5 Styles Multistep Checkout for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)

5 Styles Multistep Checkout for WooCommerce

Plugin Provides step by step UI for page checkout WooCommerce


  • Easy use
  • Responsive Layout
  • Horizontal Orientation
  • Vertical Orientation
  • Cross browser’s compatible
  • Working All Themes
  • Multiple styles
  • WPML Compatible

5 Styles

checkout page woocommerce
checkout page woocommerce
checkout page woocommerce
checkout page woocommerce
checkout page woocommerce


checkout page woocommerce


20/03/2016: (version 1.0)

- Version 1.0 Initial Release

Download 5 Styles Multistep Checkout for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)

Bookly PayPal Payments Standard (Add-on) (Add-ons)

Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires the Bookly plugin. View Bookly page at Codecanyon.

One of the most popular payment methods is now available for Bookly, the booking & scheduling plugin.

Clients can pay directly via credit card or by logging in to their PayPal account — all processed by PayPal.

PayPal Business or PayPal Premier account is required for this add-on to function.

Please read how to set up and use Bookly PayPal Payments Standard add-on at our detailed documentation.

Download Bookly PayPal Payments Standard (Add-on) (Add-ons)

Calligraphy Name (Full Applications)

“Calligraphy Name” app provide 80+ calligraphy font style to write your name on different colors.
Using Calligraphy Name app, you enables creating calligraphic prints and drawings.

“Calligraphy Name” app is making for any name convert into sign and writing.
“Calligraphy Name” App is convert your name into different type of fabulous font also apply gradient style and you are sharing with your friend circle and relatives as well as social sites.

-> Provide more 80+ Calligraphy Font Style.
-> Signature Pad
-> Gradient Style
-> Share and Save in SDCARD.
-> Also share on social media like whatsapp facebook, gmail, etc.

Live URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.sk.calligraphyname

Download Calligraphy Name (Full Applications)

Buildbox Mega Pack – 22 Games/Apps (Games)

We bring you 22 games and apps for you to reskin with Buildbox game development software. To all buyers, if requested, once you bought this pack, i will also send you ios/android codes for them too. This means that for those of you who DONT have Buildbox, you can still buy the android, ios, mac and pc sources by buying this pack. Which i will link you to after purchased and only if requested.

Created by OneHitGamer Studios and BBTemps.

Download Buildbox Mega Pack – 22 Games/Apps (Games)

BasePress – WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin (Miscellaneous)

What is BasePress

BasePress is the perfect solution to add a knowledge base to any existing WordPress website. It features a single or multi product mode to keep all of your articles organized, allowing your visitors to find the information they need without confusion.

Full Features list

Single and Multi Product mode that can be changed at any time.
Content can be organized with 2 or 3 level structure:
2 levels – Products->Sections->Articles
3 levels – Products->Sections->Sub-Sections->Articles


  • Live Smart search with snippets of the content for each found articles with highlighted terms.
  • Search results sorted by visitors views and votes.
  • Smart search on/off.
  • Limit smart search results.
  • Custom search placeholder text.
  • Custom search button text.
  • Show submit button on/off.


  • Breadcrumbs for easy navigation.
  • Custom knowledge base name for breadcrumb.
  • Sections pagination.
  • SEO friendly permalinks.
  • Works with both plain and pretty permalinks.


  • Articles voting on/off.
  • Custom votes question.
  • Hide dislike button on/off.
  • Show votes counters on/off.
  • Multiple vote icons selector.
  • Bulk actions to reset articles votes and views independently.


  • Possibility to have multiple themes (only one can be used at one time).
  • List and boxed style for sections and sub-section selectable independently.
  • 1 to 4 columns layout for product and sections pages.
  • Limit articles list quantity in sections pages.
  • Show sections icons on/off.
  • Show articles icons on/off.
  • Show article counter in sections on/off.
  • Add image and description to products.
  • Add Icon and description to sections.
  • Easy products and sections editor powered by Ajax.
  • Products, sections and articles reorder with drag & drop.
  • Multiple templates for articles.
  • Easily create your own themes and templates with ad hoc templating functions.
  • Responsive.


  • Products list widget.
  • Sections list widget.
  • Related articles widget.
  • Popular articles widget based on votes and views.


  • Easy shortcode editor to create list of knowledge base articles with result tester.


  • BasePress is translation ready via .pot files as per WordPress standard.
  • English and Italian translations are included.

Easy to use
BasePress is ready to use in one minute. You just need to create a page in your site and place a single shortcode. Set few options according to your likings and you are ready to start creating your products, sections and articles. BasePress comes with a dedicated editor to create your products and sections very similar to the standard WordPress category editor but with an extra edge. You will find the Ajax powered interface to be much faster to work with. Products and sections can be reordered directly in the editor. The products editor includes an image selector if you want to present your products more visually. The sections editor instead includes and icon selector for your sections. The articles list in the administration allows you to see how many votes and views a page has received.

Perfect for Designers
BasePress was build to make theming as simple as possible allowing you to merge it in your design flawlessly. It features many dedicated functions to use in any template to build all necessary elements like the search-bar, breadcrumbs, pagination etc. BasePress generates ordered results for your loop according to customer options.

Download BasePress – WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin (Miscellaneous)

Form Wizard – Multi Step Form Validation (Forms)

One page 3 / 4 / 5 steps form.
Every step script field validation. Multi format and style. Total 144 item Sign up form.
Include image uploader system and progress bar.
Using bootStrap responsive and it’s very easy to customize for you!!!

Because this plugin customization process you just need custom your css class, and don’t need to change any javascript code!!! :)

Form Wizard – Multi Step Form Validation Features:

  1. Step by Step Form Validation
  2. 3/4/5 Steps Sign up
  3. Image Uploader
  4. Progress Bar
  5. 4 Different Format
  6. 6 Different Style
  7. 6 Different Color
  8. Total 144 Forms
  9. User Registration
  10. Payment Registration
  11. Employee Registration
  12. Bank Registration
  13. Bootstrap Responsive
  14. CrossBrowser Support
  15. CSS2/CSS3 Usage
  16. JQuery Usage
  17. Easy to Setup
  18. Easy to Customize

Download Form Wizard – Multi Step Form Validation (Forms)

Visual Composer – Search Social Stream with Box Layout (Add-ons)

Visual Composer - Search Social Stream
Visual Composer - Search Social Stream
Visual Composer - Search Social Stream

Visual Composer – Search Social Stream for WordPress Main Features

  • Responsive Layout option.
  • Search Social Data.
  • 3 Style Available
  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus and Vimeo Feed
  • Custom background Color and hover background color
  • Show more
  • Mix Feed Available.
  • Visual Composer Box Builder

Visual Composer Addons Bundle Products

Visual Composer - Post Grid/List Layout With Carousel
Visual Composer - Social Streams
Visual Composer - Instagram Gallery with Carousel
Visual Composer - All in One Carousel
Animated Text Add-on for Visual Composer
Visual Composer - Post Accordion
Visual Composer - Woocommerce Grid with Carousel
Visual Composer - Price Table|Compare Table
Visual Composer - Meet the Team with Carousel
Visual Composer - Portfolio and Gallery with Carousel
Visual Composer - Search Social Stream
Visual Composer - Search Social Stream

Download Visual Composer – Search Social Stream with Box Layout (Add-ons)

Restrict shipping & COD Magento 2 Extension (Magento Extensions)

Extension Overview

In many cases admin wants to have an option to restrict Cash On Delivery option for a specific location due to unavailability of service. This extension allows admin user to list down the Zip/Postal Code where product will not have Cash On Delivery option Same way admin can decide if the shipping service is available or not for a specific location by listing down the Zip/Postal Code. Even admin can enable this feature for complete store or for a set of products Advance checking and restriction of Zip/Postal Code is a very useful feature in making the
online shopping experience convenient. This feature allows user to know whether or not a product will be delivered at the user-desired location with or without Cash On Delivery. This feature facilitates customer to have better buying experience and enhances customer satisfaction.

This extension allows user to check product availability in its location by entering Zip/Postal Code of the location. If product is not available then extension gives appropriate message and does not allow customer to checkout. This extension facilitates you to restrict shipping & COD based on Zip/Postal Code. This extension also improve customer support to check their shipping facility using Zip/Postal Code.

Main Features:

  • Allow Cash On Delivery for specific Zip/Postal Code.
  • Allow shipping methods only for specific Zip/Postal Code.
  • Check Cash On Delivery and shipping availability on the product details page.
  • Retain last checked Zip/Postal Code in product details page using cookie.
  • This module gives relaxation for customize Success/Failure message of service availability.
  • It provide you to set different Zip/Postal Code for shipping and Cash On Delivery restriction.
  • It provides shipping restriction for complete store or for a set of products.

General Features:

Fronted Demo Link: http://demo.theme-cafe.com/m2_extension/

For Backend Demo : http://demo.theme-cafe.com/m2_extension/admin_mage
Username : restrictshippingandcod
Password : [email protected]

IMPORTANT – Our support team is a standby and easily accessible for any kind of issues you may face with our Magento Extension. You can also register your issues into our support system or you can email us at [email protected].

Download Restrict shipping & COD Magento 2 Extension (Magento Extensions)

Free Shipping Notifier Magneto 2 Extension (Magento Extensions)

Extension Overview

Encourage your customers to spend more, by notifying them how much more they need to buy, to qualify for Free Shipping. Every customer loves free stuff and your customers will be happy to buy a bit more products from your website, if they know that the shipping will be free. This extension adds a native notification message to your shop cart, checkout, mini cart page and extra pop-up that notifies the customers of the amount left to qualify for Free Shipping.

To increase your conversion rate, this extension will tell visitors, the minimum order total is required to qualify for free shipping, and will display a success message when the minimum order total is achieved. If the client has ordered an amount that is less than the limit set in admin, Store > Configuration > Themecafe > Free Shipping Notifier, the client will see a pop-up box that tells exactly how much he/she has to order to get Free Shipping.

When a user clicks on the add to cart button, a pop-up box appears with message saying ‘Congratulation! Now free shipping is available’ when minimum free shipping amount is satisfied else if the product doesn’t meet the requirement of the minimum free shipping amount, then it will show the message ‘You’re ‘x’ away from FREE SHIPPING!*’. The same message will be shown in the shopping cart, mini-cart and checkout page.

Main Features:

  • Works with free shipping based on order subtotal.
  • Calculates the difference between the client’s total order and the free shipping limit.
  • The displayed message can be easily edited in the admin configuration.
  • This extension will add notification pop-up on product add to cart.
  • The pop-up will be easily show/hide by admin configuration.
  • Admin can set/change the notification message anytime.
  • Admin can show/hide pop-up for the notification message.
  • Admin can show/hide notification message on checkout.
  • Admin can set minimum order total for Free Shipping Notifier.

General Features:

Fronted Demo Link: http://demo.theme-cafe.com/m2_extension/

For Backend Demo : http://demo.theme-cafe.com/m2_extension/admin_mage
Username : freeshippingnotifier
Password : [email protected]

IMPORTANT – Our support team is a standby and easily accessible for any kind of issues you may face with our Magento Extension. You can also register your issues into our support system or you can email us at [email protected].

Download Free Shipping Notifier Magneto 2 Extension (Magento Extensions)

VC Tweaker – Visual Composer Productivity Add-on (Add-ons)

Intro price 15$

Current version: 1.1.0 ( 1.0.0 on CodeCanyon )

Included plugins:

Included tweaks:

  • Hide Mode Switcher
  • Switch to Visual Composer on page load
  • Edit on Icon click
  • Press Esc to close window
  • Press Ctrl/Command+S to save and close editing window
  • Native Full-Screen
  • Hide bar in Full-Screen mode
  • Hide menu in Full-Screen mode
  • Compact Windows (new in 1.1.0)
  • Full Height edit windows (new in 1.1.0)


  • Support any element add-ons, themes.
  • Support Visual Composer v. 4 and v. 5
  • Premium Support
  • Auto-Updates

  • WordPress versions 4.5+
  • PHP 5.3+ (support 7.x); MySQL v.5.6+ or MariaDB v.10+
  • This plugin is the addon for Visual Composer Page Builder
  • You can read official WordPress server requirements here

  • Control page requires modern browser(Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE 11+) with enabled JavaScript

Release history

Download VC Tweaker – Visual Composer Productivity Add-on (Add-ons)

ACF Form Builder – Multipurpose Frontend Form Submission (Forms)

ACF Form Builder – Create Multipurpose Frontend Posting Form with flexible form fields. Just drag & drop, no coding required.

Try your dedicated demo

Create Multipurpose Form by ACF

  • Create new post on frontend

    Allow your user create new posts on frontend to a specified post type.

  • 24 field types supported

    We proud that we are the plugin support highest fields on the market.

  • Repeater field supported

    In the case you want to make a table, and foreach row will be a new value, ACF Form Builder supported that.

  • Upload field available

    ACF Form Builder allow user to upload the files and save it to WP-Uploads. You can use WordPress’s uploader or just basic brower’s uploader. It’s up to you

  • Create Subscribe Form

    Create as many subscribe form, to MailChimp, aWeber, Responding, ElasticEmail, ManDrill,…etc.

  • Embed the forms into any page

    For each form you create, you can easily embed to your site easily by shortcode, anywhere guaranteed, from Post, Pages to Widget or even your source code.

  • Multiple Conditional Logic

    Unlimited conditional logic with smart compare system, with AND/OR. See full list of conditional here.

  • No coding required – DRAG & DROP only

    If you can’t code, but still want an flexible form for your business, this is the right one! Everything just drag & drop then enjoy the show!!

  • Ask before quit – low bounce rate

    When user put something on the form then close, we will ask if they want to leave, so your bounce rate will be low!

  • Email notifications

    You will not miss any entry submission because the plugin will send you mail everytime someone make the submission. You can select to email the submitter in to let they know you got his submission.

  • Redirect after submission

    Select the page you want to redirect user to after submit the form

  • Edit Post on Frontend

    After submit, user can edit the posts and save if you allow

  • Select post status after submit

    If you want to review the posts manually after submit, you can select the post status at form settings

Create the frontend posting form in 3 steps

Advanced Features

Admin Settings

Compatible to Page Builders

Frontend Posting Form

After Submit Values – Backend Editor

Save Contact Entries

Field Validation

File Upload – Multi-source

Like it yet? Buy it now

How about show the submitted form to frontend?

You might ask if they submitted the form, but how can you show the fields to frontend without coding?

So I made this plugin for you: ACF Frontend Display – Show the custom field on frontend without coding

Download ACF Form Builder – Multipurpose Frontend Form Submission (Forms)

Cowboy Runner: Western Journey – Android Buildbox Game with Admob (Games)

Cowboy Runner: Western Journey

Android running game build with buildbox 2.2.8. It has two play modes, you can play levels mode or endless mode.


  • 2 Play Modes (Levels & Endless)
  • AdMob Banner + Interstitial
  • Rate Button
  • More Games Button
  • Sound On/Off Option
  • Music On/Off Option
  • Animated Menus
  • Suport Phone & Tablet
  • Reset Setting Button
  • 2 Controle Buttons (Jump & Slide)
  • Next level unlocked after you finish the current level
  • Endless Mode is locked, it can be unlocked for 3000 coins

How to play?


  • Click arrow in the right to jump
  • Click arrow in the left to slide
  • Avoid obstacles and monsters
  • Collect coins

What will you get?

  • Eclipse project (can be imported to Android Studio as well).
  • Buildbox File.
  • Detailed documentation

If you have problems with the source code or you any question, just contact me from the form in my profile.


Download Cowboy Runner: Western Journey – Android Buildbox Game with Admob (Games)

Scroll reveal animations (Miscellaneous)

Make your site more attractive with scroll animations. Now, with this plugin you do not have to struggle to create beautiful animations

You can create as many scroll reveal configurations as you want. It’s super easy to have different animations among different pages, post types and html elements in your site.

You can also have different animation per css selector.


– Beautiful animations with many options
– Mobile friendly
– Translate ready
– Free Support.
– Built with WordPress Best Practices We have used the latest standards for creating this wordpress plugin in order to not affect your site performance.
– This plugin works in any modern browser which supports CSS transform and transition (ie 10+).
– Many more options

Credits: Scroll reveal plugin

Download Scroll reveal animations (Miscellaneous)

Stack game with Admob banner and Interstitial (Games)

Stack Game is a totally 3D unity game, with admob banner and interstitial which you can make money.In this game all assets is free to use but if you dont like you can change with your assets, and is easy to reskin. This game is same like Stack of Ketchap app. You have documentacion and video tutorial with all Contents to reskin this game.

Download demo apk here:


  • AdMob Banner + Interstitial
  • Compatible with all android version
  • Stack game
  • Easy to reskin

What You Get:

  • Stack Game unity 3D full source code
  • All file and texture
  • Documentation File HTML
  • Video Tutorial to reskin

How to Setup and Reskin:

  • Import Project into Unity 5.
  • Change the package name and The app Name.
  • Make your own questions
  • Replace the admob ID with yours .
  • Export Project to apk file and upload the APK file to Play Store.

Download Stack game with Admob banner and Interstitial (Games)