Epic Show Time Pack (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

Included 3 music items:

  1. Epic Show Time – 2:05
  2. Inspiring Show Time – 2:04
  3. Orchestral Atmosphere – 1:55


  • Perfect staccato violin sound
  • Emotive choir and strings
  • Epic drums and percussion
  • Easy to cut by loop
  • Great in VideoHive, Slideshow, opener, commercial video, trips, travels and memories

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Sunset Inspiration (Corporate)

Look at my trend track: Motivation Ambient Kit

A motivational, corporate, pop, inspiring, happy, upbeat, bouncy, hopeful, light track. It consists of a flageolet guitar, piano, strings, percussion and other instruments. Perfect for tv advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, web advertisements, movie trailers, youtube, successful, business, achievement, financial and fresh videos, games, applications, backgrounds, confident presentations, promotions and others.

Download Sunset Inspiration (Corporate)

Feeling Good (Motivational)

Motivational, joyful, peaceful, modern, uplifting and refreshing acoustic backtrack featuring whistle, soprano recorder, glockenspiel, piano, acoustic guitar, ukulele, upright bass, drums, pizzicato strings, hand claps, finger snap, shaker, tambourine and percussions. Excellent for commercial, corporate, presentation, children and any movies, videos and projects.

Track List
1. Long Version – 1:21
2. Short Version – 0:45
3. Logo Version – 0:09
(Includes both High Quality Wave & MP3 Files)

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Download Feeling Good (Motivational)

Rock Energy (Hard Rock, Metal)

This is a cool driving hard rock track created with a usage of my favourite Fender Telecaster guitar, piano, some pads and drums. It sounds uplifting, driving, powerful, energetic and filled with a great mood. Sure it will be perfect to use in different projects, backgrounds, commercials, extreme videos, YouTube videos, commercial rock promo movies, games and others. ZIP contains 2 versions of the track with and without the guitar solo for more flexibility of use.

Zip contains two versions:

1.Rock Energy [ time: 2:34, tempo: 160 bpm ]
2.Rock Energy_Solo_Off [ time: 2:34, tempo: 160 bpm ]

All versions are in WAVE and MP3 format.

Download Rock Energy (Hard Rock, Metal)

Hybrid Blade Trailer (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

Epic aggressive hybrid music with intense impacts, strong risers, large synths, glitch effects, cinematic strings and straight beat..Ideal for using in blockbuster films and military movie titles, adventure trailers, action teasers, video games, After Effects title opener projects, logo idents, etc.

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Download Hybrid Blade Trailer (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

Happiness (Folk, Acoustic)

Happiness is a slight and positive friendly invitation to your customers for opening a new business service or product review or presentation, slide show, this music will emphasize your creativity, openness to youth and modern look. Light and positive background for many projects!

This energetic atmosphere is great for a wide type of projects:

opener, tV commercials, business presentations, infomercials, add, happy and funny videos, slideshows, cocial projects, product / brand advertising, corporate and YouTube videos associated with various topics such as travel, science, family, medical, politics, lifestyle, health, faith, entertainment and many more.

Mood of the track is:

Childish and positive, optimistic with uplifting mood!
inspiration, motivational and victorious, also optimistic, positive and uplifting.

Note to Videohive authors

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Download Happiness (Folk, Acoustic)

Uplifting Island Ukulele (Folk, Acoustic)

Uplifting Island Ukulélé is a inspired and positive acoustic track featuring acoustic ukulélé, piano, upright bass and drums !
Suitable for holiday, summer, inspired, island or uplifting acoustic backgrounds !

2 versions available :

Uplifting Island Ukulélé main item : 2’11”
Uplifting Island Ukulélé short version : 1’21”

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Download Uplifting Island Ukulele (Folk, Acoustic)

Breaking News A (News)

Breaking news set. Perfect for news opening, news background, sport news, broadcast, financial videos, juridical video, journalistic investigation, propaganda video.

  1. Full Breaking News Version – 1:14
  2. Breaking News Main Logo – 0:28
  3. Short Breaking News Breakbumper Logo – 0:05
  4. Breaking News Backgroud – 0:46
  5. Breaking News Background Loop – 0:044

Download Breaking News A (News)