Make It Last (A Love Song) (Romantic, Sentimental)

There is nothing quite as exciting as true love, and “Make It Last” captures that care free and blissfully lost in love feeling. With uplifting rifts, accompanied by catchy whistling phrases and positive, purposefully love struck lyrics, this track is ideal for commercials, specifically travel type media, and film. I hope you enjoy it!

Download Make It Last (A Love Song) (Romantic, Sentimental)

Robot Job (Tech)

Electronic corporate track with many computer sounds, from digital tones to FX. Good for video trailers, advertisment, or just for dance. =)

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Hi! I suggest to listen to my new tracks INFINITY , 80’s Pop/Rock and Rapata-Chapata. It’s really not bad! =)

Add Loudness
, driven dance track
Good Morning, positive rock track

Infinity – energetic rock track, with tasty piano lead
Add Loudness – energetic house with driven guitars
Good Morning – positive rock
80s Pop/Rock – rock track, “like a 80 years”
Rapata-Chapata – happy and funny hip-hop track
Evil Mushrooms – track about evil mushrooms =)
Inside Seashore – beautiful, melodic track with guitar lead
Sportbike On Road – progressive trance track
Alternating V – happy old hard rock
Long Road – romantic rock track
Singing Pygmies – romantic relax track
Traffic in the Matrix – agressive break beat
Funky Pygmy (no vox) – happy funky track
Glimmer – romantic relax track
Beautiful Nature – melodic electronic track
Flying Mushrooms – just light music
Lifeless – mechanical house track

Flying Intro – Ending
Hi-Tech Logo 2
Hi-Tech Logo 3
Hi-Tech Audio Intro

..and it’s NOT ALL ! In my portfolio be available many relax, energetic, exotic and melodic track, FX, music packs – i hope, you will find everything that want. Thanks!

Download Robot Job (Tech)