Starscape & Bonus Snowdome (Backgrounds)

Christmas is coming and perhaps you need a cool looking Starscape in the Background of your Game, App or Wallpaper.

Included are 10 different Starscape varations (Jpeg) and the Photoshop File. Also included are the original Starscape renders as Jpeg, so you can make your own variations.

As a Bonus, there is a cool Snowdome Graphic (transparent png, the original Photoshop Comp and the original render are included)

Download Starscape & Bonus Snowdome (Backgrounds)

18 Seamless Metal Mesh Photoshop Patterns (Techno / Futuristic)

Files Included:

  • Photoshop .PAT file with 18 patterns
  • Expandable Photoshop .PSD file
  • These 6 different seamless metal mesh patterns come in 3 different sizes making them perfect for print or web. The expandable .PSD included also makes it easy to create a texture of any size and even change it to ANY Color!

    What You Get:

  • 6 different patterns
  • 3 sizes of each pattern (small, medium, large)
  • Expandable .PSD allowing color change, vignette and is fully scalable.
  • Download 18 Seamless Metal Mesh Photoshop Patterns (Techno / Futuristic)

    Ice Effect (Actions)

    These are 3 Photoshop Ice Effect Actions for fonts, shapes or any bitmap/graphic on a transparent layer.

    These effects bring frost, ice and winter to your creations. You simply could style everything with it: fonts, frames, dingbat fonts, custom shapes, elements, and more!
    With the 3 different icicle lengths, you have the choice how much ice you would like to add to your designs.

    Download Ice Effect (Actions)

    Framed & Stacked (Actions)

    This folder contains 1 action file.

    This action allows you to create framed and stacked photos in just a single click.

    The image used is for demo only and is not included in the pack but can be found here:

    it’s very easy to use but if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

    Enjoy ;-)

    Download Framed & Stacked (Actions)

    Premium Text Styles for Games (Styles)

    You are a flash or a freelance product designer but you’re out of ideas on how to further improve your designs in an instant, don’t fret, this item will be your time-saver for all your game or product finishing needs. This would add a nice finishing touch to go along with specific type of games or product. The package includes 3 styles in 14 different varieties making it a total of 42 polished pre-made colors that are well thought out for all your game title needs.

    Download Premium Text Styles for Games (Styles)