Online Dynamic Mobile Radio (iPhone)

  • No programming skills needed
  • Customizable over external plist files.
  • This application can stream all format: ACC , ACC + , PLS , MP3 , M3U
  • The interface is very easy to modify
  • Slider’s images can be changed from external plist file.
  • Second and Third Tabs’ webviews’ can be changed from outside with url and with tab icons.
  • 4th Tab’s text’s can be changed from external plist file.
  • Fully dynamic.
  • IOS 4 .2 Support.

Download Online Dynamic Mobile Radio (iPhone)

Masonry Tube WordPress Plugin (WordPress)

Masonry Tube is a user friendly, highly customizable WordPress plug-in that leverages the power of the Jquery Masonry and the YouTube API . It works out of the box with WordPress 3 to allow for easy content management and even easier implementation.

In a nutshell, this plugin simply creates a pop up window with your youtube video in it using jquery and the youtube API .

Secondly, it uses jquery masonry to make a nice interface for your users. Checkout the demo 1 or
demo 2!


  • Usable for every wordpress website
  • Youtube APi Integration
  • Jquery Masonry Integration
  • Custom Jquery Plugin Bundled In
  • HTML , CSS, Javascript, and examples Bundled in

Real World Examples


Download Masonry Tube WordPress Plugin (WordPress)

WPLM – WordPress Link Monetizer (Advertising)

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Monetize Every Link on Your Blog!

WPLM (WordPress Link Monetizer) is a WordPress plugin that can automatically monetize every link on your blog!, redirect your visitors to an advertising page, or even integrate to each link of your site. The plugin gives you a lot of control over which links get monetized, categories / pages / sites to exlude, integration mode (iframe or redirect link), ads manager and much more.

With this plugin, you can make money easily for every link on your site, and even the spammers links! Here is an example, you have a link in an article:

This link will be automatically cloaked / converted to:

If a visitor clicks on this link, he will be redirected to a page of your choice:

1 – Redirect Page: A page with your ad and your custom text, visitors will have to wait or click on the link shown to visit “”.
2 – Iframe Page: The site “” will be open but in an iframe, you can insert your advertising banners. The visitor will visit “”, consult the pages… But always with your ads inserted!
3 – URL shortener service – The visitor will be redirected to with your affiliate link before being redirected to the outgoing site “”.


Item URL :
Contact: [email protected]

What you get?

\ Plugin with all Features
\ QuickStart
\ Free Support (+Docs & Help)
\ Free Updates (+Request Features)


\ Automatic monetize your links
\ Custom and filter your monetized links
\ 3 Modes of outgoing page: Redirect page, Iframe,
\ Custom your Redirect Page (text, images, ads)
\ Predefined template page
\ Ads Manager
\ Integration
\ Full control panel
\ Compatible with wordpress 2.x and 3.x

Live Demo:

Site Demo:
Admin Demo:


We would like to thank everyone who contributed to release and improving this script, with your useful advice and suggestions, we can develop the script together. Special thanks to “Mr Alex Albert” :


Version 1.0 – 04/17/2012:

  • First Release

free counters

Download WPLM – WordPress Link Monetizer (Advertising)

QR Encoder JS Library (Libraries)

This item is a JavaScript library that can be used to generate fully customizable QR codes. The QR editing and encoding functionality is 100% done on the client. You are not dependent on internet access or any server side libraries to create and customize your very own QR code! There are two export formats supported right now: image/png and .SVG After including the script there will be an object called QR added to the global scope and by accessing it’s encode function you will be able to generate your codes. The item contains the script, an example with some usecases and a README containing the documentation for the library.

Download QR Encoder JS Library (Libraries)

Dictionary App with Search (Android)

Dictionary App is an Android application which can be used to create different dictionaries and glossary apps. It’s a searchable dictionary. You can easily customize the app and build your own dictionary app. Contents are stored as normal text file, so editing is going to be very simple.


Easy Customization
Android 1.6 and above
Splash screen PSD
Readme guide

Download Dictionary App with Search (Android)

CSS3 Drop Menu (Navigation and Menus)

CSS3 Drop Menu is based on modern web design and comes with notification bubble. It uses @font-face syntax for font icons and comes with 3 different colors.

Watch the Screencast here(HD)


  • 3 Different Color (Black, Blue and Green)
  • Cross Browser Compatible( IE7 +, FF3 +, Opera, Chrome, Safari)
  • Uses @font-face for icons
  • Expandable Search Box
  • Easy to customize
  • Expand to any columns
  • 2/3 Column Drop Down and sign up box
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Documentation Included

Download CSS3 Drop Menu (Navigation and Menus)

Apns Manager (Project Management Tools)

What is this script?

Apns Manager is an help for who need to implement the Apple Push Notification System and don’t have time for it or knowledge of how to do.This system is a simple and easy to use solution.

The project contain also a coca Lib for easy integrate Apns Manager in your App. And also an iOS cocoa Example Project full documentated.


  • Easy Installation
  • Support multiple Applications
  • Track Devices
  • Send message to single device
  • Resend message
  • Easy integration in iOS Project
  • Statistics Info

Download Apns Manager (Project Management Tools)

xml2tb – jQuery Plugin (Miscellaneous)

Transform a xml file to table easily

Main features:
• Multiple table instances
• Support of both xml object and xml string
• Function to retrieve the xml by ajax
• Choose the columns
• Image support
• All major databases export data to xml
• Five css styles and functions to style the table
• Simple and clean code

Download xml2tb – jQuery Plugin (Miscellaneous)

RollBar – jQuery ScrollBar Plugin (Sliders)

Bored to see standard browser scrollbars? With RollBar plugin everything will change! Even more, now you are able to make scrollbars a real part of your site design. Change color, size and configure various plugin options to make scrollbars fit perfectly into your design. This plugin can be used not only as replacement of native browser scrollbars, but you can use it even to create slideshows with external controls. Among other features RollBar can auto adjust scrollbars on window resize and recognize touch events on Android and iOS devices, so it’s perfect for responsive sites that have to dynamically adapt to different environments and devices

Download RollBar – jQuery ScrollBar Plugin (Sliders)

Modern Vertical Menu (Navigation and Menus)

Modern Vertical Menu is a clean looking navigation coming in two colour schemes. It can handle dropdown menus and it uses smooth slide effects to display them. All these stuff are made only with pure CSS3 ! Oh, and don’t worry, the menu still looks great in older browsers like Internet Explorer 8 (it even displays the gradients) and it’s functional in Internet Explorer 7. Did I mention that it’s really easy to use it?


  • Clean & modern look
  • Pure HTML /CSS3 (no images used)
  • Two color schemes included
  • Dropdown menu
  • CSS3 slide effect
  • Easy to use
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Clean & commented code
  • Detailed documentation.


  • Internet Explorer 8+ (and functional in IE 7 )
  • Chrome
  • Opera 10+
  • Firefox 4+
  • Safari 5+



06/04/2012 – Version 1.0

  • Initial release

Download Modern Vertical Menu (Navigation and Menus)

PayPal Digital Goods Gateway for Jigoshop (Jigoshop)

Digital Goods for Express Checkout streamlines the checkout process for buyers and keeps buyers on your website.

Digital goods payments combine JavaScript with the Express Checkout API to streamline the checkout process for buyers of digital goods.

Digital goods are items such as e-books, music files, and digital images distributed in electronic format. The buyer can conveniently purchase digital goods during checkout with a minimum of clicks without leaving your website or interrupting their online activities.

To make a payment for a digital goods item, the buyer:

  1. Choise Pay With PayPal.

    The button click triggers the call to the SetExpressCheckout API operation. PayPal redirects the buyer to a lightbox overlaying your website.

  2. Clicks Pay to accept the order.

    The button click triggers JavaScript code that closes the lightbox.

  3. Confirms the order on your page after the lightbox closes.
  4. Resumes activity on your page.

Download PayPal Digital Goods Gateway for Jigoshop (Jigoshop)

QuickBooks(Intuit) Payment Gateway for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)

QuickBooks(Intuit) Payment Gateway provides an easier, cost effective and simple alternative for a small business for accepting credit cards.

And this WordPress Plugin allows the WooCommerce plugin to accept credit card payments on your site through QuickBooks(Intuit) Merchant Account.

Important Notes : This Gateway Implementation Requires the cURL to Enabled on your Hosting Account and also make sure your site is SSL enabled.

Download QuickBooks(Intuit) Payment Gateway for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)