Site Protector for Joomla (Utilities)

Site Protector for Joomla Plugin makes it really easy to apply every possible protection to your precious site content and images from being stolen or copied.

Benefits of Site Protector for Joomla – Professional :

  • Disables text selection
  • Disables right click
  • Disables image drag and drop
  • No compromise with SEO of the site
  • Full Compatibility with all versions of Joomla
  • Full Compatibility with all browsers
  • User-Type Specific Restriction Available
  • Free SEO Support

Download Site Protector for Joomla (Utilities)

SQL Helper (Database Abstractions)

What is SQL Helper?

I’m sharing this with the world because we need another way to access data – don’t you think? Truthfully – I wanted to see if I could flex the C# stuff and run up data access with a single dll and signle line of functions.


  • Fetch data with signle line of functions
  • Fetch data with custome column’s name
  • Fetch data with sorting
  • Fetch data with diffrent type of joins
  • Fetch data with paging
  • SQL error handling
  • Full dll source code – (You can customize as your own way)
  • Development time saving… :)


  • Select All Rows With All function

  • Fetch data with Select function

    dTable.Select("TableName", "Columns");
    dTable.Select("TableName", "Columns", "Where");
    dTable.Select("TableName", "Columns", "Sort", "SortType");
    dTable.Select("TableName", "Columns", "Where", "Sort", "SortType");

    Select function is very usefull and it has five overload methods.
    All parameters description is above this function.

  • Fetch data with Where function

    dTable.Where("TableName", "Where");
    dTable.Where("TableName", "Where", "Columns");
    dTable.Where("TableName", "Where", "Columns", "Sort", "SortType");
  • Fetch data with OrderBy function

    dTable.OrderBy("TableName", "Sort", "SortType");
    dTable.OrderBy("TableName", "Sort", "SortType", "Columns");
    dTable.OrderBy("TableName", "Sort", "SortType", "Columns", "Where");
  • Fetch data with Paged function

    dTable.Paged("TableName", "PageIndex", "PageSize");
    dTable.Paged("TableName", "PageIndex", "PageSize", "Columns");
    dTable.Paged("TableName", "PageIndex", "PageSize", "Columns", , "Where");
    dTable.Paged("TableName", "PageIndex", "PageSize", "Columns", , "Where", "Sort", "SortType");

    You can fetch data with paging and you paging result will return with MyResult class.
    PageIndex you require to pass your current page index. which you require to show in list.
    PageSize pass your current page size.


Once again, As I said at the beginning, I’d be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this code.
I’ll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the code on CodeCanyon,
you might contact me at here. Thanks so much!.

For new features:

Though we will never discourage users from developing solutions that solve their needs,
the goals of the SQL Helper are very focused. If you are looking to get new features merged back into the SQL Helper DLL ,
we highly encourage you to contact me at [email protected] or write
comment on my CodeCanyon this product page.


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Download SQL Helper (Database Abstractions)

PHP & HTML5 Media Player (Images and Media)

PHP & HTML5 Media Player script allows your visitors to register on your website, and upload their own music, videos, also they can comment via the integrated FaceBook Comment System.


  • HTML5 cross-brower compatible player (video & audio).
  • Admin panel.
  • User accounts.
  • Facebook Comments system included.
  • Drag and Drop upload from PC.
  • Categories.
  • Search system.
  • Custom file extensions.
  • Custom file size.
  • Public and Private files.
  • Cross browser compatible
  • and more…


    Admin Interface:

    User: admin
    Password: [email protected]

    User Interface:

    User: demo
    Password: demo


    File Compatibility for: Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

    Video format: OGG
    Audio format: WAV

    File Compatibility for: Internet Explorer, Chrome

    Video format: MP4
    Audio format: MP3

    Download PHP & HTML5 Media Player (Images and Media)

    Jigoshop Product Image Watermark (Jigoshop)

    This Premium Jigoshop Plugin allows you to automatically add your own copyright watermark PNG images onto all your Jigoshop Products.


    • Different watermark images for catalog, popup, thumbnail and main product images.
    • Choose the watermark position (eg: top right / bottom left)
    • Works with Regenerate Thumbnails plugin so you can easily apply a new watermark to all your old plugins.

    Installation Instructions

    1. Purchase the plugin here from CodeCanyon
    2. Make sure you have the latest version of WordPress and the free Jigoshop plugin installed
    3. Unzip the purchased file you downloaded from CodeCanyon, you should see a “” file
    4. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload in wordpress, upload the “” file.
    5. Activate the plugin.
    6. Click on the new menu option “Jigoshop” > “Watermark” and follow the prompts.

    Usage Instructions

    1. Create a transparent PNG watermark image (eg: something that says “Copyright Yourname” with your logo)
    2. Go to the ‘Jigoshop’ > ‘Watermark’ menu in WordPress.
    3. Upload the watermark image using the Choose Image button
    4. Select where you would like the watermark image to appear.
    5. Create a Jigoshop product and upload an image. The watermark should appear on the image.
      (if the watermarks do not appear, please try regenerating the thumbnails as below)


    • The latest version of WordPress with the free Jigoshop shopping cart plugin installed
    • The ability to create a transparent PNG to be used as a watermark on your product images (eg: using Photoshop or TheGimp)
    • If you have troubles with WPMU please contact me via email support and I can assist with getting it working asap.

    Regenerate Thumbnails:

    If you change your watermark, or need to add your new watermark to old product images, you need to regenerate your thumbnails.
    Below is the correct process to follow when changing the watermark. This process ensures your old watermark is not left behind when swapping to a new watermark.

    1. Download and install the free Regenerate Thumbnails plugin from here:
    2. Go to the ’Jigoshop’ > ‘Watermark’ menu in WordPress.
    3. Tick “None” next to all the watermark settings.
    4. Go to the Regenerate Thumbnails page (Tools > Regen Thumbnails)
    5. Regenerate your thumbnails. This will regenerate all your thumbnails without watermarks
    6. Go back to  the ’Jigoshop’ > ‘Watermark’ menu in WordPress.
    7. Tick the position you would like each watermark to appear in (eg: bottom right)
    8. Go back to the Regenerate Thumbnails page (Tools > Regen Thumbnails)
    9. Regenerate your thumbnails. This will regenerate all your thumbnails with the correct watermarks


    Please send all support requests via a support ticket by following this link:
    We cannot answer support questions posted on the item comments.

    Download Jigoshop Product Image Watermark (Jigoshop)

    Good Reads PHP Client (Search)

    The Good Reads PHP Client class is a light-weight, Object Oriented wrapper for the Good Reads Restful API . This PHP Class offers easy to use methods to make web service calls to find Good Reads Book and Author Information as well as Reviews, Ratings and Commentaries on various Books.

    Features Include:

    1. Find Ratings Statistics for a given Book

    2. Find Author Information

    3. Search for Books by Author, ISBN , or Title

    4. Find User Reviews for a Book

    5. Find detailed Book information by Name or ISBN

    6. Find List of books by a given Author

    7. Locate a Book Series by Author

    8. 3 output formats: JSON , XML or PHP Object

    9. Built in Caching for blazing fast performance

    10. Easy to install, requires just 2 lines of code to set up

    Download Good Reads PHP Client (Search)

    Subscribe to Download for WordPress (Membership)

    subscribe to download for wordpress

    Subscribe to Download for WordPress makes it super easy to add a cool freebie download system to your site, just like the popular resource site PremiumPixels and the new freebie section on Subscribe to Download not only handles all of the emails and verification, it also has a list manager that can be exported with one click to any popular mail service.


    • Awesome freebie download system automatically confirms emails and sends download links.
    • Works with any download link! You can even just upload files via the WordPress uploader and use them!
    • Inbuilt tinyMCE toolbar plugin gives you one click form creation right from your post / page editor.
    • Inbuilt subscription manager keeps track of subscribers, verifies users, and can export your list to any popular mail sending service like MailChimp and Aweber.
    • Comes with support with to shorten the verification emails / download tokens.
    • AJAX admin panel with API Support.
    • Comes with full documentation and instructions!

    Compatible With All The Popular Browsers

    • Google Chrome – All Recent Releases
    • Firefox – All Recent Releases
    • Safari – All Recent Releases
    • Opera – All Recent Releases
    • Internet Explorer 7
    • Internet Explorer 8
    • Internet Explorer 9 & 10

    Great For All Kinds of Content

    • Design Resources
    • Icons, PSDs etc.
    • Code Snippets
    • Templates & Themes
    • eBooks, Tutorials, Videos
    • Pretty much anything!

    Download Subscribe to Download for WordPress (Membership)

    MproMailer A Powerful Mailing System (Miscellaneous)

    MproMailer – a powerful mailing system

    MproMailer demo:

    • Username: demo
    • Password: demo

    MproMailer is a light weight yet powerful mass mailing system with many features already built in and many more to come with updates. One of the most powerful features in MproMailer is the grouping system that enables you to save your email addresses to multiple mailing groups and connect them to multiple mailing lists. This way your email addresses are organized even if you have more than a 100k of emails stored in the database.


    MproMailer comes well packed with features and ready to start sending your messages.

    Some of the features of MproMailer:

    • Import all your email addresses with ease or simply add one at a time
    • Assign your email addresses to multiple groups
    • Connect your groups to multiple mailing lists
    • Message templates: save all your messages as templates. Edit, update and resend them.
    • Write your message as a pro in a HTML editor or use the well-known TinyMCE editor
    • Message preview: preview your message before sending it
    • Send a test message to a specified address, just to make sure that everything is set up right
    • Real time feedback LOG for displaying the sent status for each email in the selected group
    • Know everything: what you have sent and when you have sent it
    • Resend an entire mailing list if an error should occur and the system will send the message only to those that did not receive it
    • Find everything with ease: every button and input field is well documented in the inbuilt documentation
    • You can enjoy MproMailer in your native language by translating it through the inbuilt translation manager
    • It comes with a pleasant look and well organized and positioned functions. Most of them are only one click away
    • All data is transmitted trough AJAX – so no page refresh on forms and no waiting for the page to load again after submit
    • Automatically checks for updates
    • Secure login with login failure check and password reset
    • MproMailer works with all browsers, only exception is IE versions lower than 7

    MproMailer already has all of the above listed features, but that’s not all:

    We guarantee to constantly expand those features and add new ones; we also included a feedback form inside MproMailer trough which you can send us all your wishes and suggestions on how to improve MproMailer or what features to add.

    Coming soon

    We are already working on some of the features and you can expect them soon as an update:

    • Multiuser managment with ACL
    • Subscription forms builder with drag & drop feature
    • Opened statistics
    • CSV and XML import
    • Export system : export as CSV , TXT , XML

    We are open for all suggestions and ideas on new features that would expand MproMailer functionality even more.


    MproMailer comes with full support via the built in feedback form and trough the contact form on our author profile. We will answer all support tickets in max 24 hours.

    Server Requirements

    • PHP : 5.3+
    • MySQL: 5+
    • cURL: for the auto check for updates function

    Download MproMailer A Powerful Mailing System (Miscellaneous)

    Widgetized Welcome Popup (WordPress)

    Widgetized Welcome Popup is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to add a highly customizable widgetized popup box to your blog or website. This popup box appears for all new visitors or for everyone on defined website parts (configured by administrator). It can be used to introduce yourself to new visitors or to notify everyone about something important or interesting or whatever. The main advantage of this popup is that it contains widget areas, where you can place any widgets available in your WordPress dashboard. It also accepts shortodes. As an administrator you fully customize welcome popup box (size, colors, number of widget areas and other parameters). Widgetized Welcome Popup is a perfect way to extend functionality of your website.


    • Place any WordPress widgets: drag and drop any widgets available in WordPress dashboard.
    • Highly customizable: set size, color, number of widget areas, overlay color and opacity, autoclose time and even edit CSS .
    • WYSIWYG editor: Edit content with visual editor.
    • Accept shortcodes: Insert any shortcodes inside of popup box.
    • Up to 3 widget areas: put your widgets as tightly as you wish.
    • Remember visitors: plugin set cookie on users machine to avoid repeated popups on the same page.
    • Cookie lifetime settings: set any lifetime.
    • Cookie reset option: do it, if you wish to notify everyone (new and returning visitors).
    • Easy to install: install and activate the plugin as any other plugins.
    • Translation ready: plugin might be translated to any language.
    • Built using WordPress best practices: no any alerts from Plugin Check.

    Front End Functionality

    The best way to understand the idea of Widgetized Welcome Popup is to see live example. Click “Live Preview” or look at screenshot below. On demo website you will see popup. I placed several different widgets there.
    Front End Functionality: Welcome Popup


    1. Install and activate the plugin. Once activated, it creates menu item “Welcome Popup” under menu section “Settings” in left side column in the admin area. It also adds 3 new widget areas available on Widgets page.

    2. Click left side menu “Settings >>> Welcome Popup” and do required settings. Set display mode, color, size, cookie lifetime, overlay color and opacity, autoclose time, number of widget areas, or customize CSS stylesheet. Please look at the screenshot below to see what kind of settings you can do there.
    Back End Functionality: Settings

    3. If you selected “Homepage and particular posts/pages” or “Particular posts/pages” display mode on settings page, then you can assign particular posts/pages to be covered by plugin functionality. Go to post/page editor and set checkbox “Welcome Popup” (view screenshot below).
    Back End Functionality: Post Editor

    4. Go to Widgets page (“Appearance >>> Widgets”) and drag and drop desired widgets into Welcome Popup Area (look at screenshot below).
    Back End Functionality: Widgets

    That’s it! Enjoy using the plugin.


    If you have problems regarding using the plugin, please contat me and I’ll help you.

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    Download Widgetized Welcome Popup (WordPress)

    DZS Scroller – WordPress Scrollbar Plugin (WordPress)

    Tired of the default scrollbar ? DZS Scroller WordPress pluginis the ultimate scrollbar for your site which you can customize very easily via CSS if the 6 skins included are not enough. It also comes with enhanced functionality like scroll by hover or fade on mouse leave. And it works on iPhone/iPad! So what are you waiting for ? Get it today for your site, integrate in less then 5 minutes!

    What do you get?

    • scroller WordPress plugin – get creative!
    • documentation – extensive documentation on how to install & configure the plugin
    • free updates – even if the value of this gallery increases with upcoming updates, you will get them for free
    • free support – for installation via my forum -> this is the fastest form of support

    Download DZS Scroller – WordPress Scrollbar Plugin (WordPress)

    Webgen Financial Budget Planner (Miscellaneous)

    The Webgen Financial Budget planner is a finance planner that allocates future personal income towards expenses, savings and payments. The planner can be used for various budget plans such as Personal budgets, Weddings, Holidays and Business Portfolio’s etc. Reports can be saved separately as a cookie. Each income or payment can be broken down into a choice of 6 period types (Day, One Week, Two Week, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly) which can then be broken down once again for the Financial Report overview.

    Download Webgen Financial Budget Planner (Miscellaneous)

    Thumbnail Scroller (WordPress Plugin) (Sliders)

    This Plugin will help you to easily add a thumbnail scroller to your WordPress website or blog. The scroller is completely customizable, resizable and is compatible with all browsers and devices (iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones). You will be able to insert it in any page or post you want with an inbuilt short code generator.

    Download Thumbnail Scroller (WordPress Plugin) (Sliders)