Shiny Hover Effect (Miscellaneous)

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Shiny Hover Effect could be apllied to any html element and could be customized for your own needs. image hover, link hover, Logo hover and works in all recent browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 7,8,9 as well as Mobile Safari on iPhone/iPad.


  • Shiny Hover Effect
  • Shiny Hover Effect (packed)
  • jQuery Easing 1.3
  • Documentation & Examples


  • Easy to integrate
  • Cross browser support
  • Customizable
  • Documentation & Example included

Please contact me if you have questions or if you have experienced bugs while using Shiny Hover Effect.

Download Shiny Hover Effect (Miscellaneous)

Pixel Map (Canvas)

I just submitted an update that fixes a small bug. I will edit this when the item has been approved. If you have purchased already, email me through my profile and I can send you the file. Thanks!

A dynamic, jquery/CANVAS plugin with over 35 customizable options.

Use this pixel map as a great way to interact with you global customer base. Use any stylized image as tool tips or simple HTML text, and let the map do the rest.

Check out the documentation to see its full potential.

What is new with Animike Interactive?

Download Pixel Map (Canvas)

WeatherSlider WP – jQuery anim. WordPress widget (Widgets)

This is a beautiful weather slider WordPress widget with animated weather effects and 48 weather types.


  • 48 different weather types from a powerful weather API !
  • Showing current weather and three days weather forecast (mouse over the information box)
  • Easy-variable weather elements
  • Various animations (in most cases CSS3 support too!)
  • Flexible size from 240×200 to 1300×600 pixels
    (content, images and font size also auto resizing!)
  • Multiple (unlimited) locations in one slider
  • Multiple sliders in one screen (widget function)
  • Touch-control (iOS tested)
  • Keyboard navigation (optional)
  • Geolocation feature
  • Language support
  • Layered PSD attached


1.1 (20120106)

  • added touch control for mobile devices
  • added geolocation feature
  • daytime bugfix
  • switched-off animation bugfixes

Download WeatherSlider WP – jQuery anim. WordPress widget (Widgets)

Lite Invoicing System (Project Management Tools)

This script can be used to manage invoices and clients. You can create invoice, quotations using this very easy. And also you can manage your product or service list easily. Once you create the invoice or quotation you view them in PDF button and by clicking the button you can email the invoice and equation to your client instantly. PayPal express checkout has been integrated with this script. Payment tracking and receipt generation also implemented

Download Lite Invoicing System (Project Management Tools)

Easy Custom Styles For WordPress (WordPress)

Please check out the screenshots for a good idea of how this plugin works. Also, be sure to check out the full documentation, which includes step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial.

Easy Custom Styles for WordPress allows you to add any number of custom styles to the WYSIWYG editor on WordPress posts and pages. Simply create a new style with the easy to use CSS editor and live preview, select the text to style in the WordPress post or page WYSIWYG editor and choose your new style from the drop down menu. The style will be applied in the editor and on the front end of the website.

Custom Styles Dropdown

Main Features

  • Add any number of custom styles to your WordPress WYSIWYG editor.
  • Easy to use CSS Style Selector.
  • Apply a large variety of CSS styles to a paragraph block, or text selection.
  • Edit styles you have already set up.
  • Perfect for creating emphasis, for example, a warning or message, a call to action, quotes – anything you want!
  • Easy to use for website owners and developers.
  • Great for setting up pre-defined styles for client websites.

Download Easy Custom Styles For WordPress (WordPress)

Subscriber Traffic Pop for WordPress (Newsletters)

Subscriber Traffic Pop for WordPress takes the original jQuery version and puts it on steroids to create an awesome list building tool. Turn your traffic into an email list generating army by utilizing the Traffic Pop™ base as a way to generate tons of highly profitable email leads quickly and easily!


  • HTML5  subscription form with built-in validation, wrapped inside of the awesome Traffic Pop™ base.
  • Subscription Manager – Keeps track of all emails+names in a WordPress styled format allowing you to quickly prune your email list!
  • Remembers users who already subscribed, will not create duplicate entries in the database!
  • One Click Export! – Allows you to export your email list into .csv or .txt format for use with pretty much any sending service such as MailChimp and Aweber.
  • Set countdown time, background opacity, popup message, and more right from the gorgeous AJAX admin panel.
  • Wait timer allows you to set the frequency (how often) users will see the popup.
  • Granular page control! – Fine tune which pages Subscriber Traffic Pop should appear / not appear on as well as separate home page settings.
  • Optional close button.
  • Advanced Close – Optional close methods for the popup including ESC key to close, and clicking outside of the popup to close.
  • Awesome control panel and manager are styled to fit in perfectly with the WordPress dashboard.
  • Includes full documentation and install instructions!

Download Subscriber Traffic Pop for WordPress (Newsletters)

jQuery Product Slider Plugin (Sliders)

The Product Slider is a jQuery plugin you can use to display your images, Youtube or Vimeo videos. The CSS3 animation is driven by Animate.css. It’s mobile friendly, which support your touch device.


Please remove the preview iframe bar on the top, otherwise there is a flash white in Safari. It works fine without the iframe.


  • CSS3 driven animation.
  • Support YouTube and Vimeo videos.
  • Auto delay slideshow, paused when user hover the image.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Graceful degradation, it will works on the browser which don’t support CSS3 transitions too.
  • FAQ and uncompressed javascript files are included in the source package.

Available plugin settings

containerClass: 'slideContainer',  // the slider's container
showNums: 3, // display how many thumbnails
easeInType: 'bounceInRight', // the text block's animation style
slideShow: false, // auto delay slideshow
slideShowDelay: 4000 // the delay second of the slideshow

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jQuery OneByOne Slider Plugin:

Download jQuery Product Slider Plugin (Sliders)

uMenu (Navigation and Menus)

uMenu v1.0

This is a CSS3 navigation menu with Html5 semantic markup.
It has 2 layout(horizontal, vertical), 7 color themes.
You can use link, image or search box (with CSS3 animation) as menu items.
Easy to use and install, well documented, no images and JavaScript/jQuery.

For more info watch the live preview and the screenshots.

If you have any question or you need some customization (colors, fonts, etc.) please contact me. Thank you!


  • Smart CSS3 design
  • No javascript, no images – just CSS
  • Cross-browser
  • Two layouts (horizontal and vertical)
  • Simple set up and customize
  • 7 default color themes
  • Semantic HTML5 markup
  • Menu items with icons

Browser Support


Free counters!

Download uMenu (Navigation and Menus)

Web Media Grabber WordPress Plugin (Media)

If you want to grab, retrieve or download media such as images, video files, audio files and flash files from a public web site and use them locally in within your own WordPress blog, Web Media Grabber Plugin for WordPress is the perfect tool.
Extract and download anything from anywhere to your server file system! Use the downloaded media into your own WordPress pages or posts without external hotlinking.

Other WiseLoop web grabbing related products:

Plugin Description

WiseLoop Web Media Grabber WordPress Plugin is designed to download media resources from the web and use the extracted media inside your WordPress blog.
This WordPress plugin allows media extraction and embedding by using a complete and intuitive administration panel featuring powerfull media extraction engines combined with a friendly media browser.
The extraction engine is capable of downloading images, movies, audio and flash files from the internet as long as the target URL contains or refers media files using web links (a href tags) or various tag attributes (src, embed, param, movie etc.). Also, the media grabing engine is able to identify more than the obvious media resources having the most common file extensions – it will find the media generated dynamically by the servers or media files that have no valid extesions or no extensions at all (such as images generated at runtime by the web servers); the identification is made by checking the server response header when pinging the tested media resource.
The smart caching feature stores the usefull information about founded media (HTTP headers, width, height for images etc.) and so, it improves the grabbing speed, saves bandwidth and prevents useless pinging of the grabbed media.

Main Features

  • intuitive administration panel;
  • download of all images, video, audio and flash file formats to localhost file system;
  • advanced media extraction filtering by type, bytesize, image width or height, count limiter;
  • search for media the whole target URL or only inside a designated HTML area specified by a tag;
  • smart grabbing engine;
  • insert the downloaded media inside the blog pages and posts;
  • friendly media browser provided to view, delete, insert into pages and navigate through the downloaded media;
  • smart caching for fast processing;
  • technical documentation for the grabbing engine provided also;
  • lightweight and easy to use;


  • WordPress 3.0 or newer


  • Step 1: make a folder named /web-media-grabber-wordpress-plugin under the /wp-content/plugins directory;
  • Step 2: copy entire archive contens to the new created /wp-content/plugins/web-media-grabber-wordpress-plugin folder;
  • Step 3: activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress administration page;
  • Step 4: access the plugin administration panel through the ‘Settings’ menu of WordPress administration page;
  • Step 5: go to the Settings section and set the download directory name (or leave it as default) – the download directory will be created under /wp-content, so make sure it is writable;



WiseLoop assumes no responsibility for any abusive use of this software product and/or violation of any terms of usage of the grabbed web pages.
If you decide to use this software product, do it with responsibility and make sure that you are allowed to grab media from the desired web page by checking its terms of usage.

This software product is sold exclusively on Please do not download it from elsewhere.

free counters

Download Web Media Grabber WordPress Plugin (Media)

WordPress Social Bar (Social Networking)

Item Description:

The WordPress Social Bar is a professional and elegant plugin that adds the possibility of show your social profiles in a sleek and innovative way.

Set the quantity of icons, links, texts, and speed animation easily.

Click Here to see the Frontend demo.


  • jQuery Framework
  • 20 Social Icons included
  • 2 Different Color Styles (Clear / Dark)
  • PSD Files included
  • Cross-Browser Support
  • Simple to Customize
  • Well Documented

Credits for his awesome pack of icons.

Non-Wordpress Version?

Click Here for the non-wordpress version of this plugin.

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Download WordPress Social Bar (Social Networking)

smWatermark WordPress Plugin (Galleries)


The smWatermark WordPress Plugin is the only plugin you need if you want to protect your images with a custom watermark. Unlike other plugins that only allow you to do a text watermark, this plugin allows you to upload a custom PNG image.


There are also a stackload of options available with this plugin.

  • Set position of watermark
  • Set quality of watermark
  • Set the min-width images need to be to attract the watermark (Great for not applying the watermark to thumbnails)


  1. Once downloaded the plugin zip file, login to you WordPress website and click on Plugins-> Add New
  2. Select the Upload option at the top of the screen & then browse for the zip file and click Install Now
  3. Once the plugin has successfully installed and activated, you will see a submenu under Settings called smWatermark.


Once the plugin has been installed, you will need to configure the plugin to work how you want it to. When you click on the smWatermark link under settings, you will see the following options:

  1. This is where you upload the watermark image. We recomment a transparent PNG as this gives your image the best watermark effect
  2. This is where you preview your watermark image and have the ability to remove it and re-upload another one
  3. This is where you set your watermark position. Remember there is a 10px padding so your watermark doesn’t rub the sides of your image
  4. Here you can set the quality of the watermark
  5. Now this setting is important. If you do not set any value here, all images will be watermarked. This is not such a good idea for thumbnails. So in our example we set it to min width of 300px wide.


We provide support should you need it. You can submit a ticket via our support desk at

Download smWatermark WordPress Plugin (Galleries)

Web Development Accelerator (Miscellaneous)

Check here for a video preview explaining how to define your own code snippets:

Web Development Accelerator is a browser-based code editor and snippet repository that helps developers lower the time spent on web development projects and increase their productivity.

The application comes with 90 pre-written code snippets (more to come in future releases) that cover some of the most overused HTML , JavaScript, CSS and PHP tasks that a web developer usually needs to do.

The application can easily be adapted to your specific needs, as you can define your own custom snippets and save them for future reference, so you don’t have to spend time writing the same piece of code for every new project again and again.

The menu is very flexible and you can add and remove menu options on the fly, which helps you further in customizing the application according to your needs and reordering the menu options according to your taste.

Other features include syntax highlighting and easy file export.

You can easily embed the application into a larger project you’re working on, or just use it as the preferred snippet repository for your web development team. Another great idea is to combine it with a desktop code editor, so you can take advantage of code snippets + real-time syntax highlighting.

Download Web Development Accelerator (Miscellaneous)

Fast Image Server (Images and Media)

Fast Thumbnail Server is a standalone application that helps you to serve thumbnails of the images of in your web site by separate a sub-domain or an other domain.

The application simply creates the thumbnail at the first call and serves the thumbnails statically at the later calls. This improves your server performance as it does not need PHP executions and image processing at the later calls.

Fast Thumbnail Server uses 404 error handling directive of the web-servers to manage the thumbnail creation of the images. When a browser first request an thumbnail, as it does not exists in the system, the web server redirects the request to 404 page (e404.php should be configured as 404 page). 404 page creates the thumbnail and saves the thumbnail to directory specified in the URL of the request. At later requests of the thumbnail, the thumbnail is served statically from the directory. The later calls does not cause PHP executions.

There are many advantages of having a separate image server in your web sites;

  • Many browsers will only allocate two sockets to downloading assets from a single host. If you serve images with the same domain of your site images and other contents uses these two sockets. But If you serve images with a sub-domain or other domain, you get an extra two sockets dedicated to download your images.
  • With a different domain your server not send the cookies data with every request as the images will be served statically after the first call.
  • Using a different domain or sub-domain isolates the functionalities in your application and makes easier to make load balancing in your application.

Todo List

  • Multiple directory structure for original files
  • Watermark Support
  • Config test page

Download Fast Image Server (Images and Media)

SEOLyzer – Search Engine Optimization Analyzer (Miscellaneous)

SEOLyzer – Easy to use Search Engine Optimization Analyzer script with keyword density analysis and Google PageRank checking!

SEOLyzer is an easy to use Search Engine Optimization Analyzer script with keyword density analysis, word phrases analysis, Google PageRank checking and many more. Buy and
upload this script and run your own SEO analysation service…

Features included in SEOLyzer:

  • Easy to install and configure (upload to server & run!, see installation below)
  • Keyword density analysis from webpage text (one, two and tree words phrases)
  • Displaying links on page
  • Displaying response informations
  • Displaying title and meta tag informations
  • Google PageRank checking
  • Tabbed interface
  • Coded in one easy to use and customizable SEOCrawler class


  • PHP5
  • curl PHP extension enabled
  • Know how to upload files to your website (eg: with FTP )
  • Some HTML /CSS knowledge to style the results page (to suit your look & feel) if you want.

Installation and Configuration:

Zero configuration – upload and run.

  1. Unzip the file from CodeCanyon
  2. Upload extracted files to your website (eg: to new /seolyzer/ folder)
  3. Open your SEOlyzer page by going to and run you analysis
  4. Done
    (replace with your actual website address above)

Possible updates:

  • Show more better (more complex) request information
  • Back links checking
  • Dead links checking
  • Scoring
  • etc…

I am working on:

I am working on new scripts:

  • SmallSense – Google AdWord/AdSense clone with easy implementation to my GogooooSE search
    engine script
  • XMLWebCore – awesome website construction framework


You can find demo site of SEOlyzer on


SOFTPAE .com is small but very very smart development company based in Slovakia. If you want any customizations, contact us at magic (at)

Others things from us:

Download SEOLyzer – Search Engine Optimization Analyzer (Miscellaneous)