jQuery Image Gallery Slideshow with Music (Images and Media)

Jquery image gallery slideshow can be used as a gallery viewer, or a slideshow for your website or any kind of product viewer.
It can be used in full window mode or embedded into smaller div. (instructions and examples included).
The HTML5 Audio with Flash audio fallback for older browsers is optional.

Flash does not need to be edited (all the data will automatically be generated om HTML )
Unlimited songs supported, random play available.

Component can be used without any of the additional elements on the screen.
You can remove the menu and use this as a single category gallery / slideshow for your website.
Slideshow contols are optional (backward, forward, pause/play, direction)
Music is optional.

You can use single image per column or multiple ones.
Images can be linked.
Slideshow speed for both autoslide and manual slide can be adjusted.

Special Thanks and Credits

Images used in the preview are courtesy of the following authors:

These images are not included in the download package.

Music used in the preview is the courtesy of the following author:



This music is not included in the download package.

Download jQuery Image Gallery Slideshow with Music (Images and Media)

WordPress Hide Admin Menu Plugin (Menus)

The Hide Admin Menu lets you simplify and customize the WordPress admin menus and submenus and have a clean WordPress admin look. This may help you hide unneeded menus for your client as you don’t want them to access.

The plugin works with both standard and custom roles which may be added by using a WordPress plugin such as Members, User Role Editor. It also works with additional menus, submenus added by other plugins.

The Hide Admin Menu doesn’t leave messy options in your WordPress database. It uses only one option and this option will be deleted when uninstall plugin.

Download WordPress Hide Admin Menu Plugin (Menus)

Backlink Checker (Miscellaneous)

Verify Your Backlinks With this Simple to Use Tool

Backlink Checker is an easy to use class to verify backlinks to your site. It is simple to setup as a form on a website or as a cronjob to run automatically. The list of sites it checks can come from anywhere, form data, a mysql database, or hard coded in the file.

With this class, you will never have to manually check sites for backlinks again. Just set up the cronjob and get emailed whenever a site removes your link.

Key Features

  • Simple to Use
  • Easy Setup
  • Run as Cronjob
  • Email When a Backlink has Been Removed
  • Sources from Form Data
  • Sources from MySQL DB

Download Backlink Checker (Miscellaneous)

Minimy – Premium WordPress Gallery (Galleries)

Minimy is a premium jQuery plugin delivered both as a standalone plugin and as a WordPress shortcode.

It has a minimalistic design but it’s loaded with tons of features that allow you to spice up your website in a matter of minutes. The admin panel from the WP version allows you to easily create and manage all of your galleries and also change the skins in a really easy way.

Gallery features:

  • unlimited pictures
  • smooth transitions
  • two sets of minimalist thumbnails
  • slideshow option
  • photo captions
  • navigation controls

Admin panel features:

  • ease of use
  • unlimited galleries
  • multiple uploads of photos
  • automatic thumbnail creation
  • custom skin creator

Make sure that you check all the examples and the screencasts to see the power of this gallery!

I would like to thank Tambako the Jaguar for his incredibile photos that were used in the preview.
You must check out his portfolio!

Download Minimy – Premium WordPress Gallery (Galleries)

NuvuShadow jQuery Text and Box Shadow Animation (Miscellaneous)

NuvuShadow jQuery Text and Box Shadow Animation Plugin

Animate text and box shadows on mouse move.

  1. Set X and Y shadow distances
  2. Choose shadow color
  3. Coose Outer or Inset Box-Shadow option.
  4. Set the shadow size and spread
  5. Extremely lightweight at only 2Kb!
  6. Works in all browsers that can handle text-shadow or box-shadow * IE does not support text-shadow but IE 9 does support the box-shadow option

Download NuvuShadow jQuery Text and Box Shadow Animation (Miscellaneous)

VION – jQuery Image Gallery Plugin (Images and Media)


VION is a jQuery plugin for creating good looking and easy to use image galleries. It provides a continuous and uninterrupted experience to present your photos. Its minimalist design lets you focus on content and not UI. VION can be styled through CSS to match your target design. You don’t like the background color or fonts? Change them. Almost anything that you see here can be customized to better suit your needs.


  • Developed as a jQuery plugin.
  • Fully skinnable using CSS .
  • Supports multiple instances.
  • Autoplay & loop.
  • The speed and slide duration are adjustable.
  • Supports keyboard navigation.
  • API for advanced usage.
  • Small file size (Packed version only weighs 10kb.)
  • Contains 11-page detailed user’s guide.


  • The plugin file.
  • Source files.
  • Examples.
  • 11-page User’s Guide.
  • Free updates.


From my portfolio:

Download VION – jQuery Image Gallery Plugin (Images and Media)

jSider (Media)

jSider is a Envota marketplace alike side widget navigation.
It loading data from xml files, so you can change its navigation value without actually touching the code.
It is perfect for your secondary navigation.

Notice: You should not use jSider as your primary navigation, as it is made purely using JavaScript.


  • Xml data, easy to change content.
  • Build-in console for checking CSS sprite icons.
  • No database or anything like that.
  • 162 ready icons for you to use.
  • Two column/Single column lists to fit your needs.
  • Search panel.

Video Preview:


Manual file is included in download file.

Download jSider (Media)

SocialCounter PHP Class – Social Statistics! (Social Networking)

SocialCounter is a lightweight, easy to use PHP Class. It gathers social statistics about a specific URL .

Social Networking has brought sites huge amounts of success, some sites even solely rely on this traffic to run and succeed. See how your site is doing!

Currently Supported Statistics:

  • Retweets
  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Shares
  • Facebook Total
  • Google +1’s
  • Google Buzz Mentions
  • Diggs
  • StumbleUpon Views
  • Delicious Bookmarks
  • LinkedIn Shares

Only current class on CodeCanyon that can count number of Google +1’s

The class is extremely easy to initiate, and once initiated is extremely easy to use. If you need to check multiple URLs, you don’t need to create multiple objects of the class, there is a built in method to change the URL .

This class is extremely well documented, and has no specific requirements other than a PHP Version of 5.2 or above.

New Widget Feature!

Want to show statistics on your website, but don’t have PHP knowledge? That’s no longer a problem. We now provide a easy to implement highly customizable widget for you to show on your website. You can choose the services to include, the orientation of the widget, background color & more!

Download SocialCounter PHP Class – Social Statistics! (Social Networking)

Total Topsite Plus (Miscellaneous)

Total Topsite is a fully featured script that will allow you to run your own topsite website.

The administrator and other users can add their sites to the directory where they can be voted on.

Key Features

  • User Driven
  • Supports Multiple Sites per User
  • Real Time Stats
  • Easy Ad Integration – Make Money Quickly
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Integrated Back Link Checker

User Features

  • Simple Sign Up
  • Optional Captcha
  • Password Recovery
  • Quickly Add a Site
  • Site Banners
  • Detailed Stats by Site
  • Custom Voting Code
  • Option for Premium Listing

Admin Features

  • Password Protected Admin
  • Add/Edit/Delete Users
  • Add/Edit/Delete Sites
  • Enable/Disable Captcha
  • Option to Receive Mail When Site is Added
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • Manual or Automatic Site Activation
  • Mass Mail / Mail Users
  • Paypal Integration for Premium Listings

Download Total Topsite Plus (Miscellaneous)

Wall/Grid Gallery (WordPress Plugin) (Galleries)

This Plugin will help you to easily add a grid gallery to your WordPress website or blog. The gallery is completely customizable, resizable and is compatible with all browsers and devices (iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones). You will be able to insert it in any page or post you want with inbuilt short code generator.

Download Wall/Grid Gallery (WordPress Plugin) (Galleries)

WP Paint – WordPress Live Picture Editor (WordPress)

WP Paint is a WordPress plugin bring you ability to live edit picture on your WordPress site right on the browser!
Yes, you simply go to your WordPress dashboard and start to edit every picture in Media Library!

It utilizes the power of SumoPaint.Com Editor!
You can edit, add text, crop, sharpent, blend color…and many picture manipulation right on the borwser!
This way, you and users can easily made custom picture when uploading from computer without picture editting software (I believe not many end-users have it)!

Also, imagining you are on a WordPressMU site, and want to non-tecnical users (or users without
Photoshop software) can edit thier picture when uploading to our WordPress site! This plugin
will be a great tool for these site!


  • Edit picture in WordPress media libarary with the power of Pixlr
  • Save it into media libarary again after you finished editting!
    Auto resize to all size of WordPress
  • Support WordPress MU or WordPress network

I made a demo video for you to see it in action, check it out here http://vimeo.com/24896316


You can come here http://axcoto.com/d/codecanyon/blog/wp-admin/ and use a test account with username: demo and password:
demo! Click on “Edit With Sumo Paint” link when viewing media library to see it in action!


Installing is just a very small thing! Buy it, extract, then

C) How to use? top

It’s really simple! Go to Media Library! CLick on : Edit with SumoPaint! Wp Paint will open SumoPaint editor, load the picture! And the rest is
your creativy! After finished, click on File > “Save to WordPress” to save the picture back our WordPress site
Because WP Paint utilizes the power of SumoPaint whileas SumoPaint is great!
So you should learns some of tutorial how to deal with SumoPaint
Sumo Paint help – lots of information related to image processing with Sumo Paint
Link about Sumo Paint
Also, I made a demo video for you to see it in action, check it out here http://vimeo.com/24896316


Plugins acutally is a bridge from your site to SumoPaint.COM! Plugin utilizes its power to alow you live edit your picture


Please send all email support to info@axcoto.com! When you post reply on these, it can take time to get response because I don’t always check comment there!

A support forum will be set up soon for easier supporting!
Thank you

Download WP Paint – WordPress Live Picture Editor (WordPress)

Premium Coming Soon – WordPress plugin (Utilities)

Premium Coming Soon – WordPress plugin

Custom Counter

The first premium coming soon landing page – wordpress plugin is here!

New, modern, user friendly countdown page that lets your visitors know when you will launch your website.

Has a custom countdown counter and the possibility to create an endless number of new themes as you please.

You can add custom logos, backgrounds, headers & footers and many more.
Also there’s an existing palette with custom backgrounds, patterns, headers, footers, fonts & fonts colors

It’s very easy to install ,configure and customize.

Version 1.0 Features

Configuration – Here you have:

Content settings

  • Header logo
  • Main center logo
  • Footer logo
  • Intro text description

Launch date setup

  • Timezone – you can select your country/city timezone
  • Select countdown year
  • Select countdown month
  • Select countdown day
  • Select countdown hours
  • Select countdown minutes

Label name – Here you can label:

  • Weeks, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds in your own language
  • If you have a “not so far away” date, you can set up only to appear days, hours and so on just by check/uncheck a checkbox

Seo settings

  • Page title – Your custom page title
  • Description – Paste your description code here. This will be added into the head side of your page.
  • Keywords – Paste your keywords code here. This will be added into the head side of your page.
  • Owner
  • Copyright
  • Publisher
  • Revisit after – for google bot
  • Custom Favicon
  • Google Analytics code


General design settings:

  • Background-color: pick your color
  • Font-color: pick your color – used for the main intro text
  • Description font family: choose your custom google font – used for the main intro text
  • Font size – in px – used for the main intro text
  • Number blocks font family, font-color, font-size
  • Register now text, font-family, font-color, font-size


  • Default pattern: choose your pattern from a list of custom pattern
  • The possibility to use a custom pattern
  • Upload & use a custom pattern


  • Default background: choose your background from a list of custom backgrounds
  • The possibility to use a custom background
  • Upload & use a custom background


  • Default header – choose your header from a list of custom headers
  • The possibility to use a custom header
  • Upload & use a custom header


  • Default footer – choose your footer from a list of custom footers
  • The possibility to use a custom footer
  • Upload & use a custom footer

We also have built in a style swicher , you can choose to display it on the main page & play around making new custom plugins, or not

Allow developers

  • Show website from link – This link is generated each time the plugin is activated.
  • Development ips. See old website from this ip adress. Server detects you having ip address.
    Write more adresse using , separator (E.g:,


If you have any problems with the plugin, consult the documentation right from the countdown panel.


You can always revert the plugin on the basic settings that came on if you need to.


Subscribers list, here you will find the users that subscribed on the website, and if the list becomes too long, you can always delete them.


We also have online support, if you have any problems you can just email us and we’ll get to you as soon as possible.

Download Premium Coming Soon – WordPress plugin (Utilities)