Blue Xmas (Holidays)

Here’s my new opening trailer, for winter and X-Mas…
I know its early ;)
I hope you will like it and you use it for your Presentations,
DVD Intro-menus or Commercials…It’s a very simple and easy to
customize template!

here the facts:
– easy color changing

– easy content replacement

– Full HD res (1920×1080)

– EXTREMELY easy customization

– txt file with a little discription

– No Plugins!
But if you have PARTICULAR2 you can change and optimizing the BG! Comp is integrated

Hope you like it!

Download Blue Xmas (Holidays)

Ivory (Backgrounds)

Some statements are so profound, they deserve a big screen presentation. Companies are defined by slogans, make yours impressive with this template. Make your quotes, texts, opinions, slogans, and trademarks unforgettable!

1920×1080p FULL HD Resolution

Super-easy to edit; just replace the text and logo

Music from our friend MilkmanDan over at AudioJungle:

Video placeholders are not included.

Download Ivory (Backgrounds)

Squares Dance HD (Video Displays)

This Adobe AE CS4 projects include four different projects files. It is able to deal with 4 media upto 10 media. A video tutorial is included to help users to add additional scenes. There is also a project file without media (only the final logo is incimcluded). Different versions durations: 32 seconds to 72 seconds.

Size of the main zip downloadable package is due to the two video tutorials.

The VideoHive preview file uses the project with 4 media and 49 seconds. You can show another project’s preview on VIMEO .

A complete PDF Help file (very detailed) explins project’s structure, each scene’s contents, color management, scenes layout/settings out, colored layers, belnd modes, color smanagement, common assets, texts edition, media replacement, management of BG and Squares Assets….
Numerous markers notes (comments) were added to the layers timeline to make understanding and work easier (parening, links, expressions, effects, blend modes…. are there mentionned).

Each of these projects is built only with the shapes, layers, tools and effects of After effects: mo external asset, no prerendered sequence, no third-party plug-in needed… That allows very quick rendering work.

Project’s Features:

  • Adobe After effects CS4
  • Completelu built into AE
  • No third-party plug-in needed
  • 4 different projects files
  • Video tutorials [4 min 30 sec AND 8 min.
  • Very detailed PDF Help File [> 15 pages]
  • Music track and Sounds FX included
  • Very dynamic and classy animations
  • Very clear compositions structures / settings out
  • From 0 (32 seconds with only texts and logo) upto 10 media (72 seconds

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shapes, squares, dance, jazzy, bluesy, vectors, dynamic, rythmical, keyframed, typography, fast, crazy

Download Squares Dance HD (Video Displays)


FREEDOM TO KEYWORDS , is an HD AE project ideal as an intro, opener for
tv shows, music shows, corporate videos, or even kids products!

7 keywords fly out of a box, to freedom and burst to reveal your logo or your product.

  • HD 1920X1080 and 1280×720
  • Very easy to replace texts and logo.
  • Easy color customization to most elements of the composition, with a few color pickers.
  • No external plugins needed.
  • Sfx track included
  • Music in preview from talented artist “R-Mafi”, can be puchased
  • PDF help file included
  • A matching lower third is included in the project.

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Download FREEDOM TO KEYWORDS – intro (Other)