Supermarket Ambience (Urban Sounds)

A high quality recording of the sounds of a supermarket, you can hear people talking and moving around, the “bleeps” of the barcode scanners and cash registers. This sound would be ideal to the ambience of a supermarket or a shopping mall, it could be useful as a background sound in a film, or in a flash advertisement about shopping or money.

Mp3 and Wav versions are in the zip.

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Download Supermarket Ambience (Urban Sounds)

Battle Background 3 (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)


This is a cinematic and action background song created mostly for war movies, games and video backgrounds with tense anticipation. Here you can hear brass, strings and trumpets follow by drums. Also this song can be used for intros and trailers if you use some from my Sound Effects Pack


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Download Battle Background 3 (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)