Simple Development with jQuery Mobile (Cross-Platform)

Hi there – I’m Jeffrey. You might know me as the editor of the massively popular web development site, Nettuts+, or as the manager of the coding marketplace, CodeCanyon. Or you might have picked up one of my books in the past. Anyhow – I’ve created a new screencast course that I think you’re going to like!

jQuery Mobile is a fantastic new framework that allows you to rapidly build mobile-optimized websites and applications. In this 8-part video course, I’ll teach you exactly how to work with the framework.

The Full Series

  • Chapter 1: Meet your Teacher
  • Chapter 2: Intro to jQuery Mobile
  • Chapter 3: The Boilerplate
  • Chapter 4: Listviews
  • Chapter 5: Loading Pages Asynchronously
  • Chapter 6: Working with Buttons
  • Chapter 7: Optimizing Forms
  • Chapter 8: Build a Mobile WordPress Theme

This series was recorded in HD, at 1280×720px, with a high quality condenser microphone for optimal viewing.

I hope you enjoy this series. And, when you complete it, I hope you’ll be as excited about jQuery Mobile as I am!

Simple Development with jQuery Mobile (Cross-Platform)