Simple WordPress Fixes Neede 2

Posted on April 17th, 2010. Written by Blancer.

Simple WordPress Fixes Neede 2

I have a 2 WordPress issues that I need fixed right now. This should be very simple and fast to do for someone familiar with php and WordPress. As you can see I have excellent feedback record and I will pay immediately when fixed. I am available right now.

The site is here…

1 – I need to have the attached file fixed to do the following…? In the Categories and Archives, I want to display, say 5 posts on the category and/or archives page, with maybe 5-6 lines each of the article post, including the Header of the post as well as link that says “Read the rest of the article…” which goes to the full post.

2 – The link on the site…

redirects incorrectly somehow to…


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