PicManage v1.0 – Ajax Picture Manager (Images and Media)

PicManage v1.0 is a Ajax based Picture Manager, that allows users to upload multiple images to a web server, resize, create thumbnails and manage uploaded images.
PicManage is very easy to install and use. No database is needed.


– Ajax powered
– Very easy to install and to incorporated in your site or application
– Easy to configure, even for people without programming skills
– jQuery enabled UI
– Upload multiple images
– Resize multiple images to given dimensions
– Create thumbnails with given dimensions
– Delete and rename images
– Offers direct links to uploaded images and created thumbnails
– Lightbox image preview
– Details about uploaded images (image type, dimensions, file size, upload date)
– Different validations on both client and server side ( allowed extension, filesize limit, check if the image name already exists, valid image names)
– Change the number of images displayed per page in the images explorer
– Image formats supported: jpg/jpeg, gif, png (with transparency)


Username: admin
Password: admin

The server where the demo is on, is a free one so sometimes the app needs a couple of seconds to load, but please be patient. And the upload limit is about 700kb i think.

System requirements:

PHP 5 +
PHP settings: allowed file uploads
PHP extensions: PHP GD library

Download PicManage v1.0 – Ajax Picture Manager (Images and Media)

NoSpam – Custom email Validator for PHP (Forms)

Say “NO” a SPAM

This plug-in is filtering email address writed by user in form.

– Check that email is from top-level domain (270 top-level domain)
( no more mail like ”@gmail.xx” or ”@gmail.com1” – check all top-level domains)
-No more email from temporary mail providers ( block more that 90 providers like:”mailinator.com”, “trash2009.com”, “jetable.net” ….)
-Allow to block email from domain (example: you can block all mail from “gmail.com”)
-Easy to configure.

This class is :

-Useful for any PHP website
-Cross-browser compatible
-simple to use
-detailed documentation included
– PHP file included

code to implemented in your php file :
$myClass1 = new noSpam;
$myClass1 -> Checkmail(“[email protected]_check.com”);
if ($myClass1 -> Checkmail(“[email protected]_check.com”) != 1 )
echo $myClass1 -> spamMail;

Download NoSpam – Custom email Validator for PHP (Forms)

Custom -Webkit- Animations and Transitions (Animations and Effects)

Cutsom Webkit Animations

  • Full Video Can be Found here
  • 35 animation variations
  • Safari,Chrome,ipad,iphone
  • Seperate Demos for easy readability
  • *Chrome Does NOT support 3d animations(yet)
  • Jquery is ONLY used to activate animations

Version 1.1

  • Improved Performance on all Animations
  • minor bug fixes
  • Improved Effects on 3d Animations

Download Custom -Webkit- Animations and Transitions (Animations and Effects)

Ken Burns Media Gallery / Slideshow (Images and Media)



jQuery Ken Burns Slideshowis the perfect way to showcase your pictures/ads in style. Each item has a separate slideshow time and you can edit their link, target and many other individual settings just by modifying the HTML .

Possible panning positions ( initial and final )


  • supports .PNGs, .JPGs, .GIFs
  • supports unlimited items – rotate as many pictures as you wish
  • slideshow mode – with independent time for each item that you can define in the HTML provided
  • values you can set up for each item – description (the description from the top), initialZoom(any value you wish), finalZoom, slideshowTime ( the time the banner rotator stays focused on the specific item ), burn effect time ( the time you wish the effect to take ), url (if no url is set the item will just be a image with no link on click ), transitionType(easeInSine,linear etc.) , initialposition, final position (choose from topleft,topcenter,topright,middleleft,middlecenter,middleright,bottomleft,bottomcenter,bottomright )
  • resizable to your preferred size – all contents will position proper

Download Ken Burns Media Gallery / Slideshow (Images and Media)

Friendly CSS3 MegaMenu(Horiz & Vert) w/transitions (Navigation and Menus)

An easy-to-use CSS Mega Menu with both vertical and horizontal implementations. Unlimited possible sub menus with CSS 3 transitions giving you a javascript-like menu with only CSS ! Create your own colour schemes in only 5 lines of code – all code is heavily commented.

Has options for displaying lists in single columns or double width columns as well as other variations for displaying products with prices and images.

Practically limitless possibilities enabling you to have everything you need in a menu system. All transitions can be viewed in Google Chrome 4/5 and Safari 4/5 as well as Firefox 4 (beta) and IE 9 (beta).
Menu displays perfectly fine in older browsers including IE 7 and 8, Firefox 2 and 3, Opera, Chrome 2 and 3.

Download Friendly CSS3 MegaMenu(Horiz & Vert) w/transitions (Navigation and Menus)

AJAX Image Uploader (Loaders and Uploaders)

  • Upload image with AJAX
  • Inserts filenames in database with AJAX
  • Image resize
  • Create thumbnail
  • Keep image aspect ratio
  • Check if image name already exists
  • Unique image name
  • After submit file field is disabled for 5 seconds


  • Check if file has an allowed extension – 03.08.2010
  • Image minimum/maximum size – 04.08.2010
  • Show image location/code to post on forums – 05.08.2010
  • Create 2 new thumbnails – 08.08.2010
  • Check if it’s animated image – 09.08.2010
  • Preserve image transparency – 09.08.2010
  • Allow upload animated gif images(without resize) – 17.08.2010
  • Keep original image – 17.08.2010

See also

Ajax Search Form

Download AJAX Image Uploader (Loaders and Uploaders)

ImgTag – Easy photo tagging (Images and Media)

ImgTag is a script for adding tags (annotation) to your images. With ImgTag the user can move the mouse over specific regions in your image to see a tooltip or a custom effect.


  • Extremely light-weight (around 5Kb compressed)
  • Easy to use. Very simple and clear JavaScript syntax
  • Fully customizable through CSS or JavaScript
  • Facebook like tagging: Hover over links to highlight the tag
  • Photo Fade Effect to better highlight your tag
  • Cross-Browser and Extensive documentation

Make sure to check my other script and my online qrcode tool

Download ImgTag – Easy photo tagging (Images and Media)

Simple Sanitize (Miscellaneous)

Use this PHP Class to safely access user input like GET and POST variables. Set it and forget it! This class automatically sanitizes your data in various ways. Current options include “strict”, “html”, “mysql”, “both” (html and mysql), or “none”.

Each sanitizing level handles data a little bit differently. “strict” will return input with only alphanumeric characters. “html” encodes all html-entites. “mysql” escapes all special mysql characters (no mysql connection required). “both” runs the html sanitizing and then the mysql. “none” will give you the data as it is.

Optional maxlength parameters included! Before you sanitize a string, you can define the max length (for strings) or max value (for numbers). Strings will be cut off at the maxlength before it is sanitized, and numbers won’t be allowed past that value.

Arrays are supported! This class will recursively sanitize any array it runs into. That means you can return the entire $_POST variable with each and every value sanitized the way you want it.

Force data types! You can force any value you retrieve to be an int, float, or boolean.

Download Simple Sanitize (Miscellaneous)

Fluid Layout Admin Page with Rounded Corner (Layouts)

This theme is a fliud layout (100% width) and provides rounded corner and rounded tab. Rounded corner effect works in IE 7 , 8, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome (IE 6 will lose rounded corner). It comes with 4 colors style (Silver , Red , Green , Blue)

Features include:

  • Rounded Corner
  • Fluid layout, width/height (up to full image dimensions)
  • PNG alpha transparency – corners, borders, tabs
  • Hide / Show effect of “Tab Content” by jQuery
  • 4 color styles included
  • Clean HTML code and CSS
  • Very easy to integrate with your website
  • PSD file included

Download Fluid Layout Admin Page with Rounded Corner (Layouts)

News Plugin (Miscellaneous)

This plugin is an excellent solution for rapid integration of the news section in your site.

Plugin required:

  • PHP5
  • CakePHP 1.3.x
  • TinyMCE Editor

Plugin features:

  • It is easy to manage the news of site
  • Localization ready (default English)
  • Ready to customize the news section with Config plugin.
  • Supports the display of news in blocks
  • Establish with any DBMS supported CakePHP framework


In the Administration Console you can see how to work the management news of the site. To access the console, use the:
login – news_manager
password – news_manager

Download News Plugin (Miscellaneous)

Touch Dialog Box (Miscellaneous)

To preview from a mobile device, remove the frame in the live preview, or click here.

UPDATED 08 /06:

– Added mouseover behavior.

Touch dialog box is a jQuery plugin to be easily used to add quick links, mainly to touch enabled sites, although the plugin can also be used in regular desktop websites.

It uses no images, only CSS3 effects and JavaScript, making it a simple to use plugin, as well as a lightweight one.

It allows the developer to add simple actions to a popup dialog, which can be customized in color and font. It also has 2 available show effects: bounce and fade.

It can be used for multiple purposes, but it should be noted that, due to the small size of a smartphone screen, it can hold only a few links.
A common example can be a “share” button: you can make the dialog appear with “Facebook”, “Twitter” and “Email” as options. You can also use it in a touch enabled control panel and call actions such as “Add”, “Edit” and “Delete”.

The plugin has been tested in the following mobile browsers: iPhone Mobile Safari, Android Browser (HVGA and WVGA ), Palm Pre Browser, Opera Mobile for Windows Mobile 6.5, Opera Mini for Android and iPhone. In Opera Mini, there are no animations nor CSS3 styles (shadows and rounder borders).

Download Touch Dialog Box (Miscellaneous)

jQuery Lightbox Evolution (Images and Media)

Lightbox Evolution is a tool for displaying images, html content, maps, and videos in a “lightbox” style that floats overtop of web page. Using Lightbox Evolution, website authors can showcase a wide assortment of media in all major browsers without navigating users away from the linking page.


  • Can display images, HTML elements, SWF movies, Maps, and Ajax requests
  • Customizable through settings and CSS
  • Groups related items with navigation buttons
  • Amazing animations!

If you like this script please take a minute and rate it :) If you are rating it with less than 5 stars please drop me a mail why it didn’t achive a full score and what could be improved in your opinion :)


1.2.2 (Ago 16 2010)
* Restore 'maximize' button when you click on gallery buttons
* Added 'minimalist' theme

1.2.1 (Ago 10 2010)
* Fixed 'shake' function
* Added 'classic' theme

1.2 (Ago 02 2010)
* Added megavideo.com video support
* Added gametrailers.com video support
* Added collegehumor.com video support
* Added ustream.tv video support
* Added twitvid.com video support
* Fixed bug in Overlay when the lightbox closes
* Show hidden inline content
* Fixed slow animation with Internet Explorer
* Added compatibility to .tiff images
* Added iframe support
* Added Google Maps and Bing Maps support

1.1 (Jul 28 2010)
* Keyboard events are now handled.
* Overflow bug in html content fixed.

1.0 (Jul 11 2010)
* First version

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Download jQuery Lightbox Evolution (Images and Media)