Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter Controlled by iPhone/iPod touch/iPad (Orange/Blue) Reviews

Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter Controlled by iPhone/iPod touch/iPad (Orange/Blue)

  • Remote control quadricopter controlled by iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad
  • Interchangeable hulls designed for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Fly and battle with other Drone users via a Wi-Fi network
  • Front-view camera with live video feed on your iPhone/iPod touch
  • Enjoy a variety of games, sold in the iTunes app store

The AR.Drone remote-control quadricopter is a groundbreaking device combining the best of many worlds, including modeling, video gaming, and augmented reality. The AR.Drone is remote-controlled by an iPhone and features a number of sensors, including a front camera, vertical camera, and an ultrasound altimeter. The AR.Drone can also be used in video games, such as AR.FlyingAce, a dogfight between two AR.Drones.

A groundbreaking device combining the best of many worlds, including modeling, video gaming, and augmented reality. Click to enlarge.

The First Quadricopter Controlled by iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

Control with Your Apple Device
Thanks to its on-board Wi-Fi system, you can control the Parrot AR.Drone using an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

The Parrot AR.Drone
The AR.Drone is the first quadricopter that can be controlled by an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

High-technology Sensors Offer Simple Piloting
A mix of captors, wide-angle camera, high-speed camera and MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems), accelerometer, gyro sensors, and ultrasound sensor combine with a powerful on-board computer to make piloting the AR.Drone easy. Simply use your iPhone or iPod touch, and just tilt and touch to control the AR.Drone.

Connect and See
The Parrot AR.Drone generates its own Wi-Fi network to which you connect your iPod touch or iPhone to control. The front camera view is streamed to your piloting device display.

The AR.Drone autopilot allows easy takeoff and landing. After takeoff, autopilot stabilizes the AR.Drone at an 80-centimeter altitude. When you remove your finger from the iPhone/iPod touch, the autopilot function automatically puts the AR.Drone into stationary flight. Lost connection with the AR.Drone? Autopilot takes over again and stabilizes the device before attempting a soft and safe landing.

Indoor and Outdoor Hulls Included
The full hull shield protects the AR.Drone from impacts that occur during wild battles against enemies hidden in the rooms of the house. The streamlined colored hull is aerodynamic, allowing greater control outside.

High Durability and Easy Repair
AR.Drone is a quadricopter made of carbon fiber and high-resistance PA66 plastic. All parts can be changed for easy repair.

Free Piloting App on iTunes
Please download AR.Freeflight in the App Store to control the AR.Drone. iTunes account needed.

Augmented Reality Games
Not only see what the AR.Drone sees with the front-mounted camera, but enjoy a wide variety of games in augmented reality. AR.Games will be sold in the iTunes App Store. Choose from a selection of single-player and multiplayer games, using the AR.Drone’s camera and the augmented reality applications. Shoot enemies or other drones.

Thanks to its on-board Wi-Fi system, you can control the Parrot AR.Drone using an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

The full hull shield protects the AR.Drone from impacts.

The Parrot AR.Drone has been designed for both inside and outside use.

AR.Drone Details


  • Fly time: 12 minutes
  • 3-cell lithium polymer battery
  • Capacity: 1000 mAh
  • Charge time: 90 minutes


  • 4 x 15 W electric brushless motors (3,500 rpm)


  • High-efficiency propellers
  • Carbon tube structure

Front camera

  • VGA (640 x 480) CMOS camera
  • 93-degree wide-angle lens
  • 15 fps video

Vertical camera

  • QCIF (176 x 144) High-speed camera (CMOS)
  • 64-degree diagonal lens
  • 60 fps video
  • Horizontal stabilization


  • Ultrasound-based
  • Range: 6 m
  • Emission frequency: 40 kHz
  • Vertical stabilization

Internal guidance system

  • MEMS (micro electro mechanical system)
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • 2-axis gyroscope
  • 1-axis yaw precision gyroscope

Embedded computer

  • ARM9 RISC 32-bit 468 MHz
  • 128 MB DDR RAM
  • Wi-Fi b/g
  • Linux OS
  • USB socket


  • Size: 28 x 28 inches with hull; 29 x 11 inches without
  • Weight: 13.4 ounces

What’s in the Box

AR.Drone, indoor hull, outdoor hull (orange/blue), battery, charger, four adapters (EU, US/JP, UK, Aus/NZ), sticker for outdoor hull (for multiplayer battles), and quick start guide.

List Price: $ 299.99

Price: $ 279.00

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Best Iphone Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders

  • ISBN13: 9780596804275
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, Over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you want to load your iPhone or iPod Touch with some interesting apps, odds are you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of choices at Apple’s App Store–all 35,000 of them (and counting). What you need is a reliable guide to the best, most useful, and most entertaining iPhone apps, concisely cataloged and described. Well, look no further, because Best iPhone Apps is on its way!

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Best App for Sharing Your Adventures
by Josh Clark

Whrrl v2.0
Free; Version: 2.0.0; Pelago

Turn your outing—or anything you do—into a slideshow to share with others. Whrrl bundles photos and text messages into “stories.” Friends can add to the tale from their phones, too. Anything’s fair game: Your kid’s birthday, a paintball match, a night out, a conference, whatever. Take photos, post messages, and when you’re done, sign into to edit your story into a slideshow to share on the Web, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

Storytellers: Whrrl’s main screen shows a rundown of “featured stories”: a mix of slideshows posted by you and your friends, along with publicly shared slideshows selected for greatness by the Whrrl staff. Tap a story to see the slideshow, or start your own by tapping “Say where you are.” Announcing your location creates a new story where you post photos and messages.

Location, location, location: Stories are pegged to places. If other Whrrl-toting friends are in the same place, they can join the story and add their own photos and messages. You control who can see the story as it’s happening, changing the privacy settings anytime. You might share the story with more people, for example, after you get home and edit it into shape. The story ends when everyone leaves the location.

Feed me: Stories have two layouts, “feed view” and “story view.” Feed view shows the blow-by-blow events that construct the story, listing the messages, photos, arrivals, departures, and comments that float through the location as the story happens. In either view, visitors can add a comment by tapping the speech-bubble icon next to messages and photos. Tap a profile photo to see more about a person, including their stories.

Story view: This is the slideshow of the event. Photos and messages are each individual slides; the effect is like a silent movie where images and dialogue weave together. The front “card” shows who was there as well as visitor comments. When you’re done making the story, the slideshow remains on the Web, and you can edit it, share it, keep it private, or toss it out. (You have to sign into to edit or delete your stories).

Share with anyone: Friends, family, and coworkers don’t have to use Whrrl in order to see your adventures. Post stories on Facebook or Twitter while they’re in progress. (After a story is finished, you can still share it, but you have to do it from the website.) You can also have Whrrl create a photo album on Facebook for every story you create, copying your story photos automatically to your Facebook account.

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 5.00

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