From Public To Private

From Public To Private
I have hosted WP website which I would like to turn to paid membership site.

I need:

– when one type website address about page appear
– if one is not registered one can see only pages
– when registered one has to be approved to be able to login and see complete content (posts)
– approved user can read only
– rss feeds can be seen just by approved user

Need A Clone Using Joomla

Need A Clone Using Joomla
I am looking for an experienced individual or team to create a quality clone of the website Website functions only) Its same like Script lance or other freelancing web site, but its for nanny agency and no bidding. thats it. The theme should like you can use any templates,
Please list any prior experience with your bids
I need the site with my copyrights.

Php – Clickbank Api

Php – Clickbank Api

We need an Experinced PHP Developer to work on ClickBank API. If and ONLY IF you are experinced in ClickBank API AND have worked then only bid.

What we need is that when a customer buys a product, his/her details would be saved in our DB. An email will also be send to the customer about the order details.

We would also need an Admin Section to add or update or remove the user and information. Please note that its a recurring payment so we need that script to automaitcally check the Orders and disable those users to which refund was processed or order was cancelled

When the customer buys an email will also be send to the customer about the order details.

We need this ASAP. and should be in PHP/Mysql/Ajax


Football Match Preview Writ 2

Football Match Preview Writ 2
I work with an online sports news website that publishes previews of various sporting events (Premier League Football matches, , Spain La Liga, Serie A, France leaque 1,Germany Bundesliga 1) and we are looking for a long-term sports writers/journalist to write predominantly football match previews for mentoined leaques.

The candidates will need to be completely proficient in the English language and have a great knowledge of sports, particular football, with the ability to research for upcoming events and write relevant, factual and interesting previews in a given format. Experience in the field of sports writing is not necessary, but would obviously be a bonus. All work must be 100% original and free of an grammatical or spelling errors, all articles wll be checked by COPYSCAPE.

Ultimately what we are looking for is someone who has experience and/or a keen interest in sports writing, and can write preview articles on sports events to a deadline and word limit when projects are given to them.
This job is likely to be a long-term project, and so the winning bidder could have a regular source of income from this position. The winnner will generally cover anywhere between 50 and 70 previews per week.

Booking Search Engine

Booking Search Engine
Hotels and Hostels Search Engine. Compare all Hostels, find the cheapest

We are looking for Hotels and Hostels Search Engine for our current web site. The idea is visitors can do a search and make a reservation on line. Our main services are Hotel reservation.

We need the following functions:
Customers are the people who surf the website and book the room.
1. Customers should be able to search through the available Hotels using the Booking engine (i.e. the search module at the home page). The users can search for the room availability using following search criteria:

Arrival Date
Departure Date
No.of Adults
No.of Children
No. of Rooms
Hotels Area
Hotels Post Code

Type property:
Hostels (67)
Cheap Hotels
Bed and Breakfast

2. Customers should be able to book a hotel room after they have chosen the right one. At the time of booking customers should have a choice of making a full payment upon arrival. However they have to provide a valid credit card .and they should be warned the %X (10% or 15%) of the booking needs to be paid to secure the booking.
3. Customers should get a confirmation email with regards to their booking.
4. Customers should be able to cancel a booking if they wish. The cancelation should be done 24 hrs before the arrival date. If they try to cancel after 24 Hrs then the booking engine shouldn’t allow the customer to cancel. Instead it should display a message saying you have exceeded the cancelation period. Please see Cancellation terms & Condition. (we will provide you the exact message and the cancellation period)
5. If the cancellation is success then the customer, the Hotel admin and the web admin should get a confirmation email.
Hotel Admins
Hotel Admins are the administrators of each hotel who has his/her own unique login to our web site so that they can login to the admin page and update the availability of their room.
The hotel admin should be able to do the followings:
1. Update the availability of their hotel rooms.
2. Change the description of their Hotel, photos and Hotel facilities such as
24 hour Reception (20)
Age Restriction (1)
Air Conditioning (8)
Airport Pick Up (5)
Bar (53)
Bicycle Hire (3)
Breakfast (53)
Breakfast Not Included (23)
Breakfast for Free (78)
Car park (8)
Children Friendly (19)
Children Not Allowed (1)
Credit Cards Accepted (15)
Currency Exchange (12)
Elevator (28)
Free Car park (1)
Guest Kitchen (34)
Laundry (21)
Linen Included (67)
Lockers (51)
Lounge room (60)
Luggage Storage (82)
No Curfew (17)
No Lockout (1)
Non Smoking (15)
Phone and Fax (39)
Restaurant (42)
Smoking Rooms (4)
Swimming Pool (4)
Towels (34)
Travel Desk/Info (53)
Web Access (88)
Web Access for Free (1)
Web access in Room (17)
Web access in lobby (38)
Wheelchair Friendly (17)
WiFi in lobby (56)
WiFi in room (44)
3. To receive the booking and cancellation confirmation automatically to their hotel email.
4. To view and print all past, present and future bookings made.
5. The Hotel Admins with their own login, they should only be able to view and amend their own Hotel and not any other hotel detail or bookings.
6. To view and print the commissions they have paid to us so far or by selecting a period of time.
Web Admin
Web Admin is the websites Administrator who should be able to view and amend all hotels and customers detail if necessary as follows:
1. View and print all bookings made by the customers to all the hotels.
2. Have the ability to cancel or amend any booking individually.
3. Receive confirmation of all bookings and cancellation email to a designated email.
4. To be able to view and print the total commission received from the hotels.
5. To be able to create new hotel account and should be able to send the new hotel affiliate with their own username and password.
6. To be able to change the Hotel Admin user name and/or password.
7. To be able to cancel / delete one or more affiliate hotel accounts.
8. To be able to change the web page contents such as adds, offers and pictures.
We can give you more detailed version later. But this should give you an overall idea of what we need. Also after the development is completely finished we should own the copyright of the design. We will contact you only if we need any major changes. The website also will be hosted in our server.
Payments method:



Good Blog Poster

Good Blog Poster
Hello, this is a pretty easy project that doesn’t require technical skills. It does require good writing. I’m an seo consultant and I need someone to post to do-follow blogs for me. I have a very big list and all you need to do is go to the blog, skim over it, post a comment with the correct fields filled in and then press submit.

I need 300 blogs posted to within the next week.

Here’s how it will work. You will bid for the amount of money you will spend to post the 300 blogs. After you post you will copy the URL where you post to into a text file.

I will pay you for your work based on your bid to post. After 1 week I will pay you an additional .25 cents per post that goes live. So, if you get all 300 posts to go live, you’ll get $75 bonus money.

I own an SEO company and may offer this to more than one freelancer. Again, good writers and good posts. If you do this the right way you’ll get at least 50% of your comments approved if not more.

Looking to start right away. Remember, you’ll get a bonus based on the links that stick so keep that in mind when bidding on the projet. I’m not going to pay a lot upfront as the only way to protect myself is to pay bonuses for good work, however I’d be willing to pay you something for your time of posting as well.

Looking for bids around $50.00 + you’ll get up to $75 in bonuses depending on how many links stick after one week.

Thanks in advance for your bid and we’ll get started if you have good feedback and a bid around $50.00. Once you are awarded bid, I will escrow. After I escrow, you can start. When you deliver the text file with the 300 URL’s posted to, I will release escrow. AFter one week, we’ll run the file through the link checker and will pay you bonuses based on your work.


New Basic Website

New Basic Website

I am after building a basic site about 4 or 5 pages deep (main page, about us,areas covered, prices T&C’s, contact us) mainly containing text a few pictures and and the odd link to other sites and a map of area covered.

Dont know to much about web design but need everything completed like meta tags for search engines etc and every thing done so all that remains is for it to be hosted.

I only want bids from people with good experience and a proven auditable track record and previously completed sites I can view.

Magento Repair (adult Site)

Magento Repair (adult Site)

In Magento v1.3.1.1 we changed one setting today:

System/Configuration/Web/Search Engine Optimization/Use Web Server Rewrites

from “No” to “Yes”. Now the error below happens on the frontend, no matter what we do:

There has been an error processing your request.

Warning: simplexml_load_string() [function.simplexml-load-string]: Entity: line 198: parser error : Opening and ending tag mismatch: block line 191 and reference in /home/TBA/domains/ on line 294
#0 /home/TBA/domains/ mageCoreErrorHandler(2, ‘simplexml_load_…’, ‘/home/TBA/do…’, 294, Array)
#1 /home/TBA/domains/ Mage_Core_Model_Layout_Update->fetchFileLayoutUpdates(‘

…The above is from IE, Firefox has 13 errors but starts off exactly the same.

Thank you!

Website Design For A Photograp

Website Design For A Photograp
Looking for a web designer to create dynamic html website with cms (joomla). Technical requirements are:
– Slideshow intro page
– Navigation bar
– Multiple photo galleries possible with thumbnails
– Maybe a password protected section for clients
– Some text sections (for info, etc)
– A contact form
– Layout flexibility
– Clean design

Web 2.0 WordPress Templates

Web 2.0 WordPress Templates
I need 3 WordPress Templates in a Web2.0 Standard.

* every Template must be provided in 5 Colors (black , white, blue, red, green )
* Menus etc. Boxes and Load of Page must be with AJAX
* PSD File must be aviable (with Slice and Layers)
* Color can be chosen from Admin Menu
* Menu must be on top of the page
* Candy animations for Menu needed
* X and CSS Valid

Picture or Post Preview in AJAX or Flash (Flash only with XML capability)

!!!!! no copyright violations, i would resell the Template that means it must be created 100% by you and no image, css or flash is copyed from elsewehre !!!!!!!

Your eligible to the copyright violations

If you need Pictures i give you a Account on a Picture selling Page where i would buy you the needed Pictures.

Example Templates are:

If you don’t or can’t provide the same Quality without copyright violations, please dont bid.

Show me only 5 Example Pages that you have created via PM –> everyone that sends more not related templates will be kicked in the ass ;=)

Xcart Custom Quantities

Xcart Custom Quantities
1. I’d like to be able to set a per order maximum on any product in my store. Add and extra field to the product properties to set this and when a user attempts to exceed the maximum, have a popup display “Maximum of X per order please” with “x” reflecting the number set in item properties, and not allow them to add this to their cart. The should be set to control users attempting to put 2 seperate instances of the same items in their cart as well.

2.I’d like to use xcart’s inventory control feature where I can set the amount of an item that my store has available. It doesn’t work for me by default, because you have to either use it for all items or turn it off totally. I’d like to be able to only use it for certain items in my store and display the “out of stock” message when inventory is depleted. I need to be able to specify the amount available for certain items and have all other inventory numbers be ignored as they are now.

Share Dealing Site

Share Dealing Site
I need a share dealing site, it will need many feeds included (see ADVFN for an example), also there will be a few affilate links and news feed. The site will focus on the UK only. So in total I need
1, site design
2, RSS
3, affliate linkage
4, admin console
5, forum
The site must be scalable, and fast, I will Escrow but will pay no money upfront – I am writing a ful document which i will upload soon

Check Control/paypal Redirect

Check Control/paypal Redirect
I have a website which contain a form, and I am not happy from it ;-(

You can view it here :
and the same form on a second page here :

I want a more modern “control check” for this form to replace this in place, and want that you used this script to the job of the control : <—- this one to replace the old, and NOT one other !

Layout and presentation of the new form must be exactly the same as that currently online (respect colors of the font, background, etc…), you must use the above script (AJAX).

When the form is properly completed and that all checks are ok, I must receive all informations at my email address and in the same time in a database. The data base doesn’t exist, you will build it (I have create a blank database on my server for this).

After this, the visitor should be redirected to my PAYPAL payment page.
(I have see here exactly what I want and you can test it : )

To make the user wait, you will add a progress bar from the time the customer validates the form and the time the paypal page is displayed (with a web 2.0 effect)

The payment page must be pre-filled with information of the form (country, first name, last name, complete adress).

When the paiement is done, the visitor must be rediret to a confirmation page wich will contain the message “payment and form are well recorded and sended”. This page already exist on my server.

Check to do for thie fields :

– all fields must accept this characters : letter + accented character + dash, with some exceptions.

– Né(e) à l’étranger : must be selected by default on “non”. If “oui” is selected, then must appear a new field “Pays de naissance”, and the field “Département de naissance(ex: 75)” must be automaticaly pre-filled with “99”, and user musn’t be able to change this “99”, except if the user change the “Né(e) à l’étranger” switch to “non”

– Département de naissance : maximum 2 numbers, letters are not allowed

– Votre numéro de sécurité sociale (15 chiffres): must be 15 characters, only numbers are allowed + a specific check explain in the attached file of this project. Please read it for details. You need a password to open this word document, you can ask it me 😉 It’s to be sure that you will have read my specific 😉

– Numéro de sécurité sociale non attribué : if this is check, then the field “Votre numéro de sécurité sociale (15 chiffres)” must be automatically completed with zeros.

– Exercez vous votre activité à cette adresse ? : must be selected by default on “oui”. If “non” is selected, then must appear 3 other fields (actully there appear on the form), but if “oui” is reselected, then this 3 fields must redeseapear.

– Retapez votre E-Mail : must necessarily retype the email, copy / paste should be banned

– Je certifie être majeur(e) et avoir lu et accepté les CGV : nothing must be pre-fielled, and if “oui” is selected, then continue ok, if “non” –> back to index.php

When I select a programmer, I will communicate a paypal programmer information account.

Please, if you need some explanation, ask them 😉

Best regards,