Video Seo

We want all of the videos on our Joomla website (11)optimised for search using video SEO best practice.
The process that is used to do this has to be documented in a step by step guide and be available for use by us for future videos.
Videos are hosted externally and embedded in our website.

The process will include:
1. Creation of, or directions for creation of, a unique URL for each video, including the word β€œvideo” at the end of each filename
2. Creation of video sitemaps for Joomla, including all Google requirements (Video Title, Video Description, Playpage URL, Thumbnail URL, Raw File Location URL).
3. Ideally the video sitemaps will be dynamically created via a plugin (similar to normal sitemaps via Xmap), alternatively they can (not ideal) be externally created and uploaded to the Joomla backend
4. Identification of the location of the video sitemaps in the Joomla backend
5. Creation of an mRSS feed that automatically produces information on our videos (if necessary creation of the database storing this information)
6. Storage and location of video thumbnails in the Joomla backend
7. Control of the video thumbnails in search engines
8. Creation of backlinks in the video player embed code
9. Transcript of video content to be included in metadata if required
10. Embedding of tags and meta data in the video file
11. Creation of cross links to other videos/to other content on the website
12. Other best practice video SEO

When complete the results must be available in Google, indexed by nominated keywords relative to each video and our website (with the highest possible ranking) & Google search results must display the video thumbnail that we specify for each video

Fix Simple Website Error

I have an error on all my pages something like this:

Webpage error details

User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; SU 3.26; GTB6.5; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; InfoPath.2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729)
Timestamp: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 01:43:32 UTC

Message: Object expected
Line: 120

Website is swordandaxe ((.com))

(I will be back online at around 4 am CST to accept a bidder and finish project)

Need A Bunch Of Fixes And Some Addons

mostly small stuff but for right now i want the current email system removed from my php site and replaced with a more dynamic editable admin friendly system.

Also want the built in fckeditor upgraded

theres many other small fixes im getting a list together right now will post here when done

I hired a company and after 6mos of messing stuff up they give up so youll be mainly finishing what they started should save you some work though they did accomplish a few things in that 6mos so it is what it is. At any rate i need this finished and done right,
more info
I have a penny auction site currently in re-developement everything is pretty much fully tested and functional now I do not need a penny auction script i actually own three and have merged them all into one not its time to move on to stage to which is this

I want some new auction types added to it

Seated auction now second part I want a seated auction format kinda lik ethis

scratch to reveal auction. (
lowest unique bid tye
highest unique bid type.
Bid pack auctions already have this type however bids need to credit after payment instead of by admin intervention
couple modifications to layout and a few switches for certain auction types to display in those new layout areas
Need some minor coding completions/fixes on some things related to
email templates
buy it now auction
multi language system
some odds and ends not a whole lot and nothing major basically wrapping up some stuff another coder gave up on. noted after being paid in full, another reason i no longer issue downpayments… πŸ™‚
anyways as noted just finishing touches.
I will be helping you with this as much as i can as i am a realy busy person, and due to this i expect you to work independently im not here to hold your hand but to guide you.

I would also like a rewards sytem kinda like credit card bonus points that can be used to purchase items and or discounts from a estore we already have a voucher system may tweak this to handle it.
I want a contest system or better said a bonus point system the script currently has a rewards system so youll be tweaking that to fit my needs please see attached video for explanation of this okay cant attach it ists to big so go heres a video

All the hard stuff is already done just need some addons please bid accordingly.

Please NO copy and paste portfolios responses I want to know you read this and understand what you are about to partake upon.

you need to be at the top of your game dont want no beginners here I have alot of time and money invested in my script, if you think your going to get a free copy think again certain sections we have incorporated a tracking licensing system and every thing in encoded in ioncube, we will not provide you wit h a unencoded source for any reason dont ask, you dont need to edit anything inside the encoded file set, we encoded it we know. Have had bad experiences with people on here trying to steal my source code and it has NOT ended well for those people, so be forewarned.

If your even hesitatant in your abilities dont waste my time im tired or hiring people and firing them and cancelling projects as a result. You will need to know
all interations ther of
html of course
Paypal IPN

You must be able to complete this in the time frame you bid NO Excuses, NO escrow not going to do it been burned 2 out of 4 times on here 50% loss so dont even ask FUll payment upon project completion and testing.. Yes everything must work. I will test fast upon completion. Payment to be made directly via paypal if i use scriptlance to transfer i can do but its going to cost you 3.9% deposit fee not me… I dont like scriptlances paymetn systems or escrow systems and especially dont like the milestone system people cant stick to them and that angers me.. I may be inclined to use the milestone system again and pay upon milestone but lets be clear here a milestone is accomplished once it is live on the server and verified working. I prefer to pay in full upon completion but am willing to work with the right person, just dont have much faith in the escrow system here or scriptlance ability to handle it.

I have my own project collaboration area which you will use during this project.

No crazy bids ill ignore you .
I dont care if you have 0 reviews or 10000 reviews I just need to know you can do it
and do everything you say you can do
andyou can do it in the time you bid

I fixed the timers myself last night kept getting crazy bids on that someone could of made a quick 50$ on that project seriously people 1200 bids for a simple JS fix… πŸ™‚ took me 45mins to isolate and repair.

Need to convert 250 word into Japanese by jeet420

hi, I m looking for someone to translate 250 words into Japanese language this is simple task, so no need to ask question answer, i just need someone to convert 250 words into Japanese (its actually less than 250 words, ) so looking someone affordable….. (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Copywriting, Editing, Proofreading, Technical Writing)

Looking For Article Writers ASAP >-> Start Today! by omd34322

*** Writers Needed ASAP – 30 articles at $1.00 per article. We will not wait until bidding period ends to select writers. *** We are looking for long term article writers preferably those who are native American, Australian or British English writers… (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Article Rewriting, Articles, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Reviews)

Reliable Web Designers Needed by sharpPhp

I need someone who can design perfect designs including logo. He/She should be able to design excellent designs(preferably web 2.0). I am a programmer plus designer but dont have enough time to work on designs so i need someone who is reliable and fast in works… (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Graphic Design, HTML, Logo Design, PSD to HTML, Website Design)

Clothing Line Site

I need a website to compliment a new line of woman’s clothing that I will be producing.

The site will require the following:
Flash Intro
Main Page
About Us Page
Products Page
Store Locator
Contact Us
My Account
Shopping Cart

The product page will display the four products. Once clicked on, a description will be shown and users will be given the option to purchase the product.

The shopping cart must be integrated with paypal.

I would like the site to be scripted in php.