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I’m looking for somebody to build WordPress site. I’m expecting from you to provide me with FULLY inclusive QUOTE – 10% UPFRONT FEES 1. For building SEO friendly Website that meets specification 2… (Budget: $250-750, Jobs: Article Rewriting, Article Submission, WordPress)

Boonex Dolphin Work

I’m willing to pay $50-$75 for this work. Half of this work is done. Where I put in the word “NOTE:” is my update on that work. The problem was the programmer went on vacation and just basically disappeared. I can no longer work with him. It seems he’s taking on a new project or something.

I need changes to boonex dolphin community site. www.finda(remove_this)tefortonight.com Really those sites are just coded in php. So if you know php you can make changes. The site basically will be a dating site, but the main goal of the site will be for people to find a date for that day or night rather then for getting to know people over sometime.

The changes I need are:

1. when someone logs in or joins the site they need to be able to mark a checkbox the will have 3 options (they must checkone). It will say

Do you want at date:
X Today
X Tonight
X Neither

X in that represents a checkbox. Again they have to choose one when they are logging in and or when they join the site.

NOTE: Seems to be done. All that is needed is to making that they check a box a required field and making the uploads required as well.

2. Just as they allow you to check if you want to only search for people “online only” or “with photo” another box should be add saying “wants a date today/tonight”

NOTE: This has not been done.

3. A section for those people who want a date that day or night should be added. It should not bet that hard considering dolphin allows so many other custom sections.

NOTE: Online now is there but a section for people want a date today and a section for people who want a date tonight is not there. Also I’m going to add to this.

There should be a third section “People who want a date today or tonight”.

4. When you join it has you upload a picture. That should be a requirement and it should have you upload 3 pics not just 1. So 3 upload boxes.

NOTE: This is there so all you to do is make the 3 uploads a required thing, not optional.

5. The search page is a little confusing. They have 3 search types quick, simple and advanced. Quick and simple are basically the same. Which make no sense.
anyway I changed the code to go to the advanced page http://www.findadate(remove_this)fortonight.com/search.php?search_mode=adv it did default to this page: http://www.finda(removed_this)datefortonight.com/search.php?search_mode=sim
What I want done is for it to juset be one page. It will just be this page http://www.finda(removed_this)datefortonight.com/search.php?search_mode=sim but it will have the city, keyword, and location option just like the advanced page has. And obviously as in requirement 2 I’ve listed
under “with photos” there will be check box for “”wants a date today/tonight”. Dolphin has an option for the simple search to be on the homepage. It’s on most sites. I want it to be on the homepage, but as that one new page you will be making with the new 3 added options plus “wants a date today/tonight”

NOTE: this is some what done. I’d say 50-75% done. Though it’s missing parts for sure

6. They allow you to add custom boxes to the homepage. I just need want to be able to add a picture (which is really just text) or atleast able to add some sort of text in any font I want. I’d rather it allow a box that allows me to upload a pictures. That way I can make the text and look of the rules of the site look good.
I’m sure they have this option. I just have not looked into it.

NOTE: This is not done.

7. On each person’s page their will be be button to click that will basically be a ‘request a date button’. So how that will work is say I’m a guy John and I got to the page of jane243 on here page will be a button. The will check a box for today or a box for tonight (that means john is requesting a date for either daytime today or night time with jane243). He then presses submit and jane243 will get a message with date request in here inbox.

Basically that message will just say “Username (john in this case) request a date with you TODAY OR TONIGHT (which ever he marked he wanted” If you want to go on this date respond with a message to him. Do not respond if you are not sure or to say no. Take as much time as you need to make your decision, but contacting the member or asking questions before you respond yes that you are interested is not allow on this site. After all the goal of the site is to safely find people a date for today or tonight, if we allowed you to get to know the member first then it would defeat the purpose of the site.

Dates are required to be at a public place and you both must meet there. Phone numbers or contact info are not allowed to be given out. If a member violates any of these terms please report them to our staff.”

Okay so that’s the message. Now it will work just like “John” was sending her a message. She just replies to the message if she is saying “Yes” to the date.

Really it’s not error proof at this time. A user can easily just respond no or ask questions. Or even just message that user outside of the message, but for now that is how the site will run. Later I’ll make a different policy. But that will work for now. Hopefully the user will be too scared that they will get banned from the site, to not follow the rules. Plus in the early stages I’ll be able to monitor these messages. So if they violate these terms. I’ll delete their profile.

NOTE: This is not done.

Joomla Virtue Upload Fix Req

Hi i have a site please go to link


click on the Step 3 checkout option order it will take you to upload section where you can upload your image

here i have virtueupload 1.4 older version now i bought new version and i want that version on that place

please ping me if you have done that type of job before.


Facebook Fans/likes – 1000

New Fan page needs 1000 Facebook Fans fast!

You must have experience of creating Facebook fans without getting banned from FB.

1. Fan’s must be from Los Angeles network

2. We are looking for Fans not friends, you will not have access to log into the page.

3. Fans must be real accounts

4. Fans must not be SPAM accounts, or those at risk of being quickly suspended

5. If fans are added in a way that results in our accounts being suspended, you will not be paid.

6. Only 5% of deflection will be tolerated. Other than that, fans outside the network desired or that cancel during the project will not be paid.

7. Must be done in 7 days.

8. Escrow will be paid every 250 fans.

Please type “happy to help” in your bid or in your PM to show me you’ve read this description.

If this project is done successfully, there will be additional pages to follow.

Simple Tech Stuff… 2

Looking for a tech guy (or girl) who can do VERY SIMPLE TECH STUFF!

This task should be very, VERY, easy to do if you know how to do it.

Budget is $60(USD)

I need the following done:

**Install Easy Member Pro (membership software) to my site and
configure it to my liking. There is some specifics that I will

**Add “meta tags” to all membership ship pages. These are the
same pages that you will most likely use with the EMP. The
meta tags should prevent them from being indexed.

**Configure my Affiliate Page. I will be providing the text
version of my page to you. The page should almost resemble
this one: http://bettingunderground.com/jv.html. It also needs
to have the scrolls for the email slots, as well

**Configure my CSS table on my backend page. The table should
have a double border around it, and the border should be black
http://www.fibonaccikiller.com/jvinfo.html Make sure you take
note of the border. The table itself should be that size that’s
in the example above.

**Turn my headlines and sub headlines into graphics, just like this
If you look at the headline and sub headline, they’re graphics.


These are task that I do not have time for, but these ARE NOT HARD
AND NOT TIME CONSUMING TASKs. All of these things can get done in a
couple of hours TOPS!

My budget, as you already have seen, is $60 USD. If you bid lower
then that and can prove that you can do those SIMPLE tasks above
I will hire you and you will most likely be my new “tech guy”

I have 4-5 small tasks that need to be done this week as well, so
if you bid lower then $60 and you have experience with the tasks above
I will hire you. I will provide you with all of your tools, you just
have to put it together. I have uploaded a couple of pages, so you can
understand a little better

Happy Bidding

Html Coding For A Simple Web 3

Need someone that knows how to make a website template. I have all of the graphics already made, autoresponder code, and wireframe for you.

This should be VERY easy for someone that knows how to make a site.

I will need a squeeze page and sales page, as well as a thank you page.

I will also ask that you notate within the code area’s that I can edit…such as pictures, headlines, etc. I do not know much html and the notes you leave will help me edit it if I need to.

Please give me your bid and time estimate when replying. I need this done sooner rather than later, so please do not bid if you are very busy and this will take you too much time.

Also, when replying to this post, please include the word “PHOTO” in the title so I know you are not a bot.

My consultant says it should take 8 to 12 houre to complete.

An example site that I like is: http:/startapreschool.com and this page: http:/startapreschool.com/thankyou.html