Wp Reskin / Add Phpbb Forum

For this project, we are looking for a re-design of a WordPress Skin and incorporating a phpBB forum into the skin.

The skin needs to have sidebars with ads on one side (160 wide like our site solecollector.com has now) and on the left side content that is from the blog as well as other random content.

Here are some more details:

1. Search Bar – really need one. Can be where we put it or wherever you think it should be.

2. Need the magazine on the top of the one sidebar.

3. Move latest posts down to the bottom of the sidebar.

4. Need to change the tabs on the sidebar some. Was looking to do:

News / Kicksology
Features / Interviews
New Releases / Archive

5. When we have this skin around the forum we need to make sure the side of the forum can expand to the right or at least make it 750 px wide.

6. The banner above the posts should say SOLE COLLECTOR Shoes + News

7. We need to keep the number of posts at 10, like on mock 1.

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