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Funeral Program Template Vol 30 (Informational)

Funeral Program Template – Funeral Memorial Program Template – Printable Template – Editable Photoshop Template – INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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  • MS Word & Photoshop Document.
  • Template Size 11×8.5in. with include bleed 0.25in.
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  • Include the font download link in the help file.

NOTE:: Preview Stock image & Mock-up are not Include.
Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS3-CC & MS Word 2003-2016.

Free fonts used ::


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Download Funeral Program Template Vol 30 (Informational)

Proposal (Proposals & Invoices)

ASER Annual Report

Your proposal is often your first interaction with a potential client. It’s youropportunity to introduce yourself in style and have their attention, highlight your expertise, and show the client why you’re the best candidate for the contract.

Item Features

  • 32 Custome Indesign pages
  • A4 and US letter size
  • 12 Column grid
  • Compatible with Adobe Indesign CS4 or higher
  • Separate layers for text and images
  • Master pages
  • Automatic pages numbering
  • 300 dpi ready for printing
  • Editable color swatches
  • All free fonts

Download Proposal (Proposals & Invoices)

Corporate Flyer (Corporate)

Flyer templates designed exclusively for corporate, business, agency, promotion or any of use. Fully editable, image/logo can be quickly added or replaced in smart objects.

Easy to edit just find and replace image in the smart object layer, then edit the text.

A4 size (3mm bleeds) & US Letter size (0.25inch bleeds) included
Psd Cmyk 300dpi

Font used :
Raleway : http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/raleway
Bebas Neue : http://www.dafont.com/bebas-neue.font

  • Image / logo used in the preview are not included

Created using Photoshop CS6 with older version compatible. Take note, some features may not working properly or disable if you are using older version photoshop such as CS5/CS4/CS. In case of questions simply ask me at the comment section. I will try to help you. And don’t forget to rate. Thank You.

Download Corporate Flyer (Corporate)

10 Website Redesign Tips for Better Results in 2017

Having a website for your small business is never easy—even if your website is small and simple. Once in a while, you’ll need to update your website’s design to make sure it looks great and helps you grow your business.

In a series of tutorials about redesigning your small business website, we’ve showed you the following:

As you’re planning your redesign, it’s not just important to go through the above steps. You should also know the features and functionality your website needs to stay updated. This is especially true of features that could make or break your sales and the growth of your business. 

Are you ready to redesign your website with the best tips and techniques
Are you ready to redesign your website using the best tips and techniques? (graphic source)

This guide can serve as a checklist of the must-have features that can help your new website design bring in the business results you’re aiming for in 2017. Let’s dig into these killer website redesign tips.

Best Website Redesign Tips for Growing Your Business (In 2017)

The following items are essential if you want to make sure that your target audience finds your website and converts into paying customers:

1. Think “Mobile First”

As we’ve covered in the first tutorial in this series, websites need to be designed with mobile users in mind. This is important for two reasons: usability and search. 

In 2016, mobile browsing overtook desktop browsing, according to research from StatCounter, a web monitoring firm. This means that it’s now more likely that your visitors will be mobile users instead of desktop users. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, then you might lose out on a large number of leads. 

Google has also started applying “mobile-first indexing.”  which means that the mobile-friendliness of your site will soon become a factor in how far it appears in search results. This could mean that a competitor’s site might appear higher than yours in some search results if your site isn’t mobile-friendly.

Once your redesign is ready, you can run it by Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to see how well it works on mobile devices. If your website doesn’t pass the test, the results will also list the changes you need to make if you want to pass.

2. Plan for Growing Your Content

Another helpful website redesign tip is to plan further ahead for growth. Even if you think having a static five-page website is enough for your current needs, your redesign should allow for scaling up your content as you grow. This will make your design easy to adapt should you decide to have a blog or to increase your product pages within the next two years.

If you’re working with templates for redesign, this could mean using a site template that works with WordPress or, if you’re running an eCommerce site, you could use an eCommerce template that works with the platform you’re choice. 

Browse through more top WordPress themes: 

3. Have a Seamless User Experience

When redesigning your website, it’s easy to get lost in the technical details, such as which content management system you’ll use, the features you need, and how to integrate your site with your other marketing channels. But you might forget who you’re designing the site for in the first place: Your target customers.

This is where UX (user experience) design comes in. UX design prioritzes how your intended users experience the site. This includes convenience, ease of use, and any positive feelings associated with interacting with your company through your website. To learn more about this approach, refer to the following helpful guides:

While focusing on UX can help you create a new design that caters to your customers’ habits and needs, it’s not enough to claim your redesign a success. You also need to align it with aesthetics, functionality, and business results. 

4. Make Split Testing Easy

Split testing will allow you to incrementally improve the results you’ll get from your redesign. Basically, split tests allow you to conduct experiments on your website so you could make changes that improve your conversions, sales, or other metrics. If you’ve never conducted split tests on your site before, your new design could be the best opportunity to start. 

Split tests are especially crucial for eCommerce businesses. Websites that bring in leads or have any kind of call-to-action can benefit from split tests as well.

To get started, you can check out tools like Optimizely, Unbounce, and Visual Website Optimizer.

5. Have Strong Visual Elements and Graphics

More than just designing website elements such as logos, icons, and background graphics, a redesign needs to bring forward a stronger visual presence for your business. This includes stunning product photos, video, and other visual content like infographics and memes.

This is because people tend to respond strong visual elements. Eye-tracking studies from the Nielsen Norman Group found that some images catch more attention than others. For example, using real photos of your customers and employees will engage customers more than a photo that looks like a stock image. 

Detailed product photos also attract more attention than generic ones. In the example below, users spent more time looking at the detailed photos of Pottery Barn products rather than Amazon’s generic thumbnails.

Photo web content eye tracking study
Photo web content eye tracking study.

Visual elements may also bring more visitors to your site. Buzzumo, a company that provides content research tools, found that articles with an image every 75 to 100 words had twice more social shares than articles with fewer images. Also, if you repurpose your site’s images for your social media marketing, this leads to higher engagement from your followers.

6. Set Up Dedicated Landing Pages

Landing pages are pages on your website that are dedicated to providing a single offer and call-to-action. Because landing pages are so specific, they’re an effective way to test and measure different offers, marketing messages, and even designs. 

When you’re conducting these tests, you don’t even have to make dramatic changes to your homepage or overall website, since you’ll only test individual landing pages.

Depending on the industry, dedicated landing pages can have an average conversion rate ranging from 2.6-percent to 6-percent, according to a report from Unbounce, a popular landing page platform. To learn more about making high-performing landing pages and how they can boost your sales, check out the following resources:

7. Integrate Your Social Media Presence

As we mentioned in the previous guide in this series, optimizing your site for social media is one of the steps you need to take before you launch your new design. This is because at least a third of your referral traffic is likely to come from social media sites. 

Here are some signs that can help you determine if your redesign is fully integrated with your social media accounts:

  • Correct Social Snippets. All of your pages should look good when shared on social media. This means that the right thumbnail images, headlines, and descriptions appear when you share a link from your site. 
  • Branding Compatibility. When people visit your redesigned website from social media and vice-versa, they should not be surprised by any change in branding or visuals. Make sure your colors, images, logo, and other visual elements are consistent all throughout your site and your social media accounts.
  • Prominent Social Media Links. Your visitors should easily be able to go to your social media pages from your website. That way, they don’t have to search for the right account to follow. Your social media links don’t have to be the focus of your redesign, but they should at least be easily accessible from any page. A corner of the site footer,  header, or sidebar works well.
  • Efficient Workflow. If you’ll be running a blog, there has to be a simple, automated way for you to share your most recent blog posts via social media. You can use social media management tools to make this easier.

8. Pay Attention to Personalization

The most common approach to a redesign is to serve the exact same pages to all your users. But this lets you miss out on the benefits of personalization and segmentation. 

First, personalization gives customers what they want. A survey from Infosys found that 74-percent of customers are frustrated when their experiences aren’t personalized. Additionally, more than half believe that personalization affects their purchasing decisions.

Personalization can even grow your business. In fact, by 2020, personalization can increase business profits by 15-percent, according to Gartner, a research firm.

Just because you’re serving your website in a personalized way, it doesn’t mean you should give each individual user a unique experience.

In the example below, Trunk Club has separate customer journeys for men and women. After you select a path, the images, marketing messages, and offers you receive are specific to the chosen gender.

Trunk Club segmentation for women and men
Trunk Club personalization for women and men.

Your personalization approach doesn’t have to be complicated, highly technical, or expensive. You can start by creating separate landing pages per referral source, per major location, or per target demographic. 

9. Keep SEO in Mind in Your Redesign

The search engine optimization (SEO) strategy of your new design will affect how easily your target audience can find your site using a search engine like Google or Bing. This is another important website redesign tip to pay attention to. SEO is especially important for eCommerce sites, since search is still their number one source of referral traffic, according to Yotpo, a review software company.

Traffic by source

But SEO strategies in 2017 might not be the same as the ones that were effective when you launched your last website design. Here are the things you need to work on if you want an updated SEO strategy:

Mobile Search Indexing

We’ve already mentioned Google’s “mobile-first indexing” earlier in this guide, but it bears repeating here since it should be part of your SEO strategy.

To ensure that your new design gets indexed by Google properly, make sure to get a responsive design. This type of design adapts to the device viewing it. You can request a responsive design from your designer. But if you’re going the DIY route, you can look at designs like Porto and Canvas from ThemeForest .

Local Search

Just because your website is accessible all over the globe, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore local customers. Even in an era where sites like Amazon can send you anything from appliances to food, local search is still becoming more relevant. According to Clix Marketing, 72-percent of consumers who did local searches visited a store within 5 miles. 

As you’re getting ready to launch your redesign, make sure that there are some local markers such as listing your business address, using your city/locality as a keyword, and getting links from locally relevant sites.

Voice Search

According to Google, voice searches make up around 20-percent of searches via its mobile app. While voice search still represents a minority of searches, you need to start planning for it.

Start by incorporating more natural phrases or questions into your SEO keyword strategy. For example, if you are a dog trainer in Dallas, you can use phrases like “where are the dog trainers in Dallas” or “find a dog trainer in Dallas.” To find the phrases you can use, ask yourself: What phrases would a person say out loud when describing your business? What questions would they ask when looking for a business like yours? 

10. Ensure Your New Site Fits Your Brand

Finally, your redesign should fit your brand in two ways: Look and feel. 

The “look” is the design’s visual characteristics. Are the colors the same as the ones on your logo and other marketing materials? Does your new design use the same photos as your other materials when depicting your product, office, or personnel? 

“Feel,” on the other hand, is the user’s experience of the website. This includes things like ease of use, performance, and the overall feeling users get when they arrive on the site. If you’re promoting your business as a small town shop that creates handmade goods, you don’t want your site to feel like a large chain store. 

For example, Walmart has a site design that highlights the wide variety of products they have, the hundreds of customer reviews per product, and also emphasizes discounts and lower prices.

Wallmart highlights its large volume of products
Wallmart highlights its large volume of products.

On the other hand, a smaller, more specialized online store like Harry’s feels different. The product photos are larger, since they’re highlighting the details of the few products they have. They also do more artistic shots of their products rather than just put them up against a white background.

Harrys highlights product quality
Harry’s highlights product quality.

Neither approach is right or wrong. It’s all about the visual and experiential choices that represent your brand most accurately. Learn more about developing your brand values: 

Making the Most Out of Your Website Redesign

While you needn’t complete all the website redesign tips above, the more items you’ve checked off your list, the better the results you’ll get. As long as you ensure that your site works great on mobile, provides the best user experience, and has enough room for growth and changes, then your redesign can last you through 2017 and beyond.

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2 Golf Tournament Flyer Bundle (Sports)



    Flyer 01:

  • Size: 8.27”x11.69” (A4 Size)
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  • Flyer 02:

  • Size: 8.27”x11.69” (A4 Size)
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  • Bothside Design
  • CMYK colors
  • 300 DPI CMYK
  • Print ready
  • Free Fonts Used
  • Help file included
  • Clean & Modern Design

Bundle Included:

  • Flyer 01
  • Flyer 02

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  • Download 2 Golf Tournament Flyer Bundle (Sports)

    20 Best WordPress Directory Themes to Make Business Websites (2017)

    Directory websites have plenty of potential for high traffic as well as monetization opportunities since many local and online businesses are always looking for ways to promote themselves.

    From creating listings of local businesses, tourist attractions, events, and classifieds to creating job boards and coupon sites, WordPress directory themes have everything you need to create a directory website. 

    Best-selling WordPress Directory Themes on ThemeForest
    Best WordPress Directory Themes on ThemeForest (2017).

    What Features to Look for in the Best WordPress Themes for Directory Website

    Aside from the obligatory responsiveness and fast loading times, the following features are quintessential for business directory WordPress themes:

    • Ease of Use – A good directory theme will be easy to use and navigate. Use of search function and the ability to filter the listings is included in quality directory themes.
    • Integration with Google Maps – Allowing for users to readily find listing locations, such as apartments, tourist attractions, or other featured locations. 
    • Monetization – Easy integration with payment gateways so you can accept payments or ad networks to display ads on your site.
    • Front-End User Submission – Allowing visitors to add their own business or attraction from the front-end.

    Any theme you choose must have these features if you want to have a successful directory site. There just aren’t compromises allowed here. 

    WordPress Business Directory Themes
    Full-featured, responsive WordPress directory themes.

    Best WordPress Directory Themes for 2017

    The following options are the best WordPress business directory themes for local and global business listing websites. Use one with these themes with the design and features you’re looking for. You can quickly build a quality listing website for yourself or your client.

    1. Point Finder – Business Directory WordPress Theme

    Point Finder Business Directory WordPress Website Template

    Point Finder allows you to get your directory website up and running in a matter of minutes. This theme has a clean, responsive design, and has been fully updated for 2017. 

    Learn how to quickly make your own business directory website with this WordPress theme: 

    This WordPress business directory theme gives you plenty of control over the design and appearance of your website thanks to the integration with the Visual Composer Builder. 

    It’s main features include a customizable search area and item fields, front-end upload system, review system, and integration with multiple payment gateways. It’s also load with additional features, such as: social login, Google Map geolocation and styling, a mail template system, and custom widgets.

    2. Listify – WordPress Business Directory Theme for 2017

    Listify WordPress Business Directory Website Template

    Listify is a multi-purpose, responsive website directory template that not only looks good but has plenty of features to boot. This is one of the best directory WordPress themes featured in this curated list. It has a five star rating from many happy customers, like Chris Lema who states: 

    Every month I get people asking me how to build a directory. I tell them the same thing every time – use Listify because the code is great, the options are fantastic, and you’ll love the support.

    This business directory website template comes with pre-defined style kits and a drag-and-drop editor which allow you to brand your website fast and create completely custom layouts for your website. On top of that, Listify works with a geolocation feature so users will only get relevant listings. It’s also packed with additional features.

    Some of the monetization methods include the ability to charge when a user claims an existing listing, submits a new listing, or when a visitor makes a reservation from your website.

    3. Motors – Directory WP Theme for Vehicle Listings & More

    Motors - Directory WordPress Listings Website Template

    Motors is a WordPress directory theme created with automotive and boat selling businesses in mind. The theme comes with four stunning premade demos ready to fuel your success. Out of the four layouts, the Classified Listing layout comes with several additional features like Seller and Dealer registration, XML/CSV inventory import, Dealer Profile with user reviews and much more.

    Thanks to the theme’s enhanced Inventory Manager, you can easily input all the relevant information about a vehicle—an overview, photos, videos, technical details, and you can even include a loan calculator and a PDF brochure.

    Motors is easy to use and customize thanks to the Visual Composer Builder and Theme Options panel which allow you to customize any aspect of your website.

    4. Superlist – Business Listing Directory WordPress Theme

    Superlist Directory Business WordPress Listing Template

    Superlist is another WP multi-purpose business directory theme for WordPress that features responsive design and a plethora of options under the hood. While you can find business directory template free online, you’re better off using a high quality Premium theme to make your site with.

    Superlist comes with 12 predefined listing types and allows you to create your own custom listing via their unique Listing Manager which has an intuitive interface. Users can publish their own listings straight from the front-end and you can take advantage of the theme’s Package functionality to create different paid packages for user submissions.

    This listing WordPress business directory template integrates well with Stripe and Paypal which makes accepting payments easy. Additional features include responsive design and plenty of customization options.

    Finally, Superlist allows you to publish coupons, gather statistics by tracking all search queries in filters, manage invoices, include Google Maps, and more. Put this business listing website template to use now. 

    5. Workscout – Job Board Directory WordPress Template

    Workscout Job Board Business Directory WordPress Template

    Workscout is a fully functioning job board theme for WordPress that makes use of the free WP Job Manager plugin to create a visually appealing website. Use it to build your new job board site. 

    Thanks to the integration with Resume Manager your users can signup and upload their resume, or complete their own using our predefined resume submission form. Additionally, you can further extend the theme with the Application Deadline that gives your users the tools to apply, review, and manage job applications from your job dashboard.

    Other features include responsive design, bookmarking ability, integration with Visual Composer Builder, and advanced filtering and search functionality. 

    6. Listable – Friendly Directory Listing WordPress Theme

    Listable Business Directory WordPress Listing Theme

    Listable is a user-friendly, listing directory WordPress theme that will help you create, manage and monetize a local or global directory site. Thanks to its unique listing cards system you can create listings for events, places, activities, services, and all the listings can be easily filtered.

    Listable integrates with several popular free and paid plugins such WP Job Manager, WooCommerce and others which allow you to further extend the functionality of your website and monetize it by charging for a listing or for a reservation fee.

    This business directory template is fully responsive and can be customized either via the Style Presets or by changing colors and fonts and utilizing a page builder plugin such as Visual Composer or Beaver Builder. Use this flexible global and local business directory WordPress theme to make your site now.

    7. Jobify – WordPress Job Board Website Directory Template

    Jobify WordPress Job Board Website Directory Theme

    Jobify is another job board WordPress theme directory for making listing sites that comes with pre-designed page templates, enhanced search function, and location filtering to get the most relevant results. 

    While you can find free WordPress themes for directory listing sites, it’s better to use a Premium WordPress website template that has professional features and good support. This theme makes use of the WP Job Manager plugin and integrates with Indeed, Facebook, Xing, and Woo Testimonials addon, all of which make creating a job board website incredibly easy.

    Jobify features a clean design with beautiful typography which can be completely customized. This WordPress directory website template is sure to make your job board stand out from the competition.

    8. Service Finder – WordPress Business Directory Listing Theme

    Service Finder WP Business Directory Listing Theme

    The Service Finder WordPress listing theme is an advanced business and service directory theme. It’s chock-full of useful features like profile management, time slots management for booking, unavailability settings, staff management, booking management, invoice generation and payment system, service areas and services, featured providers, and more.

    The theme integrates with WP Job Manager plugin, supports Stripe and Paypal payment gateways and gives you the ability to restrict sign ups by countries and filter search by location. Furthermore, Service Finder comes with two different homepage variations and offers plenty of customization options via the Theme Options panel.

    9. Directory – Multipurpose WordPress Business Listing Theme

    Directory Multipurpose WordPress Business Listing Theme

    This popular WordPress business directory theme is designed for flexible use. You can build unlimited business directory websites with it quickly, form classified ad sites, to automobile listings, to marketplace listing sites, online job boards, and more. 

    The theme is packed with helpful features, from Revolution Slider, a Complete Review System, and integration with multiple payment gateways. It also has time saving build features like creative FAQ sections, as well as both paid and free listing tools. It’s fully-responsive and ready to customize your site business directory site design with quickly.

    10. Directory Portal – Business WordPress Listing Theme

    Directory Portal Business WordPress Listing Template

    Directory Portal is a powerful, responsive WordPress listing theme suitable for creating various types of listing websites: from local businesses and companies to events and attractions. This highly rated theme has customers raving, with comments like: 

    Excellent theme and very easy to install and use. Maybe the best for directory website… I recommend it to everybody!

    This is a local business directory WordPress theme and it can also make larger directory sites quickly as well. It’s completely responsive, the theme features a fresh and modern design with the ability to display seven different headers which include a standard Google Map, 3D Google Map, and video header.

    Main features of the theme include geolocation search and filtering, front-end registration and submission, guest administration of listings, advertising spaces, unlimited packages, premium listings, featured listings, and more. 

    11. MyCity – Geolocation Directory & Events WP Theme

    MyCity WordPress Directory Events Business Website Template

    MyCity is a gorgeous business directory theme for WordPress that has the potential to turn every visitor into a customer thanks to its promo widget, which encourages visitors to share interesting places on social media and thus boosts your rankings.

    This theme offers integration with Stripe and Paypal, but also offers a unique integration with the Uber Service affiliate program as a way of monetizing your directory.

    Users can quickly register for your site via email or a text message and the theme supports geolocation capabilities, user reviews, the ability to sell tickets with Tickera, as well as many additional features.

    12. Price Compare – WordPress Theme for Business Directory

    Price Compare - WordPress Theme for Business Directory Websites

    If you want to build your very own price comparison website, look no further than Price Compare. On top of attractive and responsive design, Price Compare allows you to easily import affiliate links and take advantage of affiliate networks such as Shareasale, ClickBank, and others.

    This business directory website template is easy to use and navigate, which is extremely important for directory websites. Your users will be able to take advantage of user-friendly made categories, mega menu overview, and advanced ajax search.

    Other features include front-end user and store registration, social login, MailChimp integration and five different payment gateways. This directory website template is packed with professional price comparison features and a great design.

    13. Search & Go – Smart Business WP Directory Theme (2017)

    Search Go Smart WordPress Business Directory Theme

    Search & Go is another business directory WordPress theme that allows you to discover all the interesting places in your city. The theme has a modern, sharp design and is fully responsive.

    While you can find a business directory template free online, it may not have the quality and secure code that a Premium WP theme like Search & Go comes with. Users can easily log in via social networks and the theme has advanced search and filtering functionality. It also has the ability to book appointments straight from your website. 

    What’s more, they can easily manage their profiles, create wish lists, and claim listings. Each type of listing can have specifications and amenities added to it and all the relevant information is displayed in search results. 

    14. Javo Spot – Multipurpose Directory WordPress Theme

    Javo Spot Flexible Directory WordPress Business Theme

    Javo Spot is a multi-purpose business directory theme for WordPress suitable for any type of directory website. The theme comes with advanced search functionality, front-end user registration and submission, featured listings shortcode, integration with WooCommerce, Google Maps, and complete social integration.

    This WordPress business directory website template is fully customizable thanks to the integration with Visual Composer Builder and unique Javo modules. Whether you need to create an online web directory with a global reach, feature local tourist attractions, create a classified website, or another type of listing site, this professional directory website template has you covered. This global and local directory WordPress theme is packed with features to help you build your business listing site with fast. 

    15. Business Finder – Directory Listing WordPress Theme

    Business Finder Directory Listing WordPress Template

    Business Finder is an elegant and customizable WordPress directory theme which allows you to display categorized items of any type: companies, shops, institutions, websites, events, and more.

    All pages and sections of this business listing website template can be created easily thanks to the drag-and-drop AIT Page Builder, which features over 30 elements to build your website. 

    The main features of this business listing website template include megamenu, sidebar manager, advanced search and filter options, featured items listing, responsive design, seven different header options, search context, street view, among other powerful features.

    16. Reviews – Products & Services Review WP Theme for 2017

    Reviews Products  Services Review Business Website Template

    You can find free WordPress themes for directory listing sites, but much better to use a Premium WordPress theme that has the professional features and quality you need. Reviews is a complete system for reviewing products and services so users can find feedback on products and services they wish to purchase. 

    You can create as many reviews as you want and once you publish the reviews, users are able to give their feedback separately as well as rate the product or service by the same criteria you have used.

    This WP directory theme has a responsive and clean design, supports Google Rich Snippets and social login, has powerful search functionality, and integrates with MailChimp.

    17. Coupon Hut – Business Deals WordPress Business Theme

    Coupon Hut Business Listing WordPress Website Template

    CouponHut is modern and clean WordPress theme for business directory, featuring an easy page builder, two types of deals (coupons and discounts), one click install and multitude of custom widgets so you can customize your site just the way you want to. 

    Combined with a rating system and a fantastic options panel, this WordPress business directory template is a great choice for coupons and deals websites.

    It’s main features include membership integrations, front-end user registrations and submissions, filtering options, and front-page search. It also has a versatile, modern design with excellent attention to detail so you can quickly customize your deals site and set it apart. 

    18. Medical WordPress – For Doctor Listings & Health Directories

    Medical WordPress For Health Doctor Listings Website Directories

    Medical WordPress is directory listing theme geared specifically towards doctors, health clinics, hospitals and medical organizations, and any health or beauty related business.

    This flexible medical website template’s main features include filtering options by distance and geolocation, grid and row view of the listings, countdown timer field. It also has booking and availability calendar, reviews with custom multi-ratings, integration with WooCommerce and multiple payment gateways. 

    This business directory website template is packed with the features needed to make a quality medical listing directory site for a variety of health professionals and related businesses.

    19. Classiera – Classified Ads Directory Theme WordPress

    Classiera Classified Ads Listing WordPress Business Theme

    Classiera is a powerful classified ads directory WordPress theme with stunning design and bold typography that’s easy to use and offers plenty of customization and styling options in the admin panel.

    Responsive design paired with features such as filterable search functionality, customized category listings, integration with WooCommerce, six different layout designs, and free and paid ads posting make Classiera a powerful solution for a classified ads website.

    20. Alliance – Intranet & Extranet WordPress Directory Theme

    Alliance Intranet WordPress Business Directory Website Template

    Alliance is a very specialized theme geared towards corporate users and meant to be used as an intranet theme which allows you to list all the important events, notifications, calendars, graphs and more.

    The theme integrates with BuddyPress allowing your employees to build fully functional community, organize in groups and departments, and communicate with ease and fun. Other features include file-sharing, polls, and user directory.

    Are You Ready to Launch a Directory Website Today?

    Directory websites have a number of different uses and can cater to almost any niche imaginable. And thanks to high-quality, premium WordPress Directory Themes available on on Envato Market’s ThemeForest, you can quickly start building your very own business directory site. Take advantage of the unique monetization and design features of these themes to launch your listing site and start your path to leveling-up your earnings.

    Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new WordPress business directory themes with the best, trending designs.

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    Company Profile (Corporate)

    Company Profile template

    Professional, clean and modern 20 page Company Profile. Just drop in your own pictures and texts, and it’s ready for print. Or use it as a professional online PDF or email attachment.

    This brochure can serve multiple purposes. It works great as a corporate identity brochure – for presenting your business, services, newest cases and more. Or use it to present a specific product. Or something completely different.

    Everything you see is editable right in Photoshop . All colors can easily be changed in one location. All texts are set with free fonts, and download links are provided. Even the logo is editable. Write your own business name – or replace it with your existing logo.


    • File Size: A4 with bleed 3 mm
    • Fully Editable
    • 300 dpi, CMYK
    • Easy to Customize
    • Free fonts
    • Very Well Organized Design
    • Help file included
    • All Text is Editable
    • Print Ready
    • Note : Photos Not Included


    Lato font

    Montserrat font

    Download Company Profile (Corporate)

    Corporate Brochure (Corporate)

    Corporate Brochure Template that is super simple to edit and customize with your own details! Simply add your own images and text, I hope you like it.


    • Page 16
    • Size: A4 (210×297mm)
    • 6 / 12 Content Column Grid
    • Bleed: 3mm
    • Color: CMYK
    • Resolution: 300 Dpi
    • print Ready Format
    • Open with: Adobe Indesign CS4, CS5, CS6 & CC
    • Only Free Fonts Used, download link attached in help file.


    • InDesign .indd Files in CC
    • InDesign .idml Files in CS4 or later(IDML)
    • 1 General help file


    Font used on the brochures:open-sans, montserrat.


    Image are not included, image and mock-up used only for preview and illustration purpose…


    If you need any help using the file or need special customizing please feel free to contact me via my Graphic River profile. If you have a moment, please rate this item, I’ll appreciate it very much!

    Thank you. DesignPick

    Download Corporate Brochure (Corporate)

    Corporate Business Card (Corporate)

    Business Card Detail

    Adobe Photoshop CS4 version.
    Round /square corner possible.
    Easy to edit.
    Landscape Design.
    Optimized for printing / 300 dpi.
    CMYK color mode.
    3.5×2 inch dimension.
    0.25 Beed.
    Included files are 2 psd (front & back) & help.txt.
    All PSD files are Grouped & layered.

    Font Inormation

    All fonts can be downloaded online.

    Font used :Nexa

    Font used :Lato

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    Thank you :)

    Download Corporate Business Card (Corporate)