The Bedroom Massacre (Other)

Another collection for the fans of terror. Two grueling scenes of the man in the mirror and the little ghostly girl with a ghastly room filled with walls smeared in blood and a dismembered body. All text is editable and all photoshop original files are included, change the ghost, change the text, or even change the girl’s eyes. This is all within an After Effects project CS4 .
The sound effects are not included (your basic thunders) and the music track is done by Chris Mooney which available for purchase in the depths of Audio Jungle @
Also, check out his profile for some other cool stuff:

Included in the project file:

Two scenes (:30 sec)
Changable text: yes
Changable ghosts: yes (photoshop)
Background scenes (photoshop) included: yes
email support: yes 100%
So have fun with this one, and sleep tight tonight…..don’t let the little girl…or guy in the mirror scare ya.

Coming up…
Hollywood Horror 3 (skin carver edition)

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Great emotions (Corporate)

Hello, dear colleagues!

Here is the result of my work during the week :)
I tried to make for you the original, clear-style project, that you can use as gallery, opener or else.

Photos an music are not included (I can tell you how you can get the music if you drop me an email)

Hope you like it and thanks for watching!

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Thank you!

Also take a look at my other works:

My best transitions

Lower Thirds for you

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MacBook Pro (3D, Object)

After Effect CS4 (CS5)

– HD 1280 x 720

– Black & White two Rendered footage included

– Required Optical flares plugin (if you don’t have Optical flares Plugin? Read ReadMe.txt i share you Pre-Rendered Footage)

– 10min Help video included

– Duration 00:40sec

– Music on AudioJungle Corporate identity intro by SonicCube

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My Some items

Download MacBook Pro (3D, Object)

Particles (Light)

Particles is very dynamic intro project. It contains two project’s versions. First one requires Trapcode Particular, Trapcode Starglow and Knoll Light Factory Unmult (available for free at I created this project by using After Effects CS3 with 32-bit version of Unmult. In AE CS5 you need to find all instances of Unmult and replace it with 64-bit version. This plugin changes final look very gently and I think you can ignore this. You can also use one of prerendered file to replace Unmult. Others plugins like Particular and Starglow will be replaced automatically. Second project is for those, who don’t have Trapcode products. I pre-rendered all layers with plugins to QuickTime files.

Music and sound effects are included. On preview video, you see only one title, but it’s very easy to add other titles or replace title with your logo. All needed information you’ll find in the readme file.

Download Particles (Light)

Electric Cafe CS3 (3D, Object)

Electric cafe is a super cool futuristic display suitable for all kinds of projects. Can be used as a project opener or just a creative way to display information!

The screens are pre-pre rendered 3d footage, and have been composited into after effects CS3 to merge with the screen displays, so you can display content seamlessly.

The free font used in this project can be found here:

No Plug-ins are needed to run this project!

I have also included a help file which can introduce you to the basic functions of the project file.

Thanks for looking!


Download Electric Cafe CS3 (3D, Object)

Smoke with Wind (Nature)

This smoke was created mainly for chimney, but you can cut off the bottom of the smoke and then you can place it next to your fire or wherever you want.

The smoke was rotated only for the preview. Also I changed the colour of the smoke in the 2nd part of the preview, so that you can see it on the light background.

Resolution – 1080×1920, frame rate – 30 fps, duration – 0:16

Download Smoke with Wind (Nature)

8 Videos of Money Falling / Raining out of the sky (3D, Object)

8 Videos of Money Falling / Raining out of the sky

These eight videos are great shots of US currency falling out of they sky.
All of these can easily be overlaid to your video without any problems!! These videos use the following US bills: $1 , $5 , $10 , $20 , $50 and $100.

– Full 1920×1080p video for all eight videos!
– Progressive video at 29.97 FPS !
– All clips have alpha channels to easily apply over your existing video(s)!
– Money falling varies between 3 seconds to 16 seconds depending on what you need it for!
– Very useful background for motion design & motion graphics!

Download 8 Videos of Money Falling / Raining out of the sky (3D, Object)

Title Lower Third (Corporate)

Add style to your video with this broadcast quality, professional grade lower third. Titles will look bright, colorful, shiny, and elegant in your corporate video, television, news, show, on-air graphics, movie, documentary, presentation, flash, banner, website, DVD , sports, product video project..
Text layers are just in the preview.
Full HD 1920×1080, Quicktime PNG with alpha channel, just overlay over your material and add the text and/or logo in your favorite editing application. You get a pack of 10 different colours schemes in 10 rendered files (dark blue, light blue, blue and red, grey, red, violet, violet and yellow, green, green and yellow, white) each 10 seconds long (shortened in the preview).
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Thank you!

Lower Thirds

Space & Abstract & Backgrounds

Nature & Environment


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