Amazon S3 Log File Parser

Amazon S3 Log File Parser
I need a php script for handling S3 log files.

The final goal is to have a separate log for each file in the bucket.

The log should contain download times and downloaded bytes for the particular file.

For example, I have a file video1.flv on the server in /videos/ directory.
Once a day the script goes through the log files and creates a video1 log in /logs/ directory.
If the log file exists, it updates it with the latest download times and bytes downloaded.

You can use the [Amazon S3 PHP class] to download/delete/move log files on the remote S3 Bucket.

Please only bid if you’re familiar with S3.

I need it done within a week from project acceptance.

WordPress Installation – Npc

WordPress Installation – Npc
I am looking for someone who knows how to install the Niche Profit Classroom (NPC) WordPress template.

I need NPC WordPress template installed on six of my domains. These are new domains, and do not have WordPress installed yet.

If you don’t have experience in installing the NPC WordPress template, PLEASE DON’T APPLY FOR THIS PROJECT

Bidders MUST provide the URL(s) for sites they have installed the NPC WordPress template on.

WordPress Auto Blog

WordPress Auto Blog
Need a WordPress expert to create a blog for me with automated posting. The blog needs a theme installed, optimized for search engines (especially URL’s of articles), places for adsense ads, and you will need to find feeds to get posts from based on keywords I supply. It’s a popular topic so feeds should be easy to find.

If this goes well I have many other domains that I will need the same done for. I’m looking for someone who can do this quickly and at a good price so I can hire you again for other domains.

Cl Job Posting – Multiple Locs

Cl Job Posting – Multiple Locs
We need someone who can post on CL to multiple locations for a job opening we have. We want it posted to multiple cities and states and the ads will all be very similiar for each so should be a very simple and straightforward task. We need to make sure that any email replies to the ad will go to us so we can view them right away. We need someone who can start asap.

Also, interested in price for doing same task on similiar sites to CL.

I Need 75 Well Written Article

I Need 75 Well Written Article
I am looking for someone for long term prodjects I Will be needing a few people todo 50-100 articles a week
They must pass ezine articles and copyscape
Each one will need to be orignal and well written in english.
They must be broken into paragraphs
I want each article in its own wordpad and the word pad named the keyword the article its targeting.
They will need to be at least 600 words and have the keyword 6 -7 times no more no less

The first few prodjects i am only paying 75 per 75 articles once we see you can do everything without me babysitting you are being rewritten 3-4 times to pass we can talk about increasing the pay.

Only bid if you can write 75 articles within 5 days of me escrowing the money.
Soon as I select a winner I Will escrow the money
HAlf will be paid when you send me all 75 to check and once I see they are well written etc Ill release the other half

Prestashop Pet Store Template

Prestashop Pet Store Template
Dear All,

I have Pet Store and need a new design.

I need full theme layout designed only for a Prestashop ecommerce website (ver. 1.3.0)

I need You to design the whole layout and program it to Smarty TPL file etc. I also need full integration with Prestashop modules (for dragging and changing position on the website in the future etc.)

Template should look something like:
or (This project is preferred for size, modules etc.)

I upload my logo (AI file), please use it!

Before you bid please download Prestashop script and test it! (

Payment term :
When job is done and I accept the final project : 50%
When I receive source files, and the installation will be successfull on my page : 50%

Only serious offers!

Looking Fw to hearing from You.

Conversion To WordPress

Conversion To WordPress
Here is the description of what I want in a conversion.

I Need to convert HTML/CSS design to the “Newest Version” of WordPress “THESIS” theme. Very simple for a WordPress expert.

My current website for ministry is:

It needs to be converted to a WordPress “Thesis” free platform, with totally SEO friendly setup for the spiders.

It is important, “what does the crawler see first”? When a spider crawls the page, it sees the code,It is recommended that the spider sees my ARTICLES/POST “First”, and then move to the links sidebar on the right.

Just leave a blank column if you are following a three/two column template at the TOP. This way, the crawler will jump to the articles first, and then move to the links sidebar.
Another way to curb this is to use a template with a right hand sidebar…2 column.

Can the wordpress template “highlight” the keywords? Very important.
On page emphasis like <strong> for keywords </strong> in my writing and Blog writing, is important. I wish the content of my blogs and archives to help rank me higher in page rank. What is the best wysiwyg editor for wordpress…one that actually works?

The template must allow H1,H2,H3..coding tags to show <strong>importance to my keywords. Sorry for the overkill on this point, but some people don’t know what I am talking about.

If you don’t know, please pass on this job.

On my current website, I like to use the eagle graphics and the grapevine graphic in the Header. But the only words in the Header will say:

Prophetic Ministry
Dream Meanings and Interpretations

….no other words.

I do not want a FOOTER. I want the last thing the crawler/spider sees in the page, in the code to be:
an H1 tag for Prophetic Ministry, H2 tag for Dream Meanings, H3 tag for Dream Interpretations .

I like the font on
I like the 2 column page…but I do not like the black borders. I like the color of

If the overall background color was NOT Gray, but maybe a very light cream color, or very light moss color green, it would be better.

I like the colors on : when you scroll down.

I like the “ability to click a link to youtube and play the video…without seeing any ads.

Are you familiar and have experience with the Multimedia box?
Preferably, I would like to have a video pane, visible when people land on my site. So I can put a video greeting. And I like wysiwyg with the ability to insert a video, photograph, etc. anywhere on the site….when I blog. I do not want the bloggers to have ability to upload videos or photos…only the administrator.

I like the “Become A fan on Facebook” box .
I like the built in Featured Post Slider.
I like the “email this post” to a friend feature.
I like the “search this site” box on each category.

All of these functions are necessary.

I want a category to sell my ebooks,cds, etc. and show an ad for the ebook, on the First page,right sidebar too. This must be done “tastefully”.

The right bar will be used for navigation…and items for sale.

I need an email capture box to show up in more than one place. It will go to my Aweber account. The first email box should be in the first fold of the first page, on the right sidebar.

The WordPress Theme must have the same look in every browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) and checked against the W3C validator. I will check it too.

Can we allow people to leave comments, put their url descriptions….but “nofollow” so there are no hyperlinks going “out” of my site?

If I did all that work to get people to my site….do I want them to leave? I am open to your opinions about this idea. Afterall, we will be working together again on more projects.

You wanted details….
So here is what I like in a wordpress blog.
Someone suggested I use a “magazine” style but I have not seen one that I like.

These are all easy things for a WordPress expert, and I have tried to explain it in laymans’ terms.

Please do not bid on this if you cannot do it. I will have someone else check the code for errors. I do not want to see problems in the clean code for search engine crawlers, or seo as i have described.

I will not pay if it is wrong. I will only pay through scriptlance, when it is finished.

Thank you for considering my project. I have more conversions to do later.

I appreciate your attention to detail.