Php Project

Php Project

I have website with about 20 pages that currently has an option for people to subscribe to receive a newsletter or promotions flyer. When they subscribe an email is sent to our email address with the customer details and we then manually send the promotional flyer to them as a .pdf file. We would like this automated so that when a visitor subscribes to the promotional flyer it is sent to them automatically from the specified email address. There also needs to be an automatic system built in for people to unsubscribe to flyer and a way for us to log or keep track of how many requests have been made and from which email address.

To keep costs down you can develop on the home page only and i will then apply accross all other pages.


Pop-under Fold Down Corner

Pop-under Fold Down Corner
I have a website, I want the top right corner to fold down on it, like on The catch is, I use CraftySyntax and want to use the fold down for Live Help chat invite, currently uses javascript or ajax for auto-invite. I only want it to stay under the corner unless moused over. The underpart will show LiveHelp’s online or offline status.

I can code the under’s display, so all I need is the code written for the corner pulldown and implemented. I will then code the page under.

Forum Mass Posting Script/soft

Forum Mass Posting Script/soft
I need a tool that would allow me to post to several forums in just one hit. I can’t say how many forums as of right now but in case it’s needed I can provide a list, although it’s very likely that I’ll be adding more later, so I would be needing that functionality too.

I’m not worried about which platform you choose to make this work as long as the final product is fully functional, it can be either a software or a web-based script. Ok, here are the features I would like the tool to have:

– support at least the most popular forum scripts available (Vbulletin, PPpbb, SMF, Fluxbb, etc)

– must be able to auto login or authenticate to each forum I’d be working with and also be able to save login details into a profile or session so I don’t have to enter them again everytime

– must be able to create new threads inside the forums, so I need to select which forums I’ll be creating the new threads into (either select one forum or ten at the same time)

– must be able to specify on which category the posts will go to, if categories are different on each forum, then that should be taken into account when posting.

– I’ll enter the content of the post to be published and I need to be able to select which of the forums this message will be posted to, before actually hitting the Send button. There should be 2 extra optional fields for Title and Tags which will be particular to each of the forums since some of them require tags and title and some don’t.

– I don’t intend to spam forums with this tool, only to ease my work, so I need to make sure that I will not be kicked or penalized for jumping captcha values. Whenever a captcha is present as a requirement to post or create a new thread, the software or script must be able to inform me and take me the page so I can manually enter the captcha before continuing.

– once the post has been “posted” the system must return a list of the urls linking to each one of the posts created so I can double check them.

You must provide all source code at the end of the project and I’ll retain any rights over it. In case any further functions need to be added or any major code changes occur on the original forum scripts that would interfere with the proper functionality of this tool, I’ll pay for those additional changes.

Please, bid only if you’re confident that you can do this job, don’t bid just for the fun of it. If I’m not 100% happy with the quality of the programmers bidding I’ll repost the project.


Adult Verification Splash Page

Adult Verification Splash Page

I am looking for an adult verification splash page to prevent anyone under the age of 18 to enter the site.

I know it usually consists of 3 components stylesheet CSS, popup js for the message data and the code on page as one method.

The site must still be SEO to be crawled and indexed by the search engines but to the user must agree to the splash page once per session all throughout the site for example – in the header as a global – So if the user comes into the site in a subdirectory if the user has not clicked enter to being over 18 or exit to go to google if under or if want to leave. <—- Like this adult age verification

Gmaps Api Lat And Lng

Gmaps Api Lat And Lng
I have a project going on…and am held up with one issue. The thing is.. we enter a address in a text box and gmaps suggest valid address, just in case if the address is valid, we are asking user to click on the map and get the lat & lng by moving on the moving.
Can someone take care of this ? I can show more details once we get in touch.


Need Articles Writers Asap

Need Articles Writers Asap
We are looking for a competent English writer who has a good knowledge of SEO and Keyword Density to write on a wide variety of subjects.

For each article written, we will need 2 re-writes. Payment for each set of articles and rewrites is as follows:

$2 for each 500 word article and 50 cents for each re-write, for a total of $3.00 per job.

Your tasks will be:
1. Write 500 word articles, plus 2 rewrites to be submitted to article directories.
2. We require 3 -5 articles a day.
3. We will provide a list of keywords and other relevant information and each article must maintain a keyword density of 2-3%.

1. Must use perfect English.
2. Must be free from grammatical, spelling & punctuation errors.
3. Must be free flowing, informative and add value to the reader.
4. All articles must be 100% unique and pass Copyscape premium & in order to be paid.
5. We will own all rights to articles after payment is made to you.
6. You cannot resell any articles submitted to us.
7. The keywords provided need to be used in a logical, conversational manner throughout the articles.

We pay every Monday via Paypal or Escrow for the previous week’s work (Mon-Sun).
All jobs are due within 24 hours. A 10% “Rush” bonus will be paid to all orders correctly completed and submitted within the allotted 24 hours. In addition, Jobs done in under 5 hours will qualify for a $1.00 bonus.

Please include in your Bid:
1. How many articles per day you can deliver.
2. Samples of articles or links to some you have published.

* We need someone that can start right away.

* Only bid if you agree to doing packages of 1 original and 2 rewrites.

* We need someone that checks their email regularly and can communicate regularly. If you are not serious and cannot supply a minimum of 3 to 5 articles + rewrites per day please do not bid.

Please DO NOT bid if you aren’t able to meet all of the above requirements.

Article Writing-law Related

Article Writing-law Related
ARTICLES OR LEGAL BRIEFS MUST BE UNIQUE, THEY WILL BE REVIEWED THROUGH COPYSCAPE and PLAGARISMDETECT. If an article you submit to me does not pass Copyscape or has spelling and punctuation mistakes, you will not be paid for that article until it is corrected and resubmitted to me for approval. The articles need to be informative to the reader with 100% correct grammar and punctuation
ARTICLES MUST HAVE KEYWORDS AND KEY WORD PHRASES. The keyword/keyword phrase needs to be in the article title, first sentence and used another 3-4 times throughout the article for a total keyword density of 2-2.5%

IF YOU ARE NOT RELIABLE AND CANNOT STICK TO THE SCHEDULE, DO NOT BID. I am looking for GOOD writers who are looking for long term work.

I pay via ScriptLance or PayPal within 24 hours of completion of each article project of 20 articles for $25 dollars, so the sooner you can finish the articles the sooner you will receive payment.

The articles need to be informative to the reader with 100% correct grammar and punctuation.

This project is only for Excellent English Speakers, who are proficient in English language, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, language flow.

I have quite number of writing projects, so I need efficient writers to assist me in all the assignments. I will pay on $1.25 per 500 word articles you write. If you cannot afford this rate, please don’t bid.

General Notes:

1. If project isn’t completed on the defined time-frame, a dispute will be started and you will not be paid
2. I will not accept articles that are copied and plagiarized
3. Payment by ScriptLance or Paypal. I cannot escrow, but payment will be made shortly after I get approval from my fellow buyers.

I’ll be selecting multiple providers! If you are the best, give your bid here.

I would appreciate if you can write me a sample on the topic I give you.
The first set of articles will be based on Labor and Employment Law. Legal Briefs on specific topics will also be acceptable. Send a small writing sample.

Web Form Validation 2

Web Form Validation 2
I need my web form validation scripts modified in order to perform the desired actions. The first form ( ) needs to trigger a php file (attached) to email me ALL the form results while posting them at the same time to (Script needs to create this file if one does not exist.) Once form is submitted, the user will read on the screen, “Thank you, <firstname>. Your catalog will me mailed out soon. Form submitted on <date> at <time>.” Most of this information is already in the script, but not working properly. ** If possible, I’d like the ZIP mask integrated on this form. ** See all js files attached ** The second form ( ) needs the javascript debugged to perform the submit action once the form fields have been validated. If the user has JavaScript turned off on his machine, he/she should still be able to submit the forms.
PLEASE NOTICE: I’m not asking for whole new forms redesigned. I ONLY NEED THE CURRENT SCRIPTS MODIFIED. I want to be able to control the validation variables IN THE FORM ITSELF, not in the script. PROJECT DOES NOT REQUIRE SCRIPT INSTALLATION, I CAN DO THAT MYSELF.