uBillboard – Premium Slider for WordPress (Sliders)

uBillboard is a slider for WordPress. We have been developing sliders for our WordPress themes for over a year now, and all that experience has been distilled into this one slider plugin. It is a premium quality jQuery-based slider with a nicely polished WordPress admin.


  • Sleek slider front end and admin
  • 18 transition effects + Random
  • Transition effects based on scaling, square and column animation, fading, etc.
  • Paginator, that lets you easily switch among slides
  • Loader that displays real loading progress
  • Customizable resolution
  • Automatic image scaling
  • Great looking and easy to use admin interface
  • Per-slide options like showing time, description layout, transition effect and more
  • Support for HTML markup in descriptions
  • Extensible, add your own filters to the billboard

We believe that with a feature set like this it will be of great value to both, new WordPress users as well as seasoned expert users and developers, that would like to include it with their own themes.

With that in mind it supports the widest variety of platforms possible. We support all WordPress versions back to 2.8. And on the front end we support all major browsers. We are also committed to supporting as many platforms as possible, so if you feel we missed some, drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

Happy blogging,

Download uBillboard – Premium Slider for WordPress (Sliders)

EZ Users – With Facebook integration (Social Networking)

EZ Users is a community user system, allowing you to add user registration to your web site or project. Users can either sign up using a conventional registration form, or they can register using their Facebook account.

This makes it easier for users to sign up, and thus should increase your visitor > signed up member ratio!

EZ Users also allows you to communicate with your users en masse, you can post messages to the walls of users who have registered using Facebook, or use more conventional email.

Main Features

  • Easy to install
  • Facebook connect built in, grab facebook information with ease
  • Post directly to users walls from admin page
  • Email all users
  • Manage user levels ( admin / standard )
  • Ajax enhanced registration form
  • Ajax enhanced admin interface
  • Automatically generated profile pages
  • Image upload on profile pages
  • Very well documented

The file is fairly white label, as it is designed to be incorporated, as such I have included a lot of documentation, covering database interaction, profile cutomization and how to obtain additional info from the Facebook API .

Support Requests

Please email me using [email protected], I check this email address far more often than the code canyon page, so my response will be much more timely.

Download EZ Users – With Facebook integration (Social Networking)

ApPHP Easy Installer (Miscellaneous)

PHP Easy Installer is an easy-to-setup PHP script for creating a user-friendly installation wizard. The script is suitable for existing and new web applications. If you plan to create an application in PHP and search for a small, customizable and powerful installation module, then PHP Easy Installer is the best solution for you.

The PHP Easy Installer script makes the installation process as simple as possible; it may be easily customized for any project.

The PHP EI is an excellent tool for web developers who:

  • Plan to create new web applications
  • Want to improve existing project
  • Look for a small, smart and powerful installation tool
  • Need more time for development
  • Want to spend less time on providing customer installation support

Download ApPHP Easy Installer (Miscellaneous)

Tastygallery – an AJAX/HTML5 image gallery (Images and Media)

Tastygallery is a flexible PHP image gallery which allows you and your visitors to view your images in a stylish manner. It also uses the latest HTML5 technology, such as range inputs and CSS3 transitions. But that’s not all! Tastygallery also resizes your images according to customizable thumbnail sizes, making it easy to post them on forums and other websites.


  • view the images in a directory
  • customizable and easy to access thumbnail links for every image
  • support for multiple directories with easy navigation
  • thumbnail caching both on the server and in the browser
  • AJAX and HTML5 and CSS3 technology

Current version: 1.0 (1000)

=== Version 1.0 ===
    Initial release.

Known limitations

  • 8-bit JPGs can’t be displayed, this is due to a yet unidentified issue with PHP ’s GD
  • Weird IE support (will fix)

Download Tastygallery – an AJAX/HTML5 image gallery (Images and Media)

Script Update (Miscellaneous)

Using this script you can easily add an update feature to your script.
You just need to add a new update to your server through the provided pages (setup and upload) and all of your users can update their version of the script.
Since everything is done automatically, there is no need for your users to download or copy any files or do anything else manually.


– Simple implementation
– Restore to previous version if needed (restore previous version files and dirs)
– Include update description
– Option to delete multiple files while performing an update
– Backup all user files and dirs before applying an update
– Easily apply your custom style to the pages
– Demo project included

Live preview

You can check out the script (demo project) using these two links.
Please keep in mind that these are just an example pages, and that you can easily apply your own custom style, so it will suite your existing design.
End-user part: Script to update
Update server part: Update server setup

Download Script Update (Miscellaneous)

Ajax Shoutbox (Miscellaneous)

This shoutbox is a chat-like extra which allows people to quickly send messages to each other. People can express opinions, chat and give you feedback about your website. This shoutbox uses AJAX so that people don’t have to refresh your page to view the messages. However, people who have javascript disabled can also post and read through the shoutbox. Excellent feature for your website to make it more dynamic and user-friendly.

Shoutbox Features:

  • Ajax powered (no need to refresh the page / uses jQuery)
  • Works also for people with disabled javascript
  • Easy and fast install (simply upload the files and the chat is working)
  • Smileys included.
  • Very easy to integrate into an existing website
  • Cross browser support
  • Magic quotes compatible
  • XSS secure
  • UTF -8 support
  • Very well commented PHP code
  • Valid xHTML and CSS
  • Elegant animations
  • SPAM /Bad words protection
  • Very secure

Shoutbox Admin Panel Features:

  • Delete messages.
  • Ban IPs
  • Add SPAM /Bad words to a filter (message is not submitted if it contains a bad/spam word)
  • Secure login

Download Ajax Shoutbox (Miscellaneous)

Mega Pricing Tables (Miscellaneous)

This is a beautiful and clean pricing table. Cool buttons, nice hover effects and more. It’s very easy to set-up and even easier to customize.

This Pricing table comes with a fully layered PSD to create your own custom style.

  • Works in all major browsers (WORKS NOT IN IE6 )
  • CSS3 Enhancements
  • PSD Included
  • Lightweight code


Download Mega Pricing Tables (Miscellaneous)

Real-time Tweet Timeline (Media)

In current real-time streams data flows in from the top to bottom in a single column. This makes for a poor reading experience because the text you are focused on gets suddenly and unexpectedly shifted hundreds of pixels. By stacking the items in a single column and shifting the entire column once it fills makes for a much stabler and predictable motion while allowing a continuous feed of new items.

* Easy to install/customize
* Used the Prototype/Scriptaculous libraries
* Timeline is draggable
* Tweets flow into the timeline in real-time in a stacking/sliding motion making movement more predictable for the reader
* Connects to Twitter using jsonp so you don’t need to worry about rate limits or setting up a proxy. (no php/ruby required)
* Javascript uses a single class to be customizable and extendable. (you could easily incorporate Facebook, Flickr or any other service into your timeline)
* Garbage collection keeps the DOM clean. (customizable)
* Staging items in the DOM before adding to the stream significantly reduces the number of Twitter requests. Users should be able to let this run continuously and not hit the Twitter rate limit! (unless you speed it up by about 4-5x)

Download Real-time Tweet Timeline (Media)

Timezonr PHP Class – User-set timezone (Miscellaneous)

Timezonr is a simple way to implement the ability to have users choose their timezone so all dates and times reflect their current time. With this easy to use PHP class, you as a web designer, can add time localization to your website. With easy to use functions, you can provide the ability for the user to set their local timezone for easier readability and more accurate times. Some of these functions include setting a default timezone, setting the timezone based on the user’s input, automatically creating a dropdown menu with all available timezones, and we have also included some bonus functions like getting formatted date/time and easy-to-read formatting of time. Timezonr uses PHP sessions and cookies (if desired) to remember the user’s timezone preference.

Download Timezonr PHP Class – User-set timezone (Miscellaneous)

WizyLike Like/Unlike WordPress Plugin for Posts (WordPress)

WizyLike is a WordPress plugin that allows registered users or visitors to like/unlike your blog posts. It allows the user/visitor to like your post one time only and unlike it of desired. WizyLike has 3 style options and 12 colour options for maximum customisation. The mark-up is dead easy to style so if ready made styles doesn’t suit you, go ahead and make your tailored style ;).

Through the plugin’s settings page you can setup the colour, style, users-only limit, like text (eg ‘like?’) and finally the unlike text (eg ‘unlike’). You can also disable WizyLike on single posts (see screenshots).

Note: The live preview is open for visitors to like the ready made posts on there. You can switch the style and colours live on the post page. enjoy ;)

Download WizyLike Like/Unlike WordPress Plugin for Posts (WordPress)

compressIt – compress what you want (Miscellaneous)

Allow you to compress any folder, recursively or not, according to a pattern (eg. .jpg), or not, and download it in one step.

compressIt provides an api to make a zip file with all you want in it :

You customer need to download a picture folder in his website ?
“Damn, your pictures are scattered into many folders!”
compressIt do it in 4 lines.

You need to download all *.txt files in your website but they are scattered in lot of folders?
You need a incremental backup of anything?

compressIt do all these tasks for you in a fast and comprehensive way.

Download compressIt – compress what you want (Miscellaneous)

Drop-o-Matic | HTML5 Friendly Drop Menu (Miscellaneous Apps)

This is a very clean and simple HTML5 friendly drop navigation script. It uses the Prototype JS library and is written primarily using HTML5 and CSS3 markup. The drop menu script can be configured to show any type of content. Examples are included as well as detailed commenting to help you set it up.

Download Drop-o-Matic | HTML5 Friendly Drop Menu (Miscellaneous Apps)