Journey (Motivational)

This is a joyful and peaceful corporate song created with piano, string, and bass guitar.This song is created for backgrounds with voice over it but can be used for commercials, videos, websites etc.This song is filled with elements of joy and happiness. This song has possibility to end and to be looped.

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Dark Chase (Suspense, Dark)

A dark and groovy song that fits for almost any project that requires a dark and eerie musical atmosphere. Atmospheric pads with catchy bass riffs and eerie piano melodies. Disturbed, gloomy and shady! Created and composed on Propellerhead Reason.

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Inspirational Loops 5 Pack (Ambient)

This pack includes a set of 5 songs that were chosen for a positive, inspirational feel.

Included files:

1. Acoustic Loop – 34: 1:00
2. Climbing Higher Up: 1:00
3. Green Hills: 1:00
4. Acoustic Loop – 17: 1:00
5. Acoustic Loop – 13: 1:00

Acoustic Loop – 34:

60 second loop featuring finger picked acoustic guitar and a piano. This composition is pretty, mellow,

but drives well. Has a woody, acoustic feel and will make perfect background music for any number of


Climbing Higher Up:

60 second loop featuring fingerpicked and strummed acoustic guitar and keyboards. The song drives all the

way through, starting out a bit darker and more uncertain feeling but moving to a more positive feeling of

upcoming success. Perfect for corporate or motivational background music, or for personal presentations,

voiceover work, or tv/radio advertisements.

Green Hills:

60 second loop featuring acoustic guitar, ukulele, piano and a shaker. Has an outdoorsy, driving feel –

very mellow and down to earth, but with a feeling of purposeful movement. This composition would make

excellent background music to a voiceover, advertisement, video montage, corporate presentation, or many

other applications. Loops seamlessly.

Acoustic Loop – 17:

60 second loop featuring acoustic guitar, bass, piano, and drums. Has a driving, happy feel

Acoustic Loop – 13:

60 second loop featuring piano, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums. Starts out light and positive, and

builds to a more triumphant feel.

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Ambient Soundtrack Pack (Ambient)

This pack contains 9 of my finest ambient tracks, mainly synth based, the mood of these tracks is positive, laid back, and smooth. Very suitable for web backgrounds, DVD menus. flash games and corporate themes, but ultimately these unobtrusive peaceful sounding tracks would be at home with most types of visuals. You will save $$$ by purchasing this pack as compared to buying individually. This pack contains over 18 minutes of music!

Australian Sunset 1:36

Open Seas 3:26
Coral Reef 3:33

Smooth As Silk 2:08

Deep Space 0:55

Lush Ambient Positive2:43

Quiet And Thoughtful 1:11

Positive Ambient 2:20
Electro Dub Reggae 0:44

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Werewolf Scary Horror Music (Suspense, Dark)

A growling snarling wereworlf music track, that has a constant moving synth line in the background, over the top of an old radio speaker playing a piano track. Full of haunting melodies, thrilling harmonies, and fearful rhythms, this track will work behind a wide range of Horror, thriller and suspense visuals

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Thriller Brass Cinematic Chase Theme (Suspense, Dark)

A huge mamoth orchestral Cinematic piece of Action Horror. This track explodes into your speakers with pounding brass lines and taiko drums. This track is full of action, horror, thriller themes, and in your face powerful chase scene melodies. Great for a wide range of cinema style action visuals, chase scenes, credit rolls, theme tunes, e.t.c. This track will really help your visuals stand our from the crowd and give them a profressional ‘big’ orchestral sound.

Download Thriller Brass Cinematic Chase Theme (Suspense, Dark)