Osdate Based Marketing

Osdate Based Marketing
I started a website based on OSDATE (used as a module), including a gallery and video.
This site is free sexually oriented.
The job is basically marketing:
*Acting on twitter, facebook and other forums to promote the site and get free subscribers
*Enable relevant affiliations
*Advice about design

The website programming is nearly finished. Mainly promotion and graphic design.

Web Design Copywriting Seo

Web Design Copywriting Seo
we are working as consultants for an NGO working in Africa. its main programs include, re-afforestation projects,bore hole drilling projects in arid and semi arid lands,irrigation projects among other humanitarian and developmental activities. the foundation would like to raise more funds for its activities from individual private and corporate donors and we feel that a website would help to achieve this purpose and explain what they do to a global audience. we therefore need a professional who is capable of coming up an appropriate website which will facilitate fund raising due to the use of a good copy writing skills and SEO strategies. the website should be capable of accepting donations via credit or debit cards and via online banking and cash remittance systems like PayPal,alert pay etc.it should have mass appeal since its intended for a global audience if you can provide the required website with the necessary copy and have the pre-requisite SEO skills please contact us as soon as possible.

Mysql Database Intergation

Mysql Database Intergation
Okay so heres what I need.

I have a 3 MySQL databases I need merged into 1.

2 PHP scritps

and 1 VB program

I pretty much need the login, user profile ect. merged into one database so they all can share the same login, profile in all 3 programs.

I will also need you to modify the PHP scripts so they can use this new database.

Thank you.

Ladder Phpfox Integration

Ladder Phpfox Integration
Site is currently running phpfox 1.6.20, I would like to integrate the free open source gaming ladder script “Squash’s PHP Ladder” into my site so that members who sign up for my site also have an account for the ladder and are automatically logged into it when visiting the ladder’s page, just like how they are auto logged into my IPB forums. If this is possible, please post prices.

To take a look at squash’s ladder files: http://sourceforge.net/projects/squash-ladd-php/

If this is not possible but you know how to program a ladder on your own which can do the same things as squash’s ladder, please bid as well.

Full Time Programmer

Full Time Programmer
We are an IT solutions firm in Tokyo and we have several large corporate clients that we manage web sites for aswell as our own productive web sites.

Much of the work is with Japanese language site front ends and data collection however we have Japanese staff and I personally speak, read and write Japanese. We do not expect candidates to understand Japanese but they should be willing to do Google Translate sometimes if required. The programming ofcourse is not Japanese but uses language files.

We are running many web shops in the Zen Framework in both English and also with some that have Japanese in the admin and front end.
We will be collecting data from japanese websites and inserting it into our sites. This is a large portion of the work.

We expect the candidate to have a very good understanding of PHP and MySQL and database design and implementation. We would also expect the candidate to be fully devoted to our work and to check in with us each morning to go over issues or just to say what will be happening for the day and also so we can communicate the work required.

We have worked with many programmers on SL and are well versed in technology and databasing and web design.

We have our own full time web designer in our office so design work is not required. However we do consider HTML, CSS as programming and if needed we would require this to be completed also. However we do not expect a lot of this at all.

If you feel that you have a very high knowledge of PHP and programming we are interested in your portfolio and would gladly talk further in the PMB.

Our GMT is +9 so please state your GMT so we can know when you would be starting work in the morning.

We would also prefer to use one IM Gtalk or Skype and so on for communication.


Staff And Company Intranet

Staff And Company Intranet
We need to build a fully customisable intranet site from scratch. It will need to incorporate our corporate identity and logo (existing) and will need to include the following features:

1. Fully customisable pages and text entry and image upload.

2. Fully searchable telephone directory with email and telephone numbers. To include staff profiles with image uploads.

3. Updatable news items.

4. Fully username and password protected from front screen. Users to be added, deleted and suspended from admin control panel.

5. No information to be seen at all without logging-in.

6. Product support and information pages.

7. Contact forms and secure message forms for orders, pushing all messages to selected email addresses. Contact forms to include, ordering stock, requesting annual leave, reporting health and safety issues and it support issues.

8. Classified adverts section, adverts to be uploaded by all users but to be approved by admin before listing. Must auto expire after 21 days, should be able to be declined or deleted by admin.

9. Internal notice and vacancy board with form for applications.

10. Section for updatable and downloadable staff policies, procedures and product knowledge-base. Techncial support area. Downloadable PDFs as well as webpages.

11. Pages to be added, delete and moved by Admin user.

12. Other features that you could recommend for a useful company intranet.

Wptheme From Html Site

Wptheme From Html Site
I urgently would like to clone of www.buchan.com, into a wordpress form. Plain and simple. Please have wordpress experience. I do not want to be your first wordpress assignment. Clone must be publicly visible by Friday Eastern Standard Time. If you cannot ensure that the clone is ready by then please do not bid. If not please bid now. I will make a selection a few hours after posting this project. It is now 3.20am and I will make the selection by 9am.

Long Term Wp Psd Creator

Long Term Wp Psd Creator
I need some one for long term business.I am finding a reliable person who can provide me psd file for wp.

more than 30 file in a month.
Please submit a mock up of this link

Do not copy.Take idea form it.Try to make in different color and make rounded corner of upper left link.
Only experienced programmer….
Please mention your bid per psd.
cyberzone is keyword without this keyword all bid will ignored.
My rate is 7$ per psd but i am finding more lower price.


Second Vision Gaming

Second Vision Gaming
I am looking for a somebody to make an online gaming community website. We are starting fresh and new so we want to start out by creating a website that will attract others. Our name is “Second Vision Gaming”. would like a chatbox, forums, and I would like the Sign in/sign up/ website messages thing –and–
if possible profile custimization stuff, with avatars/xbl gamertag links/ and all that great stuff. I would also like a logo made. We are a gaming community so I would like for it to look it. I have a pretty good idea on what i want it to look like but if you have better ideas than i am all up for what you have in mind.

Bulk Article Writer

Bulk Article Writer
This is an assignment for BULK article writing. Each article must be original 450 – 500 words, grammar and error free and good English.

This assignment will be long term and you can expect as many articles as you can handle each day.

I will consider hiring more than one applicant for the job, so if you are a good writer and can produce a good volume, apply.

Please send samples of your writing with your bid.

Please if you are more than $1.25 per article- don’t bid. The initial assignment will be for 100 articles- which will with more after the first batch.

Best Quality, Lowest Bidder will win.

Get Data From Trading Platform

Get Data From Trading Platform
Retrieve Data from Trading Platform Server (Meta Trader, Ninja Trader, GS Trader)
Hey There Coders,

Basically, you have to create a desktop application, preferably in .Net (C#) but no restrictions.

And the desktop application will retrieve historical data of symbols as well as user account information into the application and/or copy it to our own database.

That’s the main part as basically we just want to build a progress report.

There are smaller other parts as well, but will be given to only bidders who prove themselves to be capable of this project.

Also note that you’ll have to sign an NDA form before starting work on the project.

Looking forward to your bids.

Create A Few Forms On My Sit 2

Create A Few Forms On My Sit 2
I need someone who is experienced with creating forms for submission of data on a website.

I need basically 2 forms created. One form is fairly long but not overly complex and the other form is short and simple.

These forms are for a loan application website.

In order to get an idea of what the form will require simply search a few mortgage or loan websites and see what the forms look like and how they behave.

I will provide you with a few example forms, as well as all the fields neccessary and any validation/rules for the form.

The forms data should be sent to my email addy, with the data also stored in a database if its not too much extra work just in case I have problems with my email for some reason.

If you are able to get started tomorrow (Sunday) please place your bid as I will likely be selecting a programmer today (Sat eve)