WordPress Anything Slider / Banner Manager (Sliders)

Posted on April 14th, 2011. Written by Blancer.


The WordPress Anything Slider plugin is a premium WordPress Slider/Banner Manager that brings the magic of Chris Coyier’s Anything Slider to WordPress in an easy to use format.

This plugin provides an easy to use management system, making managing slides comfortable for WordPress users of any level.

Much like creating posts or pages, you have the ability to create slides with photos, video, text or HTML content.


  • Create Unlimited Sliders/Banners
  • Custom Slide Manager
  • Easily Manage individual slides
  • Insert Sliders in WordPress Pages, Posts & Custom Post Types
  • Use photos, video, shortcodes & HTML within slides
  • Drag & Drop Slide ordering system
  • Use Shortcode Button to insert Sliders
  • Build Sliders into your theme files
  • Use the slider as a Gallery Slider – Demo
  • Slideshow Options

    Here are some options you have control over for your slideshows. You can set the options to work across your site, or you can change the options per slideshow.

  • Slide Order
  • Slide Slide Height & Width or Variable Size based on Slide Content
  • Show or Hide Next/Previous Arrows
  • Show Next/Previous Arrows on Hover
  • AutoPlay
  • Show or Hide Navigation (Anchor Links)
  • Show Navigation (Anchor Links) on Hover
  • Keyboard Control
  • Infinite Slides (Continuously Rotate, or rewind to first slide)
  • Animation Speed
  • Pause Slideshow on Hover
  • Stop at End (Stops slideshow at the last slide)
  • Delay Time (How long it pauses on each slide)
  • Resume Delay (How long it takes to start the slideshow after user ineraction)
  • Over 30 Transition Easing Effects
  • Demos:

  • Demo Slider with Photos & YouTube Video
  • Slides with Shortcode Content
  • Gallery Slider
  • Video Slider
  • Showcase:


    If you’re using the plugin on your site, let me know and I’ll showcase your site here!


    Updates will be noted here and will also be posted to my twitter: @jasonbahl


    Big shout outs to Chris Coyier ( CSS Tricks), Remy Sharp, and Doug Neiner for their work on the Anything Slider Javascript files, making this plugin possible. Also big shout out to Orman Clark (Premium Pixels) for the arrows.

    Benjitastic for his great reorder script

    Merguez for his great adminpage and UI Element Classes

    Lawley for the great Styles With Shortcodes plugin, used on my demo site

    Download WordPress Anything Slider / Banner Manager (Sliders)

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