Inspiration (Tech)

This is a very modern take on an orchestral remix featuring orchestra strings, an upright piano, electronic drums doing a modified break beat and even some ethnic instruments for color. Obviously, the track is rather inspirational but also somber and emotional enough for a cinematic scene or trailer. The drums and distorted instruments definitely add an edge of technology, but this could be used as a corporate motivational track as well.

Download Inspiration (Tech)

Transformative Slash (Futuristic Sounds)

An ident that starts in one place and grows and transforms into something completely different by the end. Chameleon-like would be a good adjective to place on this ident.

Useful especially for logos, short animations, and branding. But could be used creatively outside of these environments as well.

Download Transformative Slash (Futuristic Sounds)

Autumn Symphony (Folk, Acoustic)

Sweet melancholic melody inspired by the season of autumn. Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking alone in the autumn park or forest with leaves falling around. The air is still warm but humid…
This neo-classical/folksy acoustic piece is great for any video/audio installations or film with the topic of autumn…
Enjoy the sweet symphony of autumn!

Download Autumn Symphony (Folk, Acoustic)