Success Begins Right Now (Motivational)

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This is a highly motivational and upbeat song that has been crafted to work in many different scenarios.

The track comes in wav and mp3 format:

SuccessBeginsRightNow.wav – 2:18

SuccessBeginsRightNow.mp3 – 2:18

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. If you need any edits we can do that as well. Thanks!

Download Success Begins Right Now (Motivational)

O Christmas Tree Traditional (Holiday & Seasonal)

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One of the most known christmas carols in Germany, also known as O tannenbaum, O Christmas Tree is a very relaxing and happy song.

You can use it as a very calming background for a winter template, or for sending your beloved family a youtube dedication, for example. This version is a variation on the known theme played by a professional pianist.


  • Included hi-quality wav and mp3 files.
  • 44100 khz stereo ( contact me for higher resolutions )

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Download O Christmas Tree Traditional (Holiday & Seasonal)

Strut The Funk (Funk, Groove)

A simple, funky, natural-sounding instrumental with drums, bass guitar, high-pitched guitar accompaniment. Overall, it has a confident, positive vibe and a little attitude. Ideal for advertisements, films, podcasts and other productions.

The download includes:
1. Strut The Funk (.WAV format): 2:04
2. Strut The Funk (.MP3 format): 2:04
3. Loop of the main “hook”: 0:04 (0:09 – 0:13 of the main track)
3. Loop of the enchanced “hook”: 0:04 (0:18 – 0:22 of the main track)
3. Loop of the funky guitar solo: 0:04 (1:25 – 1:29 of the main track)

Download Strut The Funk (Funk, Groove)