Kid Icarus – HTML5 Game (Construct 2) (Games)


Use “Live Preview” button above to play my game but don’t forget to click “Remove Frame” at top-right corner of the screen to run it without issues.. or
Click here to play directly: Link Here


Help little Icarus to fly and dodge all the obstacles in his way! Made in Construct 2 (capx file included). Enjoy the game!

Modify the game and upload the folder to your hosting. Use the game as is, or as iframe.

Example: <iframe frameborder=”0” width=”1000” height=”500” src=””></iframe>


– Construct 2 Source Files
– HTML5 Files
– Mouse and/or Touch
– Replace Content With Yours
– Help Text Files

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– In case you purchase an extended license and you need a reskin service, i will help you one time for free. I will use your graphics, logo, links, media, whatever you need based on my game template.
– If you have any pre-purchase questions don’t hesitate to contact me.


.. or Click here to play directly: Link Here | If you want to purchase a license for the deluxe version of this game please contact me via email.


– If you plan to use your own version of this game as a paid on stores (google, apple etc), you need to purchase an extended license.
– You are free to use ads of course by purchasing a regular license.
– You can’t sell (copy/modify/any) this game at envato or similar/any markets.
– If you have any query please contact me.


– Each license use is for one (1) website portal, store, etc. You can’t buy my game once (regular or extended license) and use it to unlimited website portals or/and stores.
– Please don’t portal my games (links) without my permission. If you like it, buy a license first. Thank you for understanding.
– If you have any query please contact me.


– Download for free Construct 2 from here:
You can modify my game but you need to buy a license for Construct 2 in case you need to export it.
– If you want to export as HTML5 your version of my game from Construct 2, feel free to contact me, i will do it for free.
– You can replace all graphics, media with yours. If you have skills you can modify also any .html, .js files.
– In case you need any customization (build as android, ios, ads, any changes) don’t hesitate to contact me.


– You can use any browser you want like: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.. Recommended: Chrome.
– You can’t use (copy/modify/any for your personal projects, whatever) any of my content (graphics, audio, etc) of my current item here without my permission.
– If you have any query please contact me.



Even if i do all my best to minimize any inconvenience, i can’t ensure the full compatibility of all my games on every device and every operating system update. Thank you for your understanding.

© OdiusFly Studio



– If you have any questions and/or requests, please contact me at [email protected]

Download Kid Icarus – HTML5 Game (Construct 2) (Games)

Citishop | Shopping HTML 5 Animated Google Banner (Ad Templates)

Citishop Shopping | Animated Google Banner is a beautiful set of banner templates, made for all business purposes.


    -7 standard sizes: -300×250, 728×90, 160×600, 250×250, 300×600, 728×210, 336×280.

  • -HTML5/CSS3 effects;
  • -Easy to Edit;
  • -Google Web Fonts;
  • -Made with Google Web Designer;

What you get:

  • 7 HTML Ad template, ready to use
  • 7 PSD template
  • easy to customize with Google Web Designer free

Image courtesy:

All the images are displayed only, not included in the main download package. But must want to give credit to the authors for their wonderful images.

Download Citishop | Shopping HTML 5 Animated Google Banner (Ad Templates)

Tanks Vs Zombies Advanced Starter Kit – iOS (Games)

This is an advanced level tower defense starter kit includes a lot of great features and advanced mechanics that you can reuse in your other projects! You should have a basic understanding of how to change spritesheets if you want to reskin.

The Kit comes with and features the following:

An automatically updating level select scene.

  • When you create a new level it is automatically added to the level select scene!
  • That same new scene is automatically added to your build settings!

Screen Fader with Loading Screen

  • Loading levels now is easy, the screen fader will automatically load your level in the background and then un-fade when it is ready to play!

ScriptableObjects as data containers!

  • No need to worry about storing data, ScriptabaleObjects is here to save you!

Built-in support for Unity’s TileMap system!

  • Levels are created out of tile maps what is as simple to change as using a paintbrush!

FlexibleGUI System

  • The FlexibleGUI system lets you skin the GUI right from the editor!

Automatic Save System

  • Worry less about saving your projects. This kit includes and AutoSave feature that saves your project every few minutes and on every run!

Automatic Builder Bar

  • Shows only the turrets you want for your level!

And that’s just the Core components!

This start kit also comes with the following ready to go!

  • 8 Different Turrets!
  • A Money factory
  • Barricades
  • Bombs
  • Multiple levels of tanks including an Ice and Fire tank!
  • 4 Different Enemies!
  • 1 Boss Enemy!

Money collectables, Different bullet types, Land Mines and so much more!

NO CODING REQUIRED!! Ready to be skinned!

This starter kit is a great way to advance your project or a great learning tool to take your skills to next level!

Stop coding so much and start creating!

Download Tanks Vs Zombies Advanced Starter Kit – iOS (Games)

Crime Wars of San Andreas – GTA Style Unity Game (Games)

Summer sale! 50% Off!

Crime Wars of San Andreas is an open world crime life simulator. You play as a cool gangster of big criminal organization. Your task is to defeat the gangsters of other bands and clear the city from the mafia.
In this game, you can go where you want, drive on any car you like and make a real chaos on the streets. Using the minimaps you can find weapons and useful items that help you to reach the goal or just have fun.Initially, there are 6 districts in the game, in each of which you need to restore order. In each district you will have at your disposal one of the cool cars and a unique gun for the massacre of bad guys.

Download Crime Wars of San Andreas – GTA Style Unity Game (Games)

Professional Services | Hair Salon Banner (PS018) (Ad Templates)

AdAnimate - HTML5 Banner Ad Templates

Hair Salon Ad banner template is suitable for salon business, beauty parlors, fashion studios. You can promote your small business to masses and make it huge one! Be it a well-established company or an individual, all can use this unique and trendy designed banner and provide their services worldwide.

Loved By Customers

Check Tutorials

Standard Sizes
Banner Categories

Download Professional Services | Hair Salon Banner (PS018) (Ad Templates)

Brain Game (Android Studio + Material Design + Admob + OneSignal) (Games)

You can Challenge your brain to know Your level of thinking about things,just
watch the photo then answer the questions correctly to earn points and improve your skills
from the tools shop.


Android Side

  • Quiz play with four answer options.
  • Tutorial file for how to add a question with image.
  • Over unlimited levels.
  • Notifications OneSignal.
  • Display your correct and wrong answer with total score.
  • Latest material design and easy to customize.
  • Quiz with time limit for each question.
  • Admob integrated (Banner , Rewarded , Interstitial)
  • Android Studio Code Available.

What You Get:

  1. Full Android Source Code.
  2. Full Document.

We also provide support via:

Download Brain Game (Android Studio + Material Design + Admob + OneSignal) (Games)

Word Connect .Construct 2 Game + Admob (Games)

How to play

All you have to do is swipe the letter blocks to find the correct words and earn coins.

Export to Mobile


  • Resolution: 720*1280.
  • Works on most html5 browsers (chrome,mozilla,opera…)
  • Made with Construct 2.
  • Including “Capx” File
  • Easy to edit images.
  • Admob Ready.
  • 100 Levels Ready.
  • Easy to edit levels.
  • Easy to add more levels.
  • Easy to reskin.


You can easily export the game to:

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows Phone


  • Sound:
    • CGEffex.
    • rhodesmas
    • elmasmalo1
  • Music
    • Music by Eric Matyas
  • Sound:

Rate it 5 stars

Download Word Connect .Construct 2 Game + Admob (Games)

Sales & Retail – Banner Ad Templates – HTML5 Animated GWD (Ad Templates)

Sales & Retail – Banner Ad Templates – HTML5 Animated GWD

    Item Features:

  • • Created and fully editable with Google Web Designer
  • • Compatible with Google Ads(Adwords), Display & Video 360(Doubleclick), AdRoll and more
  • • Google Web Fonts used
  • • Pixel-perfect cross-browser compatible
  • • Animation duration – 23 seconds
    The package includes:

  • • 6 Popular Sizes : 160×600, 250×250, 300×250, 336×280, 728×90, 300×600
  • • Google Ads(Adwords), Display & Video 360(Doubleclick), AdRoll source files
  • • PSD files for backup images
  • • Detailed documentation PDF file which describe template editing process
  • • 6 Month Item Support


The stock image is not included in the download file, it is for demo purposes only. You can download this image on Pixabay.

If You want us to customize this item, please contact through profile page.

Download Sales & Retail – Banner Ad Templates – HTML5 Animated GWD (Ad Templates)

Click – Dynamic Reports (.NET)


The problem with most business is that they depend static query based analysis that restricts
them to linear exploration within a partial view of their data. In addition, it takes a lot of time
and effort. Click lets you combine any number of views so that you can explore across all
your data.


Click is a web-based Dynamic Report Generator that helps organizations medium or small
in data discovery. It enables them to generate different types of Reports including Table,
Chart and Map report. Simply, it enables them to choose any type of view from their selected
Database, and generate a set of dynamic reports. Furthermore, it supports adding rules,
permissions, and adding dynamic search fields for each customized report. Click developed
using C# for the ASP.NET framework. The Click core is SplendidCRM which is open source
Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Click Features

Click contains different type features, that facilitate report creator (i.e who need to create a
report for the end-user / business user) work when he needs to generate different types of
the report; Click allows Report Creator to do his task in a simple and quick way. The Click
feature listed as following:

  1. Login: When you navigate to the Click website, you might be automatically authenticated
    and taken to the home page, or you might be prompt for a user-name and
  2. Forgot Password: If you need help resetting your password, Click can help by sending
    you a link by email to reset your password.
  3. User Interface: The Click has a very consistent interface. Its modules are represented
    on the menu as a tab, with a pop-down to create or list the records of the module.
    When the “admin” add user, admin can select the user language, where Arabic or
  4. Multi-language:Click support two languages including Arabic and English.
  5. Create Dynamic Report:Click allows report creator to create a dynamic set of reports,
    from specific database views.
  6. Custom Report: It support different types of reports including:
    • Table Report: It allows to display the data as a table, with print, export, and filter
      the table information features.
    • Chart Report: It allows to display data as a chart. Click support 35 types of charts.
    • Google Map: It allows to display the geographical data, in Google Map.
  7. Report Permission: It allows the report creator to add permission for each report.
  8. Custom Search Fields: Allows report creator to add custom search fields, for each
    report template.
  9. Configure Settings: It allows the administrator to customize the system setting including
    report database connection, and email setting.
  10. Users: It allows the administrator to add/update/active/or deactivate system users.
  11. Roles: It allows the administrator to add a new role with different levels (edit, view,
    and delete).
  12. Auditor:Logs information contains all information about deleted, updated and created
    record in all system. In addition, all pages access by users.

Download Click – Dynamic Reports (.NET)

game for children (Games)


  • Mobile and mouse controls
  • Work on all HTML5 browser and mobile devices
  • Easy way to add/replace images
  • Included Construct 2 file (source)
  • Customize Easy
  • Optimized for Mobile
  • Clear Documentation
  • Design included (PNG)
  • Audio Files included
  • High resolution
  • Ability to change the game’s sounds & music
  • Made with Construct2 – r261 – Personal License
  • Including Constuct 2 file (.capx)

What you get

  • Documentation
  • Construct2 Source (Capx)
  • All assets (PNG)

Download game for children (Games)

bounce color (BBDOC + Android Studio + XCODE) Easy Reskin (Games)

Tap to force yourself downward and bounce off the color that matches yours! But watch out: the multi-colored floor can be tricky to navigate, and powerups in the air will change your color often.


? Works on all device

? Export to xcod ios & andoid and more

? Share button with screenshot

? Push notification

? Admob

? High Resolution: Full HD

? High quality 2.5D

? andless levels

? Addable levels

? Customizable (Easy to Reskin, Add Content, Change Source;)

? Auto Resize

? and much more…

This File Includes:

– Buildbox .bbdoc Project

– Documentation for buildbox

– Eclipse Project

– Android Studio Project

– Documentation for android studio

– Documentation for eclipse

APK Demo:

Download bounce color (BBDOC + Android Studio + XCODE) Easy Reskin (Games)

BitMEX Margin Signal AI with React Native android and ios application (Mobile)

Are you interesting to make one AI application on Android and iOS to calculator BitMEX cryptocurrency margin signal.
MexAI is the best choise for you.

This is an automated system for analyzing price data of XBT on bitmex. Application will automatically find the right entry points with Long or Short type for you all times of the day.

Developed and integrated with the world’s leading expert in the financial and crypto market, Application will automatically find the right buy and sell points for you all times of the day.

When using this application, you do not need to do any work from the smallest to the most important.

You do not have to:
– Technical analysis
– Sitting at the price
– Manual operation
– Manipulation
– No need to wake up the night.

You just need to install the application and use signals.

You will be extremely idle, with the value of your account still increasing day by day.


1. archive source code to /var/www/mexai on your server.

2. set crontab to calculator BitMEX Margin LONG SHORT Signal every 5 minutes:
*/5 * * * * cd ”/var/www/mexai” && /usr/bin/php artisan BitmexSignal >> /var/log/BitmexSignal.log 2>&1 &

NOTE: /var/www/mexai is path of source code api

3. Config web api; open config/database.php file – Change info DB connect: ‘database’ => env(‘DB_DATABASE’, ’’), ‘username’ => env(‘DB_USERNAME’, ’’), ‘password’ => env(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ’’),

4. chmod 777 folder – storage – bootstrap

5. import DB: file mexai.sql

6. Edit React Native code with Visual Studio Code :

6.1 Change you api url on file: Globals.js

7. Build your iOS app by Xcode

8. Build your Android app by Android Studio


Download BitMEX Margin Signal AI with React Native android and ios application (Mobile)