Nightmare (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

(you can hear them in a preview file!)

This is a tense and scary cinematic song created for movies, videos, trailers etc. Here you can hear strings, choirs, pads and drums. I can see this song in some cinematic movie intro or video trailer.
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Here is my collection:

Download Nightmare (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

Negative Exclamations – Female Voice (Human Sounds)

This is a sound file with several negative exclamations in female voice (English). It can help you to illustrate your project with human voice.

Word List (Two versions of each expression included)
– Watch out!
– Come on!
– Oh! (Disappointment)
– That’s Close!
– Be careful!

Download Negative Exclamations – Female Voice (Human Sounds)

Two Coins (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

An epic track with legendary feelings……The theme is suitable for seafaring, pirate stories, ancient tales etc…
Includes choral vocals…Also it is suitable for games, documentaries, movies etc

This track has two feelings….In the beginning you can feel sublime requiem, but towards the end sweet melodies start that support the story…

You can edit it according to your project… Have fun…

Download Two Coins (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)