Slicetige Plus (Windows)

Slicetige Plus is a useful application that was created in order to provide you with a simple means of authoring Facebook pages using your digital photos as avatars or backgrounds. You can create a Facebook profile image that would match a cover photo just in a few clicks.

*Styled text
*QR code generator
*Social buttons generator
*Layers support
*PSD like internal file format

Slicetige Plus also comes with a set of filters that can be applied to the generated output.

Make a creative Facebook timeline profile today!

Quick video tutorial:

Download Slicetige Plus (Windows)

WooCommerce Gum Gallery (WooCommerce)

A WooCommerce product gallery with QuickView panels.


  • NEW – LightBox feature
  • Click gallery images to view sidebar panel(QuickView Panel).
  • 3 CSS3 loader animations during side panel load (dots/block/line).
  • Dynamic image resizing with crop – set gallery image sizes without image distortion.
  • Optional Image shake animation (CSS3 animations).
  • Display by product categories, – sort by name,id, – orderby asc, desc,
  • Optional 5 tabbed panels of product information – fully customizable
  • Social share icons
  • Mobile ready – tap triggers side panel.
  • Easy Implementation – Simple Shortcode

Download WooCommerce Gum Gallery (WooCommerce)

Portfolio Post Type Plugin (Utilities)

The Portfolio Post Type plugin gives you a shortcode called [portfolio], which pulls content from the Portfolio post type.

Realizing that users sometimes switch themes, I wanted to give those users a way to continue using their portfolio with other themes. This also allows us to make the portfolio feature something that anyone can use, even if they’re not using one of my themes.

Shortcode Options

The shortcode has a few extra options if you wish to use them:

  • display: content, excerpt
  • filter: show, hide
  • link: image, page
  • orderby: For a list of all parameters: click here.
  • order: ASC , DESC
  • numberposts: Number of posts to display.
  • size: Set image size using add_image_size.
  • title: above, below


Version 1.0.0

Plugin launch.

Stay Updated!

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Download Portfolio Post Type Plugin (Utilities)

WordPress Custom Backend (Help and Support Tools)

Make WordPress into a True, Fully Customizable CMS , with options to customize every single thing in the WordPress Back-end.


  • Customize every single thing in the WordPress Backend.
  • Customize WordPress Login Screen.
  • Customize WordPress Backend Menus.
  • Customize WordPress Backend Meta Boxes.
  • Edit/Add Backend CSS .
  • Customize Backend Menus CSS , Titles, Hooks and URL .
  • Customize Footers, Headers, Top Panel.
  • User Access Management.
  • Restrict Users Menus and Sub-Menus.
  • Posts Screen Customization.
  • Pages Screens Customization.
  • Link Manager Page Customization.
  • Set theme for each user type.
  • See Full List of Options here
  • Fully Documented: Link

Screen Shot

Download WordPress Custom Backend (Help and Support Tools)

Demo Protector – PHP Class (Miscellaneous)

What is Demo Protector?

The DemoProtector is a PHP Class which allows you to protect certain parts of the administration panel of your WordPress websites.

The class is a must have for each Envato user which sells WordPress plugins or any other stuff which have to grand access to the administrator panel of the system for demo or any other purposes.

Have you ever received comments from clients telling you that your demo is not working or they cannot log in to the admin panel? Especially if you provided admin access to the panel you did have headache blocking rights and hard-coding fixes to block the users which make fun with your demo WordPress installation. Also there are a lot of people installing plugins which edit other plugins and template files just to steal your code. Most of the people do not respect our licenses and they have to be stopped.

The class that I present you is going to help you stop those people. Forget about worrying for your demo installation. Just include the class and with 2-3 lines of code you can be ready for going live without any doubts and fully protected.


The installation is really simple. Just upload the folder of the code to the theme which you use and include a file for initialization.

Setup and default protection

By default the code protects the most vulnerable parts of the administration panel. You can also enable and/or disable protection for any part of the administration panel by changing the class options. The code is very flexible and you can protect whatever page you need.

Custom protection

The class provides method for custom protection. If I’ve missed a page or just the page which you want to block is a custom one you can easily use the Custom Protection tool which is comming with the class. With regular expression you actually do not have any limits of setup.


You receive full documentation with the pack. You can also use the online documentation

Download Demo Protector – PHP Class (Miscellaneous)

Flip Wall (Joomla)

Designing and coding a Flip page is part of the developer’s life (at least the lucky developer’s life, if it is about a personal site of theirs). It, however, follows different rules than those for the other pages of the site. You have to find a way to fit a lot of information and organize it clearly, so that the emphasis is put on your sponsors, and not on other elements of your design.

General Features List:-

-> Slide your Favorite Product with Two Part one is hidden and one is on display.

-> Mouse hover on Wall and see Hidden part with Label/Description and Link of product or specific wall.

-> Able to Marketing your Product / Favorite sites / Advertising Sponsorship many purpose.

->Able to Set Width/Height/Left and Between Wall margin From admin Portion.

-> Easy to Configure and Set with your own Joomla sites with Smooth Jquery Effect.

-> You will able to set 5 to 50 Wall(1 to 3 row) From administrator Dynamically.

-> Able to Set Any word replace of Link if your link is to long.

-> Able to set any word with Replace of Link Like “Press Me” , “Please Click Here” etc…

-> Also if you want to set Email id replace of back-link then its possible.

Download Flip Wall (Joomla)

Instagram Gallery Widget – WordPress Plugin (Galleries)

Instagram Gallery Widget Plugin

Instagram Gallery Widget Plugin is a wordpress plugin for displaying images from Instagram using API .

There are 3 methods to display the image on widget

  • Popular: This fetch the latest trending popular snaps on instagram and dispaly them
  • By User ID: This fetch the recent snaps published by the user on instagram and display them (There is a tool included to find the userID for username)
  • By Tag: This fetch the recent snaps with the provided hash tags and display them

Backend Features:

  • After the installation and activation of plugin, you can go to the InGallery option page to update the API key and other options
  • Simple Tab interface to update the plugin options
  • Ability to enable or disable cache(server-side).
  • Tool to find userID for desired instagram username so they can be put on the widget
  • Integrating the widget is easy, so much as other normal widgets around
  • Can limit the number of images to display and images per row
  • Can enable colorbox slideshow view for each widget individually
  • Can choose different thumb size

Frontend Features

  • Thumb Gallery can be easily customized using css. (instagallery.css may be added to active template or child theme directory and override the default css properties or you can simply modofy the instagallery.css file in plugin directory)
  • Multiple widgets may be placed at once in same page

For support please contact me through contact form on my profile page. Please don’t post links in comments, use contact form on my profile page for this.

Download Instagram Gallery Widget – WordPress Plugin (Galleries)

Minimo – CSS3 Menu (Navigation and Menus)

Minimo is a minimal navigation menu perfect for your clean designed website. It is simple, usable and really easy to integrate thanks to its semantic markup. It also features unlimited menu levels and unique CSS3 animations.


  • Minimalistic look
  • Pure CSS3
  • Unique animations
  • Unlimited menu levels
  • Five color schemes included
  • Easy to integrate (semantic markup)
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Clean & commented code
  • Detailed documentation.


  • Internet Explorer 7+ (Note: some features won’t be available in old browsers like IE7 )
  • Chrome
  • Opera 9+
  • Firefox 2+
  • Safari 4+



17/09/2012 – Version 1.0

  • Initial release

Download Minimo – CSS3 Menu (Navigation and Menus)

ProFetch (Windows)

With ProFetch you can easily get any code from a website with just one click. ProFetch offers an amazing interface as well as a syntaxhighlighting and a live preview for the websites.


  • Easy Interface
  • Syntaxhighlighting for better Overview
  • Live Preview of sites
  • Live Editing of sites

Coming soon with Updates:

  • Downloading complete websites (including images, CSS and JS)

Requires .NET Framework 3.0 or higher

Download ProFetch (Windows)

JBMarket Image Gallery (Images and Media)

JBMarket Image Gallery is JavaScript (jQuery based) script converting unordered list into an Image Gallery with Lightbox.


  • Can display thumb images, big images for the lightbox, description text for the thumb images and description text for the lightbox.
  • jQuery driven
  • Width adjustable
  • Supports full-screen mode
  • Lightbox

How to use the gallery:

Open the gallery.html file and follow the instructions inside.
The package comes with built-in demo. You will only need to replace the images and the description. To add more images simply duplicate one of the lists (“

  • “).

    Example of gallery with 1 image (including the big image for the lightbox):

    • Description Text

      Read more…

  • Download JBMarket Image Gallery (Images and Media)

    Content Timeline – Responsive WordPress plugin (Sliders)

    Content Timeline – Responsive WordPress Plugin

    Content timeline is powerful and lightweight responsive WordPress plugin, best for displaying any organized content. It is fully customizable, and easily implementable with any js script, video, flash etc. Well structured code, and wide ranged API functions make it simple to get started and flexible for customization.

    Responsive design

    Responsive design preview

    Compatible Browsers

    Compatible browsers for Content Timeline


    • Responsive design
    • SWIPE function
    • Ability to hide controls
    • Ability to hide timeline
    • Ability to hide the years/months and only display the timeline
    • Ability to rename the elements (dots)
    • 11 settings for customizing
    • Keyboard binded
    • 5 class events
    • Included easing effects
    • 7 embedded script control methods
    • Intuitive design
    • Fully flexible
    • Fully interactive timeline
    • More then one element can be connected to a single dot
    • Shadow that surrounds elements that are under the same dot

    How does the Content Timeline work:

    • Take any content
    • Sort it by date
    • Call function
    • You are ready to go!

    Content Timeline can easily be modified to suit your needs. It has 30 elements places that can be activated on the left side of the timeline and 30 more on the right side of the timeline and you can add unlimited number of groups and items. In this preview we have displayed content that is sorted by date, but you can use whatever system you like.

    Download Content Timeline – Responsive WordPress plugin (Sliders)

    Quick Ajax Orders (OpenCart)

    This module allows customers to place quick bulk orders for products. The module automatically shows suggestions to customers as they type.The module works extremely fast, almost real time. The customers get to see the minimum quantity they can order along with the image of the product. They can modify the quantity they want to order. The module comes with an admin panel which include following options:

    • To select the number of fields in the order page.
    • To enable/disable auto suggestions.
    • To change the title.
    • To select the field for the orders of the products such as on the basis
      of name,id,model etc.

    Admin Panel Demo :
    user – demo pass – demo
    Go to Extensions -> Modules -> Quick Ajax Orders

    Download Quick Ajax Orders (OpenCart)

    Portfolio App (Native Web)

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    Portfolio App is a awesome app to anyone to promote their portfolio, bussines, product, or anything else. This app include Native web for user and admin panel. It’s easy for customized and running this web into webserver. Include user guide too.


    1. Slider Responsive using Flexslider.

    2. Upload image.

    3. Include Admin Panel.

    4. Gallery Image using Jquery Plugin.

    5. Email using Feedback.

    6. Easy customized.

    7. Easy User Guide.


    You can email me at [email protected] for reported bug and give me a suggestion for improving this app, i am very appreciate that :) and don’t forget to give comment and rating too :)


    1. Flexi Slider Free

    2. Jquery Plugin Image Free

    3. All image free is from here.

    Download Portfolio App (Native Web)

    Multi Tab for Each Product (OpenCart)


    Add multiple TAB for each product like Changlog tab , Readmore Tab , Help tab, Video tab, Size list tab etc.

    1. Tab for SIZE —
    2. Tab for VIDEO
    3. Tab for special offer
    4. Tab for Changelog
    5. Unlimited tab :)

    Useful for all type of business, product , service or digital products.


    o You can give name for tab,
    o Create full description like product description with WYSIWYG editor.
    o Create as many tab you need.
    o Create different tab for each product (Specified product)
    o Quick and Easy to install.
    o No files are replaced
    o Works on Latest version 1.5.X to 1.5.4

    Check screenshot for more idea and concept about this module. Great for business development

    To install the module, you must copy the contents of the zip archive in the root folder of your online store and just give the path name to install ?

    • Tested and check on latest Version 1.5.4.

    Live demo

    For support
    Please create ticket on -We reply within 24 hours business of time.

    Have discussion with us on live from given below link
    Click on live chat button.

    Download Multi Tab for Each Product (OpenCart)