Rubik’s Cube (3D, Object)

Rubik’s Cube is an After Effects CS4 template that you can easily customize to reveal logo, video or photo as the puzzle being solved in 8 seconds.

Customizing is really easy, all you have to do is to drop whatever you want to have on a face of the cube in the composition. It works with both stills and videos. The project includes a blue pulsing background as seen in the preview, but you can of course change the background to whatever you want to use.

The project does not use any third-party plug-ins. Cube animation has been created in a 3D application and rendered out at 30fps. So this project should be rendered at 30fps as well. I might consider making this in 25fps in the future (depending on demands).

Dimension: 1280×720 pixels
Duration : 8 seconds (30fps)
Plug-ins: No third-party plug-ins required

Download Rubik’s Cube (3D, Object)

Switchback (Corporate)

Hello friends :)

This is my latest project. Simple and elegant business oriented template. Very universal with lots of potential uses. Original concept and creative ideas with each frame. Hope you find it useful.

Main features are:

  • No plug ins required (Optical Flares is pre-rendered but additional file is included for those who have the plug in and want to modify it.)
  • HD resolution (720p)
  • 30 placeholders
  • Useful video tutorial showing how to edit the template
  • Audio is not included but feel free to write me an email about additional soundtrack information./
  • The font used is free. Download link is provided.
  • 1 minute long
  • please rate if you like it :)
  • If you need help customizing the project drop me an email.

HD RESOLUTION RENDERS IN LESS THAN 70 MINUTES (.MOV, PHOTO -JPG 75%) on Intel i7 Quad Core, 6gb ram, Windows 7, 64 bit

Download Switchback (Corporate)

Mischief (Retro)

Mischief is a bright and confident high-end motion graphics presentation, with a searingly cool hard-edged graphical look. Stunning typography accompanies blocks that spin together to form your images before your very eyes.

Either stick with the project timings and layout exactly as they are in the preview, or let your imagination run riot. Mischief’s versatile structure lets you just bolt the scenes together on the main timeline in any order you like. Thanks to some cunning expression work, it’s actually amazingly easy to alter the layout and timing inside the scenes too. You really can make the project as long or as short as you want and change the layouts to match your style and content… It’s totally up to you!

Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced user, it’s all just a couple of clicks away. There’s a full video help guide to accompany you through the 15 steps to success. Have a mischievous sneak peak here.

Here’s the specs, folks….

  • 100% After Effects. No third party plug-ins. No pre-renders
  • 60 minute video user guide. Preview it here.
  • HTML user guide. Preview it here.
  • 16 readymade image and text scenes
  • Easy to retime
  • Easy to change the order
  • Easy to create alternative layouts
  • Easy to control block rotation, so projections stay at their ‘sweet spot’ where the image matches up for longer.
  • Alternative comp to 6a (with the wrench – that doesn’t move around so much)
  • Quick to preview and render
  • 5 great color presets (or your own custom one)
  • Expressions for top level control over colors and other attributes.
  • 3 audio edits of various lengths (75, 45 & 30 seconds)
  • 1280×720 HD (or resolution independent) – easily adapt to any broadcast or web standard
  • frame rate independent – gives perfect results at all frame rates – easily adapt to any broadcast or web standard.
  • Main type face is open source (link in download)
  • Secondary typeface (for subtitles) – either Avant Garde (or one of several open source alternatives – linked in download)
  • Creative commons image resources linked in download
  • Audio: Great Day! by DanielRothmann is available for purchase over at audiojungle.

So c’mon. Get mischievous!

requirements: AE CS4 or CS5 running in english for expressions. (instructions how to switch to english in my FAQ )

Full Res preview on Vimeo here.

Download Mischief (Retro)

Billboard Video Display (Video Displays)

Introducing Billboard Video Display! This project is jam-packed with exciting visual effects, transitions, and 3d objects. I built the billboard in Maya and exported an .mov file which is included. Everything else is all AE CS4 . No plugins and no pre-rendered effects. Lights were created using AE’s Lens Flare.

The audio can be purchased at

The font can be downloaded for free. Details provided in the Help file.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it!

Download Billboard Video Display (Video Displays)