Pencil Writting (Domestic Sounds)

High-quality sound of a pencil writting on paper.

The zip file contains 17 files in WAV and MP3 formats.

  • Pencil Writting 1 : 0:01s
  • Pencil Writting 2 : 0:01s
  • Pencil Writting 3 : 0:01s
  • Pencil Writting 4 : 0:01s
  • Pencil Writting 5 : 0:01s
  • Pencil Writting 6 : 0:01s
  • Pencil Writting 7 : 0:01s
  • Pencil Writting 8 : 0:01s
  • Pencil Writting 9 : 0:01s
  • Pencil Writting 10 : 0:01s
  • Pencil Writting 11 : 0:01s
  • Pencil Writting 12 : 0:01s
  • Pencil Writting 13 : 0:01s
  • Pencil Writting 14 : 0:01s
  • Pencil Writting 15 : 0:01s
  • Pencil Writting 19 : 0:01s
  • Pencil Writting 17 : 0:01s

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Hip-Hop Pack (Hip-Hop)

Pack Description

“THip-Hop Pack is a collection of an inspirational instrumental dance hip-hop tracks. Inside of this pack you can find melodic and groovy dance tracks. It may be described as: positive, energy, warmth, uplifting, summer, pop, tranquility, melodic, dance, ambient, downtempo. “Hip-Hop Pack” will be a good choice for videohive projects, advertisings, commercials, presentations, summer videos etc.

Pack Tracklist

1. In Hip-Hop: 2:05

Hip-Hop (Short Version): 1:03

Hip-Hop (Short Version 2): 0:46

Hip-Hop (Loop): 0:20

2. The Hip-Hop: 1:05

3. Hip-Hop: 2:39

Hip-Hop (Short Version): 1:04

Hip-Hop (Short Version with Vocal): 1:05

Hip-Hop (Short Version 2): 0:44

Wav and Mp3 files included

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Technology Ambient Positive Pack (Tech)

Corporate technology background positive pack (3 tracks) which perfectly fits for inspirational and motivational videos, YouTube videos, films ,TV, promotions, presentations, corporate videos, background music, photo slideshows, websites, commercials, advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, web advertisements, successful and business videos, games, applications, popular commercials, visuals and more!

Three tracks (and their versions) included.

Thank you for purchase! Wish you all the best!

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Atmospheric (Experimental, Abstract)

Item Description:

“Atmospheric” is an electronic ambient trip-hop style melodic track with an atmospheric and pure piano chords. This track has a hip-hop style beat, atmospheric pads & strings and also background piano melody that make this track catchy. “Atmospheric” conveys the special atmosphere of inspiration, growth and kindness. “Atmospheric” has inspiring, uplifting, energetic, powerful, hip-hop, summer, happy, pop, melodic, mood.This one is a good choice for timelapse videos, landscape videos, presentations, fashion videos, different types of inspiring videos.


Pads, strings, piano, plucks, synths, drums and percussion.

Recommended For:

This track can be used as a background music for: videohive projects, business videos, advertisings, commercials, presentations etc.


1.Atmospheric – 2:03

Wav and Mp3 files included

Download Atmospheric (Experimental, Abstract)