simpleCE (Mini CMS) (Miscellaneous)

simpleCE is a simple Content-Management System with front-end editor mode. That means, you can directly edit its contents, files and images in the view in which you would see your website as a normal user. There is also no complex back-end, no complicated settings or other hindrances. The system has been so designed that one need not familiarize oneself with a complex template or theme system, because there are none. Templates can be designed individually through separate PHP Includes.

simpleCE provides language files and documentation in english and german, you can select the language while the installation process.

» Easy installation and integration
» Modern and easy-to-operate interface
» WYSIWYG Editor for editing text
» Image and file upload
» Image manipulation by using phpThumb
» Automatic Light Box Integration
» No complex template system
» Valid and compatible HTML -Code (XHTML or HTML5 – your choice)

The actual system offers an ID-based elements system; you can thus incorporate editable texts, images and file elements into all your PHP files, easily and without much expenditure. The editor interface and Light Box functions are managed and integrated autonomously by the system.

For which websites is simpleCE designed?
» Medium sized websites like portfolios or small company websites
» Facebook Pages
» Microsites

Try the simpleCE online demo and convince yourself:

Username: admin
Password: demo

Download simpleCE (Mini CMS) (Miscellaneous)

HoverAlls v1.3 (Images and Media)

HoverAlls is the one jQuery plugin for all your mouse adventures!

HoverAlls is a unique jQuery animation plugin that allows you to create animation effects quickly – without any knowledge of Javascript of jQuery. With over 40 settings, HoverAlls can create unique effects for nearly any type of effect desired.

What Can I Create with HoverAlls?

  • Hover / Click / OnLoad Effects
  • Captions
  • Text Animations
  • Portfolio & Gallery Effects
  • Navigation Segues
  • Color Transitions
  • Image Morphing
  • ToolTips
  • Lightboxes
  • Modals
  • Alerts and Dialog Boxes
  • Sliding Panels
  • Scrollers & Crawlers
  • Advertisements over Videos
  • Much More!

Why HoverAlls?

  • HoverAlls uses the same HTML structure for all effects
  • Use your own CSS – don’t get lost in someone else’s
  • Uses a Coordinates System ( X,Y ) for precise positioning
  • Has over 40 settings to build nearly any type of effect
  • Save your favorite effects to HoverAlls presets for later use
  • Excellent compatibility and Mobile Device Support

Do It All the Same Way

HoverAlls effects are written in the exact same way. There aren’t any complicated HTML structures with obscure classes to memorize. In fact, with only 8 lines of CSS – you won’t be wasting time digging through stylesheets. Write your HTML as usual, create your own styles, then call HoverAlls.


  • HoverAlls has built-in mobile device detection, and settings that allow you to define specific effects if the user is using a mobile device.
  • Presets allow you to save your animation effects into predefined slots. Calling the preset will load your saved animation settings for use on other elements, pages or even other websites (with the Extended License).
  • HoverAlls has been rigorously tested on multiple platforms, browsers and mobile devices.


HoverAlls includes extensive, full-color documentation. The documentation comes with multiple tutorials for different types of effects, FAQ , Introduction to jQuery (if you’re interested) and a whole lot more. Please email me with any suggestions for version 2.

Download HoverAlls v1.3 (Images and Media)

YouTube Favorites (Images and Media)

Favorite a video on YouTube and see it appear on your website instantly!

An easy to use, thoroughly explained jQuery plugin that fetches YouTube favorited videos of any user by username.

Features include choosing thumbnail image and size, autoplay, click, load and error event handlers, easy styling and chainability.

If you ever wondered how you could best include videos on your website that were not uploaded by you, look no further.

Not bloated – it’s clear and convenient. It only takes a minute to drop in the code and with a single line of jQuery your website has a video gallery. Then browse YouTube videos and find the ones you want to have appearing on your website!

Download YouTube Favorites (Images and Media)

Deal Aggregator Platform (Miscellaneous)

» On-line FAQ

Included in Deal Aggregator:

  • 88 Backgrounds
  • 107 Header Backgrounds
  • 135 Header Logos
  • 165 Unique Templates
  • By fetching all deals on your site, visitors can choose which deal suits them better between a wide variety of discounts and products and you have more chances to make a sale.

    • You can give a totally unique look on your site by choosing from many color combinations, set a background image, header background etc.
    • You can fetch deals from Deal Sites or Affiliate Networks automatically by setting Cron Jobs on your server.
    • You can stay in touch with your site visitors by sending them automatically Newsletter.


    • Updates Notification System
    • Custom Ordering in Menus / Menu Items, Categories, Deal Sites, Locations, Widgets
    • Categories (Add/Edit/Merge/Delete)
    • Deal Sites (Ability to specify Deal Site image – Add/Edit/Delete)
    • Locations (Add/Edit/Merge/Delete)
    • Newsletter with subscription confirmation (Ability to send Mass Email or automatic Newsletter with deals for the area the visitor subscribed in).
    • XML Feeds (Supports all Aggregated Feeds from Affiliate Networks and Simple Feeds from Deal Sites)
    • Export deals in RSS format (so your visitors can use their favorite program or to promote them through
    • Widgets (small addons that appear on the sidebar of your site and add functionality)
    • Available Widgets: Simple Text / HTML Code, Categories, Locations, Deal Sites, Deal Rotator, Newsletter, Search.
    • Administration Area (with triple Password encryption for enhanced security and many levels of checks and data filtering)
    • Templates (to give a unique look on your site, there are 165 templates!)
    • Site Logo (you can set your own logo)
    • Header Background (you can set your own header background)
    • Background Image (you can set your own background image)
    • Site Favicon
    • Multi-language support (already translated in Greek and English!)
    • Mass Newsletter Send (to send out an announcement / notification to subscribers)
    • Search Engine Friendly
    • XML Sitemap (for faster Search Engine crawl)
    • Advanced Search (so you can find exactly the element you’re looking for)
    • Advanced Deals Removal (so you can mass delete deals with certain criteria)
    • Deals Sort (so visitor will be able to find the deal that bests suits him/her)
    • Pagination Results (so you can keep the visitor longer on your site and keep the interest as well so he/she will keep looking until he/she finds the deal for him/her)
    • Static Pages (To create pages with text / HTML code)
    • Menus (Dynamic menu in Header, Sidebar, and Footer)
    • Ads in Deal Page (you can enter your own advertising code so if someone won’t buy a Deal you earn from the Ads).

Download Deal Aggregator Platform (Miscellaneous)

Location oracle – GeoIP Toolbox and beyond (Miscellaneous)

Location oracle is a GeoIP toolbox that allows to show personalized content on your website based on the
user location. It supports the two main GeoIP services (infoDB and Maxmind) and can revert to a zip
database if the location service fails to find the correct information.
Users can change their location at any time granting the best user experience on the market. This package
includes the Zip Codes database for both United States and Australia, you can easily add your own custom
tables to cover every area of the world you need, if you don’t have a mySQL database, don’ t worry,
Location Oracle will still find the location of your user!
Location Oracle sports an advanced caching system that makes this script lightweight but powerful and less
dependent on the APIs.


  • GeoIP user localization
  • Works with both infoDB and Maxmind the two main GeoIP services
  • Users can change their location easily for the best user experience
  • Includes Zip Codes databases for United States and Australia!
  • Location Oracle caches user location to improve speed
  • Flags images included
  • OOPhp with full PHP4 support
  • High level of customization


Download Location oracle – GeoIP Toolbox and beyond (Miscellaneous)

RSSReader (Full Applications)

RSSReader iPhone iOS5 App

This is the complete project code RSSReader app for the iPhone. RSSReader app support iOS5.. It comes with bunch of demo rss feeds for Twitter, News, Blogs and Facebook witch are easily customized trough RSS _Subscription.plist file. It also comes with glyph icons witch are also easily customized trough plist file. You can create unlimited tabs and sections for your favorite rss feeds.

So, have fun, create something great and be the next big hit!

Best regards!


Download RSSReader (Full Applications)

Nivo Joomla News Slider (Sliders)


Auto get news by category ID. Display and slider joomla news on frontend with 16 unique slide effect.


  • Included default joomla module features.
  • Set number of slider.
  • Set height of slide.
  • Set width automatic.
  • 16 Unique slide effect
  • Support browser :
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • IE 6 , 7, 8, 9
  • Sarfari
  • Opera

Download Nivo Joomla News Slider (Sliders)

Online Donation Form/System/PayPal (Forms)

  • Easy to Use
  • API for multiple payment gateways
  • Paypal support by default
  • No third party library dependency
  • PHP /MySQL
  • Secure Admin panel
  • Web based one click settings
  • Donation Manager
  • CSV Exporter

Customization/Feature Request

  • Need another payment gateway customization? or new feature? Please PM me.
  • Such as 2CO, Moneybookers, GoogleCheckout etc

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LinkedIn Connect/Profile Importer

AJAX Lead Manager / Contact Form (Best selling Form)

Download Online Donation Form/System/PayPal (Forms)

Customizable Locker Screen (Full Applications)

Key Features

This locker is replacing the android standard pattern locker without changing the build.
Learn to:

  • Block home button.
  • Manipulate the hard keys.
  • Scan for android applications.
  • Create a permanently service.
  • Hide status bar.
  • Open applications.
  • Drag and drop.
  • and others…



Download Customizable Locker Screen (Full Applications)

iRSS Reader v2.0 (Full Applications)

It is a full application that allows the user to add/edit/delete feeds from within the app. All the feed urls are saved inside a plist file inside the documents folder of the app. This way you can keep your favorite feeds with you all the time.

v2.0 is here and features:

  • Feed Urls can be added/edited/saved from within the app
  • A pull to refresh mechanism is implemented to reload feeds
  • Custom interface cells are used to make the experience even better
  • Images of rss v2 feeds and atom feeds are parsed and shown inside the cells
  • Use of transparent views and images for each view
  • Sharekit v2.0 integration. You can share the article link with many social engines like FB,Twitter,Flickr,Google Reader and many more
  • messages in case of internet connection failure
  • bug fixes and code enhancements

Download iRSS Reader v2.0 (Full Applications)

Page Indicator for ViewPager (UI Elements)

Page Indicator is a UI element for Android that must be used in conjuction with the Viewpager component. It’s useful since it displays how many pages contains the ViewPager and what is the current page the ViewPager is displaying. Further, it is styled as the iPhone/iPad counterpart. Quite essential if you are going to port an iPhone/iPad app to Android or if you want to make your ViewPager look more professional and useful.

Download Page Indicator for ViewPager (UI Elements)

10 Responsive All Devices Layouts. Set. HTML5. (Layouts)

Set of 10 website pages-layouts can serve as a base for full website that fits all screen resolutions. Written in HTML5 , calculated in percentage.

You can assemble pages and inner blocks of markup according your needs by simple copy-paste from one file to another. Each HTML page comes in separate folder and accompanied with specific stylesheets (general, individual, for small devices).

Includes next features:

  • Full-width resizable static image+boxes.
  • Full-width resizable YouTube video+boxes.
  • Full-width resizable slider+boxes. Slider may contain images, video, texts.
  • Toggling boxes.
  • Resizable modal windows.
  • Resizable table (turns into blocks on small devices).
  • Contact form and micro data.

and more.

Set has basic design with few CSS3 features + few js options. Set includes:

  • 3 versions of Home Page
  • 3 versions of Portfolio Page
  • 3 versions of General Page
  • Contact Page

Folder includes HTML , CSS, jQuery, images files.

Tested in:

  • Desktops: Mac and Windows (Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox (latest versions) for Mac, Chrome, Firefox, IE8 for Win)
  • Tablet: Samsung Galaxy 10.1
  • Mobile: iPhone 4S

View Live Demo

If you have questions please post them via comment box.
Thank you very much for viewing!

31.01.2012 update: drop-down submenu added. Two versions are available: Homepage version I–menu item Service offers js powered submenu (ul.child-menu), menu item Folio offers pure CSS submenu (ul.small-menu). Choose any method for drop-downs that you prefer more.

Download 10 Responsive All Devices Layouts. Set. HTML5. (Layouts)

Easytransfert (Loaders and Uploaders)

An application transfert to manage the files you send to your clients and know when they get them (via an alert email). You can change easily all the parameters (language, logo, space disk, …).

31/01/2012 : Upload 1.1 : Compliant with PHP 5 .2.
29/01/2012 : Upload 1.0 : Now the client can upload file too. There are flags that show if the file was downloaded.

acces parameters :

– administrator : admin/admin

– client : client / client

Download Easytransfert (Loaders and Uploaders)