Interstitial Ads for jQuery (Miscellaneous)

Interstitial Ads for jQuery allows you to quickly and easily create intersitial ads on ANY website turning your traffic into a cash cow. Make your traffic work for you and turn your websites money making switch to on by pushing ads, subscription offers, trials, eBooks, etc!

Dont forget to check out the WordPress Version!

Demo Video

Check out the demo video! – This video shows the way it works, minus the wordpress stuff as this is the jQuery version.


  • Show Interstitial style ads quickly and easily!
  • Timer can be disabled!
  • Optional close / skip button.
  • Interstitial delay allows you to show ads right away or let users browse the page for X amount of time before ad shows.
  • Wait timer allows you to control how frequent ads show to your users.
  • Use any type of content in your ads! Flash, HTML , Images, Demo Videos, Audio, etc.
  • Resizes ad frames when the browser dimensions change!
  • Does not effect search engine rankings or spiders!
  • Full documentation!

Endless Uses!

The uses are endless for making money!

  • Use it to show demo videos of other products and services.
  • Newsletter / Email List Subscriptions.
  • Push targeted affiliate products to your users.
  • Insert ad codes from ANY ad network like Adsense, Adbrite, Clickbank, etc.
  • Demo videos.
  • Sell your own eBooks.
  • The list does on and on!

Download Interstitial Ads for jQuery (Miscellaneous)

Web Elements – Buttons, Tabs, UI (Miscellaneous)

This is a high quality set of over 80 Web Elements. It features clean code, beautiful design, and elegant jQuery effects. Whether your a web developer looking to save time on your web projects, or a business owner looking to spice up your website, this Elements Set will absolutely deliver the results you’re after.

Purchase this product with confidence knowing that our dedicated support staff will always be here to answer all of your questions.

This Set Includes:

  • Valid HTML5 + CSS3 code
  • Animated jQuery Interface Tabs (2 unique styles)
  • Flexible Column Layouts (5 unique sizes)
  • Gorgeous Breadcrumbs (light and dark)
  • Complete Icons Set (24 icons)
  • Flexible Button Set 1 (20 unique color variations + 3 available sizes = 60 gorgeous buttons)
  • Flexible Button Set 2 (10 unique color variations + 2 available sizes = 20 gorgeous buttons)
  • Notification Boxes (4 unique styles)
  • Gorgeous Testimonials (completely flexible width)
  • Animated jQuery Accordions (completely flexible width)
  • Animated “Scroll to Top” Link

Download Web Elements – Buttons, Tabs, UI (Miscellaneous)

jScroll: Stylable jQuery Scrollbar (Miscellaneous)

jScroller is a stylable scrollbar built using the jQuery JavaScript framework. At only ~8kb, it is both lightweight and packed full of features.

It can scroll any sort of HTML , and has heaps of features, such as: vertical/horizontal scrolling, automatically resizing scroll handles, support for mousewheel. It is also very easy to create your own theme.

You can set the amount to scroll with the mouse wheel/arrows, and can interface with its easy to use API in order to change an option(s) on the fly and/or scroll the scroller (as shown in the examples).

You can set the scrollbars to only show when the scroller is hovered over, and when horizontal/vertical scrolling is no longer needed, they will even hide themselves!

Check out the demo for some examples of jScroller’s features and how to use it.

Download jScroll: Stylable jQuery Scrollbar (Miscellaneous)

CSS3 Web Pricing Tables Grids For WordPress (WordPress)

Admin panel video preview

Pricing Tables video preview

This is a pack of pure CSS3 Web Pricing Tables Grids For WordPress with 2 table styles and 12 predefined color versions including hover states.

Here is non-WordPress version


  • pure CSS + HTML (no javascript)
  • 2 table styles
  • 12 color versions
  • hover states
  • font-face fonts
  • intuitive administration panel
  • implementatin with simple shortcode
  • documentation Included

Browser Support

  • Firefox 3.5 and Above – Full Support
  • Opera 11 – Full Support
  • Safari 5 – Full Support
  • Chrome – Full Support
  • IE9 – Full Support
  • IE6 – 8 – No Support for Rounded Corners and Shadows


Download CSS3 Web Pricing Tables Grids For WordPress (WordPress)

SocialBox – Social WordPress Widget (Social Networking)

With SocialBox you get an absolutely easy to use WordPress Plugin which enables you to add a sleek social widget to your WordPress site or blog. It displays the current numbers of Facebook likes, Twitter followers and Feedburner feed subscriptions. You can enter default values which will be shown if the related api is not reachable.


  • Displays Facebook likes, Twitter followers and Feedburner subscriptions
  • Disable one or more of these (e.g. if you only want the Facebook likes)
  • Updates every three hours to reduce load time and api calls.
  • Default values, if one of the apis is not reachable
  • Automatic update notifications
  • Full support for all major browsers
  • Localization ready (.pot file included)


  • WordPress 3+
  • PHP 5 .2+


If you have any further questions or you need support using this Widget, feel absolutely free to send a message to support [ at ] jonasdoebertin [ dot ] net. You can also use the contact form on my profile page. I will do my very best to help and assist you as quick as possible.

Download SocialBox – Social WordPress Widget (Social Networking)

Facebook Quiz Application – WordPress plugin (Utilities)

Facebook Quiz Application – WordPress plugin

This facebook application uses as administration wordpress platform, so you can easily install it as plugin on your wordpress website.

It’s fully customizable and very easy to use & create.

Wanna see a live preview of the administration?

Username: demo
Password: demo

Here’s a video tutorial to help you understand better how it works.

Download Facebook Quiz Application – WordPress plugin (Utilities)

EazSQL – PHP MySQL Helper (Database Abstractions)

This is a PHP5 Class-Helper that will allow you to make MySQL actions more easy, without too much lines. You will use like only 70% of classic code, and the syntax is more easy.

Here you can see some examples:

$mysql = new EazSQL('host', 'username', 'password', 'database');

// VS Old (classic) method:
$mysql = mysql_connect('host', 'username', 'password') or die ('Mysql error, connection');
mysql_select_db('datababse', $mysql) or die ('Mysql error, database');
$foo->delete('mytable', array('' => 'id=1', 'or' => 'id=2'));

// VS Old (classic) method:
mysql_query("DELETE FROM mytable WHERE id=1 or id=2", $connection) or die ('Mysql error, delete');


$foo->multi_query(array("DELETE FROM mytable WHERE id=1", "DELETE FROM mytable WHERE content='example'", "UPDATE mytable SET val = 'CodeCanyon'"));

// VS Old (classic) method:
mysql_query("DELETE FROM mytable WHERE id=1", $connection) or die ('Mysql error, query');
mysql_query("DELETE FROM mytable WHERE content='example'", $connection) or die ('Mysql error, query');
mysql_query("UPDATE mytable SET val = 'CodeCanyon'", $connection) or die ('Mysql error, query');

Retrieve rows as object!

$results = $foo->get_rows("SELECT * FROM mytable");
foreach($results as $res) {
    echo $res->title.'<br />';

// Versus....
$qry = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM mytable",$connection) or die ('Mysql error, query);
if(mysql_num_rows($qry) > 0) {
    while($res = mysql_fetch_assoc($qry)) {
        echo $res['title'].'<br />';

With this helper, you can easy make queries, multi-queries, retrieve rows as an easy syntax, do update, delete, insert, and much more! Plus, it has a very explicit Documentation.
Why you don’t try it? :D

Rating will be really appreciated.
Questions? Suggestions? Please, don’t doubt to leave a comment!

Download EazSQL – PHP MySQL Helper (Database Abstractions)

ForumScript – Forum Application for Facebook (Social Networking)


ForumScript – Copyright © Phillip Rock 2011
Current Version: 1.0
Release Date: 10/5/2011

If you are updating to a new version of the software, please read the readme file before uploading new files!

As a developer on Facebook, I need a place for my users to go and discuss things about my apps. Rather than force them to use an out-of-date ‘forum’ that Facebook provides, I wanted to have my own that I could modify and do as I pleased with. I created this software to give my users seamless integration between my apps and the forum.

ForumScript can be used as both a stand-alone application and an addition to an already existing one. It’s also great for those of you in need of a decent piece of software for applications you are making for clients.

If you want to integrate this software as an add-on, you will need at least basic knowledge in PHP and HTML !

Please note that this is an application for Facebook. You will need a Facebook account to create the application on Facebook. I am a freelance programmer and am in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Facebook.

You will need to have an SSL certificate for your server. The script will handle the connection on its own, but you will need to contact your hosting service to work out how to add an SSL certificate to your server. If you are in need of a free SSL certificate, offers one.



  • Utilizes the Graph API in an iframe setting.
  • Uses the PHP SDK v3.1.1.
  • Supports OAuth 2.0.
  • Powered by jQuery AJAX .
  • Seamless movement between existing applications and the software for users.
  • Easy-to-use admin panel.
  • Polls & BBCode Capability
  • 8 available color-schemes.
  • Very simple, clean layout.
  • Runs smoothly in all major browsers.
  • Complete protection from XSS .


  • Facebook Account
  • Server w/ PHP v5.3+
  • MySQL Database
  • HTTPS Capability / SSL Certificate

Download ForumScript – Forum Application for Facebook (Social Networking)

PHP Application Precision-Loading Software (Loaders and Uploaders)


PHP Application Precision Loading Software- Copyright © Phillip Rock 2011
Current Version: 1.0
Release Date: 10/5/2011

For the longest time I wanted something to load all the content of my applications and then display the content only once it was fully rendered. You can do this pretty easily, but I wanted to go a step farther and actually show my users the progress that is being made as the content is being rendered. That’s a little more difficult and I could never find anything online to help. Now that my programming knowledge has expanded quite a bit, I set out to create this piece of software.

It’s a very simple script that renders all of your content and shows your users a precise progress bar as to how far along the rendering process is. If you are like me and use a lot of AJAX , you probably preload a lot of your content for other pages, especially images. The script preloads all of the images you need in your application and then renders all your content at once when finished.

How does it work? First the script gathers all of your images for your application from all necessary directories relative to the file. As the script is cycling through the files, it is applying CSS to hide the images and also binds a jQuery event to the images’ class at the end. When each image is fully loaded or fails to load, the event is fired (keep in mind that the goal here is to load the content when finished rendering regardless of errors). Upon firing, a counter increments until it reaches the total number of loaded images. At this point, your content is fully-rendered and shown to your users. Since images normally take the longest to render, this is a safe way to indicate loading progress to users.

You will need some programming experience to use this, though even a novice with PHP /JS could get this up and running easily. For those of you who want to customize your loading a little more, customization is also very straightforward and easily done.



  • Server w/ PHP v5.3+
  • Some PHP /HTML/JS Knowledge

Download PHP Application Precision-Loading Software (Loaders and Uploaders)

MailChimPHP – Customizable Subscription Form (Social Networking)

The MailChimPHP will enable you to insert a custom form on any webpage of your website and let people subscribe themselves to your MailChimp Newsletter list.

This script uses xHTML and the official PHP 5 MailChimp API .

The package contains :

  • Two examples of integration into your website. The Complex and Simpler Form versions.
  • The ability to use your own form.
  • The API class file for contacting MailChimp servers
  • A central configuration file.
  • A generic css styling sheet.
  • The PHP file treating the information received by the form.
  • A documentation file to help you with the easy integration.

The installation process don’t take more than 5 minutes.
You’ll just have to edit the configuration, copy-paste the form code to your own website, upload them and it’s done !


You may want to check the documentation to evaluate the quality of the work before purchasing.

Download MailChimPHP – Customizable Subscription Form (Social Networking)

liimeBar: An improved scroll bar for your website (Navigation)

LiimeBar is a jQuery plugin which removes the default browser scroll bar and replaces it with a sleek, modern one which will really impress your visitors and enhance your website.

The scroll bar is pure CSS which makes it very customizable and you will have it up and running in no time at all (approx. 2 minutes).

Download liimeBar: An improved scroll bar for your website (Navigation)

Directory Protector (Miscellaneous)

Created By A Web Developer For Web Developer’s

Free updates & Lifetime support included!

Version 1.1 is coming! (Pending Approval)

View the Changelog at the bottom for more details!


Directory Protector is an all-in-one directory protector script. Simply upload 1 file, place a check next to the directories to protect and click on the protect directory button and your site will be protected! There is no database needed or installation required.


This script is intended primarily for developers looking to protect certain directories during website development to keep their precious files hidden without the need of protecting every directory on the server using an .htaccess file.


v1.1 – 4th Oct 2011

  • Removed $HTTP_POST_VARS for PHP5 .x compatibility.
  • Added a “Check All” and “Uncheck All” button to make the script a little easier to work with.
  • Added write detection rule to ensure Directory Protector can write to the chosen directories.
  • Added better index detection rules to ensure Directory Protector only protects directories that haven’t already been protected by index files.
  • Made the font a little larger for readability.

Download Directory Protector (Miscellaneous)

Live Events v. 1.0 (Miscellaneous)


“Live Events” is a PHP , mySql, ajax(jQuery) script where you can stream events in real time. You can stream sports, concerts and any kind of events. Your visitors can add their comments (if this is enable) and you can as admin (or writer) add comments, images and videos (from or

To install the application does not need special programming knowledge. You need to know how to create a database and a FTP software. The appearance of the application to your website is a simple copy/paste some code in page’s source you want to display the event!
You can add,edit very easy an event by using the adminpanel!
The application comes with 10 pre-designed layouts. You can easily create your own layout by changing some parameters in an CSS file!
In the application files you will find some files with help/instructions for all the above and for any problems or questions please contact us!


Admin or writers can send comments for an event in real time!
Visitors can send comments for an event in real time! (show after admin/writers approve)
Very easy administration for edit, add live events!
Very easy layout changing!
Unlimited events!
Unlimited Writers with their passwords!
Social share and rss file for each event!
Easy installation!


Admin can create new events or edit, delete events etc.
Admin can create a new writer
Admin can add new images, videos (from or
Admin can delete or edit writers!
Admin can set a web radio station to listen in event's page (from Shoutcast) and show with a flash or Windows Media player!
Admin can send comments and approve/delete visitor's comments!


Writer can create new events or edit events (can't delete events).
Writer can edit his/her settings
Writer can add new images, videos (from or
Writer can send comments and approve/delete visitor's comments!


Visitors can send comments (if comments are enable - show after admin/writer approve)
Visitors can send comments with their username
Visitors can listen to your radio station when watching the event (if radio is enable)
Visitors can share the event (with facebook, twitter or google+)!


PHP version 5 and better
MySql version 5 and better
GD version 2 libraries
Enable fopen, fwrite etc
cUrl libraries
SimpleXml enable
Permissions for make or edit new folders and files

(You can ask your hosting about these)


Download Live Events v. 1.0 (Miscellaneous)