FooBar – A jQuery Notification Bar (Navigation)

FooBar – The Unobtrusive Notification Bar That Doesn’t Suck!

FooBar is a neat and unobtrusive notification bar that sits at the top of the page that can be used to inform or announce specific info to site visitors. The collapsible bar can be used in unlimited scenarios, including displaying notifications, showing site announcements, product specials, competitions, giveaways, etc. Anything you can think of, really.

With over 30 options, the FooBar can be customized to look however you want. The FooBar helps you increase your social likes, followers etc, helps to promote your products and increase sales, and it helps with gaining more pageviews when used with the RSS feed options.

Features include:

  • collapsable bar to showcase certain content
  • super simple to setup and incorporate into your site
  • display inline or fixed
  • totally customizable appearance via options (or custom CSS )
  • included 3 arrow button themes
  • 35+ options to help customize
  • Load an RSS feed (uses the Google feed API support)
  • showcase your social profiles
  • show the bar after a certain time
  • show the bar only when the page is scrolled

Inspired by the hellobar, the FooBar has been developed to catch the attention of the visitor and display a call to action to help with your goal conversions.

Icons in demo courtesy of IconDock (

Download FooBar – A jQuery Notification Bar (Navigation)

Fancy Music Player – jQuery plugin (Media)

Fancy Music Player is highly customizable MP3 -Player in Flash with a HTML5 fallback. It first checks if the browser supports Flash 9 or higher, if not it will use a HTML5 version. So it runs on all iToys(iPhone, iPad …). You also dont need any Flash software to change the colors or dimensions, all this can be changed through the options.
For example: Once you have set a color, the Flash and HTML5 version will get the new color.


  • mainColor – Set the main color
  • lineColor – Sets the line color
  • topGradientColor – Sets the top gradient color in the info window
  • bottomGradientColor – Sets the bottom gradient color in the info window
  • playlistTextColor – Sets the text color of the tracks in the playlist
  • playlistBackgroundColor – Sets the background color of the tracks in the playlist
  • width – Sets the width of the player
  • playlistHeight – Sets the height of the playlist
  • autoPlay – Enables/disbales autoplay
  • downloadable – Enables/disables the download/link option for each track
  • swfPath – Sets the path of the FancyMusicPlayer.swf


  • play() – Plays the music
  • pause() – Pauses the music
  • toggle() – Plays/pauses the music
  • next() – Plays the next track
  • previous() – Plays the previous track
  • setVolume(0-1) – Sets the volume
  • clear() – Removes all tracks from the playlist and stops playing
  • addTrack(trackPath, title, link, playIt) – Adss a new track to the playlist


Icons are from
Music is from Fobee

Download Fancy Music Player – jQuery plugin (Media)

Advanced Mobile Store Locator (Full Applications)

This mobile store locator is using a built-in API to fetch and display all the stores information. that makes it a very powerful and flexible mobile application. It enables users to views your stores list and details informations, view the stores on a Google Map, view a Google Street view, search by address, search the closest stores to their current location and more.


– List all your stores on Mobile devices (iPhone, iTouch, Android, iPad…).
– Support results pagination using the AJAX technology.
– Let your users search your stores by address or postal code.
– Support Google Maps v3 (no API key required).
– Support distances in Km or in Miles.
– Support streetview display.
– Powered by jQuery and jQuery Mobile.
– Display the closest stores around the current location.
– Very clean and user friendly user interface.

Also included

– Fully featured backend interface to add, edit and delete stores.
– Automatically geocode your store addresses in the database.
– Built-in API system.

Demo available on this page.

Download Advanced Mobile Store Locator (Full Applications)

iPainter iPhone App (iPhone)

The Painter app turns the iPhone screen into a virtual canvas. The user paints by dragging one or more fingers across the screen. The line color and thickness can be set by touching the info button in the lower-right corner of the screen. The control panel includes a slider for line width and red, green and blue sliders for line color. As the line width slider is moved from left to right, the width of the line increases. At the bottom of the screen, two buttons allow the user to turn a finger into an eraser or clear the screen entirely. At any point while painting, the user can shake the iPhone to clear the entire drawing from the screen.

Download iPainter iPhone App (iPhone)

Trick App – iOS XCode Project (iPhone)

iDavid: Card Magic is a card trick application for iPhone and iPod touch. This item include full source code of this app on Objective-C and XCode project file. It can help you understand how to build your own entertainment app. Should be very useful for beginners. You can check application in AppStore:

Download Trick App – iOS XCode Project (iPhone)

Simple Cryptography Framework – C#/VB.NET (Miscellaneous)

The “Simple Crypto Framework” consists of a couple of .NET classes available in either a single VB/C# file or
inside a DLL both in .NET 2.0 and .NET 3.5 versions (there is no actual code changes in the switching
between .NET versions – It’s for the demo’s and DLL ’s). It contains classes for easy working with AES
(Rijndael), 3DES and RSA . It also contains MD5 , SHA1, SHA256 , and SHA512 hashing functions.

Both the encryption and hashing functions accept strings, byte arrays and files (Except RSA – It’s limited to
small amounts of data).

The file encryption functions raises an EncryptionUpdate event from the class so you can show status to
the user. In it’s current state they are not asyncrounos as I wanted to keep the system simple and easy to
use. I do however show how to do asyncrounos file encryption in the provided demo projects.

Please note:

The 3.5 Version works in .NET 4 too. It’s exactly the same!

Download Simple Cryptography Framework – C#/VB.NET (Miscellaneous)

Kooltip – CSS3 tooltip (Miscellaneous)

Kooltip is a pure CSS tooltip.


  • Pure CSS , no images, no js
  • 2 vertical & 9 horizontal positions
  • 12 color styles (icyblue, skyblue, purple, magenta, red, orange, yellow, olivegreen, grassgreen, brown, grey and black)
  • 10 predefinied width styles (50px – 500px) & auto width (default)
  • Tooltip title
  • 5 CSS animation styles (fade, slide-left, slide-right, slide-up, slide-down) for supported browsers (Safari 4+, Chrome 4+, Opera 10.5+, Firefox 4+)

CSS animations video

Download Kooltip – CSS3 tooltip (Miscellaneous)

Key – Secure any page in seconds! (Miscellaneous)

Key is a lightweight and reliable PHP class that helps you protect any page in seconds, with support for multiple users, MD5 and SHA1 hashing, and no database necessary!

Protecting a page with Key is as simple as including a tiny snippet of code at the top of the page you’d like to protect – and it takes care of everything else for you!

If you’re a developer, Key is very well documented and easy to extend or modify. Key’s code is documented with phpdoc-standard tags, and includes extensive and clear HTML documentation, for both end-users and developers.

Try out the demo with the following credentials:

username: admin
password: demo

The username is not case-sensitive.

Download Key – Secure any page in seconds! (Miscellaneous)

Envato Product Storefront (Miscellaneous)

What is the Envato Product Storefront?

Simply put, it’s a premium WordPress plugin that gives you an easy way to build and display a great looking Envato marketplace showcases. Using the Envato API , it imports, caches and displays detailed product information on your site. The plugin also captures impressions and clicks on each of the products, displaying them in fancy jQuery charts so you can quickly keep track of what’s popular and what’s not.

Check out the demo and full feature list here:

Earn money without being an author!

Have a blog? Display Envato products with your referral tag attached and earn 30% on your visitor’s first deposit when they click on the items! For more information about about the Envato Marketplaces’ referral scheme, please visit the Referral Wiki page.

Main Features

  • Uses the Envato API to Import Products into the drag & drop product list.
  • Lots of great shortcode options to display a product or products anywhere.
  • Statistics screen to collect and view impression/click data.
  • Image caching for thumbnails and preview screenshots.
  • Screenshot preview on thumbnail hover.
  • Options screen to add a referral id, change the style and more.
  • Admin Bar menu items for WP 3 .1 users.
  • Updatable from the Plugins page.
  • As a bonus, it’s also already tested and working in WP 3 .2-beta!
  • Requires cURL for image caching. However, if you don’t have cURL running the plugin will still work!

Download Envato Product Storefront (Miscellaneous)

Facebook Client for WordPress (Social Networking)

This Facebook Client plugin let you add a Facebook Client to any post or page. It enables users to connect, and interact with their Facebook account (posting updates, viewing their wall and their friends news, viewing and posting comments, etc).

The main advantages is to to have a way for your users to interact with their Facebook account without leaving your blog, and a way for you to offer a richer user experience to your existing users.


– Facebook connect and Graph API integration.
– Display user’s friends news, wall and posts.
– Display Facebook friends list.
– Ability to update Facebook status.
– Ability to view and add comments.
– Uses AJAX technology to load content without any page refresh (jQuery powered).
– Comments integration using AJAX as well.
– “More button” at the bottom to dynamically load new posts.

This plugin only loads its files and/or functions one the pages or posts where you activate the display of the Facebook client using the shortcode. That way your WordPress never get surcharged by necessary files inclusions and stays lightweight !

You can check the demo on this page.

Mobile version available

Get the Mobile Facebook Application

Download Facebook Client for WordPress (Social Networking)

Newsletter Tycoon (Newsletters)

This plugin allows users to subscribe and receive a newsletter containing the blog latest posts. The newsletter subscription system features a double opt-in system, with email confirmation. Administrators can also activate subscribers.

The newsletter can be sent regularly (weekly, monthly) or manually (anytime) and may contain any amount of articles.

By customizing the newsletter template, one can send announcements, special offers and holiday messages.

Download Newsletter Tycoon (Newsletters)