The Futurism (Experimental, Abstract)

Exclusive tune perfect for videos, commercials and many more in Abstract style. Perfect for your media project: background for TV commercials, promotional videos, presentations and any other video projects.

1.The Futurism – 2:40

2.The Futurism – (Drums) – 1:01

? Track in a similar style –

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Medical Kit (Corporate)

Inspirational, motivational, positive, uplifting track for commercial, business, advertising background presentation videos with optimistic, happy, bright, light energetic emotional

Main track

WAV files included in this MUSIC KIT:

Song Selection

01_Intro – 0:01

02_Verse1_Part1 – 0:07

03_Verse1_Part2 – 0:07

04_Verse2_Part1 – 0:07

05_Verse2_Part2 – 0:07

06_Chorus1_Part1 – 0:07

07_Chorus1_Part2 – 0:07

08_Chorus2_Part1 – 0:07

09_Chorus2_Part2 – 0:07

10_Verse3_Part1 – 0:07

11_Verse3_Part2 – 0:07

12_Chorus3_Part1 – 0:07

13_Chorus3_Part2 – 0:07

14_Verse4_Part1 – 0:07

15_Verse4_Part2 – 0:07

16_Chorus4_Part1 – 0:07

17_Chorus4_Part2 – 0:07

18_End – 0:09

Demo ready for use

Demo 1 – 2:12

Demo 2 – 1:26

Demo 3 – 0:53

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Epic Orchestra Logo Ident (Individual)

Epic Orchestra Logo Ident for your Projects!

Epic Orchestra Logo Ident is energetic, emotional, hopeful, orchestral, impressing, uplifting, inspiring, bewitching, imponderable and epical. There is a beautiful piano,
strings, percussion and drums. This track is ideal for inspiring advertising, amazing slide shows and epical, innovative videos, movie, film , ambition and movement, inspired promotional, perfect background music for YouTube videos, TV shows, presentations and other projects.

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Download Epic Orchestra Logo Ident (Individual)

Epic Theme (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

“Epic Theme” is a powerful epic music track full of heroic and inspirational feelings. This music can be perfect soundtrack for your movie trailers, video games, battle scenes of good & evil, adventure stories, historical films, advertisement, news, presentations etc.

Mood: emotional, epic, inspiring, motivational, patriotic, heroic, powerful, triumphant, pompous, reflective, dramatic, dark, military, intense, brave.

Instruments: piano, violins, violas, cellos, contrabasses, horns, trombones, trumpets, tubas, percussion, timpani, cymbals.

5 versions included:

  • Main version (2:20);
  • 1st Short version (1:32);
  • 2nd Short version (1:16);
  • 3rd Short version (1:00);
  • 4th Short version (0:44).

Includes WAV & MP3 versions. Enjoy!!!

Download Epic Theme (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

Be Motivated (Motivational)

Be Motivated

This is a successful, inspirational, motivational, and corporate music that is ideal for your any optimistic projects. This track motivates success, gives a sense of confidence, success, and achievement. Enjoy.

Perfect for: inspiring projects, infographics, innovative and technological projects, promotion, broadcasting, advertising videos, slideshows, TV, motivational videos, home videos, sport, media, marketing, film, commercial projects, training, corporate projects, presentations, video explaners, youtube, business video, scientific projects, medical projects, real estate, and more!

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Construction (Motivational)

This track is perfect for scientific presentations, videos as well as for any commercial advertising. Use it to motivate your video, give it an uplifting and positive energetic vibe, inspiring energy and motivation strength.

Includes 3 versions of the track!
1.Construction (full) 2:18
2.Construction (short) 1:33
3.Construction (short) 0:48

Download Construction (Motivational)

The Playful (Folk, Acoustic)

Positive, uplifting and optimistic bright track with acoustic guitar, piano and ukulele. It is great inspiring folk background music for all your media projects. “The Happy” gives inspirational and joyful mood, will be great for commercial advertising videos, corporate presentations. It is also perfectly suited for background music videos, children’s programs, bouncy projects. This composition will add a light, brightness, and recognition for your project.

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