WizyLike Like/Unlike WordPress Plugin for Posts (WordPress)

WizyLike is a WordPress plugin that allows registered users or visitors to like/unlike your blog posts. It allows the user/visitor to like your post one time only and unlike it of desired. WizyLike has 3 style options and 12 colour options for maximum customisation. The mark-up is dead easy to style so if ready made styles doesn’t suit you, go ahead and make your tailored style ;).

Through the plugin’s settings page you can setup the colour, style, users-only limit, like text (eg ‘like?’) and finally the unlike text (eg ‘unlike’). You can also disable WizyLike on single posts (see screenshots).

Note: The live preview is open for visitors to like the ready made posts on there. You can switch the style and colours live on the post page. enjoy ;)

Download WizyLike Like/Unlike WordPress Plugin for Posts (WordPress)

compressIt – compress what you want (Miscellaneous)

Allow you to compress any folder, recursively or not, according to a pattern (eg. .jpg), or not, and download it in one step.

compressIt provides an api to make a zip file with all you want in it :

You customer need to download a picture folder in his website ?
“Damn, your pictures are scattered into many folders!”
compressIt do it in 4 lines.

You need to download all *.txt files in your website but they are scattered in lot of folders?
You need a incremental backup of anything?

compressIt do all these tasks for you in a fast and comprehensive way.

Download compressIt – compress what you want (Miscellaneous)

Drop-o-Matic | HTML5 Friendly Drop Menu (Miscellaneous Apps)

This is a very clean and simple HTML5 friendly drop navigation script. It uses the Prototype JS library and is written primarily using HTML5 and CSS3 markup. The drop menu script can be configured to show any type of content. Examples are included as well as detailed commenting to help you set it up.

Download Drop-o-Matic | HTML5 Friendly Drop Menu (Miscellaneous Apps)

PHP Easy Portfolio (Project Management Tools)

With this script, you can easily create your portfolio website! A great way to present your work over the Internet. It would be great for creating not only personal portfolios, but also company websites. You can add new works, delete or edit existing ones in the admin panel, add client testimonials, choose different styles, edit your ‘About Me’ page and link it with social media profiles, choose featured images to be shown on the homepage, and many more. Don’t forget to check the screenshots and live preview!

  • Easy and fast installation
  • Utilizes with MySQL database
  • Show your client testimonials
  • Web based installation
  • Built-in WYSIWYG editor
  • Automatically generated thumbnails
  • Different color&style options (black, white, silver)
  • Social media supported “About Me” page
  • Lightbox-supported image gallery
  • Pagination
  • Easy to customize CSS /XHTML
  • Advanced admin panel

Administrator Panel

URL : http://www.creavitastudios.com/portfolio/

Username: admin
Password: admin

Download PHP Easy Portfolio (Project Management Tools)

Video subtitles (Miscellaneous Apps)

With subtitler you can add subtitler to your HTML5 videos based on standard srt format subtitles. You can use HTML tags to add some styling your subtitles. And the look of the subtitles can be customized with CSS .

How to use

To use the script you add the following script to your page after loading jQuery and the subtitler plugin:

$('#video').subtitle("subtitles.srt", {style:{'background': '#000', 'opacity': 0.8}, width: 400, height: 300});

Download Video subtitles (Miscellaneous Apps)

Canny Comment System (Forms)

Canny Comment is an advanced Ajax commenting system built for any website in need of some voice.


• Ajax-Powered
– Snappy jQuery-driven Ajax
• 100% CSS UI
– No images!
• Intuitive Admin Panel
– Manage comments your way, no config file hassles
• Comment ratings
– Let users rate each comment
• Admin approval
– Approve comments before making them live
– Receive emails of pending comments
• Client and server side validation
– Ajax and PHP front-end validation
• Fully sanitized data
– Safe from MySQL attacks
• Spam Protection
• Bad word filtering
• Refined jQuery animations
– Impress your audience
• Inline-labels for comment forms
– Makes things simple for your users
• Admin approve, deny, delete buttons
• Sort comments ascending or descending

This system is great for any site without comments, CMS sites, blogs. Even let Canny Comment take over your current commenting.

Download Canny Comment System (Forms)

Dynamically Load Multiple Minified Compressed CSS (Miscellaneous)

This simple script enables you to load multiple CSS files as a minified compressed version without changing your actual CSS files. This reduces the transfer rate of your CSS from the Web Server to the Browser and definitely gives a positive impact on your bandwidth usage as well as it loads faster. This script also caches the CSS files to reduce the number of requests to the web server everytime the website is visited.


  • Combines Multiple CSS Files into 1 Output.
  • Removes Line Breaks, Comments, Extra Spaces without disturbing the original files.
  • Compresses the output using PHP ’s ZLib Module.
  • Compresses the output up to 85% dynamically reducing the file transfer size and saves bandwidth.

Online Demo

The Demo URL will show you the Minified Compressed CSS version in which we have loaded 3 different CSS files and combined, minified and compressed them as 1 Output.

To View the Original Files. The URLs are:

Download Dynamically Load Multiple Minified Compressed CSS (Miscellaneous)

HTML5 Blue Video Gallery (3D)



This player uses the latest html5 tehniques. For example – it uses HTML5 LocalStorage to remember the last volume you had before you exit and sets back that volume when you come back. All the player graphics are driven by XML .


  • Focus on the video – the fullscreen button let’s you enjoy the video on the whole browser window
  • All graphics driven by XML – very easy to change position and image
  • Description box – provide a description to your video very easily due to the description button
  • Keep your site up to date with technology – this player utilizes the latest HTML5 video and LocalStorage tags.
  • Remembers your preferences – this player uses Html5’s LocalStorage in order to store the last volume you have set, so when you close the page and open it later, the volume is right back where you left it
  • Compatible with all major browsers, including IE – provides flash fallback for the browsers that don’t support the video tag ( you can specify which video to play through FlashVars )


    Video from – http://www.bigbuckbunny.org/

  • Download HTML5 Blue Video Gallery (3D)

    Custom Picasa Gallery (Miscellaneous Apps)

    Want a Quick Video Overview of How it Looks/Works?

    Why Use a Custom Picasa Gallery?

    I built this custom gallery out of necessity. I love Picasa, but disliked the fact that there wasn’t really any way to customize my PicasaWeb album—at all, really. So, I began researching other web storage galleries around the web: SmugMug, ZenFolio, Phanfare, etc. They all had pros and cons, but, most noticeably, they were too dang expensive, when compared to Picasa’s super cheap web storage!

    The answer, I decided, was to utilize their API and build my own JavaScript-based custom gallery.

    What’s Cool About It:

    1. AJAX based. No page loads!
    2. Store your photo gallery on a custom domain, like “photos.mysite.com”
    3. Special support for the latest modern browsers, including client-side storage, and a slider to zoom in and out the photos, just like Picasa’s desktop app.
    4. It’s 100% skinnable, unlike PicasaWeb. If you’re familiar with CSS , then dig in! Add your logo, change the color scheme, change the layout….that’s the whole point. Make Picasa fit your needs.
    5. Browse all of your albums via thumbnails, as well as a drop down list in the sidebar.
    6. Lightbox functionality
    7. Keyboard navigation
    8. And plenty more. Plus…this application is being actively developed. As feedback comes in, more improvements will be made!


    • This custom Picasa gallery utilizes a decent amount of HTML5 type stuff. :) What that means is that, the newer your browser, the better the gallery will perform and look. I recommend Google Chrome for personal browsing. However, this gallery will work Internet Explorer 7+. Just keep in mind that the presentation isn’t quite as sharp due to the browser’s faults. Nonetheless, it works.
    • Regular non-dev Joes don’t know how to work with databases and server-side coding. That is specifically why this app is JavaScript-dependent. It’s for both developers and casual users. What this means, though, is that this is dependent upon JavaScript being enabled in the user’s browser. Not a big deal at all, but should be noted.

    This item is being actively developed, so expect numerous updates over the coming months, as suggestions roll in. Updating is free and super simple.

    Download Custom Picasa Gallery (Miscellaneous Apps)

    WordPress Weather (Miscellaneous)

    WordPress Weather allows the inclusion of a weather forecast in posts, the sidebar, and template files. The initial location for the forecast can be changed by the visitor. Default general and sidebar templates are provided, along with the ability for site owners to override using custom templates. The weather comes from the Google weather api.

    Updates Feed

    == Changelog ==
    = 1.1.1 =
    * city and place names containing non-UTF-8 encoding are now handled by the plugin
    = 1.1 =
    * forecast time/date made accurate, was off by half a day
    = 1.0 =
    * Initial release.

    Download WordPress Weather (Miscellaneous)

    Noty (Miscellaneous Apps)

    Noty is a simple widget for taking notes about the current page. A potential use is taking notes on a blog post for commenting later.

    Noty uses several HTML5 and related technologies, using the browser’s native functionality wherever possible. It is designed to work in modern browsers.

    • Drag-and-Drop support via the browser’s native API . You can save excerpts from the page simply by highlighting text and dragging to the widget.
    • Persistent storage of notes for browsers that support it. Notes are saved in the user’s borwser for future visits.
    • Sharing of notes with link via Email or Twitter
    • Automatic URL shortening for sharing via bit.ly
    • Ability to scroll directly to the source of a note on the page (not available in Internet Explorer)
    • Fancy CSS3 effects (box-shadow, gradients and transitions)
    • Fully semantic HTML5 markup
    • Collapsable widget, remembering the state for the next page. This is useful in case the widget covers part of the page.
    • Tested to work in current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari

    Download Noty (Miscellaneous Apps)

    noteApp HTML5 (Storage)

    LIVE PREVIEW – http://www.devtuts.com.br/demos/noteapp/index.html

    NoteApp is a note aplication made with HTML5 technology and with JavaScript, jQuery and CSS3 . Combining modern features to create a great system that is very usefull.

    The NoteApp is a system that allow to your users record notes about your pages and in future visits, acess this notes and get the adress of the page. Is like a Favorite system, but NoteApp combine this with a annotation system, the advantage is that the favorite system is only to your website, making much easier to your user localize a page of your website.

    Other advantage is that you don’t need of DataBases, PHP Scripts, your users don’t need log in, all the data is stored in the user computer. This means MORE SPACE to your server and MORE SPEED to your user write a personal comment and store your page adress!


    – You can change the aligment to Top – Center and Bottom
    – Can change the skin and create your own skin in easy steps
    – Very easy to put in your website
    – And much more!

    Download noteApp HTML5 (Storage)

    devZor.project, Your Offline HTML5 Task Management (Miscellaneous Apps)

    devZor.project is the only to-do list a developer ever needs ! It gives you the freedom to manage your tasks in a different way. I’m sure you use (or used) allot of these task management solutions, but in my opinion they were always either too simple and feature-less or too advanced and hard to find your way around. I then created something different, something that focuses on the every day tasks of a developer and/or freelancer.

    What does a developer working on a project every day?

    • Completes Tasks
    • Brain Storms, Writes Down Ideas
    • Bookmarks Allot Of Links
    • Reads Articles (maybe even Writes Articles?)
    • Codes! (for the programmers)
    • Reads RSS Feeds

    So this is the everyday dose of every developer. devZor.project helps you organize the things listed above, with absolute freedom when inputting text/html !

    If this was an online task management solution that allows HTML input, that input would be filtered before it goes into database. If this was a desktop application, you wouldn’t be able to input HTML at all.

    That’s why this is an HTML5 Application!

    Quick Feature Overview:

    You start devZor.project in Chrome/Safari (Firefox & IE are not supported), you install the application in two clicks, and here’s what you get:

    • Per Project Management – You add your projects using the top-left box, and add new tasks/ideas/articles/code/feeds/links for each project. You can also use the No-Project category for adding things that don’t belong to a specific project.
    • Tasks – Adding tasks has never been easier! I’m sure you are familiar with this application interface from Twitter or Facebook. Just click the “New Task” link, and type a task title, task content (NON-Filtered), start & due dates, and priority. You can then mark your task as completed when you … complete it! You also have a task-filter on the left, giving you control over what tasks are shown.
    • Ideas & Articles – Almost the same as adding tasks, the only difference being in the input form. Here you add title, description (for articles), and the article/idea content. Fueled by HTML5 , you can also add videos & audio files to your content. If you are an html/css coder, feel free to style your content right there, in the markup editor, nothing is filtered and everything will be accepted.
    • Code – Here you can add your quick code snippets. devZor.project comes with SyntaxHighlighter, allowing you to browse through your snippets just like you would in any online/offline snippet database. Just click the “code” button, type one of the listed programming languages in the popup, and paste your code. I’m sure you noticed, you can also add highlighted code to any task, idea, or article.
    • Links – Bookmark your project specific links here! Instead of having 150 bookmarks in your browser, have only the daily bookmarks in your browser, and put the others in their project in devZor.project.
    • Feeds – Just like the links, there are some RSS feeds we read only because we are watching for something that is connected to our project. Add them to your project, and load them when you want (and you are online).
    • Search – Since this application is offline, the search is VERY fast. You type your search string, and as you type it, the page you are currently at is being filtered in split second. When you search, you are searching through what is currently displayed (tasks, articles, etc).

    Browsers Supported?

    I have personally tested the application on Chrome 5, Safari 4, and Safari 5, didn’t notice any bugs. Mozilla Firefox is NOT supported (still no offline database in firefox), IE is also NOT supported.

    That’s IT! Use this application to manage your development tasks YOUR WAY ! Customize every task you post, so the next time you see your task list, you smile. :)

    Download devZor.project, Your Offline HTML5 Task Management (Miscellaneous Apps)