Joomla 1.5 Templates With Cs 2

Joomla 1.5 Templates With Cs 2
joomla project for programmer experienced with GRAPHIC design and CSS to work on an hypnose website.

Would like to borrow ideas from in terms of module and menu styles. Don’t want the exact same look as these sites, but similar.

Programmer will:
– Build (3) new module class suffixes and one page class suffix style to the CSS. I want to be able to select different styles for my modules and page. MUST know how to design in case you need to add a graphic to the class suffix.

– Position the header , search module, login module, and top menu how I want them. Also.

Again, you need to know graphic design and CSS.

Send PM with portfolio or examples of your work that’s related to this project. Will send details to qualified candidates.

MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE, MSN IM, AND BE A GOOD COMMUNICATOR. Let me know if you have any questions. Need project completed ASAP.

I need a install packet so you dont have to log onto my server.

Thank you.

Move Xt:commerce To Oxid Esa 2

Move Xt:commerce To Oxid Esa 2
An absolute and exclusive professional work has first priority. If your work doesn’t meet the requirements or you are not able to make a convertion like advertised – DON’T BID! Otherwise I won’t pay for your efforts – because my client won’t pay me.
Read the below requirements carefully, this will save a lot of time!
With bidding, you agree with my requirements and claims.

General Requirements:
1. You are not allowed to use the project as your reference, don’t pass links to our projects or give it to anyone under any circumstance. Our cooperation remains between us, noone from outside should know something about this.

2. After finishing and payment of the project, it passes into my ownership.

3. My company is a professional webdesign company in Austria, so I have professional clients and it’s very important that they will be satisfied to 100%. Because of this it will be necessary that you are working until everyone is completely satisfied, even if it requires repeated corrections.

4. Never contact the client directly.

5. valid invoice

6. You are not allowed to injure third-party rights.

>>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>>
>>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>>
Subject is to move an existing shop from xt:commerce to Oxid eSales.

Demand profile:
– Move from xt:commerce to Oxid eSales (incl. articles, categories,…)
– Oxid basic functions remains
– individual template for oxid (to our specifications)

– article price should be displayd normal and as prepayment price (3% discount). At the export to product portals the prepayment price should be exported too.
– Payment via Paypal, ec, giropay, visa (verified), mastercard (securecode),…
– integrate the trusted shop logo (in the header)
– integrate the eKomi assessment
– at logout the client should see a field shich can be filled optional, the client should write in this field how he has found the shop (radiobuttons), in the admin area should be a overview about these answers
– integrate texts for trusted shop – maybe changeable due admin area
– integrate twitter box + logo

– connection to JTL WAWI (must be programed!)
[x] the whole article datas, categories, incl. description and images between oxid esales and jtl must be able to sync.
[x] Orders must be integrated from oxid to JTL
[x] Order-status must overacts after edit of the order (as an example after delivery) from JTL to oxid
[x] Payment and delivery options must be sync’d.

Of course high quality work, including
– Clean W3C Valid XHTML+CSS Coding (if possible – tell me)
– Cross browser compatibility (IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera and Safari)
– after-sale technical support
– seo semantic code
– optimized load speed
– flexible layout

Sincerely yours,
Mario Lengauer

Online Flash Mixer

Online Flash Mixer
We need to create an online track mixer with the following specifications:

– Accept / Upload Music in MP3 format from a database of uploaded mp3 files
– Play this music on site whith a share functionality for Facebook ( Other networks ( a GUI for it.)
– User can pick up two tracks from the entire database ( categorized as per the DJ’s) -> Add preset sound effects -> Play -> add to My Playlist – Name it (Id4 tagging ) share and Save
– All tracks should start with a theme track.
– We at the backend should be able to download these clips for judging purposes. Convert to MP3

Keep in Mind:
– Multiple sessions / multiple usage of the same track
– Analytics
– Vote Rate and share across the board
– Popularity listing.
– Page UI and App UI
– Branding
– Graphics

We will provide the branding graphics and tracks

Gumtree Dot Com Clone Websit 2

Gumtree Dot Com Clone Websit 2
I am looking for someone to set up a classified ads website similar to the gumtree. I have had a look over the net but can only find some cheap crap php template website. Im after something like the gumtree or
i want the website to have the same listing sections as the gumtree. However i would like them to be able to post pictures and leave their contact details (as on the gumtree).
In the admin section, i would like to be able to adjust the price from free to £££ depending on the section. For e.g if someone wants to advertise in the business section, i will charge £2.99 for a week etc etc…
In other words, i want a clone of the gumtree but different colours and design. There are some really good websites for sale online, however they all display the $ sign instead of £.
I want the website displaying dollars and areas to be all counties in the UK.

Php Security Work

Php Security Work

We have a site coded in PHP which after running a security application (Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner) appears to have a large number security holes within the scripting (over one hundred). These appear however to be confined to two pages in the site only (i have attached a section of the report deidentified for obvious reasons).

If selected for the work i will provide you with the report outlining all the specific issues identified. I will run another scan after the work is completed and payment will only be made if you are able to fix the problems (obviously run additional scans to help you complete the work). Please keep this in mind when bidding and only bid if you are capable of correcting the problems.


Penny Auction Site Fixing 2

Penny Auction Site Fixing 2
We have a penny auction site that was scripted by It is written in CakePHP and uses MVC concept. If you are not familiar with the please do not bother. We are going to be using Global Gateway API to process our credit cards on the site. We need someone to script this for us. We have 2 credit card forms that will need to be fixed. We will no longer be using paypal on our site. It is scripted for it at this time, but we do not need it. Our address forms for billing and shipping will also need to be fixed so that the information will be taken from the billing address and filled into the credit card forms. Our auctions are also not closing the timer stops at 1 second and will not end. We need this fixed also. We would also like it so that the delivery cost is added to our final shipping price. The shipping price was something that we had coded in and the delivery cost is already coded just needs to be made so that it adds to the final price when a user pays.

Clad Genius Poster/assistant

Clad Genius Poster/assistant
We are looking for an experienced person to run our CL campaigns via CLAD Genius. The prospective person MUST have previous experience with using CLAD Genius or other automated CL software for posting on CL.

What we provide:

-CLAD Genius software
-Exclusive private proxies
-AD content
-CL accounts

You will be posting from a virtual machine using our software in all major US cities. You should have the experience to start by successfully posting 100 ads per day.

We would prefer that you have strong english skills.

CPA marketing experience a plus as well.

This could turn into a long term project with high commissions and bonus’ depending on performance.

Please DO NOT respond if you are not familiar with posting bulk ads on CL!

Postings On 50 – 100 Forums

Postings On 50 – 100 Forums
Are you active with posting messages onto forums? Then this might be a project for you!

Looking for someone to post the attached project description on 50 to 100 forums. I guess the category you would look for might be “help wanted” or something for independent contractors like SL.

When done, you would send us an Excel file that contains the name of the Forum, as well as the link to each posting so we can click the link and verify all of the postings.

We are on a tight budget. Dont crush us with big bids!

Online Game Rare Values

Online Game Rare Values
I need a clone of a trade values site for the online game, Habbo Hotel. There should be a control panel to add the piece of furniture, its picture, name, and value, and whether is is steady, losing, or gaining value. The value should show a blue number for steady, green for rising, and red for dropping. I’d like a popup with this info when mousing over the furniture. Please see for a perfect example. Also I need to be able to categorize the rares into different sets, such as Rares, Super Rares, Seasonals, etc.

A HUGE plus would be the possibility to have a “calculator” feature in which a user clicks a rare and its total is added to the calculator automatically. Whatever is clicked is added to give a grand total.

Meta Trader 4 Ea Backtesting

Meta Trader 4 Ea Backtesting
I need a program to backtest MetaTrader 4 EAs.

I know PHP; so a server-based PHP program would be really nice (I’d be able to understand the project better). But I’m also open to considering a standalone program (C/C++/VB/etc.)

I will provide all the forex historical data. I will also supply the EAs (Expert Advisors). I just need a program that duplicates the feature already built into MT4 and backtests the EAs against my historical data.

The main reason that I don’t want to use the feature already built into MT4 is because I have tons of EAs that need to be tested, and I want software to test them all, on multiple timeframes, without having to test each one individually.

Before bidding, please get somewhat familiar with MetaTrader 4 and EAs. (Try Google and Youtube, or download MetaTrader 4 for free and test it yourself!!!)


Oscommerce Changes

Oscommerce Changes
Hi, I have 2-3 OSCommerce websites to make edits/troubleshooting.

The first is
The SSL is installed incorrectly so we need that resolved and the merchant account setup in addtional to paypal. We need a new graphic banner at the top. Tile ads in the middle should be linked to content pages and promo code module installed. Perhaps a pop up ad too.

The second site is
We need and SSL installed on that site. We also need CSS changes and perhaps some other random changes.

Both sites are on Godaddy and login details are available.

Please bid accordingly.