Epic Triumph (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

An inspiring corporate background music track that generates an uplifting, positive and inspirational vibe without being obtrusive and getting in the way of your message and dialogue. This is a light and airy corporate track! The inspiring and motivational vibes gives to a track the uplifting atmosphere. It will be a perfect choice for a corporate narration background, motivational, inspiring, corporate videos, digital marketing, corporation presentations, innovative technological videos, websites, tutorials, explainers, slideshows

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Hurts to Hold On (Dance)

?There are 6 versions included in this pack:

Version 1: Normal Track (starts at 0:00)
Version 2: Instrumental (starts at 4:12)
Version 3: Short Snippet (starts at 8:24)
Version 4: Loop 1 (starts at 8:30)
Version 5: Loop 2 (starts at 9:02)
Version 6: Loop 3 (starts at 9:34)

This Track is a synth driven EDM pop song to fit perfectly as background music for any motivating and energetic project. It can also be used for fashion shows or dance contest videos.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to use the wave loops as they loop seamlessly.

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Happy Upbeat Ukulele (Folk, Acoustic)

Happy Ukulele – upbeat track with positive, optimistic energy. The mood of this track is energetic uplifting, inspirational, motivational. Instruments used in Happy Ukulele – ukulele, bells, marimba, acoustic drums, claps, whistle. Happy will be perfect for kids games, corporate projects, tv, youtube blog, cheerful cartoon for children, driving and playful video, travel videos.

This features 2 versions:
Happy Upbeat Ukulele Full Version (2:10)
Happy Upbeat Ukulele Short Version (00:42)

Download Happy Upbeat Ukulele (Folk, Acoustic)

Happy (Folk, Acoustic)

HappyHappy and positive song followed by ukulele, marimba, finger snaps, claps, glockenspiel and whistling.
Perfect for YouTube videos, commercials, advertising, happy and kids videos and more.

Three versions (WAV & MP3) included in the ZIP file :

1.Happy – Full Version (2:30)

2.Happy – Short Version A (0:30)

3.Happy – Short Version B (0:30)

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Epical Action (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

Beautiful, powerful, epical and inspirational trailer! Music is perfect for historical films, movies about superheroes, trailers, teasers, intro, games, fantasy, promotional and many other projects!
Here there is heroism, inspiration and the epic notes!

3 versions:

1. Full – 2:44

2. Short – 1:50

3. Teaser – 0:50

Very versatile track, which can be used in various fields!
Here I have used the violin, cello, horns, piano, drums and sub-bass!

Thank you for your choise!

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Corporate Innovations (Motivational)

For times when you need a motivating inspiring background which is confident and emotional. Being hopeful to innovate and inspire life. Reaching an accomplishment or achievement. It is an advertisement aspiring beginning or a bright business commercial. Mood of the song is corporate, uplifting, confident, successful, motivational, upbeat and inspirational. A confident corporate piece with forward goals of hope with happy guitars. This can be an individual inspiring and motivational drive for the future. Someone is optimistic and positive progression to success while being proud. If you need an upbeat and uplifting background for your perfect advertising then this is it. It is a bouncy business fresh vibe with hope and inspiration. Motivating, powerful, driving and inspiring pop track for promotional and stylish upbeat youtube videos, corporate media, presentations, etc. Featuring deep piano, muted electric guitar, harmonics, bass, drums, pads, percussion, synth and other electronic elements.

Both MP3 and WAV files included.

Thank you for purchase!

Don’t forget to rate it! Also I will be very glad to your feedback and comments! If you want to make changes to the track, just email me via the form on the main page profile! I’ll try to help you!

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Motivational Ambient Upbeat (Motivational)

Motivational Ambient Upbeat

Inspirational, motivational, positive, uplifting track for commercial, business, advertising background presentation videos with optimistic, happy, bright, light energetic emotional.

Used musical instruments:
Guitar, piano, drum, synthesizer.

There are two versions:

Item 1 – full version. (Duration 2:13)

Item 2 – short version 1. (Duration 1:25)

Item 3 – short version 2. (Duration 0:37)

Item 4 – short version 3. (Duration 0:21)

All versions are represented in WAV an MP3.

Download Motivational Ambient Upbeat (Motivational)

Ambient Presentation Background (Ambient)

A motivational, inspirational, clean background for corporate presentations, slideshow, product promo, commercials, demonstrations and other. Perfect for photo and video editing movies, corporate presentations, business video, animation, innovation, technology, youtube video, IT, television, tutorials, infographic, technology video montage, time lapse, meditative video and many others modern projects!

This track included 3 versions:

Ambient Presentation Background (2:26)

Ambient Presentation Background-Short (0:58)

Ambient Presentation Background-Very Short (0:33)

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Positives Kit (Corporate)

Music Kit Description

Simple inspiring background optimistic music, which would be perfect and ideal for any kinds of your projects! Original track: Positives.

What is a MUSIC KIT?

A MUSIC KIT is a collection of pre-edited individual song sections that can be rearranged easily and flexibly like musical building blocks to create custom-timed and custom-structured music tracks. Music kit sections contain natural decaying “tails” that allow for seamless transitions.

WAV files of all two demos (unwatermarked) plus documentation containing instructions and a description of the segment sequence for those demos are included within the zip file you will download.

WAV files included in MUSIC KIT

01 – Start Part (0:08) Introduction
02 – Start Part 2 (0:08) Continuation of introduction
03 – Main Part (0:16) Main part of this track
04 – Main Part 2 (0:16) Continuation of main part
05 – Main Part 3 (0:16) More power in continuation of main part
06 – Main Melody (0:16) Main melody of this track
07 – Main Melody 2 (0:16) Continuation of main melody
08 – Ending (0:08) End of this track

Download Positives Kit (Corporate)