HTML5 Ajax Contact Form (Forms)

A contact form that leverages the power of HTML5 , Ajax, and Google Maps.

Live Preview


  • HTML5 Form Inputs (these work perfectly in older browsers)
  • Ajax powered, with client side and server side validation (the form will work even if javascript is turned off)
  • HTML Geolocation + Google Maps allows visitors to quickly get directions to your location

Download HTML5 Ajax Contact Form (Forms)

Secure File Upload Class (Loaders and Uploaders)

Key Features

  • Easily upload any type of file
  • Securely restrict the types of files allowed by setting white and blacklists for the mime type, the type, and the file extension.
  • The file size can be limited to prevent your users uploading huge files.
  • Support compression of images
  • Supports creating thumbnails

With this class you can easily secure your upload forms, you have the ability to restrict the files allowed in a number of ways.
You can also compress uploaded images to save disk space or create thumbnail images from them with a set width, or height (or both).
It would be very easy to integrate this in to any existing project as it does not require mane lines of code to implement.

Allowing only image files

$upload = new secure_upload('my_file');
$upload->save_to('./uploads/' . $upload->name);

Blocking the php file extensions

$upload = new secure_upload('my_file');
$upload->set_extension_blacklist(array('php', 'phtml', 'php3', 'php4', 'php5', 'pht'));
$upload->save_to('./uploads/' . $upload->name);

Resizing an uploaded image to 800 pixels wide.

$upload = new secure_upload('my_file');
$upload->save_image_resized('./uploads/' . $upload->name, 800);

Image Upload:

Download Secure File Upload Class (Loaders and Uploaders)

PHP MicroCMS – Web Content Management System (Project Management Tools)

Welcome to PHP MicroCMS.
PHP MicroCMS (PHP MCMS ) Multi-Language version is a simple, but very powerful Content Management System that everyone can use. The PHP MCMS can be installed easily by web developers, webmasters, graphic designers, etc. PHP MCMS was developed in OOP and allows users to build websites in a few minutes.
PHP MicroCMS allows users with very little technical knowledge to build websites, as done by millions of bloggers on the web. PHP MicroCMS requires NO knowledge of HTML , although HTML can be used to enhance the pages by adding headings, images, hyperlinks or simply to emphasize text.
The PHP MCMS is an excellent tool for those who:

1.Want to create web sites.
2.Look for small, but powerful CMS .
3.Need to build a secure web site quickly.

Main Features:
• Uploading images via WYSIWYG
• Image gallery for uploaded pictures
• Easy installation
• Easy page creation and editing
• CSS Design Templates
• Extra X-Gray, X-Green templates
• Customized header/footer
• META tags editing for site/pages
• Site tags creating/editing
• WYSIWYG pages editor
• Using of MicroGrid component
• Admins management
• Backup & Restore module
• News RSS channel
• Multilingual text processing (UTF-8)
• Multi-Language
• SEO optimized links
• Left/Top menu links
• Multi-Browser support


• BackUp & Restore module
• News module
• Users module
• Gallery module
• ContactUs module
• Comments module

Download PHP MicroCMS – Web Content Management System (Project Management Tools)

Tejas – Premium HTML5 Video Player (Media)

Tejas is a powerful and elegant solution for embedding video content on your websites using the HTML5 element through a browser neutral custom UI.

Quick Preview:

Tejas is built on jQuery and utilizes the very powerful ThemeRoller system for rendering its user interface. This means that changing the color scheme or images is as simple as just going to the ThemeRoller site and using the friendly GUI to change whatever you need. If you want to delve even deeper, it provides more options and flexibility so that you can create an UI you want without touching the plugin.

Browser Support

Tejas works on most major, modern browsers including:

  • Firefox 3.6+
  • Chrome 4+
  • Opera 10.5+
  • Internet Explorer 7+ [w/ fallback]

Additionally, there is preliminary support for all iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and iTouch. But I couldn’t get it working 100% of the time so please wait for an update in a week or so while I fix it. If you’re getting this primarily for those devices, please do take a note that as of 1.0 I can’t guarantee full compatibility.

Feature List

  • No browser plugins needed
  • Intuitive default UI
  • Spiffy seek bar
  • ThemeRoller ready
  • Fullscreen for supported browsers as well as pseudo fullscreen for others
  • Very easy to customize
  • Ability to display a custom logo inside the player
  • Support for displaying buffered information on select browsers
  • Support for multiple players running multiple themes on the same page
  • Flash fallback for unsupported browsers
  • Robust browser support
  • Volatile iOS support [please see above]

Roadmap for Future Updates

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • WebSRT support
  • More robust iOS support
  • API to interact with player after initialization


I’ve tested this as much as I could but with the sheer number of variables at play here, something may break sometime. In those cases, please just send me an email [[email protected]] with details as to what broke and I’ll have a fix for it ASAP .

Known Bugs

These are more along the lines of browser inconsistencies than actual bugs but here they are:

  • Seeking maybe a little funny at times. As browsers implement this feature better, I’ll keep updating this to better reflect those changes. Same applies for showing how much of the video has been buffered.

Thanks for looking at this item. Cheers, gents!

Download Tejas – Premium HTML5 Video Player (Media)

JQuery Html5 Video Player (Media)

View the demo here

This is a fantastic HTML5 video player based on jQuery JavaScript Library. This script doesn’t require any extra Browser Plugins to display HTML5 videos. It features a beautiful and unified UI on all desktop browsers and supports fullscreen in Window Mode.


Only 8KB footprint
Unified control UI for all desktop browsers
Supports modern browsers
No browser plugins required
Fully operated in JavaScript
Supports Fullscreen mode (window mode)
Can seek to any point in movie
Shows buffer status
Works on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
Supports auto start
Supports video preloading
Supports loop video
Shows friendly message for older browsers

Browser Support

Firefox 3.6+
Chrome 4+
Opera 10.5+
Safari 4.0.4+
iPad Safari (native UI)
iPhone Safari (native UI)
iPod Touch Safari (native UI)

Download JQuery Html5 Video Player (Media)

Online Collaborative Event Planner (Miscellaneous)

Event Planner Description

Online Collaborative Event Planner is a complete online system that will help you to organize multiple events in a very simple way. It allows multiple users to manage same event.
It is build on PHP and uses MySQL as a database. It uses cookies for login and to set currently active event, so your browser must have cookies enabled.

There is no need to code anything or to change any code at all!
Everything is done automatically with included installation script and other included tools!

Event Planner Features

– Manage multiple events
– Manage guests per event
– Create guest ID cards
– Manage lecturers per event
– Create lecturer ID cards
– Manage event budget
– Manage event tasks
– Manage event schedule (event plan)
– Search option for events, guests, lecturers, budget, tasks, schedule. Search by any criteria you wish for.
– Event report
– Login (user) system included which supports multiple users and multiple admins
– Database backup & restore and DB management included
– Export everything as PDF , HTML table and CSV (comma-delimited)
– Send invitations and notices by email to guests and lecturers
– Manage users who have access to Event Planner System
– Manage admins who have access to user and admin login data
– Allow guests to register themselves through a public page (link to a public page is displayed on Event Report page)
– Change active event you wish to manage
– Allow all of your users to have access to all Event Planner tools (except to login management)
– Sort all tables ascendingly or descendingly by clicking on column name with no page refresh
– If you have too much data displayed, it will be automatically splited to multiple pages (pagination with no page refresh)

Event Planner Installation

Installation is quite easy and is done in 3 simple steps.
1. Upload all the files from the downloaded archive.
2. Just point your browser to the install dir, eg. and follow the installation procedure.
3. Login to the system and change User and Admin login data.

That’s it! You are ready to use the Event Planner.

Event Planner Live Preview

User Login
User name: user
Password: user

Admin login
User name: admin
Password: admin

Download Online Collaborative Event Planner (Miscellaneous)

Online Invoicing Service (E-Commerce)

Online Invoicing Service is an e-commerce web project. It is an service allowing registered users to quickly and simply create invoices.

Registered users can choose the free version with some limitations or the payed version.

You can deploy it on your server and provide these invocing services in your name and start making money.

This package contains comes with full source code so it is customizable and you can easily translate it to another language using resources (English and Slovak languages includes) or change Invoice template in WISIWYG designer.

You deploy the application to a server. People register and start using the services in free versions. The free version is limited to 10 invoices a year with and Ad in the footer of each invoice. If 10 invoices a year is not enough for an user they buy the payed version. They order it, the application creates an invoice using your data (see the Administration section) for the user to pay. After you get money to your bank account you register the paynment and the application automatically enables the payed version for the user who payed according to the variable symbol of the payment.

Download Online Invoicing Service (E-Commerce)

Wizard Pro (Forms)

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About WizardPro

WizardPro allows you to create website wizards in just a few minutes. You can use this plugin for almost anything that requires a few steps, like a application installer, a signup or contact form. Please make sure you check out the demo section so you can see what’s possible! Live Demo


  • Fade In effect
  • Auto step spacing
  • Build in AJAX
  • Validation Support
  • HoverIntent Support
  • Helpers
  • Interaction Block
  • Plugin API

Check out the demo!

Thanks to
jQuery Validate Plugin
jQuery HoverIntent PluginWeFunction Icon Set

Download Wizard Pro (Forms)

Simple Image Share (Images and Media)

Simple Image Share

makes it simple to run your own image share hosting service

SIS (Simple Image Share) offers you the possibility run your own image sharing tool out of the box
Simple Installation and there's no database required


-> Frontend
  • Upload images
    * Share images
    – on social networks
    – on forums and bulletin boards
    – mail to your friends
    * describe images
    * 3 different styles (light, dark or woody)
    * 2 fresh display modes (accordion or tabs)
    * different and easy to extend language system (english and german equipped)
    * nice URLs provided with optional mod_rewrite
    * Ajax functionality for sending email and editing description
-> Backend
  • Short overview through all images
  • Linkings to them
  • Possibility to delete images
and much more ... try it out
PHP5.x (could work with PHP4.x too -> not tested)
suggested but not essential: mod_rewrite

happy sharing

Download Simple Image Share (Images and Media)

Relevant Search WordPress Plugin (Utilities)

If you’ve always fantasized that WordPress would fix their search results and return something actually relevant (not ordered by date), but are let down on every new release. You’ve found the plugin to make that dream come true.

Relevant Search actually replaces the default WordPress search with relevant results. After testing a ton of plugins on the Tuts+ network without any luck I finally had to write one that worked. Go check for yourself, search any of the Tuts+ blogs and see this very same plugin in all it’s searching glory.

The basic idea behind this plugin was to add a FULLTEXT index to the post_title & post_content and run a bit of REGEX on the search terms using that index. Then once daily the plugin will update the index with wp_schedule_event() to keep the search results from become corrupted or invalid. Also, since most people don’t want to show pages in search results I removed them, as well.

The plugin just works and does not add extra queries to your WordPress site. There’s nothing to configure, just activate, and you’re done.

Download Relevant Search WordPress Plugin (Utilities)

WordPress Automatic Plugin (WordPress)

WordPress Automatic Plugin is a unique plugin that enables you to create a content based on your specified keywords that will fill your site content very fast and very reliable.

Operation:That smart plugin searches for your keyword in the article directories & Naturally include the author’s resource box below each article to save the copyright.

Performance:it operates in the exactly time intervals and post selected number of articles specified by user as long as there is a visitors comes to the site.

Note:Facelifting the article to get a unique content by secret operation you will know if you purchase !

Features :

  • Supporting websites languages (English , French , German , Italian , Spanish ) and if you want it to support your own language please leave it as a reply.
  • Supporting DataBase and performing faster that before.

The item was re-added on and there was 7 purchases before i re-add it so if you was one of these seven please contact the plugin official site at the contact form on this link to download the new versions

[ 30-August ] NEW Release Features :

  • will support alternative free article directory.

[ 30-August ] The new release will be available to download on codecanyon and the peoples who purchase it they will find that update with only one click

Download WordPress Automatic Plugin (WordPress)

Twitter Updates Widget for WordPress (Social Networking)

With this widget, you can show your latest tweets on your website. Create your own widget with its great customizability.


  • Display tweets from a search, or a list or account(s)’s feeds!
  • Supports multi-account
  • A simple theme for minimalistic-fans!
  • Anything can be customized!
  • Linking mentions, hashtags and urls!
  • 1-minute-install!
  • It’s a jQuery plugin
  • Choose from 7 color styles (blue, dark blue, green, red, gray, black&white, orange), 4 icon styles (twitter birds and logos), 3 effects (fade, slide, none)
  • Auto-scroller
  • Options to display the username, avatar, time, and arrows to slide to the next tweet
  • Show up to 100 tweets (it’s Twitter’s limit)

and many more features that can be discovered in screenshots. Don’t forget to check them!


Also, another version of this widget is on sale in Javascript category. Click here to view it!

Download Twitter Updates Widget for WordPress (Social Networking)

Font Replacement WordPress Plugin (Utilities)

This plugin enables you to replace your fonts with CUFON fonts and Google Library fonts.

  • V1.0 contains over 30 beautiful hand-picked fonts
  • Custom admin panel
  • You can choose fonts separately for H1, H2, H3, H4 and BODY
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • easy installation
  • further updates (I will add more and more fonts over time as you suggest anything).

Download Font Replacement WordPress Plugin (Utilities)

Out of Box · CSS ToolTips (Form and Function) (Animations and Effects)

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Both form AND function

Yes that’s right. Not only do these tooltips look stunning and do they come in 10 beautiful colours, they also work! When you purchase this set, you will get 120 possible combinations of tooltips AND a working tooltip effect, created with only CSS !


video preview
Due to the unfortunate fact our files will be pirated (a.k.a. stolen) if we do otherwise, we are required to create a video preview. You can also click the ‘images’ link above for imagery of this file.

NO JavaScript (function)

For the fully-functioning tooltip effect, absolutely NO JavaScript is required or used! The effect is based on pure HTML and CSS and it works in all (modern) browsers!

NO images (form)

The beautifully designed tooltips were made with pure CSS ! This means absolutely no images were used, this saves on the loading time of your website. You will get 10 colour-options (more to come), carefully picked to suit almost any design style. It’s also very easy to create your own!


Although some effects are not supported by some (older) browsers, the CSS in this file is written in a bulletproof way. When something is not supported, it will have fallback line so the forms will degrade in a good way. This means they will look nice and they will not mess with other elements, no matter what browser is used!

Download Out of Box · CSS ToolTips (Form and Function) (Animations and Effects)