Upload Resize Image (Images and Media)

Upload resize image is a php script which help you to upload and manage your images to your server.
There is a beautiful interface for help you to simply use it.

– Upload your image
– Fill in the quality, width and height
– Fill in the new name of the image (optional)
– Click on the “Upload” button
– View all uploaded files and manage them

Try the DEMO

Visit our Web Site: www.cudesoft.com

Download Upload Resize Image (Images and Media)

Gecko Content Management System (Project Management Tools)

Re-Think about content management systems, Gecko CMS has been developed for building websites in minutes not days. Your have a project in mind or building websites for your customers? Gecko CMS is the way to go, forget complicated, bloated and slow content management systems, Gecko CMS has been build to be intuitive, easy to use, extendable to almost anything, running on all standard web hosting (PHP and one MySQL database, Apache is a plus), browser compatibility and fast, super fast!

Build in cache system, MySQL and MySQLi support, search engine optimization, automatic site-map creation for Google an Co., RSS Feeds, modern design and functionality, secure and fast, did I mention fast?

Plugins included

  • Gallery
  • Blog
  • NivoSlider
  • Guestbook
  • Who is Online
  • Register Form Creator
  • Twitter Box
  • Portfolio
  • Create Site-maps for Google/Yahoo and Co.

Templates Included

  • darkish
  • darkis left
  • alps
  • three drops

Languages available (Gecko CMS )

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portugues
  • Romanian
  • Turkish




  • Wow! Gecko was already fun and great to work with but with those new implements (Gecko CMS 1 .2) Gecko will be AWESOME for every type of users!
  • First of all, thank you for your CMS the best I used so far!
  • Many CMS out there suffer from either very slow development, bad management, complicated admin panel, overloaded with usefulness stuff, tons of errors and crashes after each updates and so on… I really was surpised of how smooth was updating from 1.0 to 1.1

Support Website


Please note: the demo can have plugins or templates available not included in the package.

Download Gecko Content Management System (Project Management Tools)

WordPress Social Timeline (Social Networking)

Item Description:

The DP Social Timeline plugin lets you retrieve status/posts/videos/images from different social networks in a timeline format from the newest to the oldest.


  • Get status/posts/videos/ images from differents accounts in the same social network
  • Twitter, Facebook Page, Youtube, Delicious, Flickr, Dribbble, Digg, Pinterest,


  • Retrieve Youtube videos using search keywords.
  • Retrieve tweets using a hashtag.
  • Different display styles.
  • Limit the number of Feeds to retrieve.
  • Add multiple custom feeds.
  • Show/Hide Social Icons.
  • Use as a Widget.
  • Social Filter Support.
  • Cross Browser Support.
  • Simple to Customize.
  • Full Documentation.

Non-WP version:

There is a Non-WP version of this plugin. Click Here


Recommended Items

Download WordPress Social Timeline (Social Networking)

Download Counter for WordPress (Utilities)

Download Counter is a WordPress plugin that tracks how many times a URL , or download, has been opened. This download can be anything, from a link to a file, to a page on a different website. Using one of the available shortcodes, place the download on your website and the plugin will track how many people have opened the link. The data will be displayed in a table where you’ll see when it was last opened, when it was added and how much times it was opened. You can easily edit the data or add/remove more downloads as well as change some options. All downloads are logged, if this option is enabled, and you can view the log by going to the “Download Log” page or by opening the log file.

Download Download Counter for WordPress (Utilities)

AdFly Rotater For WordPress (Advertising)

What Is It?

AdFly Rotater for WordPress allows you to instantly turn any WordPress site into a cash generating powerhouse! Instead of using low paying CPM ads, setup powerful AdF.ly interstitial ads and paid for every view, every time! Bonus: You can also use AF Rotater to automatically add AdF.ly affiliate redirects to all links in your post / page content without effecting other parts of your site like navigation, sidebar links etc. More Traffic = More Views = More $$$$

AdFly Rotator for WordPress


  • Create loads of money with AdF.ly using interstitial ads that get you paid for every view.
  • Optional – Generate Ad.Fly links from all links in your post content on the fly without effecting other parts of your site to really generate those extra views. You will be up to your eyeballs with AdF.ly traffic!
  • Control everything from page delay, max ad cap per day, and ad frequency.
  • Full AJAX admin panel with documentation built in.
  • Fully compliant with AdF.ly terms of service!
  • Takes only seconds to install and configure!
  • Works in pretty much every browser there is!

The best part is, the more traffic your sites generate the more views you are going to get guaranteed! Deploy across a network of sites and rake it in or offer premium subscriptions to your content that also disable ads! The uses are endless with AdFly Rotater for WordPress

Compatible With All The Popular Browsers

  • Google Chrome – All Recent Releases
  • Firefox – All Recent Releases
  • Safari – All Recent Releases
  • Opera – All Recent Releases
  • Internet Explorer – All Versions
  • Works on all iOS5 devices! iPhone, iPad, and iTouch + All Android Devices

Download AdFly Rotater For WordPress (Advertising)

ChalkBoard Painter HTML5/Canvas Painting App (Canvas)

HTML5 /Canvas Browser Painting App

Give your users photoshop like features in an easy to use browser painter app.

Edit and save images on the fly. Manipulate image pixels with the invert greyscale and push tool.

Create clean straight lines or squares.

Craft cloud or mountain effects with the gradient roll brush.

Upload and edit your own images.

“The most complex and easy to use canvas based painting program on the web. ” – nuvuthemes.com

  • Color Value Sliders

    – Adjust Red, Green, Blue values to get the perfect color level.

  • Square Brush Tool

    – Create Perfect Squares

  • Gradient Roll Brush

    – Create Cloud like effects with a slight gradient.

  • Colorpicker Push Brush

    – Push the colors on the chalkboard.

  • Invert Effect

    – Invert the colors of the chalkboard image.

  • Greyscale Effect

    – Covert the chalkboard image to black and white.

  • Line Tool Brush

    – Create straight lines.

  • Fill Canvas Tool

    – Quickly fill the chalkboard with one color.

  • Brush and Opacity sliders + quick brush select options

  • Color Spectral Colorpicker

    – Click the colorpicker to choose a color.

  • Background tray with image upload

    – fill canvas with pre-set image or upload your own.

  • Undo Brush Stroke

    – undo up to 20 previous brush strokes

  • App resize with dynamic canvas resizing(optional)

  • Brush/Color info

    – Get current color,opacity and brush size info.

  • Brush Tools Dialog/Modal tooltips

    – On the fly info as tooltips.

  • Lightbox render image with image save to png file.

    – Render in style, preview and save.

  • Mobile Browser Support

    – Safari(apple ipad – no line tool support)

  • Cross Browser support

    – Safari,Firefox, IE9 , Opera, Chrome(no image upload support).

Download ChalkBoard Painter HTML5/Canvas Painting App (Canvas)

YouTube Channel Video Grabber (Images and Media)

This PHP class will get a list of all the videos from a YouTube channel. The class can also limit the number of results, maximum title characters, and maximum description characters. You can get information like likes, dislikes, favorites, and views. You can also optionally embed the videos as well.


  • Get videos from any YouTube channel in a list format
  • Choose the maximum number of results
  • Choose maximum title and description chracters
  • Option to embed the videos into the page
  • Customizable CSS to display it the way you want
  • Get the thumbnail, title, description, keywords, category, and URL
  • Optionally, retrieve the views, favorites, dislikes, and likes
  • Get the full XML return for custom HTML (example given)

Download YouTube Channel Video Grabber (Images and Media)

Delete magento orders (Magento Extensions)

Magento by default does not allow you to delete orders.
While this decision makes good sense, many users are still in need of this functionality to delete test orders.

Our extension gives you this functionality.


1. Extract zip archive and copy contents to the app/folder of your Magento installation
2. Clearing the cache ? System ? Cache Management
3. Login/Logout from Backend to reload the ACL

Now you see in your magento Backend a extra option for deleting Orders.

Download Delete magento orders (Magento Extensions)

LongTweet (Miscellaneous)

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LongTweet v1.0

Tweetify your blogs!

LongTweet is a complete blog system that is integrated with Twitter. Post on your blog, it will be posted to your twitter account also. Comment on your blog, it will be retweeted on your twitter account. You have not limited with 140 characters!

Item Features

  • Login with Twitter
  • Integrated fully dynamic theme fetched from twitter
  • Authomatic post to twitter
  • Authomatic comment to post on twitter
  • Fully functional admin panel
  • User management
  • Tweet Management
  • Comment management
  • Multilingual
  • Cstom static pages
  • Advertisement management

Easy to Use

  • Install your blog with installation page, no need to config some files
  • There is no registration forms, just login with Twitter
  • Easily manage your users
  • Manage your tweets and comments easily

Highly Customizable

  • Customize your blog theme easily
  • Apply twitter theme to your blog
  • Private or Public blog
  • Add static pages to your blog footer section

Twitter Integrated

  • Authomatic post to twitter
  • Authomatic comment to twitter
  • Login through twitter
  • Twitter based dynamic profile pages/themes


PHP 5 .3.x or later

MySQL 5.0 or later


Twitter application credentials

Twitter account

Important Notes!

Your application folder should be writable

Live Demo

Admin Panel: http://huseyinbabal.net/portfolio/codecanyon/LongTweetDemo/admin/

Username: demo

Password: demo

Frontend: http://huseyinbabal.net/portfolio/codecanyon/LongTweet/

Video Tutorial: http://www.screenr.com/tOc8


Please do not hesitate to ask any question for this product by using contact form on my profile here

Download LongTweet (Miscellaneous)

Titanium Map (Titanium)


This is Titanium Map module that is easy to integrate into your existing or new projects. Works with Android, iPhone and iPad.


  1. Easy to implement – follows CommonJS standard
  2. Calculates distance from the current user location
  3. List of locations, for quick access
  4. Multiple Map Types
  5. Distance in Kilometers or Miles
  6. Easy to change any object color
  7. 5 min set up

Sources and Credits

Images that I have used in the project are
Iconka.com For the images inside the map and the list

Download Titanium Map (Titanium)

Simple Instagram Fancybox (Social Networks)

This is a plugin designed to allow you to easily pull photos from your instagram account and render them on your website. You can do all kinds of fun things like load in the popular photo feed, load a friend’s feed, or load your own. Simply pass in your username and the rest is take care of for you!

Download Simple Instagram Fancybox (Social Networks)

Image Library (Media)

This plugin extend media library capabilities and show in one page what pictures are attached to a post/page. After installing the plugin you will see two new menus in Media menu from backend. First one is for images attached to posts and second one is for images attached to pages.

The main advantage of this plugin is that if an image is removed it will disappear from post/page attachments page.

This plugin solve the WordPress Media Library problem where you can see only one post/page even if that image is attached to more than one post/page. Also if an image is removed from the post that image will still occur to be attached to that post.

Download Image Library (Media)

Simple Keywords Generator (Windows)


Simple Keywords Generator is a small tool built to generate hundreds of keywords easily !

Fast, full threaded, light & portable application.

The engine will scrape keywords suggestions from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Wikipedia, Shopping.com, eBay, and more…

Other languages like Arabic or Hebrew are not fully supported in this version.
I’m working on it :)


If you have problems, bugs or suggestions, feel free to ask via “Comments” section.

Enjoy :)


Download Simple Keywords Generator (Windows)

Easy Script Copier – Extract HTML, CSS and JS ! (Windows)


Easy Script Copier is small tool built to save an HTML page and all CSS /JavaScript files attached.

I built this tool to save on my PC some jQuery and Ajax scripts (sliders, accordions, countdowns, charts, …).
It works with HTML5 , CSS3 and JavaScript files.
Easy Script Copier will change all local links to files in the main HTML file.

This tool has been built for web developers, and so it will not crawl a full website, but only one page and necessary files.
It will not save images or media, also it will not create hierarchy subfolders (all in one folder with all correct links).

Easy Script Copier is extremely fast and easy to setup : only one field to fill !
Give a look to screenshots.


Here is an example : http://www.p51labs.com/accordion/
You want this JavaScript accordion powered by Prototype framework ?
Just put the URL in the software and click a button.
Now, at the root directory you’ll find a folder with random name (and date creation), and in this folder are all saved files.


If you have problems, bugs or suggestions, feel free to ask via “Comments” section.

I tried this tool with a lot of scripts, but if you find complex scripts that dosen’t works, feel free to tell me, I’ll try to fix that :)

Enjoy !


Download Easy Script Copier – Extract HTML, CSS and JS ! (Windows)