Insomnia (Motivational)

This is a joyful and futuristic corporate song created with piano, string, and bass guitar.This song is created for backgrounds with voice over it but can be used for commercials, videos, websites etc.This song is filled with elements of joy and happiness. This song has possibility to end and to be looped.


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Danger Zone (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

Slightly scary fantasya with a powerful rhythm and stylish bass part.

1:35 – 097 main.wav
1:25 – 097 main no drum intro.wav

Dream Time |
Electric Bells |
Electric Bells 2 |
Evening Theme |
Sunny Lounge

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Download Danger Zone (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

Cinematic Intro 1 (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

This energetic and tantalizing cinematic track is full of energy and intrigue, perfect for movie trailers, high tension scenes and intro/outros. Sweeping percussion, strings and horns come alive to create a sound that is not only unique, but it compels the listener to enter the scene. Longer versions are available upon request.

Download Cinematic Intro 1 (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

Dance Background Music Pack (Dance)

My most popular track on AJ – SUMMER DAYS . Don’t miss it! This Dance Background Music Pack contain 4 exciting, positive mood electronic tracks and include many different instruments – from beautiful acoustic piano to soft synths…Good mood, energy and melody – this all about this music pack in a few words…This tracks can be used in a variety of ways! You can save $$$ as compared with separate purchasing…This tracks would be very well suited for business presentations, also they can be used like music, background for websites..Enjoy and thanks for buying!

Track List:

01 – You and Me – 1:40;

02 – Ragamuffin Chika – 2:10;

03 – Discotheque (80s style) – 1:24;

04 – Upstream – 2:03.


  • Your voice
  • Leaves In The Wind
  • Sunshine Background Music Pack
  • Enigma Background Loops Pack


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  • Download Dance Background Music Pack (Dance)

    Remember When (Romantic, Sentimental)

    Remember When is a track that is meant to invoke sentimental feelings of longing, wondering and/or remembering days long gone. It’s a great fit for any film or video project that appeals to the fans of touching dramas and rich character development. This piece is also available in both longer and shorter formats for those who may be interested.

    Download Remember When (Romantic, Sentimental)

    Placenta (Suspense, Dark)

    Dark, mysterious dubstep industrialized, excellent for AE projects, movie trailers, Films, games, and many many more!
    I’ve included both the Mp3 and the Wav file in the Zip folder.
    It is not recommended to play it under the influence of mind altering substances!
    If you use it in your projects don’t forget to credit and send me a link with your final version. I’d love to see your work!
    Use it wisely and please leave feedback!

    Download Placenta (Suspense, Dark)