Halloween Three (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

A horror track filled with hair rising suspense (A) and two types of pursue (B and C).

A 0 :43
B 0 :44
C 1 :10

And also a full track featuring all three of them. Everything comes in high quality wav (44.1khz-16bit) and mp3 (320kbps).

Perfect for horror films and/or radio shows backing tracks.

If you like it, please rate! I would appreciate it very much.

Don’t hesitate to ask for custom made tracks for your proyects. Send me an E-mail and tell me what music you are dreaming of, and i’ll make it happen. See ya!

Download Halloween Three (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

Requiem for Love (Sci-Fi, Fantasy)

A three-part orchestral arrangement with melancholy and romantic elements. The first movement is the saddest and slowest, evoking feelings of loss and grief. The second movement has a quicker rhythm and a more hopeful, passionate feel. The last movement begins delicately and thoughtfully and gradually builds to a climax.

1st Movement – 1:17
2nd Movement – 1:15
3rd Movement – 1:40

Download Requiem for Love (Sci-Fi, Fantasy)

Babylon (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

A grand middle-eastern style composition with a mix of gritty synths, orchestral instruments and pulse-quickening ethnic drums.

There is a lot of variation throughout the song so I have also included a selection of short, seamlessly loopable clips (they can be heard at the end of the preview.) They have loop-points for software that can understand them or the fadeouts at the end can be clipped off manually.

Loop 1 – 0:18
Loop 2 – 0:17
Loop 3 – 0:10
Loop 4 – 0:19
Loop 5 – 0:19

Download Babylon (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)