Writing 50 X 250 Word Articles

Writing 50 X 250 Word Articles
Hello, I’m needing to create some original content for a series 50 similar websites.

I need you to write 50 completely original 250 word articles. I don’t want any spinning, scraping or other garbage that google might end up banning. I just want original written content. It needs to be written in clearly written english. If that’s not your strength then this project is not for you.

The subjects will be all very similar in nature: ie: a name of a city or province followed by the subject on “insurance”

Hello, I need you to write an article at least 250 words in length, completely original, on 50 similar subjects listed below.

The subjects are all on a name of a city or province located in Canada, followed by the keyword “insurance”. So ie:

1) Vancouver insurance
2) Toronto insurance
3) Montreal insurance
…. would be same for all 50 subjects.

So you’d talk about how many people living in the city or province are looking for insurance quotes. Talk about how an insurance quote can save them money, talk about home, auto, life insurance. Talk about why insurance is important, why someone should have it, where to shop for the best insurance rates, and how it can help the person. To make it unique mention something unqiue in a sentence or two about that city or province. To find that info use wikipedia or just google the name of the city and you’ll find unique information on it to incorporate into your article. ie: population, climate, major industries, important landmarks, or whatever, you can find about that city or province.

Each of the articles need to be as unique as possible. (and not copies of each other) The keyword should be included in the article at least 4 times.

I have another 2 of these exact projects to do after this one. So if you can get me this project done this week I’ll give you the next one if you want it. Email me back on here or at my email to let me know if you want to proceed. Thanks.

This is from a similar project, only it was on debt consolidation. But basically the same rules apply. Only for this project you’d be talking about insurance rather than debt.
—————————sample article——————–

Barrie Ontario residents are seeking debt consolidation more than ever before due to the challenging economic climate Canada is facing. Barrie is a nice sized city of almost 200,000 and in this quiet community on Kempenfelt Bay it would seem like debt problems would be the last thing on people’s minds. But for these southern Ontario residents unsecure loans and mounting personal debt is a serious concern. One of the biggest challenges is often not knowing where to turn or how to repair the problem. Between the various choices of proposals, consolidation, refinancing or even bankruptcy it can be very confusing road to financial recovery for people in Barrie ON. The first and easiest step is always speaking with a debt advisor who is an expert in this area. They can help you to evaluate your money situation and find the best possible solution to help you recover. Then they can help you get started in a debt recovery program that is right for you. Often these programs can help you to get back on your feet much faster, with much less stress, and for a fraction of the cost that you might pay otherwise. So if you live in the Simcoe County or Barrie and you’re feeling the pinch then maybe it’s time to get some help. Please don’t try and do this alone. Just talk to an expert. They can show you options that you never knew you even had. Start by filling out the form above to learn some options and begin the process to debt settlement and recovery now.

French Writer

French Writer
I’m looking to hire a French writer to produce 10 articles (2 articles a day). Here are the requirements: the articles must be between 650-800 words each, pass Copyscape (100% unique) and have proper formatting, punctuation and grammar. A good level of French is required. You agree that upon sending me the rewrites all rights to the rewritten articles transfer to me. This means you will not sell, reproduce or re-use these articles in any way.

Asp – Integrate Cart Template

Asp – Integrate Cart Template
Looking for someone familiar with .Asp/API and CSS to integrate the following template into my current Shopping cart platform, that is similar to a Volusion interface. http://tiny.cc/zmrzn (shortened url)

I just need this design sliced up and input into the current theme interface. The platform is similar to Volusion. Their website (short url) is: http://tiny.cc/ybIHt


Neondollars Affiliate Program

Neondollars Affiliate Program
I would like to find someone who can help setting up this adult webcam Affiliate program. The link below will tell you what is required. If you can do this supply me with a price and once I accept I will supply you with a Domain name to use.

This is what is needed to setup the Affiliate Program:
The purpose of co-branded sites is to make you able to provide the content of neoncams.com using your own graphics, domain and design elements. We will provide the full technical environment and server background. You only need to get a domain name.

http://www.free.sample.neoncams.com/ this is the free sample site that can be used. But would perfer one that looks like Check out www.NovoCams.com to see how our webmasters are using this powerful tool.

Basic steps to set up your own co-branded site:

Register a domain name.
Set our server IP address ( as “A record”.
Set up the following sub-domains: www, member, static. Make sure that these domains refer to the same IP address.
Type the chosen domain name at the co-branded admin interface (without www).
This is all you need to do to start the website. Of course further modifications might be necessary in case you would like to fine tune the website. You can find detailed information about these topics in the submenus.
I’m told this is about 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours worth of work for someone who nows what there doing. And that leaves me out LOL. So only bid if you have gone to the links and understand what is needed.

Create 3 Page Peels 500×500

Create 3 Page Peels 500×500
I need 3 500 x 500 page peels for advertising.

Each page peels need to have a different background
who is about making money online, working from home
and rich and luxurious lifestyle.

-Rick & Luxurious background, work from home and make money online
-Need to have like a mom or dad work at home or on the internet…


Page peels #1: Découvrez comment créer votre entreprise sur Internet!
Page peels #2: Cliquez ici pour découvrir comment faire de l’argent en ligne!
Page peels #3: Un jeune de 23 ans gagne 55,000 euros/mois, découvrez comment il fait!

I need an expert and a fast turn around.

Ready to fund escrow,

Convert Dotnetnuke Skin

Convert Dotnetnuke Skin
I would like to have a DOT NetNuke Skin Converted to a a SilverStripe Skin.

I will supply the Skin that works on DOTNetNuke.

I would like to see it operational on a live site (you control) to ensure it is fully operational prior to full payment as I have had a bad experience previously.

The SKIN will be supplied to the successful bidder.
for all, it is veiwable at: www.freemasonsvic.net.au



Adult Toy Website

Adult Toy Website
I hired a programmer from Script Lance and after payment was complete found problems through out the shopping cart that made the site unuseable.
I’m now in the process of starting over. Here is what I’m looking to achive.
1. Website designed using a shopping cart that is user friendly. Here are two sites that I found to have nice shopping carts. I’m not sure what kind they are using. They are https://www.edenfantasys.com and www.xtoysboutique.com
2. I have the Logo but need a template or banner
3. Need SSL setup and PayPal
4. Have the links for descriptions and images.
5. Within the shopping cart I need to be able to change the prices to all products or by catogory by %.

Please bid only if your a professional and can do this job right. You can view the crapy job the last programmer did by visiting the site at www.newadulttoyscheap.com

I’m open to hearing what you may have to offer but please only bid if you can do the job. I have already spent over $300 and still don’t have a working site.

Landing Page

Landing Page
We are looking to have a landing page designed and built.

– Need attractive color/design/professional – SIMPLE, no outgoing/crazy design.. Just a very very simple design with major headline about sexual transformation.

– Need a form with input.. First name & Email (input data to database, email thanks for signing up, send to another url after submission)

– Possibly bluish, green, medical colors

– Give benefits to our product (sex transformation, how it makes them look and feel, etc..)

– Must Offer free information for signing up in template!

– Need backend to allow admins to send emails out about products/services from backend.

– Deadline would be on or around January 11th.

If you have read and agree to the above, and understand it.. Include the word: Gotcha, in your reply.

Need WordPress Plugin Created

Need WordPress Plugin Created
Let me try to explain what we want the plugin to do.

The principle is the same as a Twitter widget. You go to twitter.com (or use another utility) to update your Twitter status. You place a widget on your WordPress site that will pull in your Twitter updates. It will display the last 4 updates, or whatever you want it to display (there are many Twitter widgets that do this). The widget pulls in the updates for your Twitter account by requiring you to provide the user name and password for that Twitter account (in other words, you can’t just pull in animals from any Twitter account you want—you have to have the login).

So, we want to do basically the same thing, except not with Twitter.

This will be for the site www.petfinder.com. Many animal shelters around the country are members of Petfinder.com and they post animals they have for adoption on this site. Petfinder provides a really good API, and I think you could get the information you need from this in order to make the plugin work. Right now they have a tool where you can generate and export custom HTML to display pets on your web site (I have an example of this at http://www.okhumane.org/adopt-a-pet/pets-for-adoption). You can pull in dogs, cats, or both.

Here are the characteristics I want for the Plugin.

Does not require a login—all the person has to enter is the Petfinder.com shelter ID to display the pets. (this means that anyone can display a list of pets on their wordpress site if they only know the shelter ID). Each shelter is given an ID by Petfinder that is the state of the shelter, plus a number. For example, my shelter ID is OK202.

Can be used as a sidebar widget, as well as a shortcode to be embedded in a page

The size of the sidebar widget can be customized (width & height)

Allows the webmaster to select what is displayed in the widget: how many animals are displayed (from 1 to 10), whether they want dogs, cats, or both

It will not allow the webmaster to customize the “look” of the widget. The colors will be consistent and “branded” with the petfinder.com colors (I will provide you with a mockup of how it needs to look)

Each animal in petfinder is given a unique ID number as well, which is a sequence of numbers. For example, this dog http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=15218478 has the ID of 15218478. So we know two pieces of information about every animal in this database: its shelter ID, and its unique animal ID.

It needs to have three display options for what pets to display:
1) show randomly selected animals (within the specified shelter ID)
2) allow the webmaster to specify which animals to display, by inputting the animals’ unique animal IDs.
3) display the most recently added animals

The widget needs to display the photo and name of the animal (both are included in the petfinder.com profile for that animal)

When a visitor to the web site clicks on an animal in the widget, he is taken to that animal’s petfinder page (for example, http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=15218478).

Well, that is a lot of information, but hopefully it will help you be able to determine if it’s something you want to try. Let me know if you have any other questions. You can find out all about Petfinder.com and their API by going here: http://www.petfinder.com/developers/.