City of the Damned (Suspense, Dark)

A dark city where evil forces reign and the innocent run and hide to escape from becoming prey to those who hunt within the decaying urban landscape. A place where survival at all costs is regarded as a virtue. Death stalks at every corner, and scattered pockets of underground resistance fight against the dark reign. A dark, ominous track, that builds a soundscape for just that kind of environment, using a complicated array of synths, percussions, and even some classical instrumentation.

Download City of the Damned (Suspense, Dark)

Dramatic Orchestra Theme with Variations (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

This track begins as a simple melody on flute that builds into moments of suspense and drama followed by action and victory. There’s a similar motif throughout, though the track has four very distinct sections. Because of its variety, one may be able to use the sections for four (4) separate projects as each section will stand on its own. Everything builds towards a massive, moving climax accompanied by a male choir and large orchestral percussion.

Download Dramatic Orchestra Theme with Variations (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

Walking Rock Background (Lite Rock)

This background track contains a fast refrain-like e-guitar main theme with a nice walking bass. The second part is splitted in two more calm down parts which goes back to main theme again.

Loopable versions of the different parts are included.

Included Tracks:
Main Version: 2:19

Included Loops:
Part 1 (Main Theme, without Intro): 0:12
Part 2: 0:24
Part 3: 0:24

Download Walking Rock Background (Lite Rock)

Epic Cinematic Trailer Music (Cinematic)

(CE) – Promote your upcoming projects, games or videos with this high quality track made by the Symphony. This epic composition was especially designed for this purpose. With a straight build up to an epic climax, this track covers it all in order to boost your promotional needs to the fullest!

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Download Epic Cinematic Trailer Music (Cinematic)

Ambient Background 2 (Tech)

My newest beautiful track –

  • This is romantic short atmospheric ambient track with somnolent synths and filter pad…Relax! This track can be used in movies, video, like music, background for websites etc… Enjoy and thanks for buying!


  • PIANO OPENING LOGO (two versions)
  • Your Voice
  • Leaves In The Wind
  • Sunshine Background Music Pack


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    Ambient Background Collection

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  • Download Ambient Background 2 (Tech)

    Superfunk Theme (Funk, Groove)

    The composition was created in his moment for a web page but it ended up by being a head-board for any type of audio-visual project. There consists of two parts differentiated with arrangements of organ type Hammond B3, winds, guitarras with wha-wha and this type of sound typical of the golden funk epoch.
    Since final detail is included a small dose of modernity with small scratchs to give it a more current feeling.

    Download Superfunk Theme (Funk, Groove)

    Sneaky Surfer (Lite Rock)

    Surfy track that switches to minor and back to major for a spy feel. A wall of Telecasters and a tight rhythm section makes for another spaghetti/surf type track. There’s a full version, an intro, a middle loop that can be used to make the track longer, and an outro to tag on the end when you’ve made time. Thanks for listening and Enjoy!


    Full track: 1:08

    Intro: 0:02

    Middle Loop: 0:55

    Ending: 0:11

    All are in mp3 and wav.

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    Download Sneaky Surfer (Lite Rock)