Interactive Me (Corporate)

Interactive me is a neat and clean minimal designed corporate project. it suits to your business presentations. You can introduce your services to the market. You can introduce your items that you want to sell online,

No Plugin is needed to use this Template. The resolution is 1080i HD. So you can render it to any sophisticated format.

This Beautifull Soundtrack is Produced by a very tallented guy “mich1s” from Audiojungle.
here is the link where you can purchase this Music

I am available to assist or help you in case of any trouble so don’t hesitate to contact me

Download Interactive Me (Corporate)

DOT CIRCLES seamless loop Background (Other)

Dot circles, is an HD seamlessly animated looping background.

Ideal for presenting titles, or even people’s interviews shot on blue-box.
Also use it as a backdrop for your dvd menus or tv-shows.

Included are two resolutions: 1920×1080 full HD and 1280×720 pixels.

Depending on your compositing software you can easily change the color and its duration.
Titles, music and silhouette are not included in the main file.

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Download DOT CIRCLES seamless loop Background (Other)

Elegant Style (Abstract)

Elegant Style is a clean presentation for your projects, it can be used as an opener/closer, presentation, or whatever you want! There are many placeholders and text areas you can easily customize!

- Video Tutorial!
- After Effects CS3 project 1920×1080 Full HD!
- No external plugins needed!
- Very fast and easy customization!
- Easy to change color
The original photos used thanks to, they are not included!
Audio is not included. If any interest about the soundtrack – drop me an email.
Font used in the comp is free one and it can be found here:

Download Elegant Style (Abstract)

V-Typo V.4 HD Typography (Logos & Titles)

V-Typo V.4 HD Typography

This is an elegant typograpgy, perfect for your business introduction.

Some of the feautures:

  • Made in AECS4 1280×720
  • No Third party plug-ins required
  • Audio from AudioJungle
  • Project is well orgonised
  • Made by me(lol)

Soundtrack can be found here:

For an HD preview visit:

If you don’t have After Effects or simply don’t know how to use it,
Then you cantact me and I will do it for you.
Here are the rates:

  • 1. Simple replacement of text/media – $ 100
  • 2. Minor modifications to the project (Incl 1.) – $150
  • 3. Major modifications to the project (Incl 1.) – $250
  • 4. Using the style of the project to create a completely diffirent one – $500

The price might very depending on your request.

Download V-Typo V.4 HD Typography (Logos & Titles)

Form Logo Reveal (Abstract)

This great logo reveal uses trapcode form to display your logo in a creative fashion. The logo is wiped on and off with a wave of energy. It only takes a minute to drop in your logo and you will be ready to render.

The audio is included with the project.

Full HD (1920×1080)

Includes video help file. Adjustments to the animation and timing will require you to be an advanced Form and AE user.

REQUIRES : Trapcode Form v1

Download Form Logo Reveal (Abstract)

Earth HD (Space)

Earth HD is After Effects project file for creating CGI Earth shots. It’s super easy to use because of the expression controls. It has 26 coded expression controls so you can easily adjust the scene with no effort. It has 16 premade scenes ready to render out and use in your movie/presentation. Also there is 2 bonus compositions for your companies logo reveal.

  • 100% editable
  • Expression based programming for use (26 controls!)
  • 17 premade comps ready to render
  • + 2 BONUS comps Logo Openers
  • Music used for the preview is from brilliant artist DEYCH and you can purchase it HERE .
  • The Earth map came from NASA ’s website and you can find it HERE

26 Expression controls

  • Earth Pos X
  • Earth Pos Y
  • Earth Pos Z
  • Earth Rot X
  • Earth Rot Y
  • Earth Rot Z
  • Map Pos X
  • Map Pos Y
  • Map Pos Z
  • Map Rot X
  • Map Rot Y
  • Map Rot Z
  • Map Speed X
  • Map Speed Y
  • Map Speed Z
  • Cloud Pos X
  • Cloud Speed X
  • Cloud Height
  • Cloud Opacity
  • Specular X
  • Specular Y
  • Shadow Radius
  • Shadow Feather
  • Shadow Opacity
  • Lights Intensity
  • Movie Format
  • Download Earth HD (Space)

    Detailed HUD Gadget Pack (Technology)

    A great pack with 20 completely editable HUD “gadgets”. Each gadget is its own composition, with no external elements. No plugins are required, either. Music is not included.

    Fonts used are:
    Lucida Console
    Digital-7 (download at:

    Look below for details on each of the included gadgets:


    Gadget 1

    Length: 30 sec
    Resolution: 300×100
    Font: Courier New
    Looped: No

    Gadget 2

    Length: 30 sec
    Resolution: 300×100
    Font: Courier New
    Looped: No

    Gadget 3

    Length: 30 sec
    Resolution: 1000×1000
    Font: Courier New
    Looped: No

    Gadget 4

    Length: 8 sec
    Resolution: 1920×1080
    Font: Lucida Console
    Looped: Yes

    Gadget 5

    Length: 10 sec
    Resolution: 1000×1000
    Font: Digital-7
    Looped: Yes (with Entry/Exit)

    Gadget 6

    Length: 8 sec
    Resolution: 1860×368
    Font: Digital-7
    Looped: Yes

    Gadget 7

    Length: 10 sec
    Resolution: 500×500
    Font: Digital-7
    Looped: Yes

    Gadget 8

    Length: 10 sec
    Resolution: 500×500
    Font: Digital-7
    Looped: Yes

    Gadget 9

    Length: 8 sec
    Resolution: 500×500
    Font: Lucida Console
    Looped: No

    Gadget 10

    Length: 10 sec
    Resolution: 350×1000
    Font: Lucida Console
    Looped: No

    Gadget 11

    Length: 10 sec
    Resolution: 200×200
    Font: N/A
    Looped: No

    Gadget 12

    Length: 10 sec
    Resolution: 1920×1080
    Font: Arial/Digital-7
    Looped: No

    Gadget 13

    Length: 8 sec
    Resolution: 1920×500
    Font: Arial
    Looped: Yes (with Entry/Exit)

    Gadget 14

    Length: 6 sec
    Resolution: 500×500
    Font: N/A
    Looped: Yes (with Entry/Exit)

    Gadget 15

    Length: 10 sec
    Resolution: 1920×00
    Font: Digital-7
    Looped: Yes

    Gadget 16

    Length: 7 sec
    Resolution: 500×700
    Font: Digital-7
    Looped: Yes

    Gadget 17

    Length: 1 sec
    Resolution: 1500×250
    Font: N/A
    Looped: Yes

    Gadget 18

    Length: 7.5 sec
    Resolution: 1000×1000
    Font: N/A
    Looped: Yes (with Entry/Exit)

    Gadget 19

    Length: 4 sec
    Resolution: 1000×1000
    Font: N/A
    Looped: Yes

    Gadget 20

    Length: 10 sec
    Resolution: 1000×1000
    Font: N/A
    Looped: No

    Download Detailed HUD Gadget Pack (Technology)

    Sea Foam Trail (Nature)

    This is a short video of Sea Foam, which was recorded on the boat + FREE AUDIO TRACK

    1080i | 1920×1080 | H.264 .mov

    I have included in pack my beautiful popular audio track Leaves In The Wind, which is very suitable for this video, so you don’t need to purchase music additionally! Don’t miss it!:)
    You can also look at my profile on AudioJungle – PLASTIC3 , if you need melodious music in different styles for your projects.
    Enjoy and thanks for buying!


  • PIANO OPENING LOGO (two versions)
  • Your Voice
  • Leaves In The Wind
  • Open Your Eyes
  • Sunshine Background Music Pack
  • Enigma Background Loops Pack


    Music Packs Collection

    Music Loops Collection (just for $6-8)

    Ambient Background Collection

    Pop-trance Collection

    Romantic Cinematic Collection

    Original Logos&Idents Collection

    Sounds & Fx

    Holiday & Seasonal Collection

  • Download Sea Foam Trail (Nature)

    Broadcast Design – News Package (Other)

    In this After Effects CS4 project, you’ll find all elements needed in a News package: 7sec. pre-rendered loopable backgrounds, 7 sec. loopable spinning earth globe with alpha channel, corner logo, lower third, over the shoulder, info screen, headline, phone screen and split screen.
    The entire project is created in HD 1920×1080 25fps and is well organized into compositions – thus making changes is quite easy. All layers are editable and there are no extra 3rd party plugins needed. The music in the preview is not included, but if you prefer a version with music, I would be happy to provide the link from where you can buy it; just send me a PM. Also, the included step-by-step video with text instructions make all customizations easy and helpful.

    Thank you and I hope you like it :)

    Footages from the preview are not included in the project, but if you like them, please visit

    Download Broadcast Design – News Package (Other)