Funky Percussion (Percussion)

funky percussion –

listen closely, what do you hear ? these are not just your ordinary instruments, this percussion piece could include anything from your everyday household objects from spray cans, to masking tape, to the sound of coins dropping, and coffee cans and a whole lot more.
unique, full of flavour and very unique!

folder contains high quality .wav and mp3 file versions

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Download Funky Percussion (Percussion)

Sunny Sunday (Motivational)

A positive and uplifting corporate pop track with acoustic guitars ,piano and synthesizers.
Uplifting and motivational melody.
Think about a beautiful sunday where you can relax and enjoy the sunny weather.
Open the curtains and let the sunshine in.

Zip file contains 2 different versions :

– Melodic Version (2:16)
– Music Bed (2:16)

Download Sunny Sunday (Motivational)

Electronic Tracks Pack (Electronica)

Four exellent, hi-quality electronic tracks with different instruments: analog synthesizers, on-line instrument (yeah!), guitars and many drum effects, slice, etc…
You get tracks:
1. Rubber Man ……. 3:22
2. Rapata-Chapata …… 2:46
3. On-Line Synth ….. 2:48
4. Robot Job ……… 1:45
The general time of sounding 10:37
All track in WAVE , 44,1/16bit
Total cost of tracks on AudioJungle: 61$, but you can purchased this audio tracks pack for half-cost. It’s really not bad! =))

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Five BEST sellers
Add Loudness – very driven dance track
Techtonik, track similar “Add Loudness”. Mega – track! =)
Good Morning – simply positive, hard rock
80’s Pop/Rock – cool, melodic, pop rock
Infinity – positive rock track with nice piano lead track
Evil Mushrooms – funny track about evil mushrooms. =))
Rubber Man – simply idiotic track. But very strong!

My Favourite Tracks
Rapata-Chapata, happy and funny hip-hop track
Inside Seashore, beautiful, melodic track with guitar lead
Sportbike On Road, progressive trance track
Alternating V, happy old hard rock
Long Road, romantic rock track
Singing Pygmies, romantic relax track
Traffic in the Matrix, agressive break beat
Funky Pygmy (no vox), happy funky track
Glimmer, romantic relax track
Beautiful Nature, melodic electronic track
Flying Mushrooms, just light music
Lifeless, mechanical house track

Logo, Intro, Openers, Ident
Travel To... The Circus

…and it’s NOT ALL ! In my portfolio be available many relax, energetic, exotic and melodius track, FX, music packs – i hope, you will find everything that want.
Thank you for having read it! :)

More info about my tracks

Download Electronic Tracks Pack (Electronica)

Colorful Balloons (Corporate)

Fresh jingle. The Track has three parts. The first is the full version,
secondary is without rhythm sounds and the third is only
end with slight changes. It may be added to any audio visual projects, television and radio spots, presentations and websites.

Track A Duration 0:00:21

Track B: Duration 0:00:21

Track C: Duration 0:00:06

Download Colorful Balloons (Corporate)