AlmkeWeather – Real Time Weather (Add-ons)

AlmkeWeather is an ajax weather module which utilizes the Yahoo or Wunderground APIs to display weather data and related information from across the globe. Included are options to display temperature, climate, wind speed as well as frontend based location user interaction, default location settings and cookie enabling options.

About AlmkeWeather

AlmkeWeather can display a wide array of weather data for various locations world wide, inclusive of temperature, weather information, forecasts, humidity and wind speed.The default location can be overriden via user interaction, as well as the temperature scale. Both Celsius and Fahrenheit are supported. Wind speeds also supports different units.

Weather Providers

The module supports two different weather providers: Yahoo and Wunderground. Note however, Wunderground is a paid service, and Yahoo is limited to a two day forecast. Please note that Google is no longer supported. Wunderground requires a logo to be displayed, and a light and dark type are available for maximum integration.

AlmkeWeather Overview

  • Weather Icons
  • Location Chooser
  • Celsius Option
  • Fahrenheit Option
  • Unit Switcher
  • Up to 4 Day Forecast
  • User Selectable Location
  • Multiple Wind Units
  • Humidity
  • Wind Speed
  • Cookie Options

Change Log

Release Notes - AlmkeWeather - Version 2.0.3

• New installer script for J3.2 compatibility


Release Notes - AlmkeWeather - Version 2.0.2


• Forecast days are not using translation formats
• added Wunderground attribution


Release Notes - AlmkeWeather - Version 2.0.1

New Feature

• Added AlmkeUpdater Support


Release Notes - AlmkeWeather - Version 2.0.0

• JRequest to JInput update for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 compatibility
• Fatal error: Call to undefined method AlmkeSubfieldForm::getInstanceFromForm()


Release Notes - AlmkeWeather - Version 1.12

• minor security update pertaining to a now defunct almkemodule dependency


Release Notes - AlmkeWeather - Version 1.11

• strict standards error in AlmkeSubFieldForm
• not all module settings showing in webkit on osx 10.8.2
• Location cookie is not working
• yahoo windy condition returning image code instead of fallback icon
• comes with old version of almkeextender

• Joomla! 3.0 Compatibility


Release Notes - AlmkeWeather - Version 1.10

• Fixed Yahoo API


Release Notes - AlmkeWeather - Version 1.9

• Fixed conflict with Advanced Module Manager
• Fixed Wunderground API shows forecast for every other day
• Fixed incompatibility with AlmkeMiniEvents
• Fixed Location Display Override error when unsupported location is loaded
• Added JSON feed for Yahoo that can show more than a 2 day forecast


Release Notes - AlmkeWeather - Version 1.8

• Added Yahoo Source
• Added Wunderground Source
• New Language Translations      
• Upgraded Caching
• Removed reliance on AlmkeModule
• Removed non-functioning Google Source
• Language Updates     
• Strict standards issues with /lib/AlmkeWeather.php on line 27/41


Release Notes - AlmkeWeather - Version 1.7

• Added Knots (and others) to Wind Speed
• Fixed issue with Google 403 errors

Release Notes - AlmkeWeather - Version 1.6

• Joomla 2.5 compatibility fixes
• Fixed blank page when weather data is missing

Release Notes - AlmkeWeather - Version 1.3

• Updated Google API

Release Notes - AlmkeWeather - Version 1.2

• Fixed aliases for icons
• Fixed an error

Release Notes - AlmkeWeather - Version 1.1

• Updated to the new Google API

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