ERP32 – web based business management software (Miscellaneous)

ERP32 – web based business management software

Main Features:

  • items, customers, categories
  • invoices, quotes, orders, receipts
  • stock & inventory, multi-warehouses
  • pricelists, finance, reporting
  • users with permissions, admin panel
  • VAT tax system, multi-language
  • PDF output, CSV export

Requirements & Compatibility:

  • Minimum PHP 5 .2 + Apache2
  • MySQL Database server
  • IE7 , IE8, IE9 , Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Supported Languages (you can translate more):

  • English
  • Default + German doc.
  • Default + Français doc.
  • Default + M????????? ???.
  • Srpski
  • ?????? (????????)
  • Hrvatski

Download ERP32 – web based business management software (Miscellaneous)

JBMarket Currency Rates – Standalone (Miscellaneous)

J.B.Currency Rates is a widget allowing you to display currency rates for nearly all currencies across the world.

  • jQuery driven.
  • Uses AJAX technology.
  • Ability to add/remove, convert currencies and compare them against base currency.
  • Adjustable dimensions.
  • Color customizable (through the stylesheet).
  • Layered PSD included

Download JBMarket Currency Rates – Standalone (Miscellaneous)

Flying Twitter Bird (Social Networks)

This funny little twitter bird will make your website more unique and catchy. If a visitor clicks to the bird he will be refered to your twitter or he can just shoot it :) Here is an example of what you will get

Product Features

  • 3 variations of animated bird with a link to your twitter;
  • Easy installation;
  • Working sight for shooting;
  • Documentation included.

Download Flying Twitter Bird (Social Networks)

Android Horoscopy: A Fun App That Can be Pro! (Full Applications)

– a fine piece of horoscopy based on Fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence brought to you by Prof. Nanda.

I am releasing this basic project code for machine generated android horoscopy. This app works on Fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence and is made consistent to predict machine generated astrology.

You can use it as a shell to turn this fun app into pro. Please visit here to see it in its full action.

Please note again(before purchase) that this is the basic template to start with and has less functionality as exemplified with above URL . However if you need all the features you can contact me via my profile.

• User can find their sun sign
• No Net required for predictions, its 100% native
• Google admob support
• Flexible code
• Font and native language support
• Animated splash screen
• App share & help support

Download Android Horoscopy: A Fun App That Can be Pro! (Full Applications)

xSquare – Responsive Image Slider html5/jquery (Sliders)

xSquare – Responsive Image Slider html5/jquery

xSquare is a responsive jQuery image slider. It has a layout that consists of grids making it useful for variety of web page positions. Though the main purpose of the image slider is within a banner position it can easily be implemented as an image gallery or something similar because it is compatible with lightbox, prettyPhoto etc. The loading of images is done via smart lazyLoad with an implemented loader. Effective sliding transitions make the slider have a more dynamic look. The xSquare responsive image slider gives you the option to place up to 7 images in one slide or to place one effectively sliced photo.

Responsive design

The responsive layout of the image slider can easily be made to fit the big sliced image look.

Responsive design preview

Compatible Browsers

Compatible browsers for xSquare Image Slider

xSquare image slider layout

Layout explanation


  • CSS3 rotation
  • lazyLoaded images
  • Responsive content restyling
  • Smooth transitions
  • lightBox compatible
  • Animated rollOver caption
  • Keyboard binded

In the future updates we will include:

  • Auto-generated grayscale images
  • New various animations
  • Flexible image positioning
  • WordPress version

Download xSquare – Responsive Image Slider html5/jquery (Sliders)

Total Users Pro – WordPress Users Counter (Utilities)

Want to display the total number of your site users? Here it comes, the very powerful and easy to use plugin.
You can display the total users in seconds. This plugin comes with shortcode generator, widget supports many instances,
and custom PHP function with lots of arguments for your templates. It also comes with the short inline help or instruction for each option,
so you can easily understand and manage the option only in single click.

The shortcode and widget options provide a list of roles with arrangement you can sort with, hide or show role(s) or hide the role with empty users.
For additional options, you also can set the widget title icon and it’s background as the widget in the right page. With the given HTML selector,
you can pass your style or scripts code per each shortocode or widget. Each widget or shortcode comes with it’s template styling, color,
background color or even background image.

Key Features & Options

  • Beautiful user interface gives you the best experieces while customizing this plugin
  • No setting page that will explode your admin page.
  • Sort Order This option gives you a list of registered roles so you can easily arrange the roles position with drag action.
  • Visibility You can hide a couple roles and the total.
  • Hide empty This option will hide the role with empty users
  • Styling There is a bunch of CSS styling option with colorpicker and predefined style.
  • Custom styles and scripts Gives the option to push the created styles or script per widget or shortcode.
  • Shortcode editor
  • Multiinstances widget

Support & Suggestions

This plugin does not match to your site style? Is this script not quite working as it should?
Having trouble installing? Or need some custom modifications that aren’t already included?
Or you want more features on next release?
Feel free to get in touch about any of your queries via one of the following ways?

  • Direct email to zourbuth[ed]
  • Write email via my profile page.

Download Total Users Pro – WordPress Users Counter (Utilities)

Universal Banner Manager (Miscellaneous)

Universal Banner Manager is a powerful banner manager for your websites.
It handles unlimited number of banners, allows to sell banner spots directly to advertisers,
supports multiple payment gateways (PayPal, Payza/AlertPay,
Skrill/Moneybookers, Authorize.Net, InterKassa, EgoPay, Liberty Reserve and Bitcoins) and can be easily integrated
into any website (no more difficult than insert Facebook Like button, check out steps X-Y in “Installation” paragraph).
With Universal Banner Manager you can easily manage all banners, located on all of your websites, from one place.
Universal Banner Manager is the easiest and perfect way handle banners and monitize your website.
You don’t have to pay any commission fee to ad networks, because now you can work directly with advertisers.


  • Handle banners on website: use this script to handle banners.
  • Sell banner spots: sell banner spots directly to advertisers.
  • Multiple payment gateways: PayPal, Payza/AlertPay, Skrill/Moneybookers, Authorize.Net, InterKassa, EgoPay, Liberty Reserve and Bitcoins.
  • Accept cryptocurrency – bitcoin: bitcoin payments are accepted through Paysius (port 53135 on your server must be opened).
  • Unlimited banner types: handle (create, edit, delete, block, unblock) unlimited number of banner types.
  • Flexible banner sizes: script has 8 preset banner sizes and allows to set custom banner size.
  • Cross domain access supported: you can install script on one domain and use it with unlimited number of domains.
  • Keep your SEO score: all banners are pulled through AJAX and use redirection.
  • Banner preview feature: advertisers can preview their banners on website before publishing.
  • Banner statistics: script sends statistics (number of shows, click, CTR ) to advertisers.
  • Modern advertiser form: HTML5 + CSS3 , AJAX-ed advertiser form.
  • Content editor: insert any HTML -content inside of advertiser box.
  • Secure Admin Panel: configure script and manage data through nice admin panel.
  • Easy to integrate: insert only 3 lines of code into webpage (check out “Installation” paragraph).
  • and more, and more, and more…


Click “Live Preview” or visit demo website to see how Universal Banner Manager works.
All banners on this website are handled by Universal Banner Manager.
Demo page also contains advertiser form, so you can publish your own banner there.

Admin Panel Demo

You can try admin panel:


Login: admin

Password: admin


Let’s imagine that you have website and you want to install script there.

  1. Create folder banner-manager (use any other name) in root of your domain. Once created it can be reached by URL :
  2. Edit inc/config.php and set MySQL database parameters.
  3. Go to admin panel using default login/password (login: admin, password: admin), configure script on Settings page and create at least one banner type on Banner Types page.
  4. Make sure that your website loads jQuery. If it doesn’t, just add this line into head section:
    <script src="//"></script>
  5. Add these lines into head section (before </head> tag):

    <link href="//" rel="stylesheet">

    <script src="//"></script>
  6. Add banner shortcode (from Banner Types page) in the place where you want to see appropriate banner. Example:

    <a class="ubm-banner" data-id="X"></a>
  7. Add advertiser form shortcode <div class="ubm-box"></div> in the place where you want to see advertiser form. Ignore this step if you don’t plan to sell banner spots.


  • PHP version 5.0 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater
  • jQuery version 1.5 or greater


If you have problems regarding using the script, please contat me and I’ll help you.

Download Universal Banner Manager (Miscellaneous)

Combine messages (Forms)

The combine message plugin is developed for people who work (a lot) with affiliate feeds.

The plugin gives you the ability to combine posts & post meta.

To be more specific, image you have two posts for a holiday to spain. The first posts is for 1 week and has a price of € 199,- and the second one is for 1 week with a price of € 189,-

The prices are saved as posts meta.

With this plugin you van combine the posts meta of both posts (all of the meta you want, so tour operator, price, duration, etc. The benefit is that you can compare prices in one posts in stead of having two of them!

This results in less duplicate content and your posts are more unique!


  • Combine posts (totaly!);
  • Choose which posts has to stay (published) & the other one(s) will be saves as draft;
  • Choose which content has to be uses;
  • Choose which meta-keys / meta-value has to be saves and/or combined
  • Create a fully comparation site in each industry;
  • Create better SEO results by unique content.

Supported languages so-far

  • Dutch
  • Englisch

(More languages are expected in future updates)

No duplicate content!!

The plugin is developed with our eye on SEO results, that means no (or less) duplicate content. When you choose to combine messages, only one message (which you can select) will stay published. The oter posts(s) will be saves as draft immediately so you will have no duplicate content in those posts!




October 8, 2012

*First release of the plugin;

Download Combine messages (Forms)

HTML5 canvas Image Mapper (Canvas)

This is an html image mapping designed for web developers.

The tool has been developed using the HTML5 canvas, so its use is limited to the browsers that support the canvas, but also the File API ’s:

IE10 +, FF3 .6+, FF14 -, FF18 + (the FF15 have problems with some canvas functionalities, Bug 787623, that will be resolved in FF18 ), Chrome6+, Safari6+, Opera11.1+

Since this is a tool for developers, I think that this is not a big limitation, because I suppose that a web developer has no problem to choose an appropriate browser.

I have used FF14 to develop the tool, so this is the best choise, but the tool has been tested also in Chrome22 and Opera12

The version of the tool that you can see in the Live Preview link, is a limited version of the tool. With this version you can only
load a specific set of images, listed on the home page. After loading an image you can draw all the shapes, but only the first 6 shapes will be generated in the HTML code.
This limitation doesn’t prevent you to test all the functionalities of the tool.

What is an image map?

An image map is an HTML code that makes user-clickable different areas of an image. The HTML code consists of the map HTML tag, in conjunction with the area
tag, that allows you to define areas with rectangular, polygonal and circular shapes.
As an example, if you have the image1.png image in your HTML page,
you can write the following code:

    <img src="image1.png" width="145" height="126" alt="map example" usemap="#image1map" />
    <map name="image1map">
    <area shape="rect" coords="0,0,82,126" href="area1.html" alt="area1">
    <area shape="poly" coords="108, 145, 174, 71, 205, 139, 153, 192" href="area2.html" alt="area2">
    <area shape="circle" coords="124,58,8" href="area3.html" alt="area3">
    <area shape="default" href='default.html' alt = "the whole image"/>

As you can see, you have to set the usemap attribute in the img tag, that will have the same value of the name attribute in the
map tag. Between the <map> and </map> you can define as many <area> tags as you want, each
one representing a user-clickable area on the associated image. Each area must have a shape attribute, that can have one of the 3 values:
rect, poly and circle. The rect shape is completely defined by 2 points, a poly shape is defined by a sequence of
points and a circle shape is defined by a point, that represents the center, and a radius. All the points are defined by a couple of coordinates, expressed in pixels,
relatives to the top-left corner of the image. The shape attribute can also have the “default” value, that refer to the parts of the image not mapped
with any of the previous shapes. Take into account, instead, that the order in which the shapes are defined in the map are very important: if you define the “default”
shape as first shape in the map, it will override all the subsequent shapes, because the “default” shape refers to the whole image. This is true also with
the shapes that overlap each other: you can define a little shape into a bigger shape, but you have to define first the little shape and then the bigger
one. If 2 shapes share a portion of the image, the shape defined first, wins.

If you want to set manually an image map you have to know the coordinates of all the points needed to define the different shapes. Probably this is not a big problem if you have few areas
to map, especially if you have circular or rectangular areas. But if you have several areas, with a polygonal shape, set them manually is not a simple

The image mapper tool allows you to draw shapes such as rect, poly, and circle on the selected image, that
will be translated automatically in the corresponding HTML code that makes the areas of the image user-clickable.

After drawing the shapes on the given image, you can generate the HTML code simply clicking on a button and the code will be displayied in a textarea. You can copy
the HTML code and use it in your HTML page(s). You can also do the reverse process: pasting the HTML code in the textarea, you can load this code simply clicking
a button; this will be translated in the shapes on the image and you can modify them, add new shapes and re-generate the HTML code. This reverse
mechanism is useful to allow you to save a partial mapping process and to continue to map the image later. It is also useful to refine “manually” the shape
designing/positioning: after generating the code in the textarea, you can modify the coordinates in the textarea on the fly and re-load it.

Main features:

  • You can select a local or remote image
  • You can set the target image sizes: these are the sizes that the image will have in your HTML page
  • You can zoom in and out the image in any moment and this will not interfere with the real coordinates that will be generated, that depends only on the
    target sizes of the image. The zoom feature is only useful to help you to draw the shapes.
  • You can set several parameters for each shape, such as the “href” attribute, the “alt” attribute, the “id” and “class” attributes and finally the “target” attribute. To set the parameter you have to select the shape: to select a shape you have to select the top-left arrow in the toolbar and then click on the shape.
  • You can set some parameters for the map: the map “name”, the default url and the target.
  • You can draw a shape selecting the shape from a tool bar.
  • To draw a shape, after selecting it from the toolbar, you can simply click with the mouse on the image, where you want to start the shape.
  • If the shape is a circle, the firts point is the center: moving the mouse (clicked or released), you can see a circle that follow the cursor. Clicking
    again the mouse will stop drawing the circle.
  • If the shape is a rect. the first point is one of the corner. Moving the mouse (clicked or released) will draw a rect. Clicking again the mouse will stop drawing.
  • If the shape is a poly the process is a little different: each click of the mouse will set a point; the current point is always connected with the firs one,
    making the poly always a closed shape; to stop to draw the poly (to set the last point) you have to double click the mouse.
  • For all the shapes you can also stop to draw them clicking on the “stop” button (the top-left arrow in the toolbar).
  • You can see the mouse coordinates when you move it on the image.
  • You can use the gray-dashed border around the image to determine the edge coordinates of the image, so you can use the border as it was part of the image: so, you can click on the border during the shape drawing, jus as it was part of the image. For example, if you click on the top-left corner of the border, you will set a point at (0, 0) coordinates. If you click the left-border, in any point, you will set a point at the (0, y) coordinates, etc.
  • You can select an already drawn shape and modify/resize/remove it. To remove it you have to use the “rubber” in the toolbar, that will appear as a turned down pencil only selecting a shape.
  • You can select the color of the contour of the shapes from a set of 5 colors (this is not a design tool, so I have limited the number of color and also
    you cannot choose a different color for each shape).
  • You can click on the “map” button, that is visible only when you select the “stop” button on the toolbar and no shape is selected: if you have some shapes drawn on the image you will see the HTML code in a textarea, if you have not
    yet drawn a shape you will see an empty textarea, but you can past in it some HTML code and load it.
  • Clicking on the “load” button (that you can see only after clicking on “map” button), the HTML code present in the textarea will be translated in shapes
    on the image.

You can consult the complete manual of the tool at the following link:Online Manual

If you have any questions, just leave a comment or drop me an email!

Download HTML5 canvas Image Mapper (Canvas)

CSS3 ElegantX Menu (Navigation and Menus)

This is a very simple and elegant menu created purely in css3.

– 9 different colors
– CSS 3 Animation Effects
– CSS 3 Transition Effects (not for all browser)
– Works with Chrome, FireFox, IE 6 +, Opera, Safari

– Blue
– Light Blue
– Green
– Yellow
– Orange
– Red
– Violet
– Pink
– Grey

Download CSS3 ElegantX Menu (Navigation and Menus)

Responsive HTML5/CSS3 Layout (Layouts)

This fluid, responsive layout, based on HTML5 & CSS3 , provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices: from desktop computers to mobile phones and tablets. It uses CSS3 to adapt the layout to the viewing environment.

Video preview


  • Fluid layout (100% or 80% width, or you can set any other width you want);
  • This pack includes 4 pages with basic design and different layout examples: one column, two equal columns, two non-equal columns (main column plus sidebar), three columns. You can use them in any combination;
  • Two CSS3 based navigation bars: horizontal dropdown and vertical accordeon;
  • Resizable images;
  • Resizable contact form (layout only for now);
  • Resizable Google maps;
  • Clean and well-commented HTML and CSS code.

Absolutely responsive: tested on different devices with different screen resolutions.

  • Tested browsers: IE7 -9, Firefox 3-15, Safari, Opera, Chrome;
  • Tested screen resolutions: from 320×240 to 1920×1080.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Download Responsive HTML5/CSS3 Layout (Layouts)

Canyon Gallery (WP GRAND FlAGallery Skin) (Galleries)

Canyon Gallery (skin) will help you to easily add gallery to your WordPress website or blog.

For this to work you need to have GRAND FlAGallery WordPress Plugin installed.


  • Easily generate shortcode within Shortcode Editor and automatically insert it in the Post/Page with a few mouse clicks;
  • Insert gallery to your WordPress site with a widget or with shortcode;
  • Responsive layout;
  • You can display in a gallery an unlimited amount of images without loss of performance;
  • Gallery supports Multicategories;
  • Being able to watch the gallery in full screen mode and full window mode;
  • Easily change all gallery settings within powerful control panel;
  • FIT or FILL displaying mode for images;
  • HitCounter and LikeCounter for each images;
  • You can change all colors;
  • You can change thumbnalis size;
  • You can change button title (multi-language font support);
  • You can add title and description for each images (description may contain HTML tags);
  • Slideshow and auto start slidshow (the ability to edit the delay);
  • Deep Linking;
  • You can sort images in different ways: by title, by ID, by date, randomly or just with your mouse (drag’n’drop);
  • Option to display specified images only for registered users;
  • Multiple upload images from local computer or import folder from FTP ;
  • Bulk resizing of images;
  • Thumbnails are creating automatically while uploading. Ability to edit thumbnail view;
  • Role Manager allows for the assigned role to have complete control over the gallery;
  • Displaying alternative jQuery gallery for browser without flash support;
  • iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry 6 and Desktop friendly photo gallery;
  • SEO optimized, compatibility with Google Reader, FeedBerner, etc.;
  • Full-screen mobile friendly slideshow with touch controls;

Download Canyon Gallery (WP GRAND FlAGallery Skin) (Galleries)

Quickpay Gateway for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)

QuickPay is the safe choice for payment for Internet transactions. QuickPay works with all common credit- and debit cards – as well as other popular payment methods such as Paypal, Sofort Banking and other e-banking facilities.

With a QuickPay payment solution you get:
• No sign up fee
• Access to all common payment types with only one solution
• Secure online payment with SSL encryption and monitored servers 24/7/365
• Attractive pricing

Download Quickpay Gateway for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)