Wasteland low poly landscape (Buildings and Architecture)

Wasteland low poly scene with: drive in, garage, restaurant, shack

Perfect for games or theme projects such as TV spots, animated greeting cards, character scenes, and personal projects.

Four kind format: .c4d, .obj and .3ds

All textures are included in .psd format

Total number of vertices:9125 Total number of faces: 13293

Originally created in Cinema 4D. All file formats contain identical geometry and materials as seen above. All objects are polygonal with clean and accurate construction. Close attention to detail makes this highly rated scene ideal for close ups and print work.

Every file format has been checked with the appropriate software. All details are fully modeled out for closeups.

All models can be selected and re-arranged individually. Highly rated.
For any problem contact me on [email protected]

Download Wasteland low poly landscape (Buildings and Architecture)

Wood Log (Low Poly) (Miscellaneous)

This is a low poly model of a wood log. The model has just 30 polygons and most of the details are created in the texture map. As an example, the preview file shows how it can be used to create a pile/arrangement of wood logs.

It is designed with minimum model details and semi-realistic hand created wood texture. It is best used in games, animations and educational applications as an environmental prop.

Download Wood Log (Low Poly) (Miscellaneous)

Highway Billboard (Buildings and Architecture)

This is a detailed model of a highway billboard I created for a Videohive project.

What’s included:

• Cinema 4D scene with geometry, lights, shaders, a camera and render settings (Just hit ‘render’ and get the image above)

• Custom painted ‘City’ image used in HDRI rendering setup

• Compositing & External Compositing Tags setup for easy After Effects 2.5D workflow

• All objects are named and well organized

An OBJ file is also included. This file has no lights, shaders, or rendering information but can be imported into just about any 3D software.

Download Highway Billboard (Buildings and Architecture)