Google Maps + Sliders plugin for WordPress (Social Networking)

As per request I converted the Stylized Google Maps JavaScript into a WordPress plugin.

This is a jQuery javascript project around Google Maps. But it’s different from other Google Maps scripts because it can display Google Maps in different styles. It also has a nice image slider that lets you impose animating images on the map.

Feature include

Google Maps v3 APIs
Image sliders on the map
Multiple built in stylized
Allows to restyle the map
Small and compact code
Super easy to install on existing WordPress
Works in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE9 , 8 and 7 (best effort)

Download Google Maps + Sliders plugin for WordPress (Social Networking)

vShare – File Sharing made simple (Windows)

vShare – Create your own Virtual Private Network

vShare is a great tool for sharing files: Documents, Pictures, Music, anything you want. It comes with a tons of useful features and has an amazing interface familiar to Office 2007-2010. Don’t worry – all of the files sent are being compressed and encrypted using AES 128 -bit for your safety – you can even add your own password to protect access to the server. It is great for anybody who needs to share lots of files everyday. Use it at home or at an office or even share files from home to your office. vShare is for up to 3 clients.

Features in v.1.0

  1. Simple interface using the familiar Ribbon Interface
  2. Designed to be used by anyone
  3. Safe file sharing – AES 128 -bit Encryption
  4. Create a password for extended security
  5. Automatically compresses files to save space
  6. Make your own Virtual Private Network at home for small networks (up to three connections)
  7. Upload & download files in no time
  8. Server is easy to use


Installation is simple!

  1. Install .NET Framework 3.5
  2. Purchase vShare
  3. Unzip it
  4. Run InstallComponents.exe
  5. Open vShare Client
  6. Open vShare Server
  7. Configure server/forward port
  8. Install vShare Client on computers
  9. Start sharing & enjoy! :)

Coming soon

  • User Management
  • Move files
  • Different list views

Visitor Counter

Download vShare – File Sharing made simple (Windows)

PHP QR Code Advanced Generator (Ratings and Charts)

“QR Code advanced generator” can generate QR codes via the Google Infograph API (no API key required ;)), and also can generate QR codes that uses sytanx (for example to send emails, vCards, meCards, phone numbers, etc…)


  • Generate QR Codes for URL ’s and Images.
  • Multiple QR Codes available to generate (sms, vCards, meCards, etc).
  • Multiple Sizes.
  • Multiple Encoding Formats.
  • Multiple Correction levels (L, M, Q, and H).
  • Template system (easy to customize – uses .html and .css files).
  • Images generated via Google Infograph API .
  • Cross Browser compatbile.
  • and more…

    Download PHP QR Code Advanced Generator (Ratings and Charts)

    jQuery Rotation Animation Plugin (Miscellaneous)

    Rotation Animation is a jQuery plugin that allows you to rotate and animate that object’s rotation. This plugin rotates the object/”HTML div” by animating it, so if the current object is at an angle of 0 degrees, and you choose to rotate it to 30 degrees, it will animate the div’s rotation from 0 to 30 degrees. See the demo for a better understanding!

    The plugin itself is located inside of the “js” subfolder, and is named “jquery.RotatAnim.js”

    For any questions or comments, contact me through “[email protected]

    Download jQuery Rotation Animation Plugin (Miscellaneous)

    PayPal Express Payment Gateway for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)

    Gateway Website

    The Express Checkout button gives buyers another way to pay, and it complements your existing payment solution. Online shoppers appreciate the convenience and security of PayPal, where they can pay with their PayPal balance, bank account, or credit card.

    Key Features of Express Checkout

    Express Checkout is a fast, easy way for buyers to pay with PayPal. Express Checkout eliminates one of the major causes of checkout abandonment by giving buyers all the transaction details at once, including order details, shipping options, insurance choices, and tax totals.

    The Express Checkout Experience

    Express Checkout makes it easier for buyers to pay online. It also enables you to accept PayPal while retaining control of the buyer and the overall checkout flow. 


    Go to:  WooCoomerce >> Settings >> Choice tab: Payment Gateways >> PayPal Express

    1. Enable PayPal Express by checking the “enable” checkbox
    2. Enter the title of the payment method that buyers will see when choosing a payment method during checkout.
    3. Enter a decsription of the payment method that will be below the title during checkout.
    4. API Username,  Get your API Username credentials from PayPal
    5. API Password  .Get your  API Password  credentials from  PayPal
    6. API Signature . Get your  API Signature credentials from PayPal
    7. Choice  Transaction Method.  The processing method to use for each transaction.
    8. Enter your Processor Token. Get your Processor Token credentials from FeeFighters Samurai
    9. Express Type:  

      • Standard: For standard checkout express
      • Digital Goods: For Express Checkout streamlines the checkout process for buyers and keeps buyers on your website.
    10. Check “ Paypal Test Mode ”: Process transactions in Test Mode via the Paypal Test account (
    11. Check “ Debug ”: Enable logging (woocommerce/logs/paypal_express.txt)


    Download PayPal Express Payment Gateway for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)

    Login And Registration (Membership or Authentication Tools)

    An easy way of creation a login and registration features for your applications, it contains lots of great features like a user manager, dynamic color changer for header (you can also have only 1 color) and lost password system. The design looks good and are easily customizable because this item comes with layered psd files.

    When you purchase this item you will get a visual basic 2010 source, png files, psd files and a demo video.

    Click “Escape” / “esc” on your keyboard when you start the application to enter the user manager (it’s a secret) – remember to change your user manager password!

    Download Login And Registration (Membership or Authentication Tools)

    Tickets Plugin: Reports (Add-ons)

    This is a plugin for Tickets. Please ensure you have purchased and installed the latest version of Tickets before using this plugin.


    This plugin adds four different graphs for reporting in Tickets.

    Graphs include:

    • Added/Closed Line Graph (by day for the last 7 days)
    • Added/Closed Line Graph (by month for the last 6 months)
    • Top 6 Submitters (for the last 7 days)
    • Top 6 Submitters (for the current month)

    This plugin is super easy to install into an existing copy of Tickets. Simply upload the reports folder inside the zip and enable from the Plugins page.

    Requires Tickets 1.5 or higher already installed. Please see the documentation below for more information.

    Online Documentation

    Download Tickets Plugin: Reports (Add-ons)

    jQuery FCompare Plugin (Navigation)


    FComapare is a jQuery plugin for features comparison of any data types (in JSON format). It can be used for products and services comparison.


    • Flexible configuration
    • All data types compatibility
    • Supports cookies
    • Fully customizable styles
    • Compatible with jQuery 1.3 or higher
    • Works in all major browsers

    Download jQuery FCompare Plugin (Navigation)

    Banners Rotator Generator For WordPress (Advertising)

    What is It

    Banners Rotator Generator For WordPress help you to built a banner rotator for your Blog/s.

    It’s very easy to use and integrate in your Blog/s.



    • Use WordPress Upload Sistem
    • Many Effects combination
    • Pagination with flexigrid with advanced search
    • Edit all banner
    • Some settable parameters
    • All written in ajax for a nice usability
    • Include Banners via Tinymce Selectbox (automatic Shortcodes)
    • Just 5 minutes to integrate it in your Blog/s


    Download Banners Rotator Generator For WordPress (Advertising)

    PHP Time Debugger (Miscellaneous)


    Sometimes you need to know how much is the execution time for a particular script to optimize it. Script optimizations are very important if you want to connect to a db, external API or when running a loop function. PHP Time debugger uses the simple but effective watchpoint() function, you can label the watchpoints and see how much time elapses between the watchpoints, furthermore measures the allocated memory that the script uses. PHP Time debugger is a lightweight (only 12kb) PHP script which you can upload to any server and start using it right away, no configuration needed. Using it is easy, just copy your script to the input window and click the process code button, the PHP Time debugger will do the rest. You can use it to measure db connection time or to measure connection time to any external file. Two color variation are available.

    Download PHP Time Debugger (Miscellaneous)

    ClientEngage Project Platform (Project Management Tools)

    ClientEngage Project Platform

    The ClientEngage Project Platform is an online portal which gives you the tools to more closely interact with your clients when you are working together on
    projects. It provides you with an online platform on which you can interact with your clients. Some of the benefits of ClientEngage are flawless project
    management, discussions, effortless task assignments and tracking and a secure upload and attachment sharing facility.

    By using the ClientEngage Project Platform, you will be able to build closer relationships with your clients, whilst ensuring that you have an easily
    manageable platform on which to share notes, tasks and attachments that pertain to your project. In short: with the ClientEngage Project Platform you will
    be able to create superior customer value and satisfaction.

    Creating Superior Customer Value and Satisfaction

    If you are working in the online services industry and are a web-designer,
    screen-designer or programmer, then the ClientEngage Project Platform is the
    ideal application for you. It will enable you to streamline your online
    project management needs so that you and your clients are always up-to-date
    as to how your projects are developing. Please check out the online
    demonstration below.

    Functionality Overview

    Project Management

    • Quick and easy project creation
    • Add an unlimited number of phases to a project
    • Set start & dates for phases
    • Update the project’s progress at any time
    • Phases automatically determine their status based in progress, start- and end times
    • You can create multiple administrators

    Discussions & Task Management

    • Effortlessly discuss with your clients online
    • Easily turn a comment into a task and track completion
    • Also clients can create tasks to be completed by you
    • Tasks can have varying levels of priority (low, normal, high)

    Secure Attachment Sharing Facility

    • Attach an unlimited number of files to any comment
    • Easily share files with your client or vice versa
    • You can determine which kind of files your clients are not allowed to upload
    • The attachment functionality is secure – clients cannot access files that belong to projects which they are not associated with

    Client & User Management

    • Create an unlimited number of clients and users
    • Several clients can join the same project – ideal for when you are working with more than one client on a project
    • Clients can have an unlimited number of users – perfect for when your client needs access for several employees
    • Batch-processing and sending of personalised invitation emails

    Activity Notifications

    • ClientEngage provides a fully-featured notification system
    • Logging of date and time of any types of activity
    • You know exactly what developments have taken place once you log in
    • Easily sort activities and find out what has happened
      whilst you were away
    • Clients can follow new comments, files and progress updates

    Easy to Use

    • The system was designed to be as straightforward as possible – you’ll be up and running in no time
    • Detailed handbook with installation & use instructions
    • Adaptable layout: you can easily change the system’s theme and logo to match your own corporate identity
    • Automated installation script – no extensive knowledge of PHP /MySQL necessary
    • Extensible: the system is developed with the CakePHP MVC framework and features a clean architecture. This means that, if you have
      web-development experience, the system is easily extensible

    Multilingual Interface

    The ClientEngage Project Platform was built with internationalisation in mind: currently, you can select from British and American English as well as German.

    Online Demonstration

    Please check-out all of the system’s capabilities by logging in to the
    online demonstration.
    Please note that you cannot perform any saving operations in the
    demonstration system. Furthermore, the system’s data is reset on every

    Online demo:
    Password: asdf

    Test Users:
    Admin 1: [email protected]
    Admin 2: [email protected]
    User 1: [email protected]
    User 2: [email protected]
    User 3: [email protected]
    User 4: [email protected]
    User 5: [email protected]

    Documentation & Extensibility

    The code is fully documented and written on top of a clean MVC architechture.
    If you are a seasoned web-developer, you can easily extend the ClientEngage
    Project Platform and integrate it into your own systems.

    System Requirements

    • Apache 2 HTTP Server
    • Preferably with mod_rewrite enabled
    • PHP with a version of greater than PHP 5 .2.8
    • MySQL with a version of greater than MySQL 5 (i.e. with InnoDB support)
    • Preferably a subdomain/domain for use with the ClientEngage Project
    • Safe mode: off
    • Finally, the PHP PDO extensions have to be installed


       - Release of ClientEngage Project Platform v1.0.1
            - Minor translation fixes
            - Framework update
            - Documentation update
       - Public release of ClientEngage Project Platform v1.0

    Download ClientEngage Project Platform (Project Management Tools)

    Coming Soon Landing Page (Countdowns)

    Want to create your coming soon page.
    Do not know how to do it. You do not need to know HTML , CSS.

    The system includes:
    – Very simple installer
    – A very simple wizard
    – Light and dark look of the page
    – Login module
    – E-mail notifications
    – Module registered users (email, date, ip, agent)
    – Export the list to a CSV file
    – Facebook and Twitter integrations

    Download Coming Soon Landing Page (Countdowns)

    360° Panoramic Viewer (Images and Media)


    A panorama is a wide-angle view made from a series of images combined together using special software. It offers a very realistic experience, giving the sensation that the user is right there on the location.
    The plugin manipulates such a panorama and uses jQuery to rotate, add hotspots and integrate it on mobile, touchpads and desktop browsers.


    • mobile/touchpads support
    • auto-scroll with sliding controls
    • image smart preloader
    • 160/360 degree visibility
    • hotspots + fancybox integration
    • multiple panorama selection + carouFredSel integration
    • well documented + support

    Download 360° Panoramic Viewer (Images and Media)

    Vector Animated Countdown With Progress Bar (Countdowns)

    This Countdown is powered with a great cross-platform library — Raphaël — that uses SVG animation wherever it’s supported (and VML for IE browsers). Includes jQuery and several plugins for styling text with shadow and for background animation. Very easy to install. No technical knowledge needed for basic usage.

    – Vector-based counter animation
    – Scalable
    – Nice-looking progress bar
    – Easy to install
    – No special knowledge needed
    – Valid HTML

    Download Vector Animated Countdown With Progress Bar (Countdowns)