Pdf Document Online Search

Pdf Document Online Search
We are interestede in having a script (PHP or Cold Fusion, the latter preferred) running on a IIS Web server able to:

1. index and re-index regularly (because of new additions) a relatively large amount of PDF files (PDF/a format)

2. the PDF files are placed (by FTP, no need for the script to do this) in a series of folders and sub-folders on the same server. The script should have an administration part where you select all the folder/subfolders where the PDF files are placed

3. the search algorythm must be very efficient and possibly allow partial match searches (ex: use of wild cards such as “*”). Simple or inefficient search results won’t be considered valid

4. the front-end should have a seach box and display of results. results should be in Google-style and the publishing layout should be attractive.

5. the number of results per page (10 by default) should be easily changed, possibly on the front end by the user. In case of many results, links to more pages should be managed.

6. results should be sorted by relevance

7. the text labels of the front end must be in English, but easily translatable

The script should be of easy maintanance and open to future upgrades.

We also accept customization of existing scripts.

Please use the Message Boards (besides placing a bid) to let us know where you are from and, above all, references of past works like this or similar enough. Links to working applications will be much appreciated.

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