Volusion Site Work

Volusion Site Work
I’m willing to pay $100-150 for this work. It must be done in 14 days.

Here are the projects that need to be addressed in order of priority:
1. Landing pages to have pop-ups to better leverage PPC campaign
2. Make the site more user friendly visually and functionally
o Better/easier access to Learn About Diabetes/Diabetes Facts
o User friendly landing page for the Community elements
 (please note that the corporate blog will be created by another company)
3. Identify and address re-direction of lost content from old site (www.ImTypeXXXXFree.com)remove the XXXXX
4. Apply the Google news feed to Diabetes In the News
5. Create/integrate Landing Page for – Links and Resources
6. Create/integrate landing page for – Interactive learning (quizzes and puzzles, can the customized ones be updated?)
7. Better/easier, more user friendly access to Newsletter archive
8. We will continue to discuss the effectiveness of the Google Custom Search
9. We need to update the BBB code in the footer
10. We need to insert Twitter icon in the footer
11. Need to edit the Newsletter icon/graphic to have a stronger call to action
12. Other clean-up code work that you have identified
13. Other ideas that exist for us to optimize the site further

Vbulletin W/ Authorize.net

Vbulletin W/ Authorize.net
The PHP Programmer must be proficient in PHP and will be familiar with common social networking platforms such as WordPress, vBulletin, or similar. Genuine experience in a website programming development role is essential and a first rate portfolio of work is a must.

Skills & knowledge
•Strong knowledge of HTML, PHP, Javascript, XHTML, XML, AJAX, CSS, jQuery, SQL
•Experience with MySQL, database design, migration, integration
•Strong knowledge of cross-browser compatibility issues and workarounds
•Ability to write web services and integration with other 3rd party applications
•Strong knowledge about best practices for releasing code from development to production
•Strong knowledge of PCI Compliance, Data Security, and standards for payment gateways
•Familiarity with Linux, Unix and Apache system administration, and Cron jobs
•Self-starter and able to work with little or no supervision
•Excellent communication and team work skills

Other Preferred Skills
•Experience with large traffic sites and communities / networking sites, Web 2.0
•CMS and GUI development
•Experience using Adobe Flex, Flash, AS3
•Experience with ColdFusion

Other Details
This is a temporary position with potential of extension. No relocation assistance offered.

Cms Updates And Design Fixes

Cms Updates And Design Fixes
I need the following CMS/Website Updates compelted:

1) Want backend CMS to allow me to input/change the following to allow me easier on page SEO updates.

title tags (for EACH page)
header tags (for each page)
meta descriptions (for Each page)
meta keywords (for each page)
footer tags (for each page)
image alt tags (for each page)

2)Set up a Google analytics account for my page, and fully integrate w/CMS (Also Set up google sitemap, msn & yahoo sitemaps for my specified email address)

3) Fix my “portfolio” & testimonials page, I cannot update correctly right now. Need it so when I add portfolio links they open in new tab and are masked to search engines (should be able to control this via CMS.

4)Create a “sitemap page”/”client login page”/”pay now page” (just paypal button option)link pages and sitemap link in footer. These pages must match design style of my current website.

5)Make Custom 404 Page that fits design of my current page and contains Google 404 page widget

6)Ability to manage 301 redirects via CMS

7)”new” Page templates (I can currently create new pages via my CMS, I want to have 3 different page templates available to choose from when creating pages) that fit my current design. All new created pages should have same on page SEO capability as mentioned above.

9) Straighten out spacing on my main toolbar and footer and allow me to change toolbar titlewords via backend CMS

10) Fix scroll bar on main banner. Scroll bar operates correctly, just the “Design” image does not fit the scroll area correctly, PM me for details.

Super Easy Wp Theme Fix

Super Easy Wp Theme Fix

I just want you to fix this site: worldcorrespondents dot com.

As you’ve noticed, the page won’t load completely. I’ve modified home.php to automatically use the first uploaded image as thumbnail of the post. But after I did some modifications, the page didn’t load completely.

That’s it, I just want it to be fixed. Please post your lowest Bid. 🙂

WordPress Clone Site Mods

WordPress Clone Site Mods
Summary: This project will clone a site that I will provide, the development site is already cloned/live and most of the medications have been completed. Just need help on finalizing the changes below.

1.Most Recent Posts Sidebox – Display What’s Savyness as first post.
2.SinglePost.php – Display blockquote with the excerpt provided in the post as first sentence, then full post below. Ex) # of the savvies sites for POST TITLE. ETC… I will provide example.
3.Index.php – same functionally as singlepost.php, but keeping read more and display of posts in tact.
4.HTML Sitemap – Need to add a HTML sitemap sorted alphabetically with Alpha Character Headings. I will provide example.

Wp Plugin – Additional Table

Wp Plugin – Additional Table

we are looking for someone to code a small WordPress plugin for us.

The purpose of the plugin:

For our blog we have an additional database table with extended information about a blogpost. The plugin needs to get that information and display it in the respective blogpost.


The plugin needs to be easy to install (copy to the plugins directory) and it needs a setup interface within the WordPress admin area.

In the plugin setup area you can input the name of the db table. The plugin must then recognize all the table columns. Then the admin can check which column is equal to the wordpress blogpost id and what db columns are supposed to be included in the mysql query.

After the admin has setup the plugin, every blogpost will show the specified information.

Please provide references of your work. You need experience with WordPress plugins.

Thank you!

Write 10 Blogs 2

Write 10 Blogs 2
Need a very English fluent writer to write 10 100-word blogs on a indie movie website. Must be able to portray the movie as the BEST MOVIE YOU’VE EVER WANTED TO SEE! (Even if you don’t like it) The director is ME, so if you don’t like–don’t tell me and write to get paid for it! LOL! If you’ve won any of my other projects in the past few days–yes, it is the same movie.

Blog posting is not necessary. I just need the writings on MSWord to copy and paste elsewhere. Paid via Scriptlance escrow!

I Need 5 Articles

I Need 5 Articles
I need 5 original and unique articles that are structurally and grammatically correct. I will provide a phrase/keyword that each article should cover.

All of the 5 articles will be about the same primary topic. The articles need to be at least 400 words in length and have at least four paragraphs. You will also need to include a 8-12 (average) worded short teaser description/intro of the article.

I would expect you to use the internet and all of it’s resources for any research.

The articles MUST be unique. I will not pay for nor accept articles copied from somewhere else. I will confirm this using copyscape.com,articlecon.com and my own software. So if you feel that you can not write grammatically correct articles in English that are original, please do not bid. Poorly written articles will always be rejected and the project cancelled, wasting both of our times. So do not bid if you can only write in broken English.

The project guidelines need to be followed exactly.

In your bids, please place the TOTAL cost that you expect to be paid for the project and the TOTAL time you expect it will take , not the cost per letter or time per article.

Please put a sensible “delivery within” time, as overtly optimistic timescales suggests that you do not understand what is required.

Writers Needed (1)

Writers Needed (1)

I preferably need a team of writers that are willing to deliver a minimum of 20 articles daily (500 words minimum) through out the week (7 days). I have just received a bulk order of re-writes/fresh articles but don’t have the man power to complete. The order is for 10,000 articles so the pay isn’t as high as other projects but the quantity is there. The more you do the more you earn. The pay will vary between $1 – $1.25 per article.

Payment will be made through paypal on a weekly basis. I will be willing to pay in advance for the first few articles to build a relationship of trust.

Please PM me with a sample of your work so we can start right away. The quicker the better.

Include “Urgent project” in your messages so i know you have read the requirements.