Business Space interior Ready to Render (Interiors)

Corridor between two buildings with conference rooms.

No postprocessing of any kind.

Very Big Render 3200×2400 included.

This model is available for:

- 3ds max 2009 (2 versions in separate files: VRay & default Scanline Renderer. Materials, textures, lights and renderer setup included.)
- Cinema4D (textured)
- LightWave 5.6 (textured)
- Softimage (textured)
- AutoCAD 2000

multi file formats for various software:

- 3DS (textured)
- VRML (textured)
- OBJ (textured)
- FBX (textured)

this formats makes it usable in 99% of 3D software programs.
every format of this model has been verified in software that is designed for.

polygons: 1 083 750
vertices: 603 081

Most materials with bump maps, normal maps, specular maps.
High resolution textures.

every format of this model has been verified in software that is designed for.

By using this model in your project you are sure to please your client with a modern design of a corridor with conference rooms.

Also check out my other architectural interiors models, just click on my user name to see complete gallery.

Thank you for your time.

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Download Business Space interior Ready to Render (Interiors)

Glasses Set (Food and drinks)

9 items set:

– Tumbler (with liquid and ice) – 5280 (11161) polygons
– High Ball – 7104 polygons
– Cognac Glass – 9504 polygons
– Wine Glass – 12408 polygons
– Martini Glass – 11176 polygons
– Champagne Glass – 12760 polygons
– Tequila Shooter – 4224 polygons
– Beer Glass – 7392 polygons
– Irish Coffee Mug – 15290 polygons

Formats included:

– 3ds max 2009 + vray shaders
– Editable 3ds max 2009 version with TurboSmooth modifier active
– 3DS
– Maya 2009
– Cinema 4D R9

Download Glasses Set (Food and drinks)

Kartell Louis Ghost armchair (Seating)

High quality 3d model of Louis Ghost armchair by Kartell. Design: Philippe Starck. The model is based on the manufacturer’s original dimensions and was created paying much attention to all the details of the real armchair. It has accurate grid, ready to use and perfect for close-up. Available in 7 different materials: solid black, white and red; transparent yellow, light green, orange and violet.

Available formats:
.max v-ray – with materials and textures
.max scanline – with materials and textures
.3ds – simple object without materials (with mapping and textures included)
.obj – simple object without materials (with mapping and textures included)
.fbx – simple object without materials (with mapping and textures included)
.dxf – simple object without textures and materials

This model is one of other great models that goes together in the Vol.02 Chairs+tables. The Volume you may find on our website


Download Kartell Louis Ghost armchair (Seating)

Stationary Presentation Kit (Products)

A scene filled with all kind of stationary items, from the smallest to the biggest, all beautifully aligned and positioned and ready to render.

Here’s what the scene contains:
1. Single-fold Brochure
2. Calendar
3. Vertical Business Card
4. Business Cards stack
5. Contract & Letterhead
6. Presentation Folder
7. CD
8. DVD Case
9. Notebook
10. Bookmark (the one inside the notebook)
11. Hang Tags (the small ones on top of the contract)
12. Door Hangers with a support holding them
13. Envelope

The package also contains the post-production files (render outputs and PSD file). Being a complex scene, I couldn’t export it to other formats because it would have removed essential parts of the scene.

Each item is UVed and can be customized with your own designs by replacing the actual image maps in the materials from the Shader Tree.

Download Stationary Presentation Kit (Products)

Microphone Model with Mic Flag (Audio)

This detailed microphone model in Cinema 4D is perfect for branding a TV or radio station or perhaps building a breaking news promo. The mic flag can be edited to represent any image or call letters you wish. The cord dangles using spline dynamics with the Hair module to make it bounce and dangle when animated. If you don;t have the hair model you can still use it, it just won’t be as dynamic.

Download Microphone Model with Mic Flag (Audio)

Jens Risom Caribe Hilton Chair (Seating)

This chair was designed by Jens Risom for the Caribe Hilton hotel, Puerto Rico, in 1949. This is based on the modern reinterpretation designed by Jens and available from Design Within Reach.

The model comes with two timber textures, walnut and maple, and two fabric textures, orange and lychee, giving a total of 4 possible combinations.

All faces are UV mapped in seperate uv’s per material in the modo file, and in a single uv for all the other formats.

Included are:

The original Subdivision modo 401 file with all textures and materials used in the preview scene.

The preview scene itself in modo 401 format with cameras and lighting.

.lxo, .dae, .fbx, .obj exports of the chair with frozen geometry.

Preview jpg files.

Download Jens Risom Caribe Hilton Chair (Seating)