Affiliate Marketing extension for Woo Commerce (WooCommerce)

Welcome to Affiliate Marketing extension for Woo Commerce. This extension will equip your Woo Commerce website with affiliate marketing tools, allowing other websites to refer customers to your website for a referral commission.

How it works

This extension allows anyone to register and become an affiliate of your website. You’re affiliates will then promote your website or products on their website(s) with links that point customers to your website for purchase. Once a conversion is made, referral cut is paid to the affiliate.

It is compulsory for affiliates to have a Paypal account for receiving commissions.

Download Affiliate Marketing extension for Woo Commerce (WooCommerce)

Image Wheel – Multiple Image Uploader (Loaders and Uploaders)

Image Wheel

Multiple image uploader that is easy to install and use. The demo only allows to upload images smaller than 200kb. If you don’t feel like uploading at all, but want to see the gallery, then take a look at our demo of the gallery page.

Feb 3, 2012 (v1.1)

  • Google AdSense integration
  • Recently added albums list on home page
  • New user interface

Feb 2, 2012 (v1.0)

  • Uploading from computer and the web
  • Multiple file uploading
  • Removing selected files
  • Drag & dropping images
  • Progress bar without server-side requirements
  • Customizable upload settings
  • Album slider
  • Automatic thumbnail creation
  • Image statistics
  • Shortlinks
  • Install script to effortlessly set up database
  • Easily translatable


  • MySQL database
  • mod_rewrite support (.htaccess file)

Download Image Wheel – Multiple Image Uploader (Loaders and Uploaders)

MimeParser PHP Class (Calendars)

Mime Parser is a blazing fast PHP class that can parse almost all types of email messages in seconds and provides unmatched performance and email content management. With minimum memory consumption and fast email parsing, this is the only mime parsing solution you will ever need.

Includes demo script and sample email files inside the package.

Download MimeParser PHP Class (Calendars)

iPad Solitair (Mobile)

Solitari iPad iOS5 App v1.0

This is my first version of very popular old game Solitar from PC now converted for iPad. It uses PugPig framework to pull content from HTML into native iPad app environment with support for Portrait and Landscape view.

Whole game is pulled from CSS and javascript and can be very easily edited trough CSS for different styling or translated to your native language via .js file.

The game can be also used as an native web app, just place the “Data” folder onto your web server and give your visitors some fun times.

Enjoy the old game in a new environment and have some fun!

Best regards!


Download iPad Solitair (Mobile)

Payment Express Gateway for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)

Payment Express Payment Gateway is a WordPress Plugin which allows the WooCommerce plugin to accept credit card payments without worrying the Customers Credit Cards Details which are taken care by the Payment Express.

Important Notes :
This Gateway Implementation Requires the cURL to Enabled on your Hosting Account.

Download Payment Express Gateway for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)

Simple User Account Management for .Net (Membership or Authentication Tools)

Simple Account Manager is an ASP .NET MVC template that includes all views for managing user accounts and roles. Often you want to include user management functionality in your application to allow the creation of new accounts and to assign roles to those accounts. Simple Account Manager lets you:

  • Create user accounts
  • Delete user accounts
  • Edit user accounts
  • Disable user accounts
  • Create roles
  • Assign roles to users
  • Search through users

Download Simple User Account Management for .Net (Membership or Authentication Tools)

Content Slider – PageControl & ScrollView (iPhone)

Cotent Slider uses the UIScrollView and UIPageControl together to allow users to slide through content (images, buttons, etc…) while notifying the user which page they currently on. They user can swipe through pages on the ScrollView or change page by tapping on the PageControl dots.

Download Content Slider – PageControl & ScrollView (iPhone)

Fine Slider – jQuery CSS3 slider (Miscellaneous Apps)

Fine Slider is a simple awesome image slider. Fine Slider has some new effects based on CSS3 . This slider detect automatically where CSS3 is supported and enables css3 based effects and 3D effects. It has multiple transition(13 normal, 19 css3 based and 3D) that can be easy changed by using plug-in options. This is the first version of the plug-in.


  • 29 total effects
  • 16 unique CSS3 based effects (and more to come)
  • 3D CSS3 effects
  • Webkit compatible
  • Controls buttons with custom position
  • destroy, option methods
  • Lightweight and javascript optimized
  • Easy to integrate
  • Real 3D effects on webkit browsers
  • High customization options
  • Compatible with IE6 +, FF 1 .5+,Google Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • Auto detect CSS3 effects support

Download Fine Slider – jQuery CSS3 slider (Miscellaneous Apps)

PrivateContent – Multilevel Content Plugin (Membership)

PrivateContent it’s a simple and fast solution to power up your wordpress website by adding a multilevel login, user private pages and users management features.
It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any scripting knowledge!

Organize your users

Create unlimited lists of users, it’s simple like adding a post category. Add users and assign them to one or many categories.

Find and manage them fastly filtering by category or searching by name.
Export the entire users list or just few categories in Excel or CSV format.

User private page

With PrivateContent every user has an own private page. Upload file, show galleries or texts. It’s like a normal wordpress page, but it’s visible only by one user!
And if you don’t want to create a dedicated page for some users?
It’s very easy: adding or managing users you cal also disable it!

Try the private page in the live preview

Protect your private contents

The plugin comes with an integrated shortcode wizard that allow you to hide private contents. It’s extremely simple and you can also hide more than one content for page or post.

You can also hide all the posts contents of one or more categories. PrivateContent add an option to the “Category” taxonomy that made it simple. Just select the users categories that can access the category posts content.
Categories and archive excerpt will remain visible, but every single post content will be hidden to non-logged users.

The login methods

PrivateContent offers you 4 different ways to implement the login form into your wordpress theme.

  • a built-in widget with an integrated login form and logout box (see an example in the reserved area).
  • Login form and logout box shortcodes
  • An inline trigger to append at the messages (see the previous example)
  • API functions for the developers, to integrate it wherever in your theme

PrivateContent use an AJAX login form. Try it in the Live Preview!

Theme integration

By default PrivateContent is already styled to be used in your theme, but if you want to customize it?
No problem, disable the default CSS from the settings and follow the CSS template, explained in the plugin documentation.

Its simplicity makes PrivateContent integrable in minutes in any theme!

Walkthrough videos

To make the plugin easy for everyone there are videos explaining each step necessary to setup and use PrivateContent:

Plugin API

The plugin comes with API functions that allow webmasters to extend the power of this plugin to any part of a wordpress theme.
Check if a user is logged, get his data, get the login form and the logout box: these are only examples of what you can do with the API .

The full API description is included in the documentation.

Download PrivateContent – Multilevel Content Plugin (Membership)