Christmas Star 3D Model (Deco Objects)

Ready to use with the materials in Cinema 4D. ?ylinder is corroded and you can remove it if you want. Also includes the 3d model only (with no materials) in fbx and obj for your convenience.

This is a decorative object that you can use in a Christmas tree you already have, to use in a game and for anything else!

Download Christmas Star 3D Model (Deco Objects)

Drone 3D for Game (Robots and Machines)

We present you the Drone. The model is fully ready for use. You can use it as you like. High quality, realistic, detailed model. Excellent for closeups, and architectural visualization. Pack Included: Drone 3Dmodel. -Blend, FBX, OBJ, STL, 3DS file format. -Original Blend file contains all the material setups, ready to render.

Download Drone 3D for Game (Robots and Machines)

Volleyball World Championship Cup Trophy low poly (Sports)

Low and high poly 3d models of a Volleyball World Championship Cup Trophy.

Models are fully textured with all applied materials:
– textures formats: TIF (x3), PSD (x1), PNG (x1), JPG (x2)
– textures size: x2048 (x2), x4096 (x5)
– textures types: Diffuse, Opacity

High poly version:

– 12 061 polys, 12 400 verts
– 2 objects

Mesh smooth 1: 48 280 polys, 48 921 verts
Mesh smooth 2: 193 401 polys, 194 401 verts

Download Volleyball World Championship Cup Trophy low poly (Sports)

Binder Clip (Deco Objects)

Binder Clip

Originally created with 3ds Max 2014
Model prepared for Corona Renderer 1.6.1
Includes Formats FBX and OBJ (not smoothed)

This model of Binder Clip is a photo-realistic model that will bring an expert level of realism to any of your design projects.
The model is accurate with the real world size and scale.
3 materials included (black metal, chrome, gold).

– Model is built to real-world scale
– Units used: cm
– No third-party renderer or plug-ins

No smooth:
Polygons: 12012
Vertices: 12078
Subdivision Level 1
Polygons: 96288
Vertices: 48162

Download Binder Clip (Deco Objects)

Trackview Filters for 3ds max (Scripts)

speed up the filtering process in the Trackview windows and save a lot of time for animators.


As an animator if you’re working too much with trackview windows, open and make changes to the filters is a time consuming and boring process.

this simple and smart script helps you to quickly filter out the tracks of the trackview windows without opening the filter window and easily change your tracks.

You can also use 3 buttons at the top of the dialog to open and close different windows of trackview.

Note :

if the dope sheet button opens a trackview curve editor , right-click in an empty space of its toolbar and choose load layout option -> Dope sheet layout


Copy the “TrackviewFilter” folder to the script folder in this path

C:\Users\-User Name-\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 – 64bit\ENU\scripts\

And drag and drop TrackviewFiltersMacro.mcr to the 3ds max viewport then open 3ds max and go to the customize -> customize user interface , under RodneyScripts Category you can find it. enjoy it!


Dope : toggle display of Track view – Dope Sheet window

Curve : toggle display of Track view – Curve Editor window

Mini : toggle display of Track view – Mini Curve Editor window

All : Sets all Show checkboxes to on.

None : Sets all Show checkboxes to off.

Default : Sets Transform and Modifiers checkboxes to on.

Sound : Sets only Sound checkbox to on.

Modifiers : Sets Modified objectscheckbox to on/off.

Visibility : Sets Visibility trackscheckbox to on/off.

Transform : sets transform checkboxes to on/off.

position : sets position checkboxes to on/off.

Rotation : sets rotation checkboxes to on/off.

scale : sets scale checkboxes to on/off.

X : sets x curve checkboxes to on/off.

Y : sets y curve checkboxes to on/off.

Z : sets z curve checkboxes to on/off.

W : sets w curve checkboxes to on/off.

thanks for your choice.

Download Trackview Filters for 3ds max (Scripts)