HTML5 Slot Machine Gallery (Sliders)

The HTML5 Slot Machine Gallery is size flexible or fluid, it will adapt it’s size (width and height) based on the parent container (div or some other html tag) and every piece of the gallery will align and position accordingly, this basically mean that it can be used in any kind of website, it dose not matter if you need a small or large gallery, all you have to do is to add the gallery in a place which you have chosen in your website and the gallery will adapt.

This gallery is using the GPU (hardware acceleration), the rendering speed and performance is impeccable on desktop computers and most importantly on mobile devices.

The HTML5 Slot Machine Gallery comes in with four different embed styles: Fixed Dimensions, Full Width, Full Screen and Lightbox Style. Please check the previews of this gallery and convince yourself of its quality, the complete instructions about how to setup this embed styles are included in the help file.

Amazing performance on mobile devices, you can see in the video demo that it runs just like a native app!, it was coded and optimized for mobile devices and it is 100% mobile compatible and of course it will run just as great on PC. We have tested it on IPAD3 and it runs great, you will interact with it as you would with a native app, you can see a video demo at this link.

This HTML5 Slot Machine Gallery plugin can be embedded in WordPress and you will receive, along with the download files, the complete instructions in the help file. WordPress demo available here


Fully XML driven this makes it really easy to install and maintain.

Unique and original way of displaying the images, thumbs and large images.

Unique and original thumbs navigation.

Optimized for mobile, you can actually drag and swipe the images just like you would on a native mobile app (touch screen navigation support for mobile), we insist to watch again a video demo at this link

Size flexible or fluid layout!

Support for multiple instances in the same page: you may have as many galleries as you want in the same page and each one of the galleries / instances has its unique set of images and settings. You can have as many galleries as you wish.

The entire color theme and graphics skin can be modified the buttons are actually images (.png or .jpg) so you can replace them with your own graphics, the button graphics can be have a different shape, basically the look of this gallery can be completely modified. Three skins are included in the download files you can see them all in the previews.

The background color can be modified or it can be left transparent.

Full screen button (optional).

Bulk image preloader, it’s a feature for fast loading and displaying the photos, the images are loading in the background.

The thumb can have any format or size (landscape or protrait), also they can be positioned top or bottom.

Autohide buttons, you can set the gallery to autohide the buttons after a number of seconds of inactivity, the delay in seconds can be set (optional).

Slide show button, (optional).

Slide show delay, can be specified in seconds.

Slide show autoplay option.

The color theme for the slide show preloader and images preloader can be modified.

Support any type of image format, (landscape, portrait or whatever)!

Up and down buttons to scroll the thumbs, as mentioned above the graphics for this buttons can be modified (optional).

Next and previous buttons to navigate between images, as mentioned above the graphics for this buttons can be modified (optional).

Keyboard support you can navigate between the large images or thumbs with the right and left key for the large images and up and down key for the thumbs and start or stop the slideshow with the space key.

Navigation help screens (optional).

Info button and info window for each image, each image can have a info/description window, this window can be styled with css, it has full css support (optional).

The image description/info window is also flexible / fluid, this mean that it will resize to always fit the screen, it dose not matter what device is used or the screen resolution.

Many other cool features ..

Download HTML5 Slot Machine Gallery (Sliders)

Ken Burns Effect Slideshow for iOS (Galleries)

The Ken Burns effect is a type of panning and zooming effect used in video production from still imagery.
There is a demo included so you can better understand the features.
Documentation included also!

Here is what you can achieve with the Slideshow.

Add an infinite number of images to the slideshow.
Configure the slide direction and duration.
Configure the slide crossfade duration.
Configure the slide zoom type.


The default slide duration is 20 seconds.

The default slide crossfade duration is 3 seconds.



Version 1.0 – Initial release

Adding image annotations, image effects such as sepia, grayscale, etc, slide controls to prev/next image.

Download Ken Burns Effect Slideshow for iOS (Galleries)

Mortgage loan Calculator with Extra Payments (PHP Scripts)

Mortgage Loan Calculator with extra Payments allow your website user to come and play with calculation for their Loans Requirements with Bar Chart Representation of the Loan Cycle. They Will get the Response of Calculator via email.

They can also input the Extra Cost which have been like Property Taxes, Insurance and Monthly Mortgage Insurance.
It will provide your user high end satisfactory Experience,

If your website is related Financial, Real estate or Home Guidance Related. Our Website Tool will be highly beneficial.

They will have to submit their Email ID. So you will Leads Stored Directly into your Database.

5 More Calculators Are Coming Up. Will Provide you Complete Set of Mortgage tools, So Keep Checking my profile or Portfolio.

If you have any suggestions, queries or Problems about our script. We love to hear it from you.

Usage or Installation of the Mortgage Calculator Script

1. Open Database and Install the Database via phpmyadmin
2. Open Config.php, Then add the Essential Parameters for Database Connection and Email and Webmaster Name for Email Funcutions.
3. Regarding Including of Calculator Follow the following details.

There are Two Types of Files in the Mortgage loan Calculator with Extra Payments Pack

First is calculator.php which you can use as it in your website. Just Upload on Your server, Where ever your want and also add the css and js files in their respective folder.

If you want to change the location of Jquery files or CSS , You can easily do that, we have properly mentioned where the files details have been added.

Other file is the include-mortgage-calculator.php, you can or use this file to include in your any current script.

Example Code is also provide for Include.

Download Mortgage loan Calculator with Extra Payments (PHP Scripts)

Cleantalk. Spam protect plugin for Joomla (Utilities)

Cleantalk. Spam protect plugin for Joomla

Main features:

  • Block spam registration
  • Block spam comments
  • Automatic public comments
  • Antispam without CAPTCHA
  • Expanding component JComments
  • Spam protection feedback forms


A main feature is the publication “no spam” comments in real-time to solve this problem applies analysis function relevance of the message on the article and the previous comments to her. Visitors to the site will see their comments immediately, provided that the text of the comments by the topic under discussion.

CleanTalk eliminates the need for captchas (CAPTCHA), questions / answers, and other ways to protect complicating communication on the site.

CleanTalk filters spam messages coming to mail the site administrator via the feedback form. Plugin connects to a standard component of the feedback.


You can test the plugin at demo web site by link bellow. Adminstrator login: admin, password: demo

How to setup?

Please use this installation manual.

Download Cleantalk. Spam protect plugin for Joomla (Utilities)

Website Visitors Tracker With Stats Panel (Ratings and Charts)


Todo is Website Visitors Tracker With Stats Panel.what makes Todo special is that it is simple to install and use.Todo Stats Panel give you Summary of Website Visits For year and also For each month Using Google Charts .Todo Take very small space on your Database.

How To Use :

Simply Create Sub-directory (eg.stats) and Upload Todo Source Files After Preparation , visit installation page and Insert One Line of Code To all Pages You want To be Tracked.Now You Ready To Login To Stats Panel

Main Features :

  • Awesome Layout .
  • Enhanced With JQuery .
  • Powerful Login System .
  • Powerful Statistics Panel .
  • Show Yearly Statistics using charts .
  • Show Monthly Statistics .
  • Show Daily Statistics .
  • Sort Statistics Using Range.
  • Insert Only one line of code to use Todo Tracker .
  • Ability to Delete Reports .
  • Uses Google Charts .
  • Very Simple and Doesn’t take more space on your Database .
  • Automatic Installer .
  • OOP .
  • Full and Clean Code .
  • Well Documented .

Live Demostration :

  • Admin Panel (User:admin Pass :admin)
  • Notice : Preview Filled With Dummy Reports (2010,2011,2012)
  • Notice : Deleting Reports Is deactivated

Sources and Credits :

I’ve used the following images, icons or other files as listed.

  • Query Color Animations : Licensed under the MIT
  • jQuery : MIT LICENSE
  • Google Chart Tools For Developers.
  • Bootstrap V2.1.1 Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
  • Sansation – freeware font family Version 1.3 Bernd Montag © 2011
  • Bitstream Vera Fonts Copyright© 2003 by Bitstream, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Requirements :

  • A PHP Enabled server (Version 5.x)
  • MySQL (Version 4.x or greater 5.x)

Check Our 1# Package :

Support :

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of Pause help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form .Thanks so much!

Download Website Visitors Tracker With Stats Panel (Ratings and Charts)

WP Feedback, Survey & Quiz Manager – Pro (Forms)

FSQM , is a WordPress plugin which can help you collect Feedbacks, Surveys or host Quizes in your WordPress Blog. Using it, you can create unlimited forms with custom themes and collect user submissions. All user submissions are stored inside the database which you can analyze, edit and/or print. The user can also track/see their submission (obviously if you wish to) through a page.

Working of the Plugin:


Watch the Video Tutorials

The working of the plugin is very straight forward.

  1. You use the New Form from the Feedback Pro menu on your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. A form have a maximum of three tabs:
    1. MCQ or Survey Tab: You can put multiple choice questions with single or multiple selections. You can even add an “Other” option with custom label, which when selected will prompt the user to enter his own freetype answer in a textbox.
    2. FreeType or Feedback Tab: Here you can put compulsory or optional questions where users can put their freetype answers. All of the answers can be set to go to one or more specific emails. This becomes handy if you are collecting feedbacks on different topics and have to email different people the answers of different topics.
    3. Personal Information Tab: Here we have 4 predefined text fields (First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number) which you can enable, disable or even make them optional. Apart from that, another 20 form elements can be added which can be either of the followings:
      You can easily create any extra personal information you wish and can make them compulsory as well. It will start appearing on your submission record.
      • Single or Multiple value MCQ .
      • FreeType text using small input box or large textarea.
      • A Required checkbox with full HTML support.
  3. You use the generated shortcode [feedback] inside a page or post (simply paste the shortcode over there). The page will now show your FSQM form.
  4. Users submit their answers. A mathematical security check is used to prevent automatic spam bot submissions.
  5. Finally you use the View all feedbacks menu to view the submission. You can edit/print the submission as well.

Feature Lists:

Here are the favorite features of FSQM Pro:

  • Unlimited form with 100 MCQ /FreeType questions (each) and additional 20 Personal Information fields.
  • Custom notification email upon submission both for the user and administrator.
  • Capability to channel different feedback topics to different email addresses.
  • 24 Preset Themes to start with.
  • Ability to customize all the colors/background/fonts of the forms differently for each of the tabs.
  • Most beautiful Google WebFonts included. You select your own body and heading fonts.
  • Quick analytical graph on the dashboard ( FSQM Pro > Dashboard).
  • Complete Survey (MCQ) Report Generator. Represents data in Pie Chart, Column Chart, Bar Chart or detailed Tabular form.
  • Moderate every feedback/submission, add administrator comments which the user can see using the track link (which can be emailed to them upon submission), even edit a particular submission and update with newer data.
  • Change the title and description of every tab and every area of the form. Nothing is hardcoded, you can change every single word.
  • Mark submissions “Star”. Works just like Gmail (click and done).
  • Intuitive admin section, works just like WordPress’ own admin panels. So will you feel like home in no time.
  • AJAX Form Submission and perfect fallback on JavaScript Disabled browsers.
  • WordPress MultiSite Compatible. You’ll need to buy Extended Licence. Please see the Online Documentation for more information.

Support & Documentation

For more detailed view, please refer to the Video Tutorial. Help is associated with almost every item on the administrator area. Also you might check the [HELP] button on the top-right corner of the screen. If you still can not find what you are looking for, you might want to contact us using the Support Forum.

Free Version:

A free alternative know as WP Feedback & Survey Manager Plugin is also available. Please note that the working of both the plugins are very different and the free version has very limited functionality. But you can try it to get only a glimpse of what the Pro version can do before purchasing.

Migration Guide

If you are migrating from the Free Version to Premium Version, then you should follow the following steps to avoid any conflicts:

  • Deactivate and Delete the old Free version from your WordPress Installation.
    1. Go to WP ADMIN > Plugins > Installed Plugins.
    2. Find and Deactivate the WP Feedback & Survey Manager Plugin.
    3. Once deactivated, Delete the plugin.
  • Now install the plugin as usual.


Version 1.0.0

Initial Release

Download WP Feedback, Survey & Quiz Manager – Pro (Forms)

Polaroid Slider for WordPress (Sliders)

Polaroid slider mimics the feeling of the old-style polaroid photographs. It’s a powerful javascript-css slider using CSS3 and jQuery!
Create slides with image, video or HTML content or generate slides from your favorite flickr or 500px feeds.

Tested with all major browser versions including internet exploder 7-8 and variety of mobile devices!



  • Easy setup, easy to use
  • User and browser friendly administrator page
  • Multiple Sliders per page
  • Possible to add sublides for each slide! Mobile touch devices also supported!
  • “Content Drag Effect” with subslides – See this demo
  • Shortcodes can be inserted into pages, post and widgets as well
  • Polaroid slider widget also included
  • Handles image slides, video and custom HTML slides
  • Customisable Slider animations
  • Uses the built-in WordPress media uploader
  • Wide browser support (even internet explorer 7-8!)
  • Font selector (100+ fonts!) with classic web fonts and Google web Fonts
  • Slide generator for and rss feeds.
  • Responsive Width!
  • Autoplay options (timeout, restart)
  • Fullscreen mode (depending on the size of the actual window)
  • Customisable navigation bar (squares with CSS3 capabilities)
  • Customisable navigation arrows
  • Advanced HTML labels with positioning, coloring, opacity and animation options
  • 50+ slider and slide options!
  • Adjustable init and move animations

Download Polaroid Slider for WordPress (Sliders)

Universal Recipes Book for iPhone for iOS 3.x-6.x (Full Applications)

Create any catalog/items based application within few minutes, without hard programming skills, Sell it in the AppStore and earn money!

This is universal working iPhone application sources for building any catalog/items based catalog application.

Your will get XCode project file with sample Coctails Recipes catalog (complete working application with all graphics) and complete step by step newbie userguide how to create your own unique application from it.

Project features

  • Complete working iPhone application with all graphics and files
  • Complete detailed documentation
  • Step by step user guide “How to create your own catalog app from this sample project and publish it to AppStore” without programming skills!
  • Works on iOS 3.x – iOS 6.x
  • Project for XCode 3.x – 4.x included
  • @2x retina graphics support
  • App will work on iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4/4S, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited items with descriptions and photos
  • PSD design file included
  • Easy to change everything
  • Excellent support, I will answer all your questions

Sample working apps based on this XCode project in Apple AppStore:

You can watch demo application video preview on YouTube.

Just small list of examples what apps your can create:

  • Any food recipes app
  • Products catalog (for your shop for ex.)
  • Address book/people catalog
  • Jokes catalog
  • Poetry book
  • Songs lyrics book
  • Games cheats book
  • …what you can create is based on your fantasy only! You can create thousands of variations!

How much you can earn?

Well, when your sell apps in the Apple AppStore you will get 70% from the price when users buy your item. Applications in the TOP 20 USA rating have around 5000-15000 downloads per day. So if your app cost 1,99$ and your app goes to USA TOP Paid apps list your will get around 15 000 $ profit per day! Of course your app must be excellent to be in Top. But even simple apps can earn tens and hundreds dollars per day.

Download Universal Recipes Book for iPhone for iOS 3.x-6.x (Full Applications)

Mobile CSS Pro (Add-ons)

This plugin allows you to define different CSS rules that get loaded into the page’s for specific devices.

This can be useful if you need to target specific phones or tablets to make CSS changes or show certain advertisements for certain devices.

Allows you to narrows CSS style rules down to

– 18 different tablet options
– 13 different phone options
– 14 different operating system options
– 15 different browser options

Also allows you to adjust the viewport scale and if the viewport is scalable.

Download Mobile CSS Pro (Add-ons)

ERP32 – web based business management software (Miscellaneous)

ERP32 – web based business management software

Main Features:

  • items, customers, categories
  • invoices, quotes, orders, receipts
  • stock & inventory, multi-warehouses
  • pricelists, finance, reporting
  • users with permissions, admin panel
  • VAT tax system, multi-language
  • PDF output, CSV export

Requirements & Compatibility:

  • Minimum PHP 5 .2 + Apache2
  • MySQL Database server
  • IE7 , IE8, IE9 , Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Supported Languages (you can translate more):

  • English
  • Default + German doc.
  • Default + Français doc.
  • Default + M????????? ???.
  • Srpski
  • ?????? (????????)
  • Hrvatski

Download ERP32 – web based business management software (Miscellaneous)

JBMarket Currency Rates – Standalone (Miscellaneous)

J.B.Currency Rates is a widget allowing you to display currency rates for nearly all currencies across the world.

  • jQuery driven.
  • Uses AJAX technology.
  • Ability to add/remove, convert currencies and compare them against base currency.
  • Adjustable dimensions.
  • Color customizable (through the stylesheet).
  • Layered PSD included

Download JBMarket Currency Rates – Standalone (Miscellaneous)

Flying Twitter Bird (Social Networks)

This funny little twitter bird will make your website more unique and catchy. If a visitor clicks to the bird he will be refered to your twitter or he can just shoot it :) Here is an example of what you will get

Product Features

  • 3 variations of animated bird with a link to your twitter;
  • Easy installation;
  • Working sight for shooting;
  • Documentation included.

Download Flying Twitter Bird (Social Networks)

Android Horoscopy: A Fun App That Can be Pro! (Full Applications)

– a fine piece of horoscopy based on Fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence brought to you by Prof. Nanda.

I am releasing this basic project code for machine generated android horoscopy. This app works on Fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence and is made consistent to predict machine generated astrology.

You can use it as a shell to turn this fun app into pro. Please visit here to see it in its full action.

Please note again(before purchase) that this is the basic template to start with and has less functionality as exemplified with above URL . However if you need all the features you can contact me via my profile.

• User can find their sun sign
• No Net required for predictions, its 100% native
• Google admob support
• Flexible code
• Font and native language support
• Animated splash screen
• App share & help support

Download Android Horoscopy: A Fun App That Can be Pro! (Full Applications)