Downloader Class (Miscellaneous)

Downloader Class is made for developers to ease file downloading process.
It auto creates zip file for users to download, for developers, all you need to do is to tell Downloader Class, what files you want to
add to the zip. And what is more, it is using chunk download mechanism, which makes large file download possible.


  • Simple API calls
  • Auto zip files
  • Debug mode built in
  • Option to keep or auto delete the temporary zip files
  • Set download file name
  • Add files directly or even add from folders

Manual file:

Coming soon

Manual file is included in download file.

Download Downloader Class (Miscellaneous)

Facebook Meta Tags Pro for WordPress (Social Networking)

Facebook Meta Tags Pro gives you full control over the way your WordPress site is displayed on Facebook. A lot of people who use mine (and other) Like Button / Facebook Sharing plugins want to customize the title, text, and images that are displayed when a visitor Likes or shares site content on Facebook. Facebook Meta Tags Pro let’s you do this and more!


  • Supports All Facebook Meta Tags!
  • Define Home Page / Site Wide / Other Pages Meta Tags Seperately From Posts / Pages.
  • Generate Tags On-The-Fly for Posts and Pages!
  • Pulls post_thumbnails to Generate Thumbnails on Facebook for Your Shared Content!
  • Optional Site Wide Meta Tag Settings for Branding etc.
  • Includes Support for Facebook Admin IDs and Application IDs!
  • Supports all 38 of Facebooks Enity Types!
  • 10 Second Install.
  • Super Easy to Set-Up Using Beautiful Integrated Admin Panel.
  • Includes Full Documentation and Setup Instructions.

Download Facebook Meta Tags Pro for WordPress (Social Networking)

Send or Schedule Facebook & Twitter Status Updates (Social Networking)

What is tuitting?

tuitting is an extremely powerful tool, completely powered with AJAX and PHP .
It gives to each member of your website the possibility to immediately Dend or Schedule Unlimited
Status Updates for Unlimited Facebook Accounts, Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts.

Why should I buy tuitting?

There are many reasons why you should buy tuitting, but we will show the most important ones:

  • 1) It is a powerful Viral Marketing tool for your Website. Just think that for each Status Update sent by each user of your Website, you get a Backlink on Facebook or Twitter.
    So just say you have 100 active members. Each one sends 2 Status Updates on Facebook and Twitter from your Website per day, it means you will get 200 Backlinks per day on Facebook and Twitter FOR FREE !
    Just imagine a way to advertise your Website on Facebook and Twitter for FREE and Forever!
  • 2) The members of your website are really going to love it. With tuitting they can send Instant Status Updates for every Facebook Account, Facebook Page and Twitter Account they have, all from one place, your Website! They can also Schedule each Status Update and completely Automate their Facebook Accounts, Pages and Twitter Accounts thanks to your Website!
  • 3) A full Transparent Solution! You DO NOT need to show the tuitting logo or the YobiLab logo on your Website. You do not need to use our API . You do not need to communicate with our Servers. You do not need to let your members know about us. Just purchase tuitting, modify the look if you want, and it will become Totally yours!

Main Features:

Some of the main features tuitting has:

  • Connect with Unlimited Facebook Accounts.
  • Connect with Unlimited Facebook Pages.
  • Connect with Unlimited Twitter Accounts
  • Collects Facebook Accounts Data: Profile Picture, Profile Link, Name, Status Messages.
  • Collects Facebook Pages Data: Page Picture, Page Link, Page Name, Status Messages.
  • Collects Twitter Accounts Data: Profile Picture, Profile Link, Profile Name, Status Messages.
  • Send Instant Status Updates to Facebook Accounts.
  • Send Instant Status Updates to Facebook Pages.
  • Send Instant Status Updates to Twitter Accounts.
  • Schedule the Status Updates (date, time and timezone).
  • Send Pictures to the Facebook Accounts and Pages.
  • Send Youtube Videos to the Facebook Accounts and Pages.
  • Edit any Scheduled Update.
  • Remove any Facebook Account or Page.
  • Remove any Twitter Account.

Other Important things to know:

  • It can be easily installed in Any Page of your website or as a standalone page.
  • Does not require any additional Login form or Join form
  • 10 Minutes Easy Installation.
  • Does not require any additional Server Setting.
  • Completely Powered with AJAX , jQuery + PHP .
  • Easy to edit CSS file.
  • Every file has been commented with appropriate tips.

The only way to understand its power is Visiting the Live Demo.

You will need to Sign up in order to try our tuitting Live Demo.

Follow us on Twitter or Codecanyon to get the most recent updates!

Download Send or Schedule Facebook & Twitter Status Updates (Social Networking)

WordPress Admin Colors & Branding (Utilities)

Customise the WordPress admin interface with you own color scheme and logos. Perfect for delivering a white label WordPress for clients and customers. This is the only plugin available that allows dynamic color choice for the admin interface, designed specifically for WordPress 3.2+.

The plugin intelligently calculates color shades to ensure that all aspects of the interface remain consistent and overwrites the built in user color options. You can also customise the WordPress footer with your own message or strapline, upload custom logos and change the link used for the logo on the login screen.

Demo URL :
Login: administrator / administrator

Version 1.0

  • Initial release

Download WordPress Admin Colors & Branding (Utilities)

QrCode Generator App (Ratings and Charts)

QrCode Generator App is a full and powerful user interface to create QrCode images. It uses the Google Chart API and the JavaScript QrCode generator. The application runs in the client side (JavaScript) and can make AJAX requests to any Server Side language.

The Application has input validation, error correction, customizable qrcode size, 10 different types, Google Maps integration, AJAX support, QrCode Coloring and also an extensive documentation. The source code is also well documented.


  • 10 different QrCode types
  • User input validation
  • Customizable size, encoding and correction
  • Customizable design (with CSS )
  • AJAX Support
  • Google Maps integration

QrCode Coloring

The application has a QrCode coloring capability, with the ability to select a foreground and background color. One downside with this functionality is that it requires PHP . This feature is disabled by default, but you can enable it if you have PHP on your server.

Version Control

Version 1.0

Initial Release

Download QrCode Generator App (Ratings and Charts)

Simple Content Sorting (Miscellaneous)

This plugin creates a simple sorter for your content. Simple Content Sorting provides a clean and easy way to beautify your interface by providing a slick client side sorting mechanism. You heard correctly, no page loading happens as the sorting takes place since its all done with javascript.

This plugin includes:

– A Clean Sorting Interface
– Flexible Sorting Functionality
– Simple Plugin Implementation and Usage
– Supports Unlimited Filters
– Two Effects Options
– Minimal Amount Of Code

You can add as many filters as you like! Check out the demo for more details.

Download Simple Content Sorting (Miscellaneous)

Extended Tags Widget – WordPress Premium Plugin (Widgets)

An advanced widget that gives you total control over the output of your tags. The Tags widget replaces the default WordPress Tag Cloud widget.
This version gives total control over the output to the user by allowing the input of all the arguments typically seen in the wp_tag_cloud() function

See the live Demo.

Installing Plugin

From the Administration Panels, click on the Plugin tab.
Once you have uploaded the plugin to your WordPress plugin directory, activate it from the Plugins Management page.
Goto the Widget tab of the Appearance section, drag the widget to your available widget area and configure the widget.

Features & Widget options

Taxonomy, will display all your taxonomy.
Style, +20 tag styles.
Link, view or edit tag.
Format, list or flat.
Order, ascending, descending or random tag.
Orderby, order the tags by name or count.
Number, total tags to display.
Largest & Smallest, the tags font size, only working without tag style.
Unit, the tags font size unit.
Include & Exclude, include or exclude one or more tags.
Separator, the separator for each tag.
Child Of & Parent
Search, display the search tag.
Name Like, display the match or partial match of tag.
Pad Count, show total post in a tag for a tag link.
Hide Empty, will hide the empty tag.
Intro & Outro Text, if you want to add additional text or HTML .
Custom Style & Script, if you want to add additional CSS style or javascript per given widget class.

Uninstalling Plugins

To remove this plugin, make sure the plugin is deactivated from the Plugins panel.
Go to your website’s wp-content/plugins folder (usually with an FTP program) and look for the plguin file name.
Select the file name and delete it.
If your WordPress installation is on your hard drive,
open the wp-content/plugins folder and find this plugin file name, select and delete it.

Sources and Credits

Tag Cloud PSD from PremiumPixels by Orman Clark

Changes Log

1.0. Initial Release

Download Extended Tags Widget – WordPress Premium Plugin (Widgets)

PHP Log2Files Advanced Logger (Miscellaneous)

This logger is an advanced library, which dumps PHP Application logs to file in production environment.

The main purpose is to ensure the logger is very fast and so can be used in production environment.
Multiple PHP execution threads log to consecutive files at the same time, to avoid synchronization and locking problems.

There is no need to do any additional setup. Just pure PHP (no mysql even!) and some simple API calls.

Features – the simplicity:

  • simple API – only two function calls needed to start logging: “open log with some configuration” and then “write to log”
  • no additional dependencies (no PEAR , no frameworks), just one PHP file with one class to include in your script
  • can be used with almost anything else, easily includable into any other library, framework or existing application

Features – two modes:

  • simple mode: the textual form – doesn’t need any special parsing
  • advanced mode: the BJSON form – stores all data with binary format which is very simple to parse and traverse. This can be used by advanced stats and monitoring tools

Features – performance:

  • minimal impact to the script timing,
  • no SQL , no databases, just PHP and filesystem,
  • aware of multi-threading, multiple calls from same web-client at the time, multiple scripts running at a time with very various duration (one in 10ms, while the other in 10secs),
  • very little thread/process switching and synchronization, allow OS caches (no flushes etc.),
  • so timing-cheap, that log-levels definition is not really needed (simply log all what may be needed),
  • dedicated for production environment (megabytes of log in an hour, tens of scripts executing at a time),

Features – other:

  • dedicated API for handling arrays and maps,
  • pre-made implementation for storage of: sessions, cookies, get&post, time of whole script execution,
  • easy to transport storage form (copy, delete, etc.): no thousands of files,

API documentation and some examples always accessible at

Download PHP Log2Files Advanced Logger (Miscellaneous)

Website Gallery (with Slider & Facebook Support) (Images and Media)

Demo coming soon!

Website Gallery is a powerful PHP script designed to allow you to quickly add and display a collection of albums on your website, either by uploading pictures from your computer or by importing albums from one or multiple Facebook “like” pages or user accounts.

Don’t even touch any code to add to WordPress!

Features include:

  • Set up in minutes!
  • Upload photos from your computer into albums and manage them online
  • Sort photos by drag and drop, or rotate them with a click!
  • Add an unlimited number of albums from Facebook users or ‘Like’ pages (e.g. a page for a business)
  • Facebook albums always kept up to date
  • Easy to use control panel that lets you take control of the albums
  • Drag & Drop reordering of albums & photos
  • WordPress Plugin for displaying the Gallery, album or a slider on a page or post!
  • Display public or private albums
  • Add to any PHP website
  • Installation & User Guide included
  • Facebook Style Lightbox included
  • Facebook ‘like’ box on each photo
  • Galleria Slider configured and included
  • All control panel text is language packed
  • Flash uploader allows you to choose multiple files at once!
  • Great support. I’m with you 100% of the way. I will help you to make sure you can get Website Gallery running on your website.

Full support is given if you encounter any problems setting up this script. Simply send me a message via my profile page (on the bottom right you’ll see “Email Jordie”.)

Download Website Gallery (with Slider & Facebook Support) (Images and Media)

HTML Compiler (Windows)

HTML Compiler protects your web pages by encoding them so that only the browser can read it.

No framework is required to use this utility. Can be used with ANY version of Windows. Even works under Wine for Linux.

Encoding your HTML increases its filesize by ~3x-4x and makes it difficult to open in a code editor. At the same time, server load, and browser load time remain the same.. so it doesn’t slow down your webserver or page load times.

NOTE : There is no decompiler yet. Please don’t overwrite your original HTML files.

Download HTML Compiler (Windows)

Google Reader Widget (Widgets)

Google Reader Widget let you display your Google Reader subscriptions your blog using widget. Instead of static Blogroll, now you can display dynamic Google Reader subscriptions. For better performance, this widget is built with cache mechanism, so list content is cached on server instead of retrieving from Google for each visit.


PHP cUrl module is enabled.


  • Simple to use widget
  • Cached content


Front end: Coming soon

Manual file:

Manual file is included in download file.

Download Google Reader Widget (Widgets)

Smart Pagination – WordPress plugin (Utilities)

Smart Pagination – WordPress plugin!

Wanna see a live preview of the administration?

Username: admin
Password: demo

Add custom pagination to your website in just a couple of minutes!

It’s as easy as it gets!

Settings ->

General Design Settings

Here you have:

  • General Style – 11 different pagination models you can use on your website
  • Next/Previous label – label next/previous text in your own language
  • Customization – link text color
  • Customization – current item text color
  • Customization – hover link text color
  • Custom font – a list of fonts from google fonts
  • Font size
  • Show border on pagination – yes/no
  • Border color – choose the border color
Advanced Settings
  • Gap – From how many item display gap points? Default: 3
  • Range – How many items before gap (it adds up the current ones)
  • Anchor – How many items after gap (next button is considered as item)

Download Smart Pagination – WordPress plugin (Utilities)

Ultimate Twitter Feed Class (Social Networking)

This class eliminates common difficulties when trying to display Tweets on your website or web application. Most methods of loading Tweets are effective, but unfortunately limited when it comes to customization. With this class, you’re able to design your own feed. With a little bit of pre-existing knowledge of HTML you’re also able to create your own format without editing any code in the class.

Download Ultimate Twitter Feed Class (Social Networking)