Dynamic Mysql Web Application

Dynamic Mysql Web Application
1st: project to be delivred within 5 days, if you can’t respect the delay please don’t bid.

take a look at http://www.antoinehalabi.com/proprietes_vedettes.php
For now i do it manually with Dreamweaver, i need it Dynamic

I need a dynamic and esay application to upload pictures to a page of my website (resize and frame the picture)and choose from a list some field that will be added near the picture simply by filling them, empty fields wont show on the front end.

when a proprety is sold, i will check the case in the Admin panel and a ‘sold’ tag will show on the picture also checked fields will hide from the front end. picture must be linked to a Diaporama that you have to add.

I need a independant admin panel and controle panel: see attached.
It has to work for 2 languages simultanly, because Website is gonna become bilingual soon. Fench English, you don’t have to know french.

I should be able to program the position of each property and add separator with or without text easely..

I alreday have the ‘Vendu’ tag = Sold but in english you have to do it with photoshop etc..

Check the attached files and images you will get better comprehension

Website Backend Coding

Website Backend Coding
I will provide the graphics and the server. I need someone to build the site.

Scope: I need a secure login for members only. Members need to be able to pay their dues online and set up autopay. I need a forum feed where people can make comments on a live forum feed on the home page and have access to older posts. I’ll need every member to be able to set their username and update their personal contact info and change their username. I’d also like this to be made in a PHP or some other protocol where the admin can edit online like a wysiwyg site. Open to suggestions.

I’ve attached a sample of the site to be built.

Psd To WordPress (adv)

Psd To WordPress (adv)

I have a VERY EXTREME wordpress design that needs to be done. I’m attaching screen shots..

The homepage is different then the rest of the pages, but I want the site to be static.

The homepage the navigation will be on all pages and is just whatever coding you want, however, below the navigation is a flash piece so I need a place to add the flash element, under that is the footer that will be spread apart on ALL pages.

The rest of the site is regular wordpress.

$200 is my max bid with a $100 bonus and $50.00/month for pages for this wordpress I will need developed.


– Please respond back, and put “5days” at the top of your bid/post to me so I know you read it.

I need the country drop down to work, with the arrow pointing down when its clicked on.
These don’t need to work, but I will talk about it with u.


Page: homepage_lg:
I need the drop down for languages to work with a good translator plugin installed


Page: homepage_Nav:
I need the navigation to be in that type of font where I can change, and add, I also need it
to have a transparent background with those colums.


Page: homepage_sc:
I need the login to drop down and be working but not go anywhere (so I can type stuff in but
in reality its broken, need arrow to point down when selected)

As for shopping cart Just make it a link to #.

Also, make search function working.


Page: ProductinfoPage
I need it to have breadcrumbs at the top over the banner, but have iton TOP of the image and just words
also, need to be able to replace image.

I need to be able to add all those products as well as click here to learn more which will go to
the product page.

Need the left nav working as well and able to add more, need it to highlight like that and stay
selected when onthat page, need footer working


Page: Sportspage

This is the product page for all the products on productinfopage
I need the enlarge image to work so I can select he image and blow up the picture
Need that little mini image up top with bread crumbs above it
Need a print page button working
Need to be able to edit the colums, navs, ect.
As for the add to cart, just make a spot for that so I can add the QTY, our javca guy
will code the rest
Make the product FAQ, Product Video, Product flier just pop up in a lighthouse javascript or something



Thanks and happy working with you

Of course,a bonus of $100.00 will be paid

German Articles And Blogs

German Articles And Blogs
Please let me know if you can write fresh articles based on tourism in German laguage.
We need 50-75 articles which are 500-550 worded and we need around 150 blogs each 450-500 german words.
This is a long term project.
I’ll Pay Good And High Payment.
I need to check
1St day Work:
60 to 80 pieces.
12 articles and 4 blogs for each article.
48+12 = 60 pieces.
Best Of Luck!!!

Extjs Gui

Extjs Gui
Download the office document which contains more details on what is required.

It is basically a gui built with extjs from extjs.com
I need a javascript UI done with extjs.
NO SERVER SIDE CODE IS NECESSARY! Hard code any example data for testing!

The gui builder from http://tof2k.com/ext/formbuilder/ can be used or hand coded, whatever you prefer

WordPress Category Programming

WordPress Category Programming
I am in need of a custom setup for my category page in WordPress.

I am trying to build a custom category template that loads all content that is marked with a with a special meta_key/meta_value first when loaded. The meta_key/meta_value are added via the Custom Field area on the post page.

If for whatever reason there are not enough posts containing the meta_key/meta_value pair then it will load the other posts from the same category that do not have the meta_key/meta_value pair.

Php Programmer To Adddreamwer

Php Programmer To Adddreamwer
I have Dreamweaver Add-on, use it for creation of the Paypal interface module

my client need finally updating the site and is to go-live.

They have tried to upload some product images via the shop admin but are receiving an upload error

I need someone look into this and fix it

Also, the client wants to use Paypal as a Payment Gateway, would you be able to integrate this into the shop – it is currently setup for Protx

thats all.. i am online.. i need enough experienced man who can do it right now (today)

budget $30

Convert Pdf To Web Order For 2

Convert Pdf To Web Order For 2
I would like you to convert a pdf order form to a web-based order form.

The following form (WITHOUT the Quickstart and Publishers Agreement):
has to be turned into a Web-based order form, with the following Admin panel provisions:
– able to edit all the text
– able to change the prices
– add options in the “Add-Ons” area
– have the “tables, interior images, and Final” totals calculated automatically based on inputs and options selected throughout the form = the Final Total is the one that has to be submitted to PayPal via button at the bottom of the form
– when buyer submits form for payment (presses PayPal button), the information from the form gets stored in the database.
– have the “Print Form” tab at the top and at the bottom of the form. The form has to print WITH Quick Start and Publishing Agreement, which text also has to be editable from the admin panel.

Budget is $50 to have the page done according to specifications, and turn around is to be within 3 days.

Please READ project description, and DO NOT bid if you cannot start immediately. Thank you for taking the time to read my project. I appreciate it.

Fix My Paypal Ipn Script

Fix My Paypal Ipn Script
One month ago, my paypal.cgi script suddenly stopped working – this is a 1-3 line fix and could be done quickly by anyone. My guess is that Paypal changed something in their API on the call-back.

I will provide FTP access to the paypal.cgi script.

Payments will be made as follows:

20% up-front via Paypal
80% upon project completion

Thank you

Bidrivals Penny Auction

Bidrivals Penny Auction

Please Everything in German because I come from Germany

It will be a live bidding auction site created, similar bidrivals.com. But will initially only the auction type “fixed price auction” and “1-cent-auction” will be realized. Later, other auction types and functions should be integrated without difficulty.

Please take a look at the bidrivals.com page carefully and register there if necessary, to get an overview.

The script (eg php5/sql) must be modular structure so that later, new features and auction types can be easily added. The source code should be clearly written and provided at key points with comments.

Both want to create a fixed price and 1-cent auctions are to be created with a minor amendment.

Attractive design and all other functions as bidrivals.com.

Short and coarse Specifications:

Design must be better than bidrivals.com
– Fixed price auction (somewhat modified, but essentially the same as in bidrivals.com)
– 1-cent-auction (slightly altered) in the core but equal
– A brief introduction to the user of how the site works
– Appealing item description with photo (s) only
– Counter
User login
– User must accept the terms of registration.
– Categories
– Language As At bidrivals.com
– Closing soon auctions immediately in sight
– Ticker of recently sold items
– Extended help page
– Possibility of purchase of Bietpaketen
– Offer Agent (de-/aktivierbar)
– Payment: (payment, GiroPay, PayPal, debit Sorfüberweisung, SMS, etc.)
– A brief overview of the buyer (Savings, etc.)
– Account balances for the user
– Partially animated buttons
– SEO-optimized
– Otherwise similar to bidrivals.com

Page Content:
– Terms and Conditions
-Contacts (also available as an image, because of spam)
– Privacy Policy
– About Us
Partner –
ImAdmin – all easily editable area

Admin area:
– Recruitment of virtually all important variables
(eg cost of Cointe and Cointe packets Einstelldauer, auction type for each item, pay the auction price (0%, 10%, 100%, etc.), counters and much more ….
-De-/Aktivierung Users
User Administration () incl Order
– SEO / Keywords
– Conditions (downloadable as pdf)
Easy-listing an item (description, pictures)
– Overview of all items (sales, profit, etc.)
Overview on sold Bietpakete (day-month)
– Administrator Password (changeable)
– Currently active users (display)
– E-mail (newsletter, receiving payments, activation, memory, etc.)
Sales reports (in Excel importable (cvs))
– Configuration page (page name, Metatitel, etc.)
, etc.
– Rest as bidrivals.com

The first payment of 40% of the award is made for the supply and installation of a test environment and on our Web site. Pays 60% after delivery and installation of the audited (production) web-site.

Test Job (logo Design)

Test Job (logo Design)

I’m looking for someone who I will use as my main designer for all my future projects.

This person has to be someone who is an excellent designer, competent with the web 2.0 way of doing design, can design sites in wordpress among other ones, is hardworking, loves challenging work, sticks to deadlines and communicates with me frequently.

This is a test project to weed out the excusers from the real deal, and to work with only those who really want fun&challenging work and a long term relationship.

I will select multiple winners and pay everyone who completes the work to my specifications by the deadline, so keep your bids as low as you can so that I can add you in the winners and see you in action.


For this test project I want one Logo created.


The logo specifications will be sent to you as soon as I choose you a winner.

I am very prompt with payment, and clear with communication and detailed in what I expect, I need the same level of seriousness on your part.


3 to max 6 days

As soon as I choose you as a winner, I will send you the project details. I will expect the first design in 24 hours. I will then give you feedback. When you receive my feedback you will have entered the second 24 hours.

There will not be any more than 3 feedback/changes, unless what you provided me is totally not like what I asked for.

As long as I am on time with my replies we will get this handled in 3x24hours = 3 days. I will extend your deadline if I am late in replying. (which is why I wrote, 6 days max. above.)

Further Information

When posting to this bid, please provide:

A sample of your design work that is 100% original and done by you. (I will check this throughly and research further to clarify if it is your work.)

And answer these questions for me:

Are you willing and able to do more work once this project is complete? (I will have an optin page design immediately after this and a website design(wordpress) right after that.)

Have you worked with WordPress before? (What are some examples of your work)