadlines, have poor English, or you will end up in writing plagiarized content, please don’t bid on this project!

I need 8 well written articles on various topics about my site uneiq.com (a qr code related site), I want informative articles. You have to be perfect English with proper punctuation and pluralization. Your article must be very smooth and easy to read. The article must be a researched, authoritative, substantial, professional article with not one edit required. There will be four different topics 2 articles for each topic. I will provide you with key features about each topic and you go from there

Below are the requirements;

*Must meet the deadlines
*Content must be informative, interesting and concise.
*All articles should be written in excellent English, There should be no single
Grammatical mistake, all articles must be written in conversational English, with perfect grammar and spelling.
* Only unique, original content will be accepted. Each article must pass CopyScape.
* Each article must be proofread for spelling, errors, grammar and word count..
* You will not use the articles for any reason after receiving payment
* you have to provide one sample article on our choosing topic before selecting you.

I will need for this project 8 articles, of 350-500 words.

Template Designer Needed

Template Designer Needed
This project is a qualifying project for good designers. I will be having lot of work ahead. I need someone who can design;
* corporate style templates [ex. IBM site]
* stylish web 2.0 templates [ex. demo.rockettheme.com]

No coding capability is necessary. All you need to do is provide me the PSD at the end.

For now, I need a simple, yet attractive design. I have attached very basic layout, and logo, to get the feel of what needs to be done. Please provide me mockups. My client will choose the best, and that design will win project.

Also don’t forget to provide me the URLs or mockups of designs you have done in past.

Openfire (java) Plug-in Mod

Openfire (java) Plug-in Mod
My company is using Openfire 3.6.4 as an internal server to manage our XMPP/Jabber communications. We have it set so
that all messages are archived in a database presently, but need to adjust the archiving so that all conversations
are exported to an email address vs. just being stored in the database.

Openfire is open sourced and there is an existing plug-in published that does a majority of the work that is needed.

What we are looking for is someone who is comfortable with the level of java used to build this project that can take a little time to develop the plug-in we need. Delivery of the finished product will be as a plug-in that can be installed to our build.

Please read the description below. If you are interested in taking on this project, please respond with a proposal for how long it will take and compensation desired.



Provide the ability to export archived conversations from an Openfire XMPP Server (www.igniterealtime.com) as
individual SMTP email messages.


1 – OpenFire Server 3.6.4
2 – Monitoring Service Plug-in 1.1
3 – Java
4 – MySql

Proposed Method :

OpenFire is a fully functional Jabber/XMPP server and it keeps records of all conversations in a MySql database.

The Monitoring Service plug-in provides a framework for the majority of the work that needs to be done.

Under the Archiving tab that allows you to search the database for conversations, there is a facility that assembles
the individual chats from the MySql database and formats them in a structured way. Upon checking on an individual
conversation, there is a function that will allow you to view the content of a chat as a pdf.

Taking advantage of this existing plug-in we want to modify it so that in place of exporting individual messages to a
pdf, we instead email them to a pre-defined email address, as well as being to trigger this action in bulk for a range
of messages.

We will also need to add a new table that will keep track of whether a message has been exported to email or not. This
table will employ the PK of conversationID as a reference and track date of last export and email address exported to.

The plug-in will need to have two operational modes:

1 – manual

Employ the search feature of the Monitoring Service plug-in and allow for the results to either be emailed one by one
upon clicking them (export to mail will replace ‘view as pdf’), or the entire found set can be emailed.

Upon a batch email out, each unique conversationID will be matched to an individual email.

2 – scheduled

The plug-in needs to have the ability to be triggered daily at a specified time to export all un-flagged conversations
that have been generated.

Finally the plug-in needs to be written as a self contained module and in to the framework of an openfire plug-in. Any
database adjustments need to be kept separate from the overall schema (i.e. …. adding tables preferred over adding
fields to existing tables)

Phpbb Url Rewriting

Phpbb Url Rewriting
The url’s of PHP BB based forum www.goisb.com have to be static. e.g. the URL http://www.goisb.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1311&sid=4452b048db94df3ee3c0f33fc4909c9a should become something like http://www.goisb.com/GMAT-preparation-startegy.html

This required installation of a MOD and tweaking some files.

Its a 30 min job for someone who knows how to do it.

WordPress Plugin Social Submit

WordPress Plugin Social Submit
The WordPress Plugin Would be able to post to the following sites when a blog post is made and runs a WordPress daily scheduler to submit to the sites within wordpress without a cron job.

When doing a blog post, there should be a extra box below the content where it has a box by itself to allow the user to input which category they want to submit to based on what login and password that they have input in the settings

Things it can submit to are
social bookmark sites to the following services at

1. http://www.onlywire.com/thebutton
2. Facebook
3. Twitter

For the article directories.. the list below:

1 EzineArticles.com
2 ArticleAlley
3 GoArticles
4 EasyArticles
5 ArticleDashboard
6 ArticlesBase
7 uPublish.info
8 AmaZines
9 SearchWarp
10 ArticleMotron
11 Dime-Co
12 ArticleSphere
13 ArticleSnatch
14 ArticleTrader
15 IdeaMarketers
16 UltimateArticleDirectory
17 ArticleFeeder
18 ArticleBlotter
19 isnare.com
20 articlesbase.com
21 http://www.helium.com/