Auto Blog Script

Auto Blog Script
Please only bid if you can complete this.
I want a script with these settings.
Options to how many post aday to make and how often
Option for how many post per day to ping
Example I post 50 post but only want 6 post pinged per day it will grab 6 post random and ping those to my ping list of muti sites and ignor the rest.
It will not ping the same post twice
Option for content deduper if x amount of lines in the paragraph are the same it will delete the post
Option to grab Rss Feeds it must grab THE WHOLE ARTIcle not just part
Including picture and store it on my server and post to it
Option to grab Articles from ezinearticles,Articledatabase and Goarticles And post those will have options on how many to grab per day.It will keep the resoucre box as is
Option to Grab youtube videos and store on my server and post them on my post with option to rename
Option to use muti keywords to find all the above.
Option to run unlimited WordPress sites keeping each one to its own set of keywords,post etc,sponsors etc
Must be able to handle muti catogories etc
Option for what adsence or sponsor and banners to use or rotate per keyword. they will be place along the sides and at the 1st paragraph break
Option to grab flickr photos and make them into post
Option for how many photos to post and how many txt post
Example 2 photos for every 5 post
Option to grab Amazon and Ebay postings and post them with my sponsor txt
Option to make custom names on everything from ebay to pictures to post,pages etc
Must Not be a server resoucre hog
Option for each new post to have tags based on keywords
Where I can tell it what words to make links and what word links will be going to.
Option for a credit link
Example At bottom of article it grabs from anywhere I can make to veiw it from the source click here at very bottom

Website Updates

Website Updates

I have a classifieds website that need some changes, but I am looking for a php freelancer to make some changes on it and I would like to know a budget on time and money that is going to cost.

Most of the changes are the following:

Change of Css design
Change of video player
Making more user friendly admin website and password protected
Updating Google Analytics and SEO on website
Changing Index page on website
Making that the website is avaible to be on other 7 languages
Updating Banner System
Making more user friendly the online contact profile

Please let me know, the project is schedule to start in 5 days

Data Scraping Tool For Ecomm 2

Data Scraping Tool For Ecomm 2
I have a problem. I want to list my inventory on Amazn but I do not have the UPC codes listed.

I want a web tool that will scrape my website, get the product title names, and search the Amazn database for UPC codes. You must be familiar with Amazn Seller Central. I basically want a web tool that will crawl my site, search for the UPC codes and create an Excel spreadsheet or CSV output file.

I must be able to access this tool on the web so it has to be done in PHP or HTML or similar. Not too particular.

I want this projet done WELL, and I will pay you WELL. You must produce a sample of your work with your bid. Please ask questions if you need clarification.

Company Description Wrting

Company Description Wrting

I need some one to write company description for a corporate site. Note that content is for a corp and not oriented for SEO and pre-selling. Understanding this is very important to write quality content. The content must be unique, but you can grab and rewrite from similar corp web sites. In one word, the content must sound like a business.

The company is doing web development and online marketing. It requires the following content:

1. Why choose us
One or two sentence will be good enough
2. Web Development
— introduction like why you need it, what we do, why we are unique, etc
— technology involved: ASP.NET, MS SQL, PHP, MySQL, Customization like WordPress, Drupal, ShopingCare like osCommerce
— Find similar sites: and any other corporations providing consulting services
— If you have difficulty let me know, you can provide a half-baked and I will enrich it.
— three subsections
— Data-driven web application
— Static web application
— Customization using WordPress, Drupal, etc
— Place emphasis on services and commitment, you can grab it from other web sites
3 Online Marketing
— introduction like what it is about, why you need it, what we provide, why we are unique, etc — copy from other web sites
— three sub sections
— Search Engine Optimization
— Paid Traffic Generation using PPC, media buy, social networking, article marketing, etc
— Web Analytics and Sales Conversion. Traffic is one aspect, like driving a car, web analytics and improve sales conversion rate is more important

Just give you more hints, when I look at SEO, I found that the following information can fit in the Search Engine Optimization, you may need to rewrite it

Before you bid please understand the requirements here. Thanks for your interest in my project


Looking for 100 approved do follow blog comments form 100 different domain with a HTML link. I will provide an URL and keywords.

coder need to find out the list of blogs and leave a comment related to post with my anchor text.

A report is required with the list of direct link of each link page.

Happy bidding…

WordPress Iframe Integration

WordPress Iframe Integration
We are working on a job board and we need to integrate a Jobamatic iframe into a WordPress site. This can be done either by uploading to the theme files or some other method.

Or we can use Jobamatic API-if you’re already familiar. We prefer the cheaper method.

This is a very simple job. Please bid accordingly. There will also likely be ongoing work if you’re successful.

Script Needed To Post Events

Script Needed To Post Events
I’m looking for script that will allow a manager of a bar/restaurant website that I maintain to be able to login and update event fliers. Currently I’m updating the flier myself and I’d like my client to be able to do it. I’d like the program to upload the fliers similar to how I have them appearing now. Please visit to see how they look now. There should be 4 thumbnails of each upcoming event flier and when you click on them, they get larger so you can read the details. The end user should also have an expiration date so the event flier disappears after the expiration date. Please see for an example of what the fliers look like now.

I’ve attached a sample flier to work with. They all should be this size.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from someone!

Graphic Design/web Design

Graphic Design/web Design
I’m looking for someone to design a print flier for a bar/pizzeria. We’d also like to look into getting a website designed for the bar and possible redesign for the pizzeria. We’re looking for a full face lift, possible re-branding involving some changes in the name of the bar. In the agreement we’d like to have access to all source files so if you’re not comfortable with that please don’t bother bidding. The job will consist of logo design and working with me to come up with a flier that includes specials and possible coupons. This job could lead to future work, I’m looking for someone reliable and willing to work at a decent price.

Js Menu For Wp Installation

Js Menu For Wp Installation
I have a javascript dropdown menu someone made for me and I have a web site that runs on WordPress that needs to have it installed. The person who made the menu for me did not know how or if he could get it on WP.

Before I hire anyone, I need the person to look at the file and make sure it can be put on WP, or at least on my site in some manner.

Serious bids only, please.

Magento Extension Install

Magento Extension Install
For this project I need a one page checkout extension installed. This is the extension we would like installed

This is to be installed on the site We are using a custom template. Please make sure you are confident you can install the extension with this custom template before bidding. We also have affiliate program tracking installed on the success page of the checkout we will need the code to be installed on the new success checkout page.

Second we need the contact us on the top bar to link to instead of

Lastly we need the background color changed from white to a grey.

We would like to have this project done asap. If you are confident you can complete all these items please bid. Thanks

WordPress Mu Plugin Mod

WordPress Mu Plugin Mod
Hello I have currently a plugin for wordpress MU that allows me to take an existing blog in my WPMU Admin account and cone it to put on new users accounts. However this plugin is limited and does not clone the blog completely.

It pulls pages, post, categories, content but DOES NOT activate the Plugins and do settings…

I need this to be added to the process.

Before I provide the plugin to look at you must show me that you have proven experience with WPMU – WordPress plugins etc.

Please don’t waste your time if you bid with no references of WP work completed.

Plugin is attached to this project.

Happy Bidding;

Pligg Mysql And Errors

Pligg Mysql And Errors
Hi, my site was working perfectly when i decided to buy a new pligg template with new modules, then my hosting sent me an email saying:

“The script you ran to clear a cache table in your database has caused a massive overload on the server initiating huge number of MySQL queries:

| 7545598 | choowawa_new | localhost | choowawa_new | 600 | removing tmp table | INSERT INTO pligg_tag_cache select tag_words, count(*) as count FROM pligg_tags, pligg_links WHERE t |
| 7545660 | choowawa_new | localhost | choowawa_new | 596 | removing tmp table | INSERT INTO pligg_tag_cache select tag_words, count(*) as count FROM pligg_tags, pligg_links WHERE t |
| 7545681 | choowawa_new | localhost | choowawa_new | 594 | removing tmp table | INSERT INTO pligg_tag_cache select tag_words, count(*) as count FROM pligg_tags, pligg_links WHERE t |
| 7545730 | choowawa_new | localhost | choowawa_new | 591 | removing tmp table | INSERT INTO pligg_tag_cache select tag_words, count(*) as count FROM pligg_tags, pligg_links WHERE t |
| 7545739 | choowawa_new | localhost | choowawa_new | 590 | removing tmp table | INSERT INTO pligg_tag_cache select tag_words, count(*) as count FROM pligg_tags, pligg_links WHERE t |
| 7545774 | choowawa_new | localhost | choowawa_new | 587 | removing tmp table | INSERT INTO pligg_tag_cache select tag_words, count(*) as count FROM pligg_tags, pligg_links WHERE t |
| 7545777 | choowawa_new | localhost | choowawa_new 587 | removing tmp table | INSERT INTO pligg_tag_cache select tag_words, count(*) as count FROM pligg_tags, pligg_links WHERE t |
| 7545784 | choowawa_new | localhost | choowawa_new | 585 | removing tmp table | INSERT INTO pligg_tag_cache select tag_words, count(*) as count FROM pligg_tags, pligg_links WHERE t |

These are part of the queries.

You should contact an expert local web developer before you execute the same action. The load caused from your account was over 120 and on 4 QUAD core CPUs and 12GB or ram machine this means that there should be a malfunctioned script on your website. Please request from your developer to download your website scripts and create dump of your database and to optimize it.”

Now with this, I decided to just ask my hosting to reupload my old files, which meant losing some (not all) of the current database, members etc…

What I want the programmer/developer to accomplish is to bring back the lost member registrations and news using the most current backup file that i have. Is this possible?

Product Design Customization

Product Design Customization
Allow an end user to select Product ID (13 products), select defined color ID number or select custom color from default window color chart, select special service, select amount of screen/color, select sizes (if applicable), select artwork from album gallery or upload multiple artworks, a special instruction text field, quantity, calculate estimated total cost, special service charge, enter in coupon code, and waive certain fee.

The user must register for an account with email as the username and a defined password (where they enter contact name, company name, phone, email, billing name, and shipping name) and label their design with a name (A-Z or 0-9 only). The user has the ability to retrieve lost password using their email address.

There will be a special text field for customers with existing account in another system. Text field will be labeled as “Customer ID:” and another text field label “Representative in charge:” The Representative in charge field is a small database to be retrieved from MySQL or MSSQL

After creation of account, the user may submit the design and other information to the administrator for confirmation.

The design information is saved in the database and a copy is emailed to the administrator. The user will receive an e-mail with the assigned “Order confirmation number”, Reference_* file (output of customer database info), link to access the customer portal account, and will be redirected to a completion page.

The system will link to a UPS rate tool to determine the actual shipping cost with the determined total product weight.

The administrator has a backend system (MySQL or MSSQL) that receives the order (complete customer inputted information) and generate a confirmation number for the saved design. The saved design will be saved to the root path / folder of the hosting computer sorted by the generated order confirmation number in the format (<Confirmation Number>_<Product ID>_<Design Name>) Example: folder: E12032_Product1_GatorNumberOne)

Two files will be generated called Reference_<Confirm Num>_<Design Name>.html and Order_<Confirm Numb>_<Design Name> with up specific text output from the customer order information.

The submit design will send an email to the administrator notifying the order complete detail (attach Reference_ * and Order_* File with the generated order confirmation number and the attachment of the specific uploaded, artwork and/or doodle design).

The administrator has the ability to login the web interface to change saved design quantity, update pricing, or change feature, and change or update user account settings,

Upon completion of order review and final design mockup, the administrator will go to the web interface (make necessary changes to the order, pricing, quantity, or feature, or waiver), upload the new proof design artwork (up to 2 files or .zip file) and click “Submit”.

Upon Submit, the system will create a new Reference_* file and Order_* file (if any new changes were made) then send an e-mail to the User relating to the order a confirmation e-mail.

The user will receive an email with the link back to the design site; enter in the confirmation number to complete the order with the following payment option:
1) API Credit Gateway (Paypal)
2) Paypal
3) Check or Other option.

And after payment the order will be marked as Paid in the database system. If payment is Check or other, mark in system as “Pending”, else mark all order as “None”

The administrator will receive a confirmation email with Notice of Payment marked as either PayPal, API – Payment as an Alternative Method, Check, or other.

Specific Details
1) Administrator Web Interface to add/update/remove product, colors, special feature, and unit cost calculations, update order status such as tracking number, and change payment status.
2) A customer portal to allow customer to register, enter contact, billing and shipping information, save their order, view status of the order, and perform reorder of past orders.
2.1) Option for Re-ordering the same design with ability to modify quantity, or re-loading design and modifying previously placed order using previous Order Confirmation number.
3) Clipart color can be changed using a predetermined PMS color chart. (I provide)
4) Clipart is to be categorized (based on file directory)
5) Uploaded artwork by the end user forces the user to enter the color description or color ID from color chart into the Special instruction text field.
6) All artwork must be cropped at the edge of the product.
7) A text editor to add custom text.
8) All items in the design interface can be resized, rotated, and layered.
9) All artwork including uploaded artwork can become transparent (remove white).
10) When a customer chooses a personalization option, an additional upload field will appear to allow the customer to upload additional document like Excel spreadsheet, word. These files will also be sent to the Administrator and saved in the root directory.