Database Access Through Joomla Website

I want to create a database with entry and query forms.

Here are the details:

1. A logged in user should be able to enter different data in to the database and additionally an MS Word, HTML, PDF, Text or RTF file format.

2. A Logged in user should be able to retrieve the data. The user should also be able to select what fields to retrieve and send the output to a PDF or HTML file.

3. Our website is Joomla based, if this can be done within Joomla, that would be awesome.

Suggest options on PMB.

I need this done ASAP

Id Card & Key Tag Graphic

I need a slick (vector?), true-to-life, composite image of an ID Card (no photo), a key tag with a key ring hole, and rounded corner rectangular stickers that will look very much like the key tag.

A logo will be provided for the objects.

The objects will be white with the same red and black text on each. The text will be a name, ID number, a phone number and a sentence or two for instructions.

The ID card and key tag must be on 45 degree angles facing each other in a slight “V” configuration. Center the stickers in the middle in a fan-like spread of 3 or 4.

Each item must look like the basic attachment.

This composite image must be on a black or dark gray background with an 80% to 100% glass reflection. Show both backgrounds so I can decide.

The final image must be somewhat large and scalable so each item is readable and looks great on my web page. Jpeg and transparent PNG formats must be provided.

I will only consider and answer email questions from designers who include samples of this kind of graphic and a specific bid.

Thumbnail Button Design

I need 8 buttons designed.

I will provide the image and you just need the clone the exact effects in the attached images. This should be very easy. Need it in .jpg format and should be clear.

Before I choose someone, I am attaching what I want and you have to send me the design. If you can show me that you understand the project and how it has to match my other buttons, you can do the remaining buttons.

Here is what I want you to do. Use the first image to make a button like the example. It has to look similar to match my site. Let me know if you have any questions.