Php Mysql Developer 2000 Usd

Php Mysql Developer 2000 Usd
We are a small company based in Europe
We are looking for small team of 30 webdeveloper and Designers
You need to specify
A) Your Skillsets
B) Your Work Experience and Demo projects
C) Other Achievements

People without Experience will be put on Probation if their logics and maths skills are excellent.

You will be needed to work with Skype and Yahoo on live Projects with clients on US Time Zone or Euro Time Zone.

You will be required to work with team scattered across globe and deliver Projects on timely basis exceeding client expectations.
You will be given a test.
People above 80 percentile will be selected
50-80 on waitlist.
and below 50, we wont be able to accommodate you.


Display Info On/off With Php

Display Info On/off With Php
EASY PROJECT: i have a job listing page at my website and i want to have option to make job listing visible or not. all the files for this project are in attachment (

the data is saved, edited or updated from a page named edit.php (see attached) onto a DB table (see attached image Picture 3 for layout) and then displayed on php page named employment.php (see attached).

i added a checkbox to edit.php and the field “display” onto the database. I need someone to take my files and update them and then provide working sample of these files from your server before i select you as winning bid.

budget is $10 max Website Work Website Work
I’d like to have a database of past winners of the week. I’d like to have the winner and losers of the week’s ranking, wins, losses, draws and whatever else saved for that week.
So if in week 1, Red had 100 matches, 20 draws, 50 wins, and 30 losses as the champion of that week it’ll be saved for that week in some archive and further votes will be added but not effect the placement of it for that winning week.

The statistics should be saved in a snapshot for archive and the weekly winner, but still be eligible to score in live and statistics adjusted as such in the Winningest of all time page.
And so in all of week 2 it’ll display Red as the champion at the same statistics. Even if the rankings change in that week. When the end of week 2 comes around I’d like the winner of that week displayed, and the cycle keeps going.

The only page difference I would like for the weekly winner page is at the bottom you have an archive link to different date’s weekly champions.

Friday at noon the winner and losers of the week should be posted for the entire week until the next friday. On the bottom of each page there should be a dynamic list of past winners/list of losers.

Minor detail, on the winner of the week and all time winners/losers of the week I’d like each image to be 125 x 125, simple.

In the backoffice I’d like to be able to edit the database statistics (votes/wins/losses/draws)

Last one I don’t know if it’s so simple. Facebook has a similar application. When someone submits an image I need an even squared image. The image they submit should be able to be cropped to a square size of their choice and submitted. The user should be able to resize and crop.

Update Clipshare To 1.3 Last

Update Clipshare To 1.3 Last

I need to upgrade a ClipShare adult site from 1.3 to last version of ClipShare.

The Upgrade consist to have the last version of clipshare with the same frontend of the current site.

all videos, themes, settings, gategories, tags… and URL do the same as before after upgrade. That is the most important.

Also the Grab Video need to be upgrade(of course) and it do work correctly for all sites of my list.

I need a good work, think before bid.

Entertainment Site

Entertainment Site
Hi guys…We want to launch an entertainment site. The site should be mainly designed and developed for the young people. Our site’s main targeted audience would be young guys and gals. We are looking for something like If you have the ability and potential to fulfill are requirements revert back soon with your contact details at.

Link Joomla Registration

Link Joomla Registration
I want to integrate a 3rd party auction script into my joomla site. However, I only want the login/registration of Joomla to link with the login/registration from the auction script. In other words, I want clients to only have one username/password for the entire site.

The auction script I’d like to use can be found at

I’m currently running Joomla 1.5.15

Terms Popup For Joomla Login

Terms Popup For Joomla Login
We need a popup page that employees who login in for the first time will be need to click a check box to show the understand the terms listed on the page. Once the click submit the system needs to send an email to a specified email address with the time and date and employees user information to show that they acknowledged the terms. This form only needs to show the first time they login. Currently the employess are logging in now, so this popup should only come up the first time after the popup has been integrated. We need this in 1 day.

Slow Vps

Slow Vps
I need someone to check my VPS because it is really slow and it cause the load time of the sites on it to be really slow.This is need done right away as sites have been having really problems.
Payment would be made after things have been fixed. Check my review, i pay on time. And no outrageous bidding.

Mobile Advertising Network

Mobile Advertising Network
Image & Text Ads
Targeting Countries
Targeting Device (Mobile)
Analytical Report (flash)
Set Up Budget
Bid rate
Ability to Add Advertiser Fund Using PayPal and Credit Card.
Transfer Pending Earning to Advertise Fun
Earning Report
Geo Stats Report (flash)
Publisher Code
Monthly Payment Statement
Peyment Receive Methud:
Bank and Paypal
Account Status
Publisher Code (PHP, ASP)
Payment Invoice
Main Admin Panel
Delete Account
Modify Accounts
Edit of Earnings
Edit of Admin
Publisher & Advertiser Report
Account Ban/Unban Option
Fraud Click Dedect
General Admin Creator
Account Management System as Admob
Ability to add Admob, mkhoj, buzzcity ads when we will not have any advertiser

Programar Urg Tly – Script M 2

Programar Urg Tly – Script M 2
Need Programmer to do Script Modifications
I have all the scripts
a) I give you the scripts, one after another.
b) Give a standardised list of mods / addons that would be used across all scripts
c) You start integrating them from 1 Script and move on to another and so on.
d) I need them installed and few mods standardized so that each can be added to almost all the scripts
e) Debugging and Testing.
People with php mysql are must

The clones are of following :
Videosharing like Youtube
B2B like Alibaba
Auction like Ebay
Jobsite like Monster
Lancing like Elance
Social networking like MySpace
Image Sharing like Rapidshare
Classifieds like Craiglist
Searchengine like Google
Dating like Match

I will pay only via Scriptlance escrow and on successful live testing of 1 month on server
People with excellent track record respond

Flash Slideshow

Flash Slideshow

• Delivery date is next Monday March 8, with minor revisions on Tuesday March 9. We are on US Central Time (GMT-5). Prefer Yahoo IM during business hours.

• Slideshow substantially similar to attached mockup. Can scroll forward, back, auto-scroll both ways, see progress bar on bottom re how many photos in this slideshow, sort by type, enlarge on click and go to php page description.

• We would either like to use a MySQL database table that can be sorted by Type | Date | Location | Favorites | Kid Favorites. OR if you have a suggestion let us know, i.e. xml pages.

• Each slide has event name and thumbnail 100×60.

• On MouseOver the image enlarges to 166×100, adds a link “see details” and displays the fields Blurb, Date, Short Location. On click it goes to that event number on one of 5 pages: Type | Date | Location | Favorites | Kid Favorites (i.e. if “Organize by:” was selected as DATE, then it goes to that event number on the “sorted by date” page.

• In the slideshow, visitors can click the picture and go to that event description.

Seven fields are used in the slideshow:

1. Event Number – hidden field chronological
2. Event Year – 4 digit numeric (we want to use this program multiple years)
3. Event Name – 60 alpha-numeric characters
4. Types (Date Location Favorites Kid Favorites) – Impt: will be multiple types 1-4 types. I.e. a kids puppet show might be
5. Photo Name – a JPEG thumbnail 100×60 that on mouseover scales to 166×100 in images/eventslideshow
6. Blurb – the 120 character description (4 lines 30 characters Textarea) you see in mockup “Five stages of music…”
7. Date – date(s) of event can be up to 10 dates
8. Short Location – 18 alpha-numeric characters

This project is ready to go NOW. Please see our reviews for “GREAT COMMUNICATION” and “FAST PAYMENT.”

Thanks for looking! PMB if questions.