Mega PHP Template Engine v1.0 (Project Management Tools)

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Mega template is a template engine for PHP, facilitating the separation of presentation (HTML/CSS) from application logic.
This implies that PHP code is application logic, and is separated from the presentation.


  • Create Websites in minutes.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Compliment PHP, not replace it.
  • Security: insulation from PHP.
  • Flexibility for custom development.
  • Syntax easy to understand, no PHP knowledge required.
  • Quick and easy to maintain.
  • Fast development/deployment for programmers and designers.
  • Separation of PHP from HTML/CSS just makes sense.
  • Readability for organization and management.
  • Security for 3rd party template access.
  • Fully Documented:
    • Download Mega PHP Template Engine v1.0 (Project Management Tools)

    WP Easy Social Hover (Social Networking)

    Click here to view the demo!

    You having issues with our product?Interested in our future products?

    Add Social Network Sharring to your site withing seconds!

    No more frustrations! No more messy GUI! Just Simple and Quick plugin!


    For any kind of support you can contact me via [email protected].

    About plugin

    WordPress Plugin – Easy Social Hover allows users to add multiple on hover effects with Social Network Sharing buttons to their images using standard WP media tool. Add Facebook Share, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and GooglePlus sharing to your Images with a Style! This plugin will enable your visitors to easily and simply share your images over major social networks!

    12 Social Hover Effects combined into one plugin only on CodeCanyon!

    • Quick Installation & Simple Usage
    • No flash required
    • 12 Combined Effects
    • Covering 5 Major Social Networks
    • Works in all Modern Browsers
    • Add style to your Images

    12 Social Hover Effects combined into one plugin only on CodeCanyon!

    v.1.0.5 - January 9th 2013
    * Minor bug fix in GUI
    v.1.0.0 - January 8th 2013
    * initial release

    Download WP Easy Social Hover (Social Networking)

    Jigoshop Custom Availability (Jigoshop)

    Using WooCommerce?

    Checkout WooCommerce Custom Availability here

    Want to customize your Jigoshop availability notifications for products so they are more descriptive? such as telling your valued customers when new stock will arrive or when new stock will be available for completing back-orders?

    Then Jigoshop Custom Availability is the plugin for you!

    Jigoshop Custom Availability plugin is an extension for Jigoshop, a free eCommerce plugin for Jigoshop.

    Jigoshop Custom Availability will allow you to customize your Jigoshop product availability notifications.

    What are availability notifications you ask?

    They are messages that are displayed to your customers who are viewing one of your products, the message displayed depends on the availability of the product (out of stock, in stock, low stock, available on back-order).

    The notifications are hard-coded in Jigoshop and are not very descriptive or helpful to your customers, but never fear… Jigoshop Custom Availability is here to save the day!


    1. Customize product in stock notification
      • Set your own custom message for the notification
      • Set a custom text colour for the notification
      • Set a custom font weight for the notification (normal or bold)
    2. Enable notifications for low stock
      • Set your own custom message for the notification
      • Set a custom text colour for the notification
      • Set a custom font weight for the notification (normal or bold)
    3. Customize product out of stock notification
      • Set your own custom message for the notification
      • Set a custom text colour for the notification
      • Set a custom font weight for the notification (normal or bold)
    4. Customize product out of stock with backorders available notification
      • Set your own custom message for the notification
      • Set a custom text colour for the notification
      • Set a custom font weight for the notification (normal or bold)
    5. Full localization support
    6. Heavily commented and clean code
    7. Small footprint – doesn’t include any CSS or JS files that will create additional HTTP requests!
    8. Seamless integration with WordPress and Jigoshop (doesn’t look out of place)

    I need extra functionality, can I request a feature?

    Yes, feel free to send me a message via my contact form on my profile page.

    I need help!

    Feel free to contact me, I’m more than willing to help you.

    Download Jigoshop Custom Availability (Jigoshop)

    Stripe Email Receipts For Recurring Payments (Add-ons)

    A complete email receipt and dunning management solution for your Stripe Payment Gateway.

    PHP template files include: email receipt notification, failed payment notification and account cancellation notification.

    Also included are step-by-step instructions – everything you need to setup your Stripe email receipt and dunning management system in 10 minutes or less!

    Download Stripe Email Receipts For Recurring Payments (Add-ons)

    Meme Generator – WordPress User-Generated Content (Media)

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    View The Online Documentation
    Meme Generator is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to transform any WordPress site into a funny blog with user-generated content.

    Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that internet memes are all the rage right now.

    You could spend countless hours searching the internet for funny images or you could allow your site’s visitors to create memes with Meme Generator in seconds.

    Create a Meme without Leaving WordPress

    You can create a meme from one easy-to-use button in the WordPress visual editor with Meme Generator.

    See a Live Preview As You Create a Meme

    You’ll always see a live preview as you’re creating memes in Meme Generator. You won’t even have to press a button. As you make changes, it will automatically refresh.

    Add User-Generated Content to Your WordPress Site

    Meme Generator comes with a WordPress shortcode that allows your site’s visitors to create a meme, which can be reviewed or published immediately.

    100% Compatible with Smart Phones & Tablets

    Meme Generator has a 100% fully responsive design that allows your site’s visitors to create memes from smart phones, tablets and desktops.

    Meme Generator Automatically Watermarks Memes

    If you want to spread the word about your brand and protect your content from memejacking, Meme Generator has an option to automatically watermark memes with your site name.

    Meme Generator Is Ready For Localization

    Meme Generator is ready for localization. We have prepared .po and .mo files, so you can easily translate Meme Generator to any language.

    Meme Generator Works with Any WordPress Theme

    It doesn’t matter whether you use a premium theme, a free theme or even a custom-built theme. Rest assured that Meme Generator will work with any kind of WordPress install!

    Meme Generator Automatically Updates

    If there is a new version of Meme Generator, you’ll be notified via your WordPress dashboard. Just click one link and the latest version will be automatically installed.


    Version 1.0 – January 9, 2012
    * Initial release

    Download Meme Generator – WordPress User-Generated Content (Media)

    Nova Gallery – Responsive HTML5 Mutimedia Gallery (Images and Media)

    Nova Gallery is a HTML5 multimedia gallery enabling you to showcase your photos/audio/video in a beautiful and sleek interface. You have the option of presenting your items in two different modes, which are a Thumbnail Grid and Full-width view, and you also have the option of switching between the two modes. You can have multiple sets/albums of items and can filter the gallery items based on file type or based on custom categories. The gallery allows you to showcase your Youtube/Vimeo videos and Flickr/Picasa photos. The gallery features a fluid responsive design and can fit in any screen size ranging from mobile phones to desktop browsers. The gallery also features touch-screen support and uses hardware accelerated CSS based animations wherever possible which results in smooth animations, that is especially noticeable in mobile devices.

    The key features are:

    • Display photos, audio and video
    • All gallery data is passed in a simple XML file.
    • Two display modes – Thumbnail Grid & Full-width. You can also switch between the two modes.
    • The Thumbnail Grid mode features a Masonry layout and you can control the spacing between items by applying margins through css,
    • The Full-width mode allows you to show the photos/videos stretched across the entire container or to shrink the item so that it can be viewed entirely without any cropping.
    • You can also have a slideshow of the items in the Full-width mode. This slideshow stops whenever the browser tab in which the gallery is displayed, goes out of focus (this feature only works in browsers that supports the HTML5 Page Visibility Api).
    • Plays audio and video natively in modern HTML5 browsers and switches over to Flash/Silverlight for older browsers by using Mediaelement.js.
    • Filter items, by file type or custom categories.
    • Supports multiple gallery sets or albums.
    • True HTML5 Fullscreen option in supported browsers.
    • Can embed Youtube and Vimeo Videos.
    • Show photos from Flickr and Picasa. Multiple options are provided to pull photos from Flickr/Picasa along with the option to cache the API data. No XML file is required when showing photos from Flickr/Picasa.
    • The gallery features a fluid responsive design to account for various screens sizes ranging from mobile phones to desktop browsers and can also be placed in a container of any width.
    • The gallery is mobile device friendly with touch screen support.
    • Hardware accelerated CSS animations have been used wherever possible resulting in smooth animations, which is most noticeable in mobile devices.
    • Handy keyboard shortcuts have been provided for easier navigation of the gallery.
    • The gallery items can also act as links to external pages
    • Two colour schemes – Dark & Light.

    Configurable options are:

    • If you show Youtube/Vimeo videos then you can choose to use the thumbnails provided by Youtube/Vimeo.
    • You can pull photos from Flickr by searching for a text string or tags. You can even pull photos from a specific user or a group, or a set or a collection of sets. You also have the option of choosing how many photos will be shown, how they will be ordered and also the sizes of the images that are pulled from Flickr.
    • You can pull photos from Picasa by searching for a text string. You can even pull photos from a specific user or an album, or a collection of albums. You also have the option of choosing how many photos will be shown, how they will be ordered and also the sizes of the images that are puled from Picasa.
    • Option to enable caching of Flickr/Picasa API response data to prevent crossing the limit set by these services. You can even set for how long the data will be cached.
    • Can mention a custom thumbnail image for the gallery sets. By default the thumbnail for the first item in the set is used to represent the set.
    • Autoplay audio and video when Lightbox opens in Thumbnail Grid mode.
    • Play audio and video files in a loop.
    • Store the volume level when player is closed, which is restored when player opens again.
    • Set the mode, i.e Thumbnail Grid or Full-width, which will be shown when the gallery first loads. Can also work with a single mode.
    • Option to show a particular category of items when the gallery first loads.
    • Shrink images in Full-width mode to fit the container when the gallery first loads.
    • Choose to show the thumbnails in Full-width mode when the gallery first loads.
    • Choose the animated effect for the items in Thumbnail Grid mode when it first shows. Available effects are fade, slide, fadeSeq, slidSeq and flipSeq.
    • Choose the animated effect for showing item captions/descriptions in Thumbnail Grid mode. Available effects are flip and fade.
    • Choose the animated effect for transition between items in Full-width mode. Avialable effects are fade, slide and flip.
    • Choose the animated effect for showing/hiding the Gallery Sets screen (home screen). Available effects are scale, fade and slide.
    • Show the gallery either spanning the entire width of the browser or the width of its parent container.
    • The gallery items can also act as links to external pages. You can choose to open the links in a new tab/window.
    • You have the option to shuffle or randomly order the gallery items each time the page is refreshed.
    • The gallery supports preloading of images in Full-width mode for smoother viewing. You can choose how many items at a time will load in the background.
    • You can start the slideshow in Full-width mode when the gallery first loads.
    • The time interval for which a particular item is visible during slideshow can be set.
    • Option to set the path for the gallery configuration XML file.
    • Option to detect mobile devices and serve them a separate XML file.

    Special Notes

    • Suitable jQuery based fallbacks have been provided for all CSS based animated effects for older browsers.
    • Also some of the modern HTML5 features such as Fullscreen and Page Visibility will only work in modern browsers.
    • The gallery script has been tested and is fully compatible with jQuery 1.9.

    Download Nova Gallery – Responsive HTML5 Mutimedia Gallery (Images and Media)

    Portfolio and Testimonials Manager (Project Management Tools)

    Showcase your talent and get more clients with this Portfolio & Testimonials Manager. In a matter of minutes show prospective clients all your past projects in an easy and organized manner. Also, gather feedback from your past clients and attach them to the project on your portfolio in the most convinient way possible.

    Demo Front-end: Click Here

    Demo Admin: Click Here and login with Email: [email protected] and password: pass

    Features and Benefits:

    • Authentication System that allows the creation of as many administrator accounts as you need. You ans all your colleagues will be able to maintain your portfolio of projects easily.
    • Three front-end layouts to choose from. You can easily configure the script to display the portfolio of projects as a lits, grid or time-line.
    • Group projects in categories. You will be able to create categories and then place projects in them. You could, for example, have Print, WordPress, Android Apps, etc. This makes it easier for your prospects to find the work that is most relevant to them.
    • SEO friendly content. All the content for the front-end is loaded server side. Search engine will therefore have no problem indexing it. This include the time-line view.
    • Specify features of a project. When creating a project, you will be able to specify the features or expertise used in that project. For example HTML5, CSS3, Responsive design, Flash, Ruby, etc. You prospect will then be able to easily find projects that show case the skill they require.
    • Get testimonials from clients. You will be able to easily request feedback from your clients using this script. The script will send an email to your client with a unique link that the client will use to provide the feedback. The feedback will be linked to the project and you can then choose to display the feedback as testimonials along side the project.
    • Social network sharing. Each project displayed to the prospects has a share link for twitter, facebook and google+ so that they can share with their friends.
    • Easy to translate. All the text used that is used in this script is located in one XML file. By translating this single file, the whole script is translated. UTF8 characters are supported.
    • Rich project details. For each project you will be able to specify a title, description, url and upload photos. This you give the ability to manage a wide variety of projects.
    • Professional
      visual design
      . This script has a professional looking front-end that you can use just as it is. This will save you time.
    • Twitter bootstrap is used for the CSS and HTML, so re-deign will be fairly easy.
    • After you purchase,navigate to userguide/index.html for installation and getting started instruction.

    Download Portfolio and Testimonials Manager (Project Management Tools)

    WLS – WordPress Licensing System (Miscellaneous)

    Deploy this in your own products to ensure they are only used by whom has the right. Ensure your product is not stolen with this easy to use system.

    Integrate the generation system in with your billing software and supply your customers with an right key. With this software they can protect and trace there script or software via the net.

    WP Licensing System does not require the Auth PHP Class, So you can deploy the keys on any platform or scripting language.

    With the addition of a match string as a second level of security, The end-user would be required to supply a valid key along with the corresponding match key. This match key could be the domain or IP address of the server where the script lives.

    With WP Licensing System, you can ensure its used only on a single server, by a single user who authrize to use your product. WP Licensing System is great and easyly protect your script and software from stolen and unauthorized right use.


    1. Time and Product based keys
      • Set a key to expire in one day, or 10 years, its up to you.
      • Set related Product assign to the license key.
    2. MySQL based key storage from WP Admin Panel
      • Store, Activate, and Deactivate Keys via the database or included class functions.
    3. Customizable key pattern From WP Admin Panel
      • Add a Prefix and/or Suffix to your keys.
      • Define key length with two variables, length of each chunk, and number of chunks in each key.
    4. Matching License Key system for an extra layer of authentication.
      • Store the clients email, username, domain, server ip, possibilities are endless.
    5. An easy to use API (JSON and XML).
      • Integrate authentication into any programming language.
      • Use for scripts, desktop applications, mobile applications, etc.

    Coming Soon

    1. Purchashed license key based product (Directly Purchasing Store)
    2. WP-e-commerce integration
    3. Woocommerce integration
    4. Jigoshop integration

    Download WLS – WordPress Licensing System (Miscellaneous)

    JV_NivoSlider – jQuery Image Slider for Opencart (OpenCart)

    JV_NivoSLider is a module of a image slider, based on a NivoSlider script. The image slider will help you to attract new buyers and more effectively to advertize the products.


    Installable Module
    Easy installation
    Easy admin interface
    4 Slick Themes
    16 beautiful transition effects
    Animation settings
    Control navigation
    Preview of images, navigation by means of a preview of images
    Automatic image cropping and sizing
    Powerful & simple slider creation
    Multilingual (English, Russian. You can add other languages)
    Store the original files are not changed

    Download JV_NivoSlider – jQuery Image Slider for Opencart (OpenCart)

    Facebook Marketing System (Miscellaneous)

    Facebook Marketing System
    – Manage users who using your apps
    + Post to wall of all users
    + Post to wall of friend’s users
    + Post to wall of pages that users have been like
    + Post to wall of groups that users have been joined

    – Auto post to wall of all groups,pages,friends while people using your app

    -Custom content for post to wall

    Download Facebook Marketing System (Miscellaneous)

    Anonymous Traffic Exchange upgrade for pes script (Add-ons)

    This is an upgrade for the Powerful exchange system ->

    This upgrade will enable your site to –
    1) Rotate Frame-breaker sites like , etc.
    2) Provide anonymous traffic (Hides Referer) therefore the traffic will be AdSense safe!
    3) Rotate sites which have pop ups.

    Download Anonymous Traffic Exchange upgrade for pes script (Add-ons)

    Circular Countdown jQuery Plugin (Countdowns)

    With this element, you’ll be able to create simple, clean and original countdowns. This plugin mixes a jQuery countdown combined with canvas shapes easy to configure via a set of options.


    • Clean and original countdowns
    • Easy to integrate and set up
    • Language packs included
    • Easy color choice
    • jQuery Easing effects
    • Lightweight markup
    • Cross-Browser support
    • Documentation included

    Browser Support

    • Internet Explorer 9+
    • Chrome 4+
    • Firefox 4+
    • Safari 4+
    • Opera 10.50+

    On older versions of these browsers (like IE7, IE8), the countdown works but the circle / arc shapes are not displayed.

    Download Circular Countdown jQuery Plugin (Countdowns)

    Help Desk Script (Help and Support Tools)

    Important Note

    Please contact me before rating the item so we can fix any issues together.

    Also, feel free to ask me any questions you may have regarding the code before purchasing to avoid mismatched expectations.

    Functions :

    • Administrator
    • Staff
    • Users
    • Departments
    • Tickets
    • Products
    • Pages
    • F.A.Q

    Staff :

  • answer to tickets
  • change ticket department
  • add product
  • add f.a.q
  • manage users
  • User :

  • submit tickets
  • reply ticket
  • attached file
  • reopen ticket
  • receive an email and access ticket without log in ( or registration ) , ex:
  • * E-mail reporter

  • administrator / staff receives e-mail every time when someone add ticket / question
  • users receive e-mail every time when someone reply to ticket or ticket is closed
  • * Custom url for every ticket with unique ID
    * API : read more – >

    Demo :

    Admin : [email protected] , pw : demo
    Admin url :

    Staff : [email protected], pw : demo
    Staff url :

    User : [email protected] , pw :demo
    User url :

    Download Help Desk Script (Help and Support Tools)

    SEO Google SERP Rank Tracker (Miscellaneous)

    SEO Google SERP Rank Tracker is a powerful system for monitor your Google Rank, generate reoport and manage user and client.


    • Easy to install, with a powerfull interface
    • Create unlimited project
    • For every project you can choose search engine and keyword
    • Manual update the ranking
    • Graph and table about the ranking
    • Send the report via mail
    • Add infinite proxy (or not use them)
    • Create unlimited project
    • Instant email report
    • 4 level of user, with a manage tool
    • Schedule ranking check every X day and send the table report to unlimited addres for every project
    • Add a new client and give it access to one or more project to see
    • Edit your account
    • Register user
    • Responsive
    • and more…


    • Curl
    • PHP 5.4
    • Permission to modify some option for fix some error (max_execution _time and mysql time for “gone away” error)
    • MySQL databse
    • Internet connection
    • Cron Jobs *
    • Configured mail server *

    *Optional, the main feature work, but not all the feature

    Watch demo, see screenshot and read the online documentation for all the feature.

    With this script you can check you ranking on Google, it scrap the SERP and check for your website fore return your position.
    You can see the statistiche with the chart (graph and table).

    Download SEO Google SERP Rank Tracker (Miscellaneous)

    Responsive YouTube Video Tab for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)

    Video has been proven to increase e-commerce conversion rates – YouTube tab for WooCommerce gives you a simple and effective way of including a YouTube video on your product pages.

    No messing around with embed code – simply copy and paste the YouTube URL in to the plugin meta box on your product page and away you go – have a YouTube video added to your product in 10 seconds! A simple and very effective plugin – a must have for any WooCommerce users! View our demo and screenshots to see just how simple this is.

    YouTube Video Tab for WooCommerce is responsive, meaning it adapts to different screen sizes and has a small footprint.

    Developers: Buy the extended license and add value to your themes by adding this feature.

    Download Responsive YouTube Video Tab for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)