A Website Cloning

A Website Cloning
Hello there!
I need the following website clone slightly modified (some added features such as small survey and trip finder etc): visit-malaysia (dot) com

But you’re more than welcome if you already have a clone not exactly but similar to this kind of website. It’s all about TRAVEL theme!

Thanks for your time.

Plz, no spam!

Png Design To Xhtml/css Page

Png Design To Xhtml/css Page
Simple PNG to XHTML project. Background mountain graphic should tile horizontally, side bar tabs should be pure CSS list format so we can add/remove easily.

We would like it in CSS for layout and include styles for the layout, h1, h2, links, etc. and basic text formatted.

We would like the logo to be a link and the ‘Click here for honest estimates’ area to be a link as well.

The top portion where the ‘Call to speak’ will be a flash animated area so do not include that in the graphic. Same with the Honeywell area. The design should be clean so we can have these flash in and on other pages the text will be higher. See the sample jpgs attached showing a page with all text.

In the PNG file, we created slices for your reference to where the divs need to be placed for the flash pieces and logo.

Remember, the menu needs to be a list with an option to have a sub list which is identical yet the text is indented a few spaces. The rollover effect should match the sample and the menu area and page must be able to stretch vertically to allow for extra menu links and pages with more text. We do not need DHTML/Layers/expanding menus – just a nice clean list with the ability to add a few links as needed in the future.

The main thing we are looking for is a high level of detail and precision in crafting this page – we need the final result to be just like the mockup design. We need the divs for the flash pieces made so we can easily add those elements.

Please create placeholder jpg/gifs for the flash areas shown as slices in the PNG. These will be the flash dimensions that we will swap out in real time.

Please see the attached PNG to insure the page design can be created identically or as close as possible.

Contact us with any questions. Please take a look at the attached samples before bidding. We do not need it ultra fast, we need it clean and accurate.

Thanks in advance.

German Articles Blogs Urjent

German Articles Blogs Urjent
Please find the specifications of the project.
We need fresh articles with

• 1) No of words in the article = 500-550

• 2) Keyword density of the article = (5)%

FOR each keyword we need 1 article of 500-550 words in German and 4 blogs of 450-500 words in German..
that is in 24 hrs time please deliver 5 pieces based on one keyword in german.
You will finish 55 pieces with in short time.All articles and blogs should have unique titles..
Sl No.
English Meaning
Jordanien Reisen
Jordan Tours
Jordanien Reise
Jordan Trip
Jordanien Urlaub
Jordan Tourism
Jordanien Urlaubsreisen
Jordan Holidays
Petra Reisen
Petra Travel
Petra Reise
Petra Journey

Reisen Nach Jordanien
Travel To Jordan
Reiseangebote Jordanien
Jordan Packages
Reisebuero Jordanien
Travel Agency Jordan
Jordanien Reisebuero
Jordan Travel Agency
Jordanien Reiseagentur
Jordan Travelling


Need 10 Weight Loss Articles

Need 10 Weight Loss Articles
I need 10 500 word articles written on the subject of Weight loss.

The articles are to be used for article marketing.

articles must be written using excellent American style English.
All articles must be unique.

Each 500 word article should use the keyword somewhere in the title. Each article should use the keyword 3 times in the article.
Preferably once near or in the first paragraph, once in the last paragraph, and once in the middle somewhere.

The main keywords are:

weight loss
lose weight
lose weight fast
diet pills

secondary keywords are:

weight loss program
fast weight loss
weight loss plan

I have a very small budget for this to place your bids accordingly!

Writer Needed

Writer Needed
I need a responsible writer who can write 5 articles. Each article will be written in 1000 words

* Unique and Pass Copyscape
* Your articles must meet Ezine’s standard.
* Excellent written English with a good knowledge of Grammar.
* You should be able to write compelling and high-value articles with absolutely No Grammatical, Spelling & Structural Mistakes.
* SEO optimized, so you should have a basic knowledge of search engine optimization.
* Keyword Density 1 – 2% (use product name as keyword) to check keyword density visit : http://www.live-keyword-analysis.com/

max $50

Please provide me with a sample of your work

Web Designer 2

Web Designer 2
No time waster

Pls read the requirement and payment proposal in full before bidding

Also, max budget should be checked before applying

We are looking for an experience consultant that is able to design, develop and create a website containing numerous mini websites

Attached is a summary of the work required

More explanation can be given if required

You are to develop main website framework and 2 mini website as phase 1

Phase 2 and phase 3 will be decided in future

Payment terms is as follows

No escrow or payment release until work is completed on your server

After full testing and bug resolved, 50% is released and code is transferred to our live site

After successfuly code transfer, balance is released

New Category Browsing Feature

New Category Browsing Feature
I have an existing website http://tinyurl.com/yforzds that we need to offer a new way for customers to browse by Gender, Type, and Style. The website uses PHP and Smarty templating. The urls must be SEO friendly like our current urls are. You can use some type of array logic I am thinking like domain.com/page.php?filter=12,34,34. This will allow the script to support an unlimited level of filtering.

See example at http://tinyurl.com/ya2nox2.

Our system provides a way to classify PRODUCTS/ITEMS with an option called ITEM TRACKING. It uses three tables to create item tracking.


You are only working on the browsing functions and displaying by collection, you will be using existing code that displays my items and pricing. You will not be working on any ITEMS PAGES. I will assist you with the SQL queries via instant messenger. I have attatched the file category.php, and functions.php so you can see the existing code that you will be utilizing.

If you open the file CATEGORY.php you will see the code already done.
You can create a new file using this template.


All code below $r_items = get_items($c); should be copied into your script.

The function get_items will be replaced with your new function that must get the same information as get_items but limit it to the requested limitations(Such as Womens, Shoes, Slip On).
It of course should group them on the page by collection.

Once you have the database outputting the content correctly I can format it visually for the website you just need to get the information outputting the same way http://tinyurl.com/ya2nox2 is showing it.

I need this job done ASAP and you must be able to talk online on MSN, or Yahoo. Thank you.

Flash Attack Script

Flash Attack Script
I want a flash attack script that when the user clicks to attack someone it will take them to an attack screen with the flash that shows two knights then they have to click the mouse on the other knight to attack him, it will read the health, strength, defense and speed from a php script. if the other knight has more speed than the attacker the other knight will already get the first hit. I want it to have a health bar, and show their money(from php script) as well and a heal button that will take some of their money to heal them but will not let them heal if they don’t have enough money. If they beat the other knight it should show a little victory flag com down. It will be going into my game at knightcrusaders.com so check out the game and see if you can make something that will be amazing for the game!

Website To Outsource You

Website To Outsource You
Web Design Outsourcing

The goal:
I want to outsource an individual or a team in my country, Serbia. Practically you will build a small website that will represent you and your work and I will try to find jobs here in Serbia.

I will accept requests from my clients and forward them to you for a price estimation.

• Tableless as much as possible

Website look:
Website should be simple but eye catching and nice. Heather, Content and Footer.
Look at these sites to see what I want:

The point is that you and me will work together on this. I will have requests for changes but I need someone who will have ideas and do things he thinks it will look good. At the end, this is your website and I will only outsource your work. The better we make the more chances I will have to find a job for you and a percentage for me.

Web pages:
• Homepage
• Services
• Web Packages
• Job estimation page
• Contact Us

2 languages, English and Serbian.

Nice looking and clear homepage like above mentioned. Links in the header for other pages.
Description what we do. With all services described.
Web Packages:
Premade web packages with description and prices. Something like: starter, basic, advanced… We will also add here SEO optimization and similar… look at www.123webdesign.com
Job estimation page:
A form where guests can choose options and describe what they want and send a price estimation request. Look at: http://www.designs-logo.com/index-5.html
Contact Us:
Wa all know what is this… Simple contact form…

Shortly, I want a website similar to www.123webdesign.com.

Price estimation examples:

Please answer me roughly. This is important because I will choose someone to outsource who will give my clients the best prices so I need to know what are your prices. I will give few examples and would like to hear how much that sites are worth. You can answer me on this questions with private message if you want.

1. Simple personal or business website with 3-5 pages, with not much design. Just when someone wants to have website.
2. Simple website of 5-10 pages with contact form and a little more web design.
3. Website with 5-10 pages with small cms for news or similar, contact form… simple design
4. 10-20 pages dynamic pages

If someone need something specific then he will choose price estimation form.

*When I say “simple design” I do not mean without design but with nice looking design without much trouble (using templates, free pics from internet). So, something that looks good but that not requires design work.

Design For Website

Design For Website
We’re starting a new website that will help sell a weight loss product. We will just be selling one product (actually one product pack).
We will need a simple shopping cart where people cam just order with their email and select the quantity they want to buy.
For the design, we were thinking about placing a BIG dropper bottle (you will have to manually create a cool illustration of this – as no stock photos of bottle droppers are nice) and behind it, like in the shadows, other packs, cases, bottles of other products (just their silhouettes).
On the right side of the page – the product info, a more details button and a buy now button.

You can check more here:

Complete Website Creation

Complete Website Creation

I would like to have a website like logotournament . com.

Since I have a very little idea about Website designing and also hosting it, so I would like to have complete cost assumption for the following sections::

1. Website design

2. Domain Registration [havent decided the name yet. Just take any name having extension .com]

3. Hosting [this should fulfill all requirements to publish and maintain the website]

After the initial process I may also require the SEO and lead generation help. So You can add their cost also.

Note: If I have forgot to name any section dont hesitate to add that in your bid details.

It will be better if You quote your prices separately in PM.