PHP Mobile Device Detect (Miscellaneous)

PHP Mobile Device Detection is a small class that can detect most of popular internet enabled mobile devices.
It is easy to customize it to fit in your code. You can redirect users to mobile content with 3 lines of code!

Supported devices/operating systems/browsers:

Opera Mini
Windows Phone

Download PHP Mobile Device Detect (Miscellaneous)

Questions (Polls)

Questions is a Facebook Question alike survery tool.
It is a full ajax application with an easy to use admin panel.
It comes with an auto code generation function named “widget”, To display the questions,
all you need to do is to copy and paste the widget codes to your page.
You can even use built-in hooks to add your own static page to the admin panel.


  • Full ajax powered application
  • Works on major browsers
  • Multiple questinos on one page
  • Create/Delete/Monitor questions from admin panel
  • Copy and paste widget codes to display the questions
  • Built-in helper videos
  • Menu hook to add your own page

Manual file:

Demo page: coming soon.

Manual file is included in download file.

Download Questions (Polls)

NuvuZoom jQuery Image Zoom Plugin (Images and Media)

NuvuZoom jQuery Image Zoom Plugin

Simply the most lightweight and Simple jQuery Image Zoom Plugin.

1.The lightest jQuery Zoom plugin in the world – at only 1Kb(min)!
2.Choose Magnification level.
3.In and Out Animation Effect.
4.Custom Easing Integration.
5.Only a couple lines of code.

Download NuvuZoom jQuery Image Zoom Plugin (Images and Media)

Candy Stripped CSS Buttons (Buttons)

Candy Stripped CSS Buttons is a button pack by . It emulates the candy stripped effect using CSS3 gradients and background images. The pack offers 17 different colors, 3 different sizes of buttons, 3 shapes and 2 hover effects. More than 300 possible combinations.

Its compatible with IE7 +, Firefox 2.6+, Chrome10+, Safari and Opera.

Download Candy Stripped CSS Buttons (Buttons)

TitanEditor – The Shortcode Editor On Steroids (Add-ons)

Ever wanted to create your own page templates filled with the coolest short-codes without opening your ftp application, WordPress Editor or code editor, well? Then we have a surprise for you’ll. All you need to is to buy our plugin and you never have to do these steps ever again and never ever have to remember a short-code tag again.

With TitanEditor your able to create as many page templates as you need and fill them with a visual short-code editor. Everything is taken care of, drag and drop functionality, delete page templates, ad page template, edit page templates.

Add columns, message boxes, lists, accordions, tabbed containers, charts, maps, sliders, toggles, recent posts, popular posts, related posts, quotes, videos, button with an button editor inside and much much more.


  • Drag and drop Functionality – Drag, drop, move or delete your short-codes until your satisfied.
  • Page template Manager – No more messing around inside your default pages and posts, create your own page templates filled with short-codes.
  • Button shortcode editor – Create as many button styles and shapes you want.
  • Most common shortcodes included – Buttons, tabs, accordion, toggle, slider, images, columns, lists, message boxes, video, quotes, separator, blog elements, galleria and pre/code
  • Quick fill – After adding your columns your able to fill them all by just one click.
  • TitanEditor Page Attributes – After creating your page template and you’ve filled and rearranged all components then just create a new page and select your page template from the TitanEditor Page Attributes window and your done.
  • Clever editing – Not happy after seeing your freshly baked page, then just select the template through TitanEditor and edit it, TitanEditor remembers where you have left and opens the page just as you left it.
  • Screencasts Included – Watch the videos for full instructions on how to use the editor, once your used to it you never return to the wp-editor ever again.
  • Blog Post compatible – Your also able to create a nice looking blog post that looks different then any other blog post. Just create a page template ad your content through the editor and assign this page template to that blog post.
  • Editors Option Panel – A option panel from where you can enable or diasble the stylings, so if you want to use your own then you only need to disable it.

Thank you so much for purchasing this plugin. We’re be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this plugin. No guarantees, but we will do our best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the wordpress plugins on CodeCanyon, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the “Item Discussion” section.

Download TitanEditor – The Shortcode Editor On Steroids (Add-ons)

Appnx – Create an iPhone App using a web CMS (iPhone)

Like the title says, Appnx is an engine that allows you to create an iPhone app using a web CMS .

You can create from a simple app with text pages to complete app (like the demo include on the installation) with submenus, maps, Twitter, Facebook, Email form, multilingual support and more…

If you don’t know Objective C (to customize the appearance of the app), you can choose from 4 different themes.

And if you have a Blog and you want to list the posts on the app, you can use the RSS plugin to read the blog feed, and if the blog is a WordPress, you can use the WordPress Plugin to connect with your blog and show posts, categories and the blog archive.

The package include video tutorials that will help you with every step on the system.

Every file is commented, and if you are a experienced developer, you don’t have limits with the things that you can create using both Objective-C and PHP frameworks of Appnx, both were designed to be extended in a very easy way.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Download Appnx – Create an iPhone App using a web CMS (iPhone)

Shapes Code – resource for iPhone / iPad (iPhone)

Shapes Code are a collection of files that allow to use shapes in your applications. They are easy to integrate and easy to use. With these resources you can simply draw in you iphone / ipad app one or more line, rectangles and circles with differents colors and opacity. In fact, the object is created deciding color (with RGB values??) and the opacity, as you need.
For example, if you want to add a circle you can do it with only four lines of code. No image, it’s all math! So, less use of resources and memory, smaller size of the application and you can change it dinamically within the application.

In the zip, you can find a folder with the classes that you need to create shapes and a demo, an xcode project that use those files.
In our demo there are also instructions that explain step by step all things that you have to do to add shapes in your project. Follow them and you will not have trouble creating your shapes.

Look at the screenshots to see the resource integrated and working.

Download Shapes Code – resource for iPhone / iPad (iPhone)

iPhone Google Places API example app (Titanium)

This example Titanium mobile application hooks in to the new Google Places API exposing the public API ’s giving the user live information direct from Google.

Each listing has a details page which has directions to it as well as a phone number which will invoke the phone on selection.

There is also a simple search that allows the user to search for places by a specific category.


Set up a new titanium project and then copy this resources directory over the top of your newly created projects resources directory.

Quite Simple really. In order to use this App you will require an API key from Google as well as a google account. Full information can be found on the Google Code site :

Once you get the API key you need to open lib/places.class.js and replace
var PLACES _API_KEY = ‘ ’; with your API key.

Download iPhone Google Places API example app (Titanium)

AJAX Mobile Contact Form (Forms)

Main Features

  • Send emails without reload page.
  • Multi language UTF -8 ready.
  • Easy charset changing.
  • jQuery effects.
  • You can choose if to send emails in a HTML format or Text format.
  • Very easy integration with your mobile website.
  • Works fine with the php 4.x and 5.x version.
  • Fields validation included.
  • Anti spam filter.
  • No separate page needed for thank you message.
  • Customizable email message that you receive.
  • Automatic rilevation of new fields.
  • Works with main mobile devices as iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry (v. 6.0) and Windows Mobile (v. 7.0).


Please contact me with any questions you may have, full documentation is included with the file for simple integration in your existing website.

Download AJAX Mobile Contact Form (Forms)

AJAX Booking Calendar Pro (jQuery Plugin) (Calendars)

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This item is ideal if you want to add information about bookings to your rentals website. The Back End is easy to use and can be easily integrated into your own CMS as the Front End can be easily integrated into your website. Both Back End and Front End can be customized separately, and the number of usages on your webpage or website is unlimited.
The Calendar comes with a PHP script, but any server side script can be used to load or to save data from any database.
The Booking Calendar is compatible with all browsers and devices (iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones).


  • Unlimited amount of usages on your website or on your webpage.
  • Front End and Back End versions.
  • Each version can be completely customizable separately from CSS .
  • Auto resizable.
  • You can change the language.
  • Compatible with any server side script.
  • … if you want more options tell me and I will add them.


Send me a link to the page you used this product on, and I will post the link here or on my website.

Item views:

Since 30 May 2010

Download AJAX Booking Calendar Pro (jQuery Plugin) (Calendars)

Form Expression Parser (Forms)

The “Form Expression Parser” enables you to parse and calculate custom result variables based on a user’s form field input and private declared variables. The custom result variables will be parsed upon form submission and readily available to you making it possible to store them in a database or other container or take appropriated action depending on the values of the result variables.

Simply add one or more textfields or textareas to your existing form, add your custom result expressions and be on your way. The expression parser can handle simple numbers, defined variables, posted form field values, mathematical expressions such as +, -, * and /, boolean expression and if-statements. Negative numbers are not a problem either!

Use this useful tool if you need to calculate indexes or do calculations on form submitted data. Integration is easy with only one necessary PHP file and only 4 lines to handle the PHP process. On the HTML side you only add one hidden textarea field.

Download Form Expression Parser (Forms)

Advanced PHP Store Locator (Miscellaneous)

This Advanced Store Locator is using an API to fetch and display all the stores information. that makes it a very powerful and flexible application. It enables users to views your stores on a Google Map, view a Google Street view of a specific location, search by address, search the closest stores to their current location. It also includes a way to organise the stores by categories and provides several ways to customize the display and the available filters.


– Google Maps v3 (no API key required).
– AJAX powered pagination.
– Search stores by address, city or postal code.
– Several possible filters (stores categories, max distance).
– Distances units in Km or in Miles.
– Street view display (as an overlay to save space)
– Can detect the users location
– Specific marker used to display the user current location.
– 2 types of results display (included).
– A way to use your own icon as a custom marker on the Map.
– Very clean and user friendly user interface.

Also included

– Fully featured backend interface to add, edit and delete stores.
– Categories management.
– Automatically geocode your store addresses in the database.
– Built-in API system.

Check the demo this page.

Download Advanced PHP Store Locator (Miscellaneous)