jQuery Gallery Squares (Images and Media)

Gallery Squares is powerful, fully customizable plugin to creating galleries with rotated images.


  • gallery with rotated images
  • preloader built-in
  • modal box built-in
  • navigation using keys
  • 7 transitions
  • 2 CSS styles: dark and light
  • just 8kB weight
  • easy implementation

Easy to customize

This plugin uses the jQuery framework and the plugin is easy and highly customizable (also you can just use the default settings).

Browser Support

  • Firefox 3.0+
  • Chrome 3.0+
  • Safari 3.0+
  • Opera 9.5+
  • Internet Explorer 7.0+ (rotating is turned off)


28.09.2011 - fixes for image width and height in lightbox
27.09.2011 - first release

Download jQuery Gallery Squares (Images and Media)

Multi-Author blog platform (Miscellaneous)

ApPHP “Multi-Author blog platform” is very simple and powerful PHP blog software. This product enables you to start your own blog within minutes. You can easy add and manage your posts and posting categories. This script is perfect for web designers and developers that want to empower their site and save the time on editing web pages every time they want to add more news. The script is very flexible, it written in object-oriented style and allows web developers easy change it to suit their needs.

Download Multi-Author blog platform (Miscellaneous)

Portfolio for WordPress (Galleries)

With this script you can easily manage your portfolio (images and videos) items on your website. Because this plugin uses a custom post type to manage your portfolio this is a very clean and powerfull way to build a portfolio into your website.


  • Custom post type
  • Easy to use
  • Highly customizable
  • For video and image portfolio
  • Very well documented


In this video I show you how easy it is to create/manage your portfolio with this plugin for WordPress.


v1.0.0 (10/02/2011)
* Initial version released

Download Portfolio for WordPress (Galleries)

Advanced Comments Widget (Widgets)

Quick Demo

An advanced widget that gives you total control over the output of your comments. The comments widget replaces the default WordPress Recent Comments widget.
This version gives the output to the user by allowing the input of all the arguments typically seen in the get_comments() function.

Key Features & Widget options

Number of Comments, che total comment to display.
Date Format, easy to customize date format, default jS, F Y h:i:s A.
Comment Status, hold, approved, spam, trash.
Order, ascending or descending.
Orderby, comment_agent, comment_approved, comment_author, comment_author_email, comment_author_IP, comment_author_url, comment_content, comment_date, comment_date_gmt, comment_ID, comment_karma, comment_parent, comment_post_id, comment_type, user_id.
Avatar Size, size in pixels.
Empty Avatar URL :, the URL of image for empty avatar.
Show Avatar, options to show or hide avatar.
Show Date, options to show or hide date.
Post Author, display comment by post author.
Post Typedisplay comment based on post type
Post Id, display comment based on post id.
Comment Type, display comment or trackback.
Searcht, search comment or post title for a keyword.
Show Comment Content, options to display or hide comment content.
Show Comment Count, options to display or hide comment count.
Intro & Outro Text, if you want to add additional text or HTML .
Custom Style & Script, if you want to add additional CSS style or javascript per given widget class.

Changes Log

1.0. Initial Release

Download Advanced Comments Widget (Widgets)

Transact Socially – Sell the easy way (Miscellaneous)

Pay with Tweets and Facebook Posts !

Transact Socially’ is a social payment system, where people can pay for a product with the value of their social network. It requests users to pay for a product by a facebook post or a tweet and by doing so they are sharing the information about the product with all their acquaintances.

And this way of making your product popular sometimes proves to be of a higher value as compared to the money you would get for it.

Main Features:

  • Efficient Way to advertise your Product
  • Gain Immediate Visitors
  • Effective Viral Marketing Tool
  • For Personal Use/Or As Independent WebSite
  • Powerful tool to market your website/Product
  • Easy to implement
  • Extensive documentation
  • Works in all major browsers

Customers Say’s

Other Important things to know:

  • 10 Minutes Easy Installation.
  • Does not require any additional Server Setting.
  • Easy to edit CSS file.
  • Every file has been commented with appropriate tips.

Requirements and Recommendations

A PHP enabled server (version 4.3+) is required for the script to work.

NOTE : A basic knowledge of PHP is recommended to be able to implement the script, however the documentation is extensive so you may not need any.

Please help us

If you are going to rate the script less than 5 stars, please tell us what we can do to make it 5 stars
for you and we’ll fix it. We would love to hear your suggestions on how we could improve the script, leave us a comment or send us an email and your suggestion might make it in to a future version!


Download Transact Socially – Sell the easy way (Miscellaneous)

Registration System with Invitations (Forms)

With this system you can protect your php pages in few minutes. How to do that, it’s very simple, when a visitor wants to see your protected page, will need to login, but for registration on website, visitor need to be invited. The invite system is protected and the invitations can’t be cracked.


Website Features:

  • Form validation with jQuery
  • Easy integration on your website
  • Easy configuration and installation
  • System for password recovery
  • Page for invitation request
  • Powerful control panel

Control Panel Features:

  • Advanced stats
  • User management
  • The possibility of adding a user
  • Website settings
  • Enable / Disable protection
  • Reply to invitations requests

Control panel Demo

Control Panel
Username: Admin
Password: 123456

Download Registration System with Invitations (Forms)

PrintPress – WordPress Print Plug-in (Utilities)

PrintPress creates a printable version of your WordPress posts and pages. PrintPress is intelligent in a way that it tries to detect content in any WordPress URL and parse it to create a printer-friendly version. PrintPress can parse the post content, and also comments. The print page template is fully customizable with an intelligent render engine. You can change the style of your print page, and the structure as well.

Download PrintPress – WordPress Print Plug-in (Utilities)

Elitepack Classic CSS3 Pagination (Navigation and Menus)

Elitepack CSS3 is a collection of web elements that are designed with pure CSS3 technology, meaning that no images have been used apart from the icons.

  Connect with Us

This particular pack is the Elitepack CSS3 Pagination , like its other predecessors, has a clean and crisp outlook with an array colors that fit perfectly on top of your theme framework, business/blog website or any other web project you are working on.

You can easily beautify you blog, or content with this colorful pagination styling which make use of unordered lists. Best of all they come in 5 outstanding variations

  • Classic – Default simple look
  • Bright – Bright colored with a striking contrast
  • Push – Chunky buttons
  • Border – nice border effect
  • Dark – Dark pastel colors

  Features at a Glance

  • Pure CSS3
  • Cross browser compatibility: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE7 , IE8 , IE9 , IE10 – Preview
  • Simple to implement
  • Abstract classes that allow you to have different combinations
  • Works well with @font-face or google fonts
  • Looks good on iPad
  • Gracefully fallbacks in older browsers
  • Well Documented and commented code

If you like it, don’t forget to rate it :)

1.0 - Initial Release

Download Elitepack Classic CSS3 Pagination (Navigation and Menus)

Brew Up Utility App for iPad (Utilities)

Never forget a colleague’s brew again with this easy to use iPad application, which you can use when it’s your turn to get the drinks in.

The application is currently set up so that you can note down your colleagues’ exact brew from the lists without a fiddly pen and paper.

Choose their brew from: Tea, Coffee, Decaf or a range of others. When other is chosen, the user may type in a brew that is not in the menu.
The user can also select the number of sugars and whether they would like milk or not.
When the brew has been made, simply double tap the tick box to show that order is completed.

This app could be adapted and sold to many restaurants / tea rooms across the globe.


– You can customise almost everything within the app
– Animated slides
– Link to external sites
– 5 Different views
– Double tap tick boxes
– Easy to swap in your own images in.
– With added notes, it makes it easy to find and alter the exact code you want within Xcode.
– Contains MoviePlayer code, just add your own video.
– Images in PSD format ready to be edited with photoshop.
– The images are set to the exact size that is required to be submitted to the AppStore.

To keep your important brews saved onto your iphone, do not close the app using the double tap homebutton feature. If you do close the close the app this way then it will reset your brews the next time you open the app.

A documentation is included within the .ZIP file. We recommend reading this first.

If you might need any further assistance do not hesitate to contact us.

Download Brew Up Utility App for iPad (Utilities)

jQuery Fullscreen Grid Gallery (Images and Media)

The GridGallery is a jQuery plugin you can use to display your image like photography or other works. You can customize the grid’s columns and rows easily. The image support both landscape and portrait.



The pictures most are from Simon

Some of my flash files

XML Image/Video Grid Gallery:
grid gallery
3D Cube Banner Rotator:
3d banner
XML Grid Image/Video Gallery With 3D Flip:
3D flip

Download jQuery Fullscreen Grid Gallery (Images and Media)

Chop Slider 2 jQuery Plugin (Sliders)

Looking for WordPress plugin?

It is available here: http://codecanyon.net/item/chop-slider-2-wordpress-plugin/588927

Main Script Features

Chop Slider 2 – is the one of the greatest and the most eyecatching animated jQuery image sliders with over the 150 predefined effects, including 3D effects!

Amazing CSS3 Animation

Chop Slider uses full power of CSS3 animation (2D and 3D transform transitions), has own CSS3 2D Transforms and 3D Transforms support detection and works a little bit different (but still awesome) in old (and Internet Explorer) browsers

Transitions Library

Chop Slider comes with Transitions Library – additional script file that contains a lot, lot, lot of predefined amazing transition effects

  • 105 2D Transitions – the most common case. These 105 effects will work in all major browsers, except IE. In IE they will look a little bit different but still awesome
  • 37 3D Transitions – for the modern browsers. Currently work in: Chrome (Windows Vista+, Mac OSX ), Safari (Windows XP+, Mac OSX , iOS)
  • 5 “No CSS3 ” Transitions – for the browsers that do not support CSS3 Transforms like IE6 -9 (not presented on this demo page)
  • 5 “Mobile” Transitions – for the mobile browsers (not presented on this demo page)

Chop Slider 3D

Chop Slider 2 supports amazing and the most eyecatching 3D Transitions with the following features:

  • 4 sub-types of 3D Transition effect for full customization and flexibility: vertical3D (used in 3D Blocks), horizontal3D (used in 3D Blocks), multiFlip Vertical and multiFlip Horizontal (used in Multi Flip)
  • Chop Slider allows you to enable/disable rendering of backfaces to make effect looks more reallistic
  • You can even set any background (color or image) for backfaces. All 4 back faces are supported!
  • It is also possible to animate (rotate, scale, move) Slider’s container in 3D dimension, but only on the time of transition. For example, this function is used in “3D Flips” 16, 17 transitions
  • Amazing “Full-3D Mode”. With this option all slides will be always in 3D.

Flexible 3-Level Effects Degradation

Chop Slider comes with flexible 3-level effects degradation. It is based on features detection and with this feature Chop Slider will work in all browsers.

So the “top” effects level is the 3D Transforms, but it currently works in Webkit browsers – Chrome and Safari.

  • First level of degradation. If visitor’s browser do not support 3D Transforms then Chop Slider will automatically switch the Transition to 2D Transforms – it is the most common case, and these transitions are supported by all modern browsers except Internet Explorer.
  • Second level of degradation. If visitor’s browser do not support CSS3 2D Transforms then Chop Slider will switch the transition to the so called “No CSS3 ” transition effect. It is a little bit simple than previous (without rotation), but will look still awesome.
  • Third level of degradation. If user will visit site from his mobile device, then Chop Slider will switch the transition effect to the most simple “Mobile” transition

The most awesome feature is that you can specify (or choose from Transitions Library) different transition for every level of degradation! If you will not specify these “degrade” transitions then Chop Slider will degrade them automatically.

Full Navigation Control

Control your slideshow as you want. Chop Slider comes with built-in control navigation, it support “Next” and “Previous” triggers and Pagination. If you do not want to use built-in navigation control you can disable it and use your own with external API

Captions With Any HTML Content

Chop Slider is ready to use with HTML captions with built-in captions control with CSS3 animation effects. And again, if you do not want to use built-in captions control you can disable it and use your own with external API

Build Your Own Transition Effects – Be Unique

Chop Slider allows you to create unlimited number of custom unique transitions and to be fully creative. Chop Slider has ultra flexible, smart and very powerful Math engine. It provides you with the following options:

  • About 15 parametric options for 2D Transitions and 20 options for 3D Transitions like: xOffset, yOffset, scaleX( and Y and Z), rotate, translateX(and Y and Z), border-radius, opacity, origins, etc.
  • About 5 time (duration) options, you can set the time (or delay) for every part of transition
  • Almost all parametric options can be set to “random” value. So it is possible to create full-random transitions or soft-random transitions (e.g. you can set only one parameter to “random”)
  • Custom carousel. You can start the transition not only from the left-top corner, but from any slice: from first, last, middle or … even from 18th(e.g.) slice!
  • Delay progressions for Multi transition types (like 2D Multi and 3D Flips). Currently available “Linear” (slice by slice) and “Progressive” (diagonally) progressions
  • Ability to specify totally different parameters for the "Next" and "Previous" transitions
  • Support CSS3 timing functions (easing) like “linear”, “ease-in”, “ease-out”, “ease”, “ease-in-out”, even custom cubic-bezier functions
  • Support CSS3 custom origins

External API for more flexibility

Comes with very useful functions and additional jQuery methods. They allow to make slider transitions a part of environment’s animation or to use your own caption or navigation control

Call Back API

Chop Slider supports custom onStart() and onEnd() callback functions. They are very useful if you want to use custom navigation or caption control


Chop Slider supports Autoplay feature with custom Autoplay-delay

Slides As Links

Chop Slider allows to use image slides as hyper-links

Easy To Setup

It is very easy to integrate Chop Slider. In minimal case all you need is to add some container with your slides-images and to add couple of CSS rules.


Chop Slider is very lightweight:

  • Core Plugin – 6.5Kb minified and gzipped
  • Transitions Library – 4.1Kb minified and gzipped

Browser Support

Chop Slider was tested and compatible with the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer v6+
  • Firefox v3+
  • Google Chrome v4+
  • Safari v4+
  • Opera v10+

Documentation and Live Demos

In the package you will find 50 pages illustrated PDF documentation and live demos with explanation

Download Chop Slider 2 jQuery Plugin (Sliders)

Ultimate Barcode Generator (Ratings and Charts)

This project is a neat effort of creating a class that enables all kind of operations related to barcodes and qrcodes

Today is quite easy to find a qrcode generator, or a qrcode class, or even maybe some codebar generator or class. But what about a class to handle all of them? What about a class that allows us to create a image, force download or save to a location with only three lines of code?

So here are all the features:

– 9 QRCode types: Link, SMS , Email, Phone Number, VCard, meCard, Wifi, Geolocation and Bulk Text.

– 10 Barcode types: UPC -A, UPC -E, EAN -8, EAN -13, CODE39 , CODE93, CODE128 , POSTNET, CODABAR and ISBN

– After class initialize, one line of code does all the necessary steps and configuratios to generate code.

– Configuration of size and colors on the same one line of code generating the code.

– 6 methods. Generate barcode, generate qrcode. Force download barcode, Force download qrcode. Save barcode, Save qrcode.

– 1 PHP processor file to generate codes via POST or GET .

– Support for AJAX querys via POST or GET to processor file

– Clean and well documented code.

Download Ultimate Barcode Generator (Ratings and Charts)

Article Manager Module for CMS pro! (Add-ons)

Article Manager is a CMS pro! premium module designed to enable you to create unique Blogs/Articles/News items


  • Built in commenting system, assignable to each article
  • Multilevel Category support
  • Single image upload
  • Auto thumbnail creation – no need to reupload the same image
  • File attachment
  • Rating, voting and sharing assignable for each article
  • Show/Hide rating, voting, author and social sharing for each article
  • Publish article ahead of time/or set expiration date
  • Unique tag support
  • 4 unique layouts, assignable to each article
  • 4 unique layouts, assignable to each category
  • 4 unique layouts, assignable to latest articles
  • Each layout dependent on image size
  • Different numbers of items per each category
  • Assignable category icons
  • Powerful full page search
  • Tag search
  • Article Archive
  • Dynamic related articles based on a tilte
  • Built in rss for each category
  • 5 Plugins included
    • Search Plugin
    • Category Menu
    • Latest Comments
    • Archive List
    • Most Popular
  • The last three are tabbed version

Note: This module it’s not stand alone, it’s to be used with CMS pro! v.2.5 http://codecanyon.net/item/cms-pro-lightweight-content-management-system/140078

Download Article Manager Module for CMS pro! (Add-ons)