Corporate Elegant (Motivational)

Corporate Elegant – positive, optimistic, joyful, emotional upbeat corporate track.

Created for backgroung video and voice.


  • Muted guitars
  • Guitar Harmonics
  • Soft piano (chords)
  • Electric bass
  • Synth kick
  • Synth Plucks
  • Synth Pad
  • Percussion (hats, shakers)

Perfect for:

corporate videos, technology videos, hi-tech presentation, innovation videos, development videos, motivational projects, ambient background, TV, commercial, radio, corporate opener, business videos, success videos, tutorials, advertising, contemporary opener, discovering videos, documentary, futuristic videos, minimal videos, modern videos, science videos, medical and many more!

Download Corporate Elegant (Motivational)

Medium Waves Long Rolling (Nature Sounds)

Close waves are rolling moving from the right to the left. There are small gurgling waves in the foreground. Loop


  • Recorder – Sound Devices 744t
  • Microphone – Sennheiser AMBEO VR MIC
  • Sound Devices Preamps
  • High quality
  • Loop
  • Stereo
  • This sound available in AMBISONIC FORMAT (B-Format – FuMa) on my website:
    With FREE PLUGINS you can convert the B-format files into: Stereo, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0 or 7.1 surround, Binaural, Shotgun, Speakerdome and more.Click here for more information.

    Download folder includes:

  • Medium Waves Long Rolling – 1:35 sec

    Medium Waves are undisturbed nature sounds, without noise pollution caused by planes, road traffic, car, alarms, and other human sources.

  • Download Medium Waves Long Rolling (Nature Sounds)

    Sport Rock (Indie Rock)

    Sport Rock

    Energetic, powerful and dynamic Sport action track, with punchy rythm and powerful guitars. Perfect for game, movie trailers, sports trailers, driving, openings, racing and any kind of action scenes in your video production!

    5 Versions included!

    Sport Rock – Full – [1:41]

    Sport Rock – Medium – [1:09]

    Sport Rock – Short – [0:48]

    Sport Rock – Very Short – [0:26]

    Sport Rock – Loop – [0:42]

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    To Customers:

    Thank you for choosing DynaMic Sound Productions music for your projects!

    We’d love to see how you used our music. We’d be grateful if you sent us a link to your project.

    If you have any questions or need changes to the track please Contact Us.

    To VideoHive Authors:

    You are welcome to download and use previews of our music for use in your VideoHive projects, just link us in and we will link you back. Thank you!

    Download Sport Rock (Indie Rock)

    Melancholic Piano (Romantic, Sentimental)

    Simple, melancholic and at the same time, uplifiting. An straight forward escaliting arrangment centered around a piano riff. Semi epic and inspirational. Perfect for a rainy day.

    Instrumentation :

    Included are 5 versions to suit your storytelling needs.
    1 Full Version – 4:08
    2 30s – 0:30
    3 60s – 1:00
    4 90s – 1:30
    5 120s – 2:00

    Download Melancholic Piano (Romantic, Sentimental)

    The origin of beauty (Motivational)

    Positive atmospheric track with a melody and development. Good and energetic, melodic and varied. Funky guitars and synth. Magic piano and bouncy synthesizers. Complete a full product..This top quality background track is great for inspirational and motivational projects.The track is suitable for movies, video production, radio.

    Download The origin of beauty (Motivational)

    Hyperlapse (Downtempo)

    “Hyperlapse” is a …

    Ambient downtempo piece with dub / trip hop influences and brooding, gentle mood. Lush, misty atmosphere mixed with futuristic synths and groovy drum beat blends into tasteful intelligent composition. Works well with timelapse, hyperlapse videos and hi-tech media projects.

    Item include additional versions:

    • “Hyperlapse” main ver. duration 4:14
    • “Hyperlapse” short ver. duration 1:36
    • “Hyperlapse” logo ver. duration 0:24

    – all in HQ MP3 and WAV formats.

    Download Hyperlapse (Downtempo)

    Inspiring Corporate (Motivational)

    Inspiring Corporate is a light, clean, amazing, optimistic and positive corporate background music. Perfect for successful background video, news, interviews, promotions, presentations, television, background music for elevators and supermarkets, slideshow, time-lapse, commercial, advertising, family traveling video, background to explain, podcast.

    Download Inspiring Corporate (Motivational)