Out of Box · CSS ToolTips (Form and Function) (Animations and Effects)

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Both form AND function

Yes that’s right. Not only do these tooltips look stunning and do they come in 10 beautiful colours, they also work! When you purchase this set, you will get 120 possible combinations of tooltips AND a working tooltip effect, created with only CSS !


video preview
Due to the unfortunate fact our files will be pirated (a.k.a. stolen) if we do otherwise, we are required to create a video preview. You can also click the ‘images’ link above for imagery of this file.

NO JavaScript (function)

For the fully-functioning tooltip effect, absolutely NO JavaScript is required or used! The effect is based on pure HTML and CSS and it works in all (modern) browsers!

NO images (form)

The beautifully designed tooltips were made with pure CSS ! This means absolutely no images were used, this saves on the loading time of your website. You will get 10 colour-options (more to come), carefully picked to suit almost any design style. It’s also very easy to create your own!


Although some effects are not supported by some (older) browsers, the CSS in this file is written in a bulletproof way. When something is not supported, it will have fallback line so the forms will degrade in a good way. This means they will look nice and they will not mess with other elements, no matter what browser is used!

Download Out of Box · CSS ToolTips (Form and Function) (Animations and Effects)

Tonic Gallery – jQuery XML Portfolio Gallery (Images and Media)

Tonic Gallery is a jQuery XML Portfolio Gallery that allows you to create very easily a portfolio gallery with some nice effects and flexible customization settings.

Key Features

  • Data management in well structured XML file, which makes it very easy to maintain
  • Category Filter
  • Pagination included
  • Lightbox preview with descriptions
  • Flexible configuration

Gallery Implemented

Check out this gallery implemented into my site template TonicSense


Check out my other products:

Premium WordPress Themes

HTML /CSS Site Templates

Download Tonic Gallery – jQuery XML Portfolio Gallery (Images and Media)

jPLAY (Images and Media)

jPlay is a powerful jQuery & Flash powered jukebox widget you can easily implement in your site.

It offers the user the ability to play a list of songs that you specify. Aswell as this, there is an option for the user to download a particular track of his/her liking.

jPlay is great if you’re a music blogger, a WordPress tinkerer, or if you just want to share some tunes with the world. jPlay supports the ever popular .MP3 format, and with the flash widget, users can stream your music directly from the browser.

jPlay is also very lightweight, and doesn’t require an extensive knowledge of JavaScript to get working. It does, however require a cursory knowledge of CSS and HTML if you decide to customize and tailor the script to your needs.

Download jPLAY (Images and Media)

VenScrollBar – A jQuery Scrollbar Plugin (Miscellaneous)

VenScrollBar is a jQuery plugin that allows web designers to replace the ugly, default OS scrollbar with custom ones that they create. All theming and customizations are done through CSS and the VenScrollBar API . The generated scrollbar completely implements the functionality of a regular scrollbar as well as offers some additional features such as auto-hiding and smooth-scrolling. This plugin is compatible with all the major browsers: IE7 +, FF3 .5+, Opera10+, Chrome5+, and Safari4+.

Download VenScrollBar – A jQuery Scrollbar Plugin (Miscellaneous)

Twitter Updates Widget (Social Networks)

With this widget, you can show your latest tweets on your website. Create your own widget with its great customizability.


  • Display tweets from a search, or a list or account(s)’s feeds!
  • Supports multi-account
  • A simple theme for minimalistic-fans!
  • Anything can be customized!
  • Linking mentions, hashtags and urls!
  • 1-minute-install!
  • It’s a jQuery plugin
  • Choose from 7 color styles (blue, dark blue, green, red, gray, black&white, orange), 4 icon styles (twitter birds and logos), 3 effects (fade, slide, none)
  • Auto-scroller
  • Options to display the username, avatar, time, and arrows to slide to the next tweet
  • Show up to 100 tweets (it’s Twitter’s limit)

and many more features that can be discovered in screenshots. Don’t forget to check them!

Download Twitter Updates Widget (Social Networks)

Trio Slider (Sliders)

Trio Slider offers a new concept of presenting your Featured posts (or any category really). All of the sliders offer a single wide slide per post, we thought 3 would just look better. We didn’t stop there, the Trio Slider as you can see in the Live Preview shows the latest (3) posts, which we like to call a (group), then it slides to show the previous (group) and do on. The Trio Slider supports infinite groups, and comes with an extensive Settings page to allow you to customize it the way you want.

Trio Slider Functionality and Features:

1- All you have to do is to create a new category to serve the Trio Slider, we recommend you call it “Trio-Slider”, but any name will do. You do not need to change the structure of your categories, you simply add the posts you would like to show on the Trio Slider to the Trio Slider category you created. The Trio Slider will automatically show the original Category of the Post and not the Trio Slider category. Example, let’s say you have a post categorized under “Business”, open it and add the Trio Slider Category to the Post. Go back to your Slider and you will notice that “Business” is displayed on the Trio Slider as the Post Category.

2- Trio Slider automatically displayed the number of comments for each Post of the Slider. You can customize the look of feel of the Comments box in the Settings page.

3- Trio Slider allows you to customize every single detail from text color/size, background, hover background, slider speed, navigation/comment/category/post title positions within the slider and much more.

4- Trio Slider is a WordPress plugin, which means that all you have to do is install it through the WordPress Plugins Admin Page or by Unzipping the contents in the Plugins folder through FTP .

5- Trio Slider uses JQUERY to handle the slider animation, but you do not need to worry about ant potential script conflicts (a very common problem) because it will detect if the script is loaded first, and will only load if JQUERY is not loaded by any other element of your website. It’s headache free.

6- Trio Slider will automatically resize your Post Images to 300×300 then crops them if necessary. This however applies only to all the new images you add after you have installed the plugin. To resolve the issue of all the previous images, all you need to do is to install the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and run it once, it is a very simple process. Alternatively, you can search for it within your WordPress Plugins Admin page and install it directly.

If you’re looking for the WOW factor and an easy way to make your website or blog stand out, go for the Trio Slider, because no other Plugin will offer you such options in Plug n Play style.

True Nature Team

Download Trio Slider (Sliders)

Apple Style Mini Pagination (Navigation and Menus)

Create stunning mini paginations anywhere in your site for images, text boxes, modal boxes, sliders etc without using images!

This pure CSS method is 100% customizable and does not require any use of images or CSS hacks. It will also automatically degrade for older browsers.


  • Includes 7 great color combinations
  • Includes 3 different sizes pre built in the CSS
  • Hover and active / selected color states
  • Size and colors and be changed just like any other CSS element
  • That means you have an UNLIMITED number of size and color combinations
  • Works in all browsers that support CSS round borders and degrades nicely in those that dont
  • Includes documentation file and commented CSS !

Download Apple Style Mini Pagination (Navigation and Menus)

Image Multi Upload (Images and Media)

Image Multi Upload is a web page plugin with following features:

  • upload single or multiple file via ajax,
  • resize image,
  • create image thumbnail (with keep image aspect ratio),
  • easy integrate with forms,
  • create any numbers of thumbnails under one upload,
  • customizable paths to thumbnails folders,
  • customizable thumbnails sizes and dimensions,
  • pass custom data,
  • files extension filters,
  • limit uploaded file size,
  • limit number of uploaded files,
  • easy integrate with forms,
  • auto upload, upload on click the button, upload on form submit
  • custom upload button,
  • upload statistics,
  • and more…

Image Multi Upload is very easy to implement. Implementation requires only four short steps:

  • upload required files to server
  • attach them to a website
  • create upload folder on server
  • place uploader on website

Every upload input that you would like to use as Image Multi Upload input should have IMU class.
If you’re using many uploaders on one site, each of them will automatically get unique id. First will get IMU0Uploader id, second IMU1Uploader etc.

Download Image Multi Upload (Images and Media)

CodingPress: WordPress 3.0 Framework (Miscellaneous)

CodingPress was created to serve as the starting point in WordPress theme development.


1. Theme Options page
2. SEO Options page
3. Extra Functions/Widgets to show List Post
4. Google Analytics
5. TinyURL/Bit.ly
6. Easy to install code
7. Scratch Theme
8. Much more…

CodingPress is perfect for “Premium themes”.

Experienced developers and designers can accomplish almost anything with minimal work.

Download CodingPress: WordPress 3.0 Framework (Miscellaneous)

SVEP – Smart Video Embed Plugin (Miscellaneous)

SVEP is a super easy and fast plugin to embed video into your web pages from video sharing services.

To add a video into your pages only create a link element includes video url

example: <a href="[VIDEO URL]">[YOUR TEXT]</a>

Supported Services

  • Youtube
  • Google Video
  • Vimeo
  • DailyMotion
  • Metacafe
  • BlipTv
  • Screenr
  • Viddler

will be added new services with next versions..

Included Files

  • jquery.svep.js (with compressed and developer versions)
  • jquery.swfobject.js (SWFObject v1.1.1 MIT/GPL licenses @jon_neal)
  • style.svep.css (style file)
  • Graphic Files
  • Manual and Test Files

It’s Tested On: Mozilla Firefox, IE (6,+), Opera, Safari, Google Chrome

1.0 (August 19 2010)
- First version

It was built using the jQuery (MIT and GPL licenses) and SWFObject v1.1.1 (MIT/GPL licenses @jon_neal).

Download SVEP – Smart Video Embed Plugin (Miscellaneous)

ApPHP Calendar (Calendars)

The ApPHP Calendar (ApPHP CAL ) is a powerful PHP calendar script that may be easily integrated and used with various PHP projects, such as schedulers, event processors etc. The calendar is very simple to install, implement and use. ApPHP Calendar has a user-friendly interface and navigation. It can be viewed in various ways – yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and list view.

Our calendar script is more than just some boxes on a screen. We offers a comprehensive suite of events publishing, viewing and statistical information. The script allows you to improve and simplify event exposure and publishing. With features of ApPHP Calendar you can configure access for different user types.

ApPHP Calendar is the complete solution for all of your calendar needs.

Download ApPHP Calendar (Calendars)

License Generator – 1 PC = 1 License (Membership or Authentication Tools)

License Generator it’s a .Net library that lets you to add a License System on your .Net Application.

See the video to know how work: http://blip.tv/file/3994184

Download a demo: http://www.mediafire.com/?hdmmqd36q5z7g3a

It generates one License for one PC, this want to said that if the user want to use your program on other pc his serial, key will don’t work :D

Very simple to use. Simple add a reference for the dll and works with it.

In addition you can make a Demo limitation to your program, with the key:


Works in:

  • Net Framework 3.0 or +
  • vb.net and C#

The Item includes:

  • Dll Library (Obsfucated and Normal)
  • Source
  • Help Video
  • A demo project

Important:Your client needs to have Internet conexion when load your App if you want the mail with the key.

Important:Open the Source and the Demo Project at least with Visual Studio 2008

Download License Generator – 1 PC = 1 License (Membership or Authentication Tools)

Advanced File Server (Loaders and Uploaders)

Key Features

  • AJAX Powered
  • Support for multiple users
  • Support for upload tickets with a given number of uploads
  • Syntax highlighting for html, css and php files
  • Ability to set an expiry time for a file
  • Support for user permissions, you can deny access to specific pages for each user
  • Fully tested in Firefox, Chrome, IE 8 , 7, 6, Safari, Opera
  • Degrades gracefully for users without javascript (although it is required to submit the upload form)
  • Fully object oriented, you could easily create your own user interface if you want to.

Advanced file server is a file hosting platform that you can use to store any file temporary or permanently.
You can give other users access to the system via a upload ticket if they need to send you a file or for any other reason.
You can also create any number of user accounts with individual permissions for each page.
The user interface has been designed to be as easy to use as possible, you can test this using the demo below.

You can test your system for compatibility with this item using this script.
If all the blocks are green it should work for you if it does not, I’ll most likely be able to find a workaround.
NOTE : You will need the ability to add a cron job to be able to use the file expiry feature.

Live Demo
Username: admin Password: admin
The demo has a file size limit of 1MB, the actual item will determine the maximum size from your php installation.


Download Advanced File Server (Loaders and Uploaders)